Facebook Profile Funnel: How to Get Leads And Sales for Free!

Facebook Profile Funnel

Facebook has become one of the most popular social media sites in recent years. You can connect with friends, share photos and videos, and even find a potential date on Facebook.

But Facebook does much more than just provide a platform for people to post their thoughts to the world – Facebook is an advertising powerhouse that you should be taking advantage of to generate leads and sales for your business!

This blog will walk you through how to set up a Facebook Profile Funnel on your Facebook personal profile with call to action that will get people clicking on your offers and becoming leads for your business!

What is a Facebook Profile Funnel

To begin with, a funnel is a set of steps a visitor takes from the time you introduce them to your brand to the point where they complete your desired action.

Ideally, people go to Facebook to socialize, which makes it hard to generate leads. However, funnels help marketers and businesses to benefit from the massive traffic flocking social media sites by creatively turning the audience into interested buyers.

A Facebook profile funnel, therefore, is a social media lead generation funnel designed to capture the interest of your profile visitors and compel them to complete your desired action.

In this review, I’ll show you how to set up your Facebook profile funnel to generate free leads and grow your business.


Who Needs Facebook Profile Funnel?

Anyone with a product/service can benefit from a Facebook profile funnel.

However, it’s important to understand that for a funnel to be effective, it should incorporate multiple stages of the buying process. By no means should the call to action you place on your Facebook profile lead to a sales page.

In such a case, a visitor is highly likely to close the page and get back to what they were doing before they clicked your call to action. That’s because as mentioned earlier, social media users are often not in a buy now mindset.

To get your visitors to warm up to your brand, you need to entice them with freebies. You can offer them free trials, special discounts, or gifts in return for signing up.

The essence is to capture many leads and send them to your sales funnel.  

Some of the people who would benefit from a Facebook profile funnel include;

How Can One Set Up on Facebook and Get Free Leads for Their Business Using Their Social Profile

Facebook profile funnel is easy to set up anyone can do it. With basic knowledge of graphics/photo editing, access to a funnel creation software and a compelling offer, you can have a catchy Facebook profile funnel in place within no time.

Facebook profile funnel, facebook funnel program, facebook funnel builder
Facebook Profile Funnel: How to Get Leads And Sales for Free! 5

Follow these steps to set up your profile funnel and start netting free social leads.

1.    Build Your Sales Funnel

At the end of the day, you need your audience to move down your sales funnel and convert. That’s the only way you get to make money.

The goal of Facebook Profile Funnel is to capture free leads and entice them to enter your sales funnel.

Building a sales funnel is therefore essential before you set up your Facebook profile funnel.

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Facebook Profile Funnel: How to Get Leads And Sales for Free! 6

I recommend you use ClickFunnels. It’s an easy to use funnel builder that allows you to create attractive sales pages as well as track results.

2.    Create a Compelling Offer

The only way people would pay attention to your offer is if they decipher its potential to add value to their lives. It’s only then that they feel compelled to click on the call to action to grab the offer.

To create a valuable offer, you need to identify your buyer persona. I.e. seek to understand your target audience and their needs. We call it Lead Magnet

Facebook profile funnel
Facebook Profile Funnel: How to Get Leads And Sales for Free! 7

Answering the following five questions will give you a better understanding of your market.

  1. Who are your audience?
  2. Which age group do they fall?
  3. What is their gender?
  4. What is their occupation?
  5. What are their interests?

With an in depth understanding of your target market, you’ll create offers that your audience resonate with.

Once they experience your free benefits, getting them into the sales funnel will be much easier. 

3.    Set Up Your Facebook Profile

Armed with your sales funnel and a compelling offer, the next step is to design your Facebook profile funnel.

Facebook Cover
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There are three key areas to focus on when building your profile funnel, namely;

  • Your cover photo
  • Intro
  • Featured image

Cover Photo

This is the most important part of your profile. It’s what people see first whenever they land on your profile. Your first offer should be launched here.

To get more CTA clicks, you need to combine impressive graphics and a compelling offer message.

Avoid using icons as CTAs. Instead, give clear instructions of what the audience needs to do e.g. click here to access your free ebook. 

Cover Photo Designing

With basic knowledge of graphics and photo editing you can easily design a great looking offer using free tools available online.

Canva.com is a great site where you can create a cover image from scratch or use their ready templates, and it’s free.

They have simplified the process so much that you don’t have to trial and error with the right image pixel. There are ready Facebook cover photo templates available. All you need is choose your preferred template and then start tweaking here and there by uploading your images and filling in text.

Once creation is over, the image is available for download with one click.

On the Facebook cover photo upload page, there’s an add location button for adding the URL of the website where the offer is hosted.

If the link is too long, you can shorten it at bitly.com.


The second area of your profile that requires optimization is the intro section.

When writing your bio, choose your words carefully. Then include only personal details that reinforce your offer.

Finally, add the link to your offer under ‘Websites’ and don’t forget to set audience to public.

Featured Image

Your featured image appears on a square section at the left side of your profile. Use this area to flag another offer.

Just like in the cover image offer, use an impressive message that sums up the value your audience will derive from trying out the freebie. Accompany that with a descriptive call to action that clearly instructs the audience what they need to do e.g. click the link provided to grab your gift.

Designing Featured Image

Again, go to canva.com to design a catchy featured image offer.

Once you select your preferred template (700 × 700 pixels), upload your images and insert your message using text boxes. Finally, tweak the graphic to perfection and download once finished.

To upload your offer on Facebook, go to the left side of your profile and click on the featured tab. Then upload your graphic and add the website URL under the photo description field.

However, if you’re not great with graphics, there’s a way you can get affordable and customized graphics without compromising the quality. Just head over to Fiverr and get someone to design professional graphics for you.

4.    Drive Traffic to Your Facebook Profile

With the three areas created (cover photo, intro, featured image), your Facebook profile is now optimized for free lead generation.

What remains is to get the right traffic on the profile and into the waiting funnels.

The easiest way of getting leads into your Facebook profile funnel is by engaging in discussions in Facebook groups relevant to your products/services. The aim is not to pitch your product/services but to offer helpful solutions.

As you position yourself as an expert in those forums, people will become interested in learning more from you. One of the ways they might decide to network with you is by visiting your profile.

That’s why I discussed earlier the importance of putting up a compelling offer on your funnel.

A client who’s following your trail thanks to your expertise, will be more than willing to try the free offer in exchange for a sign up. They may not necessarily be anticipating an offer when they visit your profile; but if it’s valuable, they’re likely to consider it.

Funnels are designed to remind or make the audience realize their need and nudge them to click the call to action to get the solution.

The moment your audience signs up to get your free product/service, Facebook profile funnel accomplishes its mission.

It’s then up to you to follow up the prospects and compel them to move further down the sales funnel.

Here you can throw in Facebook ads/sales funnels to help you convert the audience.

Final Word

Unlike Facebook sales/ads funnel which require lots of input to roll out, Facebook profile funnel is an easy process that even beginners can set up.

As you have seen, setting up Facebook to generate free social profile leads has the potential to increase conversions immensely.

Now it’s time to implement the knowledge you have acquired in this review and build a highly-converting Facebook profile funnel for your business.

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