5 Best ClickFunnels Alternatives for Your Business [updated]

Clickfunnels Alternative

Are you looking to build a successful online business? You could have probably heard of sales funnels. Perhaps you have even used some of these sales funnel tools, such as ClickFunnels, or know someone who does.

I’m writing this because I wanted you to understand how ClickFunnels can benefit you as a sales funnel builder and, ultimately, how it stacks up against other established sales funnel creation tools online.

One thing that ClickFunnels prides itself on is its landing page, and sales funnel system. It is excellent at helping people build a strong sales funnel that will bring in targeted leads. However, is there more to the tool than that? Is there anything else that makes ClickFunnels a better choice than other tools that allow you to build sales funnels independently?

You see, when you are building your funnel, you are left with a host of choices. There are a couple of software on the internet that can help you do that. Each of them comes with its weaknesses and strengths. It’s not easy to pick the best option, especially if you don’t have any experience in any of them.

But don’t worry because we will review the most popular ClickFunnels alternatives and give you an idea of their pros and cons in this guide.

Let’s jump right in!

What is ClickFunnels?

Many online businesses websites have really advanced significantly in recent years. Before, it would make sense to have a website with a home page full of products, price, about us page, and call to action against every product; that’s an average person is stuck in a web page with thousands of items on it trying to buy everything under the sun.

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ClickFunnels comes to settle all those woes. It offers a unique method of marketing arrived at by mapping out the customer journey and automating the whole sales funnel process utilizing the power of email marketing.

If you’ve done any research on how to generate traffic online, then you’ve probably come across the concept of writing articles to drive traffic to your website and blog, SEO, and other white hat and black hat techniques.

I know that these methods work well, but what about if you want to drive highly targeted traffic to your website? I’m talking about hot traffic that will most likely convert right after coming into contact with your offer.

Well, with ClickFunnels, you can put together a highly targeted list of subscribers who will opt-in to receive information from you by clicking on one of your squeeze pages or sales Funnels.

How to get started with ClickFunnels

Now, to get started, click here to go to their official site and get a 14-day FREE trial. It’s good that you click the link above because many domain names look similar to the Clickfunnels one. So, don’t sign up for the wrong service.

Once there, you will be able to select the ClickFunnels plan you want. There are two plans:

The basic plan at $97 per month

It’s the most affordable and allows you to kickstart your sales funnel journey by providing basic tools. The only essential thing you will lack is faster support from the support team and the follow-up funnels, which act as an automation feature.

The platinum plan at $297 per month  

The plan is mostly preferred by agencies that want to leverage the power of sales funnels to grow their client’s businesses. It has all the tools, training, and features you will need to run a successful online business. In addition, you have access to the support staff 24/7.

I would advise that you select the basic plan for a start.

After entering your basic information, including your name and email address, you will click on the submit button and go to another page where they will ask you to enter your billing information. They accept payment via your credit card. So, ensure you have one.

The next step is to receive a payment confirmation email, log into your account, and create your sales funnels. I have written an in-depth ClickFunnels guide here. Be sure to check out to get additional information.

The Two Comma Club plan at $2,497 per month

If you are ready to grow your business and take the next step, then this program is for you. Clickfunnels has created a proven system that will help achieve success in all areas of operations; from increasing revenue to making more sales leads.

This plan gives access to specific coaching sessions with experts who have helped thousands succeed using their methods so there’s no reason why it won’t work for you once you’re enrolled!

Once you’re logged in, you’ll be able to choose from several templates, enabling you to create either a sales page, a newsletter subscription form, or even a landing page, which helps convert subscribers into buyers.

Choose between different templates that include an HTML template, JavaScript template, or both an HTML template and JavaScript template. Now that you understand your options, you can proceed and customize your first template.

What are the main ClickFunnels advantages?

ClickFunnels helps you to create marketing funnels with less effort. Thanks to its drag-and-drop editor, you can build sales funnels without any tech skills. The tool also has many sales funnel templates to choose from. So, it really saves you the hustle of starting everything from scratch.

There is also an option to clone other people’s sales funnel for free. How cool is that? Yes, you can take a highly profitable sales funnel, clone it, and make it yours. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Read this guide to learn how to do this.

Since you don’t need tech skills to build a funnel, the tool is great for beginners and experts alike. It also comes bundled with many precious video training and a ton of resources to help you get started quickly.   

Why do you need Clickfunnels Alternatives?

We have already seen the benefits of ClickFunnels. Honestly, it’s a great tool since I have used it several times, too. However, sometimes you might be missing out on useful features, which other tools offer. For instance, you can’t automate the whole process when purchasing the basic plan for $97 a month. You will still need to purchase an email marketing service.   

Getresponse, on the other hand, automates everything for only $15 a month since it’s an e-mail marketing tool. ClickFunnels pricing starts from $97 per month; that makes it pricier than all its alternatives. Most people find this price tag a bit too high and take off.

In addition, they provide less technical support, especially to those basic plan subscribers. Thus, if you get stuck on an element, you might ask for technical support but fail to get their response in time. It takes some time to learn how to use the tool for new users since the learning curve is big.

Overall, ClickFunnels is a sales funnel builder that is a solid way to create an effective traffic generation system for your website. However, other alternatives may be more suited to your needs or may fit your budget better. Thus before purchasing and adding it to your business infrastructure, be sure to research all alternatives and find an excellent one for your business needs.

The best ClickFunnels alternatives

You can only arrive at the best Clickfunnels alternative after looking at certain factors such as:

Which features does it have?

The features matter in any tool. ClickFunnels has many features to help you create sales funnels with ease, automate the whole process, and convert leads with ease. These features vary based on the pricing plan.

So, if you want to go with one of its alternatives, ask yourself if it has the features that can solve the problem you have at hand. If it can enable you to create highly converting sales funnels just like ClickFunnels, then it’s worth comparing.

What’s the price?

The price matters, too. You can’t be paying for a tool that gives you a poor ROI for your business. Otherwise, what’s the point of investing in it in the first place?

Any ClickFunnels alternatives should be at least significantly more affordable compared to ClickFunnels but at least offer as many features.

How easy is it to use?

A simple tool will save your time and help you to innovate. A complicated tool will be frustrating to use and ultimately waste your time. Therefore, good ClickFunnels alternatives are straightforward to use.

Which integrations does it offer?

With powerful integrations, any tool can perform its ultimate best. Thus, any ClickFunnels alternative that allows integrations with some of your most favorite tools is worth considering.

Which one should I use – Leadpages, Thrive Leads, Kartra, Builderall, Getresponse, GrooveFunnels

All these are excellent clickfunnels alternatives. They have almost all the features that ClickFunnels has, lower pricing plans, and are easy to use.

Hence, it would be worth checking out what each of them offers:

1. Leadpages – an excellent landing page builder  

The first alternative to clickfunnels is Leadpages.

You have probably heard about Lead pages and how it’s profitable and easy to produce high converting landing pages that generate lots of revenue for small businesses. So, what is so special about the tool? What makes it so great?

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clickfunnel vs leadpages
clickfunnels vs leadpages
clickfunnels vs. leadpages
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In general, it provides you with the functions you need to make money with your online business and the training you will ever need to market your product successfully. All features come built into one easy-to-use interface that will allow you to begin making money quickly.

Landing page builder

Perhaps one of the major features you will enjoy as a Leadpages user is the ability to create mobile responsive and highly compelling landing pages. Leadpages is one of the best landing page builder on the internet today.

The tool has over 200 highly responsive landing page templates that have been tested to convert highly. These landing page templates can save time and enable you to create a sales funnel in no time.  


Leadpages doesn’t automate the whole process for you. However, it allows 40 plus integrations. So, you can always connect it with your favourite email marketing service and automate your sales funnel processes.

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Perhaps Leadpages choose to focus on what they can do best – generating and converting leads on your website. You can set up sales capture forms on your website and capture website visitors’ names and email addresses. Once you have this information, it becomes easy to convert those leads via e-mail