Clickfunnels Vs Shopify: The Key to Your Online Business in 2022

Clickfunnels vs shopify

If you’re looking to start an online business, Clickfunnels Vs Shopify are two of the most popular tools that many people mention in the same context. However, they have different purposes and features, so it’s essential to understand which one is right for your needs before deciding.

Clickfunnels Vs Shopify will be compared in this article according to their features and pcricing. Hopefully, by the end, you’ll know which tool is best suited for your needs!

ClickFunnels Overview

ClickFunnels is a tool that allows you to create landing pages and sales funnels. A landing page is a page where someone can learn more about your product or service, while a sales funnel is converting leads into customers.

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It offers templates that allow you to quickly put together these pages without any coding knowledge or web design background. You need to pick the template you like and customize it as needed (add your logo, images, etc.).

The only downside here is that some people don’t have as many options when creating their landing page layout compared to other tools on this list, such as Leadpages.

However, since there aren’t too many features & all of them are geared towards making things easier for beginners, we didn’t mind having fewer customization options!

ClickFunnels Pricing

ClickFunnels has three main pricing options.

The cheapest plan starts at $97/month for 20 sales funnels, 100 landing pages, and 3 domains. At the same time, Platinum subscribers can enjoy unlimited features with 9 custom domain names; all included in one affordable price of $297/month.

There’s also a Two Comma Club X package that is $2,497/month and provides an impressive array of benefits such as unlimited funnels, unlimited pages, 27 domains, etc.

Clickfunnels pricing
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Clickfunnels offers a 14-day trial, so you can try it out before purchasing.

Click here to read the Clickfunnels pricing Review

Shopify Overview

Shopify is a platform that allows users to create their eCommerce store. It offers users a customizable platform, an easy-to-use checkout process, and a wide range of features.

online ecommerce store
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Shopify also has a large app store, which means users can add features and functionality to their stores with just a few clicks. Additionally, Shopify offers 24/seven customer support and extensive documentation.

It offers a wide range of features, an easy-to-use checkout process, and extensive customer support documentation. Additionally, Shopify has a large app store, which means users can add features and functionality to their stores with just a few clicks. Overall, Shopify is an excellent option for users looking to create an eCommerce store.

Shopify provides beautiful graphs of data that matter to you. You can see your traffic, orders, and sales at a glance. In addition, you can see where your customers are coming from, what they do, and how much time they spend on your store, thanks to Google Analytics integration

Shopify Pricing

Shopify offers three pricing plans: Basic, Shopify, and Advanced.

The Basic plan starts at $29 per month and includes a store with two staff accounts, 100 products, and basic features.

The Shopify plan starts at $79 per month and includes a store with five staff accounts, unlimited products, and advanced features.

The Advanced plan starts at $299 per month and includes a store with 15 staff accounts, unlimited products, and advanced features, plus an enterprise-grade security package.

Shopify Pricing, basic shopify plan
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Shopify Plus

Shopify also offers Shopify Plus, which is designed for high-volume merchants. It provides unlimited storage, bandwidth, customers; exclusive apps and themes; VIP support, and more.

Overall, Shopify is an excellent platform for users to create their online store. It offers a wide range of features, an easy-to-use checkout process, extensive documentation, and customer support

Sales Funnel vs. Online Store

The two most popular eCommerce platforms are Shopify and ClickFunnels. Each platform offers its range of features for your store, so it’s essential to understand what they do best to choose the right one for you.

Sales funnels allow you to take full advantage of upsell opportunities by encouraging customers to purchase multiple products at once while making only a single payment.

online sales
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With this feature, your business can increase revenue quickly without costing additional money or time because often, these upsell options will be offered directly through your sales funnels instead of requiring an entirely separate web page where users must leave their current site. This means more potential transactions with less effort on your part.

On the other hand, online stores allow customers to purchase products at any time and from anywhere in the world.

This platform is excellent for businesses that want to make their products available to a global audience or large inventory with many different SKUs. Additionally, online stores typically provide more features for managing your store’s content and appearance than sales funnels do.

online store
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So, clickfunnels vs shopify, which is the best platform for your business? It depends on what you’re looking for. If you want to increase revenue quickly and don’t mind upselling customers multiple products at once, a sales funnel is the better option.

However, if you want a more comprehensive eCommerce solution that allows customers to purchase products whenever they want from wherever they are, a Shopify Store is the way to go.

Whichever platform you choose, be sure to use the features it offers to get the most out of your eCommerce business.

Clickfunnels vs Shopify Features a Detailed Comparison

ClickFunnels is an all-in-one marketing platform that allows you to create sales funnels, landing pages, and more. Shopify has a similar offering but includes limitations on what can be done with its features. When it comes down to Clickfunnel vs Shopify, which one should you choose? Let’s take a look

clickfunnels vs shopify
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Clickfunnels Features

Clickfunnels has many features that help make it an extremely versatile tool.

Drag and drop editor

The Drag and Drop Editor built into the ClickFunnels software is a great way to increase your click-through rate. It allows you to create interactive page elements using images, text boxes, buttons, etc. so that visitors are drawn towards making conversions on your website.

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With this in mind, it’s important to write engaging copy which will draw them through the funnel with ease. If possible, use an image or other visual element for each section of the webpage where you would like to include some call-to-action (CTA).

All elements you need are pre-built ready for use. You can easily insert your pages in whatever format is required.

Clickfunnels FollowUp Funnels

Followup Funnels is a powerful feature of Clickfunnels that helps track and nurture your leads.

It does this by allowing you to create automated email sequences that can be triggered when a lead takes a specific action, such as clicking on a link in an email or filling out a form.

You can also use FollowUp Funnels to send SMS messages to your leads. This allows you to keep in touch with them even if they aren’t on your website.

Clickfunnels Vs Shopify: The Key to Your Online Business in 2022 2

FollowUp Funnels also provides detailed analytics about your leads’ activity. This information can help you determine which sequences are most effective at converting leads into customers and which ones need improvement.

Overall, FollowUp Funnels is an invaluable tool for nurturing your leads and increasing sales conversions.

Clickfunnels Backpack

The backpack is an affiliate marketing system. This is an excellent feature not many offers. It lets you create your affiliate programs for products and services. This means you can give a link to other people to sell your product. And whenever someone sells your product for you, you can provide them with a commission.

Clickfunnels Vs Shopify: The Key to Your Online Business in 2022 3

You have boundless affiliates with Backpack in addition to trackable commissions, Managing Commissioner Commission and branded associate signup and customization, and some valuable Integral integration with SMTP and charging.

Clickfunnels support

They have videos, posts, how-to and valuable guidance on most topics for beginners and experienced users. Their material alone is extraordinary. It varies over many subjects, from essential hacking tips to advanced hacking instructions.

There are pros and cons to the Clickfunnels support team.

On the one hand, they quickly respond to tickets and usually have a solution ready. They are also always willing to help out with additional questions or troubleshooting. However, on the other hand, their support can sometimes be overwhelming with how much they want to help. Sometimes it feels like they are trying to do too much and confusing rather than helping.

Overall, I would say that the pros outweigh the cons regarding their support team. They are helpful, knowledgeable, and always eager to assist.

Affiliate program

Clickfunnels Affiliate Program is a way to make money on your website and help promote the product. Getting more people involved in driving sales means more commission for you.

As an Affiliates, you can make from 38 to 120 per month as long as a person joins Clickfunnels through their link. It’s free and easy to join

Shopify Features

What makes Shopify great is that it offers a variety of features to use in your store.

You don’t have to worry about running into issues because their technical support team will help you with anything that you might not understand how to do.

There are several things they can provide for you and even offer some advice: all within the chat window!

Some other helpful tools include shop layout customization, quick view buttons so customers can see what’s in stock before adding items to cart, sales channels where you can sell your items outside of just using Shopify such as Facebook or Amazon Marketplace (and more), custom URLs which give customers easy access to any page directly from search engines like Google or Bing.

Marketing tools

The Shopify marketing tool gives your customers some edge in market positioning over other services. You will find people to meet your group and develop your products and make your ads on autopilot. Shopify marketing services such as SEO, content promotion, coordination with social media, and email marketing are all available to you. You can also get a custom design for your shop, which will make it stand out and be more recognizable.

The main thing that makes the Shopify platform so great is the vast number of apps and integrations available for use. You can use the many apps available to create landing pages, opt-in forms, get additional analytics,  email marketing campaigns, and more.

Payment Integration: With Shopify, you can accept payments from Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express, plus 50+ online payment gateways like Paypal and 2Checkout.

selling higher ticket items
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This means that you can find an app to fit almost any need as a business owner. And if you can’t find an app that meets your needs, there is always the option to create your own!

Shopify also offers excellent customer support. If you ever have any questions or problems with your shop, there are several ways to get help.

Regulation of inventory

Shopify is a simple way of managing your stock with Shopify. You can experiment with product bundles, track inventory movements, send Live Packaging Alerts and reorder points to your customers. The number of items available in Your Online shop is unlimited.

Shopify also has a Retail package which is $49/month. This will give you the ability to create an inventory of up to 500 items and use Shopify’s Point-of-sale system in your physical store. You can also connect with Shopify merchants who have retail locations.

How drop shipping works
Clickfunnels Vs Shopify: The Key to Your Online Business in 2022 25

We recommend using the Lite plan for $14/month, including unlimited products, shop customization, and a custom domain name if you are starting. You can always upgrade later as your business grows.

You’re able to regulate stock by adjusting product quantities on Shopify. When products sell out, they automatically disappear from the site so that customers cannot order them anymore.


Shopify can find reliable expert experts to prepare your industry to perfection. Developers at Shopify can modify their site to reflect your brand. Once you portray your need, you only have to select the proposition according to your requirement.

Different sample pictures adding

With Shopify, you can take as many photocopies of the purchased product as you wish.

You can also have your products depicted in your online shop using images. You can also have a 360 view of the product by using Shopify to ensure that your customers see it from various angles.

You should set up images for every product you sell on your website/online shop because they are essential when it comes down to attracting new consumers. If necessary, you can provide different image formats such as jpg, png, or gif files.

By uploading pictures onto Shopify, you’re ensuring that people who might want to purchase something from you have an idea of what this item looks like therefore increasing its chances of being purchased in many cases.

Access to HTML and CSS

When you’re looking to start your own business or need to revamp an existing one, it’s essential to have the right tools. With Shopify, you not only get a user-friendly platform on which to build your online shop but also access to HTML and CSS. This means that you can customize every detail of your store to make it truly unique.

ecommerce website building tool, shopify goals and funnels
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You can see the HTML & CSS of the entire online store when you visit Shopify – so you know that you’re getting everything you need in one place. Plus, with the Shopify expert support team always available should you need them, setting up and running your shop has never been easier. Get started today and see the difference Shopify makes!


Shopify has a variety of themes available to choose from for online store owners.

Designers and developers can also create custom themes if none of the existing ones meet their needs.

Shopify drop shipping stores
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Themes are not only valuable because they make your website look better but because it keeps things organized too! If you want different parts of your page on another section instead, with no extra effort needed its possible through one-click designs made specifically

Shopify contains more than 70 professional themes from influential designers like Happy Cog Pixel Union & Clearleft. There are also several free themes you could choose easily.

Create client profiles

Shopify allows you to create a Company profile to help you save information about your clients for future usage.

If you employ an E-mail marketing company, it will track his past sales history.

Clickfunnels vs Shopify: let’s compare them

Shopify and Clickfunnels are excellent powerful eCommerce platforms that can help you create a successful online store. But which one is right for you?

Clickfunnels is an all-in-one platform that helps you build your website, design your sales funnels, and track your results. It’s easy to use and offers lots of features and templates. However, it’s also more expensive than Shopify.

Shopify is a popular platform that lets you set up an online store quickly and easily. It’s affordable, has lots of features, and provides excellent customer support. However, it doesn’t offer as much flexibility as Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels vs Shopify: Tell me the best solution?

Both platforms are perfect for beginners trying to start a business by providing a comprehensive list of features to help them understand eCommerce.

If you are an expert online marketing professional, Shopify is your choice. It also consists of efficient distribution and product management capacities that Clickfunnels cannot compete with.

But if you want to increase your online store management, Shopify is a perfect fit for your needs. This solution also comes with a CRM application for membership and Automation Software to ease the eCommerce business.

Which is better: Pricing?

ClickFunnels includes all the essential functions necessary for your marketing funnels. In reality, it’s not required to use any third-party app to optimize your eCommerce dropshipping or affiliate marketing.

Overall, Clickfunnels appears to offer better customer service compared to Shopify. The most popular bundles of these applications are similar in price – $299 a month for Shopify and $297 a month for ClickFunnel.

Which is the best solution for tracking your eCommerce?

ClickFunnels gives you advanced automation features so you can easily see and record data about a customer’s transaction or other actions.

ecommerce lead value optimization
Clickfunnels Vs Shopify: The Key to Your Online Business in 2022 28

It was designed specifically for this function; therefore, it beats Shopify in this regard. When you use Shopify, you must find other tools about using eCommerce that will encourage traffic to the eCommerce site as you may use them.

Showing products on a single page: Which solution is better?

ClickFunnels allows you not to view or sell related products on your pages or enclosures. This can be a big problem for a seller who wants to have several similar items on a list.

Shopify is the ideal platform to list or sell products in various categories. It’s the perfect platform for businesses to market or shows multiple items in the same category.

Which is better for blogging?

ClickFunnels does not use a blogging option as it compensates for other possibilities that generate potential customers and lead them to your site.

Shopify stores can be SEO-optimized, and they rank much higher in Google’s Organic Search Results, meaning more free traffic for your store.

Which is the best mobile app?

ClickFunnels also does not support the application of mobile devices. Shopify provides Android and iOS-based apps for shoppers who want to keep tabs on sales and maintain a business whenever they move.

ClickFunnels does not provide an app on the phone, so you have to be on a computer to make sales.

Which is a better solution for managing affiliate programs?

ClickFunnels provides users with a transparent system of tracking their marketing affiliates and creating their regional area.

It is unsuitable for Shopify. So if you want to run an affiliate marketing program, Shopify may not be the best choice for you.

Both ClickFunnels and Shopify are valuable.

Both ClickFunnels and Shopify are valuable for managing online eCommerce stores. They both have a great set of tools to help you manage your store, but they also each come with their strengths and weaknesses you need to consider when choosing one over the other.

You can collect leads with ClickFunnels and build a business in any online niche.  Shopify only really allows you to run an eCommerce store,and that’s it

Shopify should be the best option for dropshipping.

Perks of a Shopify Store

Shopify is an excellent platform for businesses of all sizes. It offers everything from an easy-to-use checkout process to a wide range of features and integrations. Plus, it’s affordable and scalable so that you can grow your business with Shopify.

Here are some of the top perks of using Shopify Store: