One Funnel Away Challenge 2021 Review [Stratigies To Level Up Your Business]

One Funnel Away Challenge 2021 Review

If you didn’t know, the one Funnel away challenge has changed. Russell revamped it to cater to the dynamics of the modern business landscape. In this One Funnel Away Challenge 2021 review, we will look through all you should expect in the new One Funnel Away Challenge.

Take note because most bloggers haven’t updated all the information regarding the new challenge. The title might be the ‘new One Funnel Away‘ challenge, but it contains outdated information.  

You see, sales funnels have changed how we sell products and services through digital channels. With the help of ClickFunnels, for instance, I know so many people who shot from being homeless to making more than six figures in online revenue.

How do you think they achieved that fate?

It can only be because they understood what experts would teach you in the OFA challenge 2021.

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Let’s begin the One Funnel Away challenge 2021 Review

It is a series of 30-day hand-on-training videos that teach you how to develop the right success mindset, create an offer your audience can’t refuse, build your brand story, and launch your sales funnel to success.

There is a lot involved in the sales funnel process. However, the coaches will take you through it all until you have a fully operational funnel at the end of the challenge.

Did I take the challenge?

One Funnel Away Challenge Cost, one funnel away challange
One Funnel Away Challenge 2021 Review [Stratigies To Level Up Your Business] 12

Yes, I did in 2020 and 2021. It is different this time around, though. I will highlight all these for you such that you will only consume the correct information.

How is the new OFA challenge different from the old one?

You see, in the old challenge, there weren’t as many 2 CC award winners as there are now. So, as marketing changes, you need to be always on your toes to follow the dictates of the season.

Hence, the new OFA challenge meets some of these emerging trends in marketing much more precisely. There were three coaches in the old OFA challenge; Steve Larsen, Julie Stoian, and Russell Brunson. That’s not the case with the new OFA challenge. Russell is the only coach. He wants to give it all to you.

One Funnel Away Challenge
One Funnel Away Challenge 2021 Review [Stratigies To Level Up Your Business] 13

In the old OFA challenge, there was a physical kit, as well. You could only pay the shipping fee ($19.95 within the US and $29.95 in other countries) and get it anywhere you are. The new OFA challenge is all in the digital version.

Who began the challenge?

Russell is well known because of the famous SaaS Company called ClickFunnels . It’s one of the best for creating excellent landing pages, opt-in forms, and other sales funnel stages.

He is also a co-owner of funnel scripts with Jim Edwards.

But since a lot is needed to create a profitable sales funnel, Russell created a challenge around it. The idea was to teach members how to develop and launch profitable sales funnels in 30 days.

There are three steps to success in the OFA challenge 2021

One funnel away challenge 2021 review
One Funnel Away Challenge 2021 Review [Stratigies To Level Up Your Business] 14

Step 1: The strategy

A lot has to go into establishing the foundation of your online business. You can’t just wake up and sell, can you? If you take the time to develop a winning strategy, you have a roadmap to success.

Imagine building a house with no strategy. Worst still, imagine starting a business with no plan. We need to agree that if we fail to plan, then we are planning to fail. That’s precisely what you will learn here.

Russell will take the first step into setting a foundation for you by creating a strategy you need to master to succeed. These will involve a series of short private 30-min videos by the coaches. You will ask and get answers from experts taking the OFA challenge with you in the same forum. 

Step 2: The tactics

Next is the tactics. You have the strategy now. What about the tactics to reach there? How will you hit your business goals fast? Well, you will need the tactics from the best of the best in the industry.

To give it practicality, they will provide you with a ‘one-pager mission document with a set of tasks to complete every day. They are often short, something like 30 to 60 min long. And to document it all, you will have a digital workbook at your disposal.

What do you think? Awesome, right?

Step 3: Implementation

The next step is to implement the strategies you have learned in step 2. You will not be doing anything good by just consuming the content and not implementing them, will you? There has to be action to realize great results.

To achieve this step, the OFA consultants will act as your accountability coaches to implement this. It will include 30 days of daily video coaching and accountability.

Here, you will ask those questions, get answers. Think of it as a physical classroom where a student asks questions and gets real-time solutions. It’s a dedicated support team to help you achieve your goals.

What’s in for you every week?


Before the actual training, there is a pre-training week meant to prepare you for the following weeks. You sure need this because it will determine how you will master the techniques that follow.

You need to ask yourself, do you have the right mindset to acquire and maintain what you desire? I can tell you that nothing made me a successful affiliate other than the change of mindset.

So, this pre-training week is meant to do precisely that. It will include the following topics:

  • The Framework
  • One Funnel Away
  • The Who…Not the How
  • Hacking Funnels
  • Lady Boss Story
  • The Map

The transformation of the mind is essential to your success. If you don’t have the proper belief framework, you will quickly fail.

OFA Challenge 2021
One Funnel Away Challenge 2021 Review [Stratigies To Level Up Your Business] 15

Week 1: Offer

Your offer is the cornerstone to the success of your online business. If your offer is excellent, you will not lack customers. The main problem with most marketers is that they don’t customize their offers to suit their audience’s needs.

This week is no different from the ‘funnel hacking’ where you take some of the best performing sales funnels and ‘hack’ it. After studying some of the best performing funnels, you will be able to come up with yours.

This week, you will also create an offer sequence and a value ladder to meet your customers in the position they are on their journey. These are just a couple of skills you will learn along the way.

Week 2: The hooks and the story

Nothing sells your product or services more than a story. It’s only through a story that customers can relate to your product or service. Therefore, it needs to be something captivating.

If you see any product or service online that has kicked it out of the park online –like ClickFunnels – then it’s because of the story behind it. Storytelling is critical to the success of the products or services online.

This is where OFA coaches come in; to teach you exactly this. They will tell you how to leverage the power of storytelling to sell products and services like wildfire. They will teach you how to test different story formats to see what works and what doesn’t.

Week 3: The funnels reviews

You now have the mindset, the foundation, and the offer. But how can you attract people into your sales funnel, offer value to them, make them purchase your offers, and upsell them?

There is a lot that you need to learn here. A sales funnel represents a customer journey from when they contact your offer until they convert to a sale.

So, in week 4, you will learn all about creating a lead magnet to attract leads into your funnels, creating a squeeze page to collect emails, a sales page to convert leads to sales, and a member’s area to house your tribe.

Week 4: Launch week

Week 4 is all about traffic. If there is anything that matters when running an online business, then it’s traffic. With the right kind of traffic, you have leads and sales.

How you can acquire this kind of traffic is always a challenge. Therefore, you have to master different traffic generation techniques. They can be paid or free methods.

So, in this week, you will learn the following:

  • The 3 types of traffic
  • The dream 100
  • The hooks 100


This will take the next 90 days and act as a recap of all that you have learned. It will be all about:

  • What’s next 30/60/90
  • Funnel-hack-a thon
  • Decision time

Remember, all these tasks are strategy-based, not technical. Hence, you will be able to master most of these techniques in no time.

What will you get in the Challenge Kit?

I had earlier told you that this kit is different from the old one. It has been customized to meet current marketing needs.

Check the screenshot below; it’s precisely what you will have when you purchase the challenge:

Cost of One Funnel Away Challenge
One Funnel Away Challenge 2021 Review [Stratigies To Level Up Your Business] 16

1. 30 days of video coaching/missions from Russell Brunson 

In the One Funnel away challenge, Russell himself teaches you. Such that you will be getting all these tips, tactics, and strategies from the guru himself. He has attained magnanimous success in the online space and revolutionized how we sell products and services online.

The first on the list is his video coaching sessions. They are not random but 30 educational and practical videos that pass on a skill. How do you see that?   

2. 30 days of live coaching from the ClickFunnels coaches

Apart from Russell, other experts are so good in their craft that they have managed to generate more than 6 figures of revenue from a single funnel. Who wouldn’t want to siphon some tactics from them?

One Funnel Away Challenge Review
One Funnel Away Challenge 2021 Review [Stratigies To Level Up Your Business] 17

So, in the challenge, you will be getting LIVE coaching from these coaches inside the private Facebook group meant only for one Funnel away challenge member. Ask questions and get feedback from them.

3. 30 days Access to the One Funnel Away Challenge Facebook Group

Yes, there is one secret Facebook group full of all those taking the challenge. They will house all the one Funnel away challenge members here to make two-way communication easy.

One Funnel Away Challenge Facebook Group
One Funnel Away Challenge 2021 Review [Stratigies To Level Up Your Business] 18

Once inside the group, you can ask a question, comment on others’ posts, learn, and grow your business.

4. 20 “One-Pager” Digital Workbooks for the “One Funnel Away” Challenges!

Since you need to make the challenge practical and not just theory, you need somewhere to jot down notes, tips and complete the tasks for the day.

One-pager is like a simple dashboard that houses all your daily missions. You will have access to a video that talks about a specific topic. So, once you log into the site, you will find a video right at the top with a topic, “Day #1 – Your First Sales Funnel.

One Funnel Away Challenge Daily  Assignment, one funnel away challenge workbook pdf, onefunnelaway
One Funnel Away Challenge 2021 Review [Stratigies To Level Up Your Business] 19

After watching the video where Russell talks about a specific topic, you will have to answer some questions about your business based on what you have learned. It can be something like, “Who is your dream customer?” That kind of critical thinking sets you on the path to success.

There are bonuses

1. The “30 Days” 550 Page Digital Book

One Funnel Away Challenge Bonus
One Funnel Away Challenge 2021 Review [Stratigies To Level Up Your Business] 20

I wrote an in-depth review of this training here [link to the resource]. It involves 30 days of interview videos of some of the 2 Comma Club award members. The main question is, “if you lost everything now, what will you do?” The videos are a demonstration of how each of them will start their business from scratch.

2. Bonus Private ‘Big Breakthrough’ Training in a Private Group

You will also have another bonus here. It will be right in the private Facebook group. It will involve going through some of the tactics gurus have leveraged over the years to make it big in the online space.

One Funnel Away Challenge Bonus
One Funnel Away Challenge 2021 Review [Stratigies To Level Up Your Business] 21

3. Unlimited Access to the 30 Days Interviews

You will not have limits watching the 30 days interviews of the experts. While others limit the number of videos they can watch per day, you will have no limits. You can watch any video in the series anytime you want.

4. Behind the scenes of the “Two Comma Club” Funnels

Want to see the uncut videos of the 2 CC award members talking about their craft? Well, this comes as a bonus when you join the one Funnel away challenges. This is different from the actual interviews you get in other places.

One Funnel Away Challenge Bonuses

Did you enjoy this One Funnel Away Challenge 2021 review?

Why not get some extra help starting your online business with these exclusive One Funnel Away Challenge bonuses.

You’ll get access to this software FREE for 1 Year as long as your subscription is active.

Here is what you will get

Bonus # 1 Friend Maker (Value $497 Per Year )

Send Automated Friend Request without manually doing and wasting your time. 

Bonus # 2 Friend Remover (Value $497 Per Year )

Remover Inactive Friends who never engage with your Facebook post.

Bonus # 3 Friend Approver (Value $497 Per Year )

Approve or Decline Incoming Friend Requests on Facebook.

Bonus # 4 Group Magnet (Value $497 Per Year )

Collect data of people who request to join your Facebook group in a few clicks 

Bonus # 5 Messenger Connector (Value $497 Per Year )

Send Messages to people inside your friend list and recently added friends.

Bonus # 6 Lifetime Email Support ( Value $ 997)

Would you please email me for any issues with bonuses or software problems?

How To Claim Your Bonuses?

You must read this.

Step 1: Clear Your Browser Cookies

If you don’t know how to clear your browser cookies, please read this easy-to-follow tutorial. Clearing cookies will help ensure that I get credited with your purchase to claim these bonuses for FREE.

Step 2: Sign up for One Funnel Away Challenge

You must use my affiliate link (Click the Big Button below) to purchase One Funnel Away Challenge to get instant access to the bonuses I’ve prepared for you.

Step 3: Send and Forward Your Receipt

Once you’ve purchased One Funnel Away Challenge, you will get an order confirmation or transaction receipt.

Forward your purchase receipt to

Put a subject line: One Funnel Away Challenge Bonuses – then press send!

Step 4: Receive Your Bonuses (After the refund period of your purchase is over)

Once I have received confirmation of your purchase, you’ll need to wait until the refund period of your purchase is over. In the meantime, please subscribe to my Youtube channel.

Something else…

Here are some questions I thought you might be having in mind:

Is One Funnel Away Challenge different from the Affiliates Bootcamp?

Yes, it’s different.

While Affiliate BootCamp is a free virtual summit where the top 15 ClickFunnels affiliates map out their ClickFunnels affiliate marketing journey from scratch, the OFA challenge is all about launching profitable sales funnel in 30 days.

How do you promote one funnel away challenge and make money?

Want to get a bang on your buck used to purchase the challenge? Why not invite others to take the challenge, as well. I have seen affiliates making serious money referring others to take the One Funnel Away Challenge.

Guess what?

You will get a 100% commission on anybody you refer to the challenge. So, if ten people join the challenge through your affiliate link, you will get $1,000 in affiliate revenue. That is good considering that if you promote other ClickFunnels products such as e-books, you will get about $1.  

Promote ClickFunnels via various digital channels such as blogs, social media, or your email list. With the right kind of defined traffic, you will rake in higher sales.  

How much money do I need to part with?

Joining the challenge won’t cost you an arm and a leg. It’s by far more affordable to almost anyone wanting to build a successful online business.

Here is a screenshot, which shows precisely the value you will be getting and the discount.

One Funnel Away Challenge Bonuses, funnel graffiti review
One Funnel Away Challenge 2021 Review [Stratigies To Level Up Your Business] 22

As you can see, you will be getting all the challenge kit and the bonuses for $100. Sounds like a deal you don’t want to miss?

When is the Next One Funnel Away Challenge?

Don’t let this valuable opportunity pass you by! The One Funnel Away Challenge opens up every two weeks, so don’t forget to sign-up for the next session.

Get a head start on your online business today and click here to make sure that you’re first in line when it opens back up.

Is the One Funnel Away challenge worth trying?

Yes, it is.

Believe me; this is something you don’t want to miss. If you see any successful affiliate marketer today, they will mostly attribute their success to the One Funnel Away Challenge.

The number of 2 CC award winners has also increased drastically ever since the challenge started. The skills taught here are fantastic.

I hope this post has helped you in some way. If it has, then please give the next challenge a try. It will be a fantastic experience for you and your team to face new challenges together while growing as individuals and strengthening your skillsets!

Join the next One Funnel Away Challenge today by clicking here

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