7 High Ticket Affiliate Programs So Simple Even Your Kids Can Do It

High Ticket Affiliate Programs

Promote high ticket affiliate programs such as ClickFunnel, Legendary Marketer etc. so that you can become moneyed running your affiliate business. Guess why these high-ticket affiliate products are worth considering? It’s because you can do less and do more. Sounds a great deal, right?

Most of these affiliate programs are not only enhancing your affiliate marketing skills; they also allow you to make money as their affiliate.

Let’s dive right in and review some of these high-ticket affiliate programs.

1. High Ticket Affiliate Programs: Legendary Marketer

Want to make it big in the internet marketing niche? Legendary Marketer high ticket affiliate program is for you. Instead of spending tons of your time searching the internet and watching YouTube videos to grasp marketing skills, Legendary Marketer has it all in one place.

What I like about this program compared to the rest is the fact that it’s practical and not mere theory. It’s one-on-one training at one point with a personal business advisor. I know you hate fluff content. Legendary Marketer is straightforward; you will learn one skill at a time.

It teaches the basics of internet marketing. So, it’s more suitable for beginners and intermediate internet marketers. Different from other programs, which aim to show expertise, Legendary Marketer is simple, readable, and easy to digest.

When David Sharpe began the program, his main goal was to teach you and a million other internet marketers how to start an online business, beat the obstacles, and achieve tremendous success.

Main products

We all want to get a bang on our buck online. However, only some hit six to seven figures. Why do you think so? It’s because, just like any other business, it has several aspects to consider. You must have a product that people like. Coupled with that, you need evergreen traffic that converts to sales. Also, understand which marketing channels can lead you to your ideal customer.

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7 High Ticket Affiliate Programs So Simple Even Your Kids Can Do It 2

Since you must tackle these challenges to make it online, it’s worth learning from someone with 25-years of experience under his belt; David Sharpe. He created Legendary Marketer around these problems and addressed each separately in the following products.

  • Traffic Rolodex bundle: traffic is one of the main challenges of an online marketer. So, this bundle aims to address that. It teaches you ways of boosting your Facebook and YouTube traffic. These are among the most targeted traffic sources. Think about it. Most people have a Facebook account.
  • Legendary Marketers Club: it costs $30 per month to join. Here you will learn marketing tricks and network with other top marketers. You can leverage their expertise to soar high.
  • Coaching And Consulting Blueprint: it’s geared towards intermediate marketers. It teaches the fundamental skills someone requires to take his or her knowledge and beginning to coach others.
  • Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint: this is the ultimate guide on how to develop an affiliate marketing model, find affiliate products, and the best ways to promote them leveraging digital channels.
  • 15-day online business builder challenge: it takes 15 days to complete this challenge. The main aim is to impart to you the skills necessary to launch and grow an online business.
  • Digital products business blueprint: it’s one of the prime Legendary Marketer’s products. The main aim is to teach you how to create digital courses. It also shows you how to sell them through video, audio, and print media.

There are numerous benefits to becoming a Legendary Marketer member. You can not only learn fundamental online marketing skills but also promote their products and get massive commissions based on your membership plan.

If you want to learn more about Legendary Marketer, their best membership plans, and how to make it big promoting their products, you can check out my post. It’s a comprehensive review of this high-ticket affiliate program.

2. High Ticket Affiliate Program: ClickFunnels

Next in the line of the high ticket affiliate program is Clickfunnels.  When Russell Brunson started this SaaS in 2014, the ultimate aim was to convert web visitors into customers. To achieve that functionality, the site allows you to create highly optimized sales funnels, landing pages, and hosts all these for you. The features and functions will allow you to promote and sell your products and services fast.

Guess why so many people like ClickFunnels? It’s because the sales funnel software is helping many people boost leads, sales, and ultimately change their lives. It’s different from your website in the sense that a website is more static and not compelling enough compared to a sales funnel.

A website can serve several purposes, but a sales funnel is more poised towards increasing your website conversion rates. Think of it as an actual funnel. It has a broad top and a thin button. The funnel needs to be well optimized for conversions, to ensure more people reach the bottom of the funnel.


The software employs certain features that allow it to deliver exceptional user experience and achieve high conversion rates. Here are some of them:

  • Page widgets

Would you want a visually attractive sales page? With the help of page elements, you can design a flexible sales page optimized for high conversion rates. The text, button, headline, and video widgets, among others, give you the option of customizing your sales page based on your niche.

  • Email integration

Emails are powerful marketing tools. Has your funnel begun generating some leads? You need to nurture those leads and turn them into recurring sales. I’m sure you are using email marketing software. Aren’t you? It can be Mailchimp, Aweber, or any other.

You can integrate those email services into your ClickFunnel and create a lead-nurturing email sequence.

  • Squeeze pages

I’m sure you know what it is. If you regularly browse the web, you must have come across a pop-up requiring you to sign up, download, or book a consultation. It’s compelling and aims to collect emails and enter leads into the funnel. ClickFunnels allows you to create compelling squeeze pages that achieve high conversion rates.

  • Others

ClickFunnel has many other features that aim to ensure you get lots of sales. They include the contact database, CRM integration, API, and graphic user interface. You don’t need to use all these.


To begin using ClickFunnels, you don’t need to drain the bank. There is a standard ClickFunnels plan, which costs $97 per month. However, you will be limited to only 20 funnels and 3 custom domains, among others. The ClickFunnels platinum costs $297 per month and has more features and functionalities unlocked.

Would you want to check out more about ClickFunnels? I wrote an in-depth review of it.

3. High Ticket Affiliate Program: Affiliate Secrets 2.0

Next high ticket affiliate program is made by Clickfunnels top affiliate, Spencer Mecham. Affiliate Secrets 2.0, how can you go from having zero in affiliate income to earning six to seven figures within a few years? It’s through leverage. The best kind of leverage is people’s experience.

How often do you network with super affiliates in your niche? Well, you can make fewer mistakes by learning from others; their mistakes and achievements.

That’s precisely what Affiliate Secrets is for. A comprehensive affiliate marketing training course has all that you need to make it big in your affiliate marketing journey. If you know ClickFunnels, then you must also know Spencer Mecham.

He is the first ClickFunnel affiliate to hit $1 million in affiliate commissions. Also, he was among the super affiliates who were featured in the Affiliate Bootcamp summit. What I like about this guy is the fact that he can’t hold back what he knows. He is willing to show you exactly where you are getting it all wrong.

What’s inside the course?

The course has eight modules. This is what you will learn in each module.

  • Module 1: This module teaches you about the big picture you should have for your business. You need to identify a need and proceed to fill in. Your significant purpose should not be to make money but to solve problems.
  • Module 2: Do you understand your audience? This module teaches you that. If you know who your customer is, you will not waste time with someone who doesn’t need what you offer. You will also learn where to get them.
  • Module 3: where can you get free evergreen traffic? Although I always advise people to try free traffic sources, you can get results faster with paid sources. Use the paid sources when you are fully experienced, though. This module teaches you about traffic sources using Facebook and Instagram ads.
  • Module 4: If traffic can’t convert to sales, your funnels are not effective. So, this module teaches you copywriting and optimization techniques to increase click-through rate (CTR).
  • Module 5: I know you can do most of the business processes as separate functions. However, you can achieve much more through automation. Have a system working to make you money on autopilot.
  • Module 6: This module teaches you about getting a high ROI. You need to spend less and get more. The best way to get this is to promote high-ticket products. That’s what you will learn in this module.
  • Module 7: This helps you think long term. Most people run their online businesses like side hustles. You will learn how to make this a career. Spencer will share his personal experiences as well.
  • Module 8: You need a team. You can’t run all your business functions alone. If you aim to go fast, walk alone. However, to go far, you need a robust team. This module teaches you that.

Here is all that you need to know about Affiliate Secrets 2.0

4. High Ticket Affiliate Program: SEO Affiliate Domination

How about High ticket Affiliate program by 7 figure affiliate who uses SEO techniques to dominate affiliate marketing. This practical course SEO Affiliate Domination, aims to educate you on ways of building a website, launch it, and dominate search engines. It has tools, modules, and all that you will need to establish a website and have a higher SEPR.

Who is Greg?

I know that sometimes it’s incredible to get great information. However, what can be more important is knowing the source of information. Is the source credible? What made him or her come up with this? So, it’s worth understanding the position of the SEOAD creator.

He is among the top affiliate marketers of our time who has crafted a name in the SEO game. Having garnered over 10 years of SEO experience and being among the ClickFunnels dream car winner, I think you will agree with me that he is someone worth subscribing to.

Based in Austin, Texas, Greg Jeffries began the SEO affiliate denomination in 2017. He had the aim of leveraging his expertise in SEO to help people get free organic traffic.

Some of the features I like about SEO affiliate denomination

This is why you might want to consider having this course:

  • Greg cares about value and not money: why do you take online classes? I bet the main goal is to improve and grow your business. Suppose you don’t get the value back, is it worth it? No. most people create courses to make money.  They don’t think long term. Greg gives you actionable steps to dominate the search engines. Most people reported getting 5x what they paid for the course.
  • An active Facebook group: Are you in some dormant Facebook group whose members aren’t willing to share their secrets? Well, I understand how it can be annoying sometimes. Apart from sharing videos of his site commissions to his Facebook group members, he also turns the videos into case studies in his course. Greg seems to have built a tremendous super engaging tribe.
  • You can get your money back anytime: have you felt you don’t need the course anymore even after paying? Greg will give you your money back. It’s rare to get someone who has this kind of guarantee, but Greg is true to his word. He will give a 100% refund to you if you feel you can make 2x more from your techniques.

Read more about this product here.

5. High Ticket Affiliate Program: One Group Away Challenge By Alex

One Group Away Challenge is a high ticket affiliate program on growing your Facebook group. If you are a coach, a blogger, or an affiliate marketer, you need this challenge. It teaches you how to leverage the power of attraction marketing to boost sales using organic traffic. The ultimate aim is to build a loyal tribe that’s ready to buy your offers. You can only achieve this by adding value to their lives.

I guess you have a Facebook group. Is it making you money? If not, you need the fundamental skills to create, launch, and grow your Facebook group fast.

Who began the challenge?

Are you wondering who started this challenge and why? Well, it is Alex Elliot. He is a successful affiliate marketer who made it big from her Facebook group after taking time to understand, study, and experiment with all that’s needed to make it big from a Facebook group.

When ClickFunnels listed the names of the top affiliates in their One Funnel Away Challenge, guess who was among the top 10? Alex Eliot, of course.

Here are some features of this challenge

  • The workbook: this can be all that you want. It contains all the actionable steps, strategies, and techniques necessary to begin, grow, and monetize a Facebook group. It’s simple, readable, and easy to digest.
  • Lifetime coaching in a private Facebook group: this is not a mere Facebook group. It’s a community of like-minded people ready to help you grow. The more you network and gain new insights shared in this group, the fewer mistakes you make and boost your affiliate income. Some courses give you the strategies and the tools, but they don’t give you the implementation support needed.
  • One-group away challenge videos: I’m sure you wouldn’t want to spend money on Facebook ads if there is an alternative to get targeted traffic. Why not use Alex’s method here? Eleven plus videos teach you all the actionable techniques.
  • Templates and swipe files for a Facebook group: for a Facebook page to grow and have high engagement rates, it must have elements such as pinned posts, a resource page, group description, and a welcome message. That’s where these templates come in. They help you create compelling Facebook page elements. Since they are elements, you will not create anything. You will only customize it.

Would you want to learn more about this challenge? I wrote an in-depth review of it.

6. High Ticket Affiliate Program: SEMrush

Another high ticket affiliate program is Semrush affiliate program. How can you rank for selected keywords without knowing who you need to outcompete? You need some metrics. If you can outshine your competitors, you can gain massive organic search engine traffic and leads. It all lies in understanding what your competitors are doing and de-positioning them by giving more value than them.

No tool does it well, like SEMrush. Even though it can somehow cost an arm and a leg, it’s worth it in the end. Its main goal is to optimize your website pages and blog posts for search engine traffic. It can also be useful in spying on your competitors, i.e. understanding the keywords they are ranking for, their DA position, and backlinks to their sites.

Some of its features

  • Your domain analysis: if you want to know the keywords you are currently ranking for, enter your root domain and allow the software to analyze and give you the results. Sometimes, you only need to understand which keywords are bringing the most organic traffic to your site before optimizing them for more traffic.
  • Identify your competitors: This is the best feature in the SEMrush suite. You can achieve a lot faster by understanding your competitors than not knowing them at all. Competition brings forth fast growth and efficiency. SEMrush can show you up to 200,000 potential competitors. It can also show you common keywords your competitors are ranking for in Google. Once you know the number of common keywords, you can understand the level of perceived competition.
  • Spy on your competitor’s search traffic: SEMrush allows you to get your competitor’s background data. You can check out the amount of traffic they are getting from their primary and secondary keywords. It will also show you which pages are bringing in more traffic to their site. With that information, you will understand the topics that your audience will want and create a definite roadmap.
  • Link building: another critical feature that SEMrush has is spying on your competitor’s backlinks. You will know the number of backlinks they have, sites that link back to them, and when they got the backlink. If you know where their backlinks are, you can easily develop an effective link building strategy yourself.

7. High Ticket Affiliate Program: Kartra

Not only Clickfunnels has high ticket affiliate program even its competitor Kartra also have a high ticket affiliate program as well. Are you a blogger, an e-commerce business owner, or an online course creator and looking for the best ClickFunnels alternative? I think you need to try out Kartra. I’m sure you will like it. It’s a sales funnel creation tool and a platform that can form the cornerstone of your marketing strategy.

Two internet marketers –Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins – founded the company in 2018. The sole aim was to provide a simple and effective platform for businesses to launch and grow their businesses. Did I tell you about Frank Kern’s role in this platform? Well, he provides training and ensures your business is up and running.

Who is Frank Kern? He is a person to look up to if you want to learn direct response copywriting. Just look out for him; his work is all over the internet.


These features make Karta a must-have sales funnel creation tool:

  • Easy to design landing pages: just like ClickFunnels, Kartra allows you to build awesome landing pages with high conversion rates. You can easily drag and drop most of the features such as sections, rows, and elements to ensure the landing page enhances a great user experience.
  • Integration with different payment processors: how would you feel if your favourite online marketplace only accepts one type of payment processor? I guess you would shift to the one that takes multiple, right? Kartra doesn’t want you to lose customers. Once you have a product sales funnel, you can integrate your funnel with different payment processors such as PayPal, Stripe, or Braintree.
  • Useful for email marketing: you can achieve a lot by using Kartra to run your email marketing campaigns. Apart from saving up to $49 monthly by using email marketing services providers such as Active Campaigns, some templates help you create engaging and personalized emails.
  • Done-for-you marketing campaigns: you don’t have to begin everything from scratch. Kartra has it all done for you. Imagine having a complete marketing system set up for you by the experts. You will only need to customize and launch it. I’m talking about all the sales funnel elements, i.e. the squeeze page, landing page, emails, and checkout page.

Here is an in-depth ClickFunnel vs. Karta review.


The affiliate programs allow you to kill two birds with one stone. You can learn from the courses offered and earn money as an affiliate as well. However, before purchasing any of the tickets above, analyze yourself and your business; understand the challenges it’s facing.

The primary goal of purchasing any course is to solve a business problem. Therefore, buy only programs in line with the challenges you face.

Affiliate Disclaimer: I hope you liked our High Ticket Affiliate Program. Please note that some of the links inside this article may be affiliate links to different affiliate programs mentioned in the article. That means that if you click on one of the links and sign up, I may be compensated for it. If you do happen to click, we really appreciate it! Any money we make keeps this site running smoothly and allows us to keep writing these high-quality reviews.

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