One Group Away Challenge Review: Best Way to Grow, Monetize And Engage Your Facebook Group

One Group Away Challenge

Since Mark Zuckerberg spread the word about putting Facebook Groups at the centre of its app, marketing experts and business owners started their groups just to get a chance to stay visible in their clients’ feed. This is where One Group Away Challenge By Alex S. Elliot comes in to help you grow, monetize and engage your group

Why Facebook Groups?

Nobody wants to stay behind their competitors, so Zuckerberg’s notice motivated lots of people to change their focus from pages to groups. Opening a Facebook group is easy, but growing your audience is tough work. Especially if you are not familiar with marketing strategy and successful tips on how to grow, engage and monetize your online presence on Facebook.

One can choose to read a couple of blogs to find relevant information. Others will watch YouTube videos and ask for help on various forums. Some may even start with no-strategy, trying to understand the rules of the game on their own.

There are many ways on how to start with your Facebook group campaign, but the one that is most successful, informative and time-efficient is One Group Away Challenge by Alex S. Elliot.

Who is Alex S. Elliot and how she made $21.000 in two months with affiliate marketing?

Before even introducing what is One Group Away Challenge, you have to meet the person who stands behind it. Before starting her entrepreneur journey, Alex S. Elliot was a board-certified Nurse Practitioner who finds herself homeless, without clients or business to return to. When she realized she has only $1.000 in her pocket, she knew it is a time to change something.

She decided to turn into a full-time affiliate marketer and gained a huge success with One Funnel Away Challenge. She managed to earn $21.000 in two months and set a new impact on the affiliate marketing industry worldwide.

Unlike her successors, who had overnight success, her entrepreneurial journey is filled with failures, mistakes, realizations, and transformation. And she did it having only one thing in mind – value for the potential clients!

Who is One Group Away Challenge for?

If you want to leverage the power of Facebook groups, this is a solution to do it. One Group Away Challenge is a step-by-step guide for everybody who wants to transform their business and excel it to the new level.

It is a coaching program developed and drawn up specifically for:

  • Early-stage entrepreneurs who want to grasp the knowledge about Facebook Groups and Facebook algorithm Medium-sized company’s employees who are faced with the hard task of promoting their business online and do not know where to start
  • Corporation’s marketing managers who want to provide the best, time-efficient and cost-effective training to their marketing team
  • Everybody who owns, runs or works in the type of business that lives on online traffic (bloggers, affiliate marketing, coaching, digital product creation, course creators, SaaS businesses…)

By using the knowledge Alex S. Elliot embedded into the program of One Group Away Challenge, you will grow your audience without the unnecessary stress and overwhelming feeling. You will gain followers who will listen to your every word, repeat whatever your actions are, and buy whatever you recommend or produce.

You can consider this coaching program as a ticket for building your business on a stable, firm, profitable and successful ground

What is One Group Away Challenge?

As a coaching course, it consists of three parts or self-paced challenges. Each one will teach you how to build, grow, engage and monetize your Facebook group.

One Group Away Challenge
3 Different challenges

All the materials are designed to complete in 1-2 hours and, despite the fact some of you will want to burn through much faster, it is advisable to control yourself as the materials are broken into logically and effective lessons, and it is better to be thorough than faster. Those challenges are:

  • Challenge 1: Build, attract and grow

This part is specifically created for beginners because it is explaining how to open your Facebook group and grow your audience without spending any dollar on ads. If you already have a group, you can locate a specific challenge you have and listen to daily lessons to find a solution to your problems. Moreover, in this part of One Group Away Challenge, you will also learn about the best practices for growing your audience of real people in love with what you do, say and sell. This challenge lasts for 14 days.

  • Challenge 2: Serve, engage and prime to buy

If there is one metric that marketing experts cannot ignore, it is engagement on Facebook. Anything from commenting to liking is considered to be engagement – any type of action your fans, followers (or non-fans) are performing on your Facebook site. The higher is the engagement, the easier it is to reach out to the audience organically, without spending money on Facebook ads. This part in One Group Away Challenge will teach you how to engage your audience in a way almost all of them will see the content you are posting online, using tricks and best practices on Facebook. This challenge lasts for 10 days.

  • Challenge 3: Monetize, automate and outsource

If you are producing content on Facebook there is a high chance you are doing it to make money. This part will teach you all about monetizing your content and making it automatic so that you have a passive income all-year-round. As a creator, you are probably aware of the fact that nobody will buy something if they do not perceive it as valuable to them. Adding value to your Facebook group content is something you will learn in this One Group Away Challenge part. This challenge lasts for 14 days.

At the end of every challenge you have a graduation training, and in the beginning, you have a quick quiz that will determine which challenge is the perfect fit for you.

For example, if you do not own a Facebook group, you will be appointed to Challenge 1. However, if you already have a group but your engagement level is low, then Challenge 2 is a great place to start your education journey. Of course, if you want, you can start learning it from the beginning despite the quiz outcome.

When you sign up for the challenge, you will be directed to the private Facebook Group, where you can talk with other people who signed for the course and get the right motivation to complete the assignments and homework from the course.

You can sign up for One Group Away Challenge here.

What will you gain by purchasing One Group Away Challenge course?

There are many courses and blogs about how to make money by starting a Facebook Group. If you are trying to find answers, you may be stuck in the beginning just searching for the right solution in the sea of similar courses and programs.

One Group Away Challenge is recognized by many marketing experts, online entrepreneurs and everybody who has an online business because, unlike others, it is based on the real cases and tough journey of its creator, who was left without money on the street just to be back using only her wit, sense of business and what she learned during the mistakes and failures. Among other thing signing up for One Group Away Challenge will:

  • Find out how to create a Facebook Group with followers eager to do whatever you want
  • Create engaging content that will bring you money
  • Learn how to use your Facebook Group as a passive income
  • Receive tons of support from the creator of the program
  • Gain access to a tribe of enthusiastic people just like you who are doing the exact thing so that you can learn from them, and get fast results
  • Automate or outsource time-wasting tasks but every Facebook Group owner has to do them
  • Make money and live a happier life
  • Get some cool bonuses!

Let’s talk about bonuses!

In this paragraph, I’m going to explain all the amazing bonuses that one get when they invest in One Group Away Challenge.

Among other things, you will be welcomed to a private Facebook Group where you can ask questions, post pieces of advice, solve issues, seek motivation, and share your progress with other members.

One Group Away Challenge Review: Best Way to Grow, Monetize And Engage Your Facebook Group 1

It is much easier when you are surrounded by people who are in the same position as you, so that you can encourage each other, but also find out more about your businesses. You can even gain some new clients and customers, or received collaboration requests. You also gain access to massive discounts Alex is offering in this group. Most of the discounts are related to software which helps ease your business on Facebook (Comment Funnels, Link Wizard, Friend Connector).

Moreover, you get a free Basic GroupConvert account for collecting email addresses of your Facebook group audience. You get a chance to listen to LiveStream Mastery by Mario Pajaj for an additional $37 (usually it is $197), a course that will help you to use Livestreams to engage your audience.

People who are a part of her community knows that Alex is always full of surprises so you can be sure you will receive more bonuses and bonus training in the future. You just need to sign up for One Group Away Challenge here, and your money is on the way to your pocket.

What is the price of One Group Away Challenge program?

Let’s discuss, the cost of One Group Away Challenge. It’s $497 for lifetime access. By investing in the course you will receive a ticket to a better future. Just google the course and its creator and you will see how the majority of people are thrilled with the benefits that gain after taking the coaching program. It may sound a lot, but compared to other similar programs this one has the best cost-ratio because you gain more for less in a much shorter time.

One Group Away Challenge Review: Best Way to Grow, Monetize And Engage Your Facebook Group 2

All the content inside the program, bits of advice, interesting and helpful links and blog posts in its supportive group, and networking you gain with the course are included in the price. Moreover, if you are not satisfied with the results, you can contact Alex, explain where is the problem, and she will help you to solve the problem or she will return you the money.

Yes, that is right! There is a money-back guarantee in the next 365 days from purchasing! Nobody offers that long period! But Alex is assured her knowledge is working, and you can see it for yourself! Check out the program, and contact her is you have any questions.

Final thoughts!

Alex helped hundreds of people to launch their Facebook Groups from scratch – with no content, and no audience. Those people have skyrocketed their businesses to the stars – and are enjoying the fruits of their work. You can be among those people too!

Join the One Group Away Challenge if you do not know answers to these questions:

  • What is the best way to start a business Facebook group?
  • How do I attract members to my group?
  • How do I grow the engagement organically?
  • Can I revive my dead Facebook group?
  • How do I monetize my Facebook group?
  • What is needed to have a successful Facebook group strategy?

Owning a Facebook group is not an easy job. It requires to have a certain set of skills to manage all the tasks at the same time, successfully. But once you master it, you will start earning lots of money even if you do not have any other funnels like a website or YouTube channel. If you want to become a Facebook Group growth-hacker, sign up for the One Group Away Challenge today.

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