30Days.com Book Review: Game Plan To Become Successful in 30 days

30days.com Book

How far are you in your business? You may not be where you wanted to be, but you are far off from where you began, right? This 30Days.com Book review will help you to bridge that fast.

Imagine as a millionaire if you lose everything and have to start from scratch. That means with no money, product, traffic, or list.

What would you do?

Russell Brunson asked 100 of the 2 Comma Club Award Winners how they would approach starting over, and thirty responded with their specific strategy for success. No matter what stage you’re in or no matter which resources are at your disposal (e.g., money, traffic), if you have a plan then it’s better than not having one at all!

30days.com summit

Introducing the 30Days.com Book

It’s a playbook of the 2 Comma Club Members, who responded to Russell Brunson’s email.

The book has 550 pages with 30 chapters. Each one is assigned their own chapter and goes in-depth on what they do best- be it writing or marketing for example.

By reading this handbook you’ll learn how each member tackles problems unique to them while also learning from others successes.

30 Days Book Review

Book Title: 30 Days

Book Description: 30 days book is a playbook of the 2 Comma Club Members, who responded to Russell Brunson’s email. The book has 550 pages with 30 chapters. Each of the 30 members is assigned a chapter to expound on his idea and give practical tips simply and clearly.

Book Format: Hardcover

Publisher Logo: 30 days book



How far are you in your business? You may not be where you wanted to be, but you are far off from where you began, right? This 30Days.com Book review will help you to bridge that fast.

Imagine as a millionaire if you lose everything and have to start from scratch. That means with no money, product, traffic, or list.

What would you do?

That’s precisely what Russell asked 100 of the 2 Comma Club award winners. Thirty members responded to his email with the exact process they would follow to build a profitable online business from zero.

Who are these 2 CC members?

The 2 Comma Club is a prestigious award for anyone who has earned at least $1 million in a single funnel.

These interviews include the exact steps someone followed to knock it out of the park and can help you make your business succeed if applied creatively.

Here are the 30 members and a brief of what each talks about in the 30 days summit.

2 Comma Club Award Winner

1. Trey Lewellen Physical product Sales

The first on the list is Trey. He sells physical products. In the interview with Russell, Trey unveils a startup formula that you can use to easily launch your products and set your business up for success.

2. Liz Benny Life and Business Transformation

Do you have a coaching program? How much are you making from it? If you are still thinking it’s a tussle hitting six figures from it, Liz teaches you the secrets of her high-end $10k plus coaching program.

Comma Club award

3. Garrett White Coaching & Consulting

He is in the coaching and consulting niche. When asked what he will do when he suddenly loses everything, his main idea was to learn the 4 core principles for achieving success. He is a great strategist.

4. Alison Prince Ecommerce Business

E-commerce is booming. It’s growing at a high rate. Thanks to the change in customer shopping patterns. Alison teaches the exact strategies her school-going daughters used to build a 6-figure e-commerce business.

2 Comma Club

5. Dana Derricks Non-Broke Entrepreneurs

Dana is a guru in the online game. He has consistently made millions from his online businesses and helped others do the same. He will be going through his “dream 100” method that has helped him generate over six figures for himself and his clients.

6. Julie Stoian Internet Marketing

In your first week as a high-ticket product seller, people will not buy from you unless you employ high credibility status. Sounds like a challenge? Don’t worry because Julie will teach you the steps to follow and attract the right customers.

7. Stephen Larsen Funnel Building/MLM

Have you ever heard of MLM? Stephen is a master in that game. So, when asked what he will do when he loses everything, his idea was to execute a ‘purple ocean’ approach to finding products customers will love.


8. Stacey Martino Relationship Coaching

I know you want to launch your funnel fast, right? There are several aspects to consider before pressing the ‘launch’ button. Stacey teaches you the tips to set yourself up for success before launching your funnel.

9. Ed Osburn Health Professionals /Chiropractors

Testimonials are powerful marketing. They help to boost credibility and increase sales. However, there is something more powerful than a testimonial. Ed shows you that one thing you need to get as many ‘yes’ from clients as you want.

30 day summit

10. Tyler Shaule Non-Profit Children’s Summer Camp

Tyler is a man to approach if you want to learn something about fundraising. In the interview, he teaches the simple steps he uses to craft a fundraising offer that gets you cash.

11. Rachel Pedersen Digital Marketing / Social Media

Imagine making up to $7,000 per day. How would you feel? Does it seem impossible? You just need the right skills. Rachael imparts these skills to you. She has been helping entrepreneur clients make up to $4,000/Mth.

12. Jeremy McGilvrey Instagram Expert

Jeremy knows the ins and outs of Instagram. He has been on this platform for long. Most people are not utilizing Instagram, yet it harbors a massive potential for business growth. Jeremy will talk about the profitable niches to target on Instagram.

30 days book

13. Peng Joon Internet Marketing

I’m sure you know Peng. He is popular in the internet marketing space. I often come across his ads on Facebook and YouTube because of behavioral marketing algorithms. He will be talking about the same strategies he uses to attract people to a high-ticket live event in just 45 minutes.

14. Myron Golden Personal Dev. Sales and Marketing

Myron has been in sales and marketing for quite some time. He has helped a couple of businesses rake in more than 7 figures in profit. In the interview, he reveals the strategies he used to help his clients make over $10 million in a year.

15. Jaime Cross Organic Skincare

Jaime is in the skincare niche. I like how she talks about The ‘Convergence Quadrant’ method. The trick is to optimize your offer to meet the demands of your target audience before you begin building a sales funnel.

30day book review

16. Dan Henry Facebook Ads

Dan is good at launching, managing, and scaling Facebook ads. In this interview, he will walk you through the steps he used to build a $3 million business in a year. That’s incredible, right? Watch the interview to get the insights.

17. Joe McCall Real Estate Investing

Joe is in the real estate niche. This niche is lucrative if you ‘go all in.’ If you are offering real-estate coaching, Joe teaches you how to create a high-ticket coaching offer that your customers won’t refuse.

18. Spencer Mecham Affiliate Marketing

I joined Spencer’s email list immediately when he was announced one of the 2 CC members. I can only say he provides real value. In the interview, he teaches you how to attract buyers to your affiliate marketing business on autopilot.

30 days book

19. Anissa Holmes Dentistry Practice

Facebook marketing is excellent. It’s affordable, easy to target a defined audience, and get sales. However, most people are not utilizing Facebook for business growth. Learn all the tactics from Anissa.

20. Dean Holland Internet Marketing

We all have ideas. Are those ideas valid and profitable in the long run? To find out, learn how to come up with a compelling concept, create a webinar around it, and make sales. Dean is good in the game. You will get some fresh tips from him.

21. John Lee Dumas Podcasting

How can you stay focused when there are many distractions to your success? The more focused and consistent you are in getting what you want, the faster you will achieve it. John Lee Dumas podcasting talks about the two practices that keep him focused on his 7-figure business.

22. Rob Kosberg Publishing and Media

People ignore this niche more often. However, Rob has shown that you can make it big here. When Russell asked him the question he had asked all the other 2CC members, he talked about the secrets he used to land high-ticket sales repeatedly.

23. Natalie Hodson Fitness Business

Natalie talks about influencers. She has been working closely with fitness influencers to reach her customers. She understands the fundamentals surrounding the influencers industry. In the interview, she talks about how to get the right influencers to say yes to your proposals.

24. Pat Rigsby Fitness Business

Pat is in the fitness niche. He has created 7 businesses that make over $1 million in a year by following a simple process in his career. I guess anyone would want to achieve that amount of success. Learn the exact process he used.

2 Comma Club Winner Clickfunnels

25. Caitlin Pyle Information Products / Work at Home

Credibility is essential to your online success. Customers need to trust you before they can give you their hard-earned money. But how can you build credibility while you are still new without a portfolio? That’s what you will learn from Caitlin.

26. Akbar Sheikh Ethical Principles of Persuasion

You need to be an excellent persuader to make it big online. You can apply persuasion skills anywhere in life. However, they need to be ethical. Learn how these 2 CC members created a coaching practice that attracts his perfect clients on autopilot.

27. Rhonda Swan Personal Branding

Rhoda is a personal branding couch. When Russell Brunson asked her what she would do if she lost everything, she explained it well. Learn how she scaled her Tripwire funnel to six figures in only several weeks. I’m sure you would want to learn the strategies she used.

28. David Asarnow Funnel Marketing Agency

He is an expert in funnel building and marketing. In his interview, listen to him as he talks about the lost philosophy that earned him an eight-figure award. He actually earned it four times. So, you will learn a great deal from him.

29. Raoul Plickat Sales and Marketing

Raoul is in the sales and marketing niche. I’m sure you know how critical sales and marketing skills are in your business. Even with a great product, you can’t achieve much success without being an excellent salesman.

But what about setting marketing goals? It’s also essential. That’s what Raoul talks about in the interview. He talks about accomplishing any goals in half a time.

30. James Friel Autopilot Entrepreneur

James is a respected entrepreneur. He has been in the game for a long. Joined the 2 CC members list because of his firm belief in solving challenges that face modern businesses. In the interview with Russell, he talks about the mistakes that hold new business owners and prevent them from achieving their goals.

30Days.com Book Pricing

With the book costing less than $100, you will find your money well spent with access to a 30-day summit and all of those interviews. Many people who have read it are saying the 30 Days Book alone is worth one hundred dollars

30days.com book

But wait! Would you want to get it for FREE?

Simple. Join the One Funnel Away Challenge. It’s only $100 and has exceedingly more value than a single book.   

What’s Inside One Funnel Away The Challenge?

Russell always has tons of secrets to give away. So, when this challenge began, I never took it seriously until last year. I read tons of reviews about it online and decided to give it a trial. It turned out to be the best decision I ever took.

30days.com book

Here is what’s inside the One Funnel Away Challenge:

  • 30 days video coaching from Russell Brunson

Russell will share with you the secrets and funnel building skills he has used over the years. He will also teach you how to craft an irresistible offer that your customers will want. Russell equips you with the right skills to establish and run an online business.

  • Coaching from Stephen Larsen and Julie Stoian

Guess who builds most of the ClickFunnel funnels? It’s Stephen Larsen. He is a fantastic person; with in-depth marketing knowledge. He also understands how to develop a great offer. In addition, Julie Stoian will teach you how to create the laptop lifestyle you desire.

  • The 30-day Kit Plan

The kit can help a great deal if you are planning to develop a winning strategy. It’s a 30-day kit. So, since the challenge is 30 days, you should have a successful business by the end of the challenge.

Wait! There are Bonuses

Here are some bonuses you will get after paying $100:

  • The challenge workbook: Contains challenge and task overviews to complete in 4 weeks. That saves on printing costs, right?
  • MP3 Player: You can listen to all the recordings of the challenge on your car driving home, or at home.
  • 30 Days book (hard copy): Instead of paying $97 to access this book, why not enter the challenge and get the book FREE.
  • Unlimited access to 30 days interview: this means you will watch all the interviews of all the 2 CC members without restriction.
  • Behind the scenes of 2 Comma Club Award winners interview: want to watch unedited versions of the interviews? Enter the challenge. You will have access.

Does the 30Days.com Book Fit Any Niche?


Which niche are you? I’m sure you can sell online and increase your market base. Are you thinking it’s a tussle getting sales? What you need is a sales funnel. A funnel helps to convert your cold traffic into a hot segment of buyers.

So, if you are in health, coaching, fitness, marketing, home and wellness, personal finance, landscaping, or internet marketing, this book works well for you.

My Final Opinion

If you’re looking for a book that can teach you how to build an online business from scratch, then 30days.com is the one.

Written by 2 Comma Club winners who have been there and done it before, they include their strategies in every niche of building an online business so that anyone could learn from them.

The 30days.com book covers everything about how to start up your own successful digital marketing company with nothing but hard work and determination!

Order now and start building a successful business.

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