Clickfunnels Vs Kartra: Which One is Better ?

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In this article, I’ll compare Clickfunnels Vs Kartra 2 of the leading sales funnels builder software companies. ClickFunnels is one of the most popular online business tools around. It is an all-around platform for landing page creation, lead generation, and designing your own sales funnels.

Kartra is a relatively new platform of the same vein. Both of these platforms on the surface offer similar features and do the same thing. Their main goal is to help you build effective sales funnels and sell your products.

However, if you take a closer look, there are differences between the two tools. This article will take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of each. Hopefully, you’ll be able to decide which one will fit your online business better.

Clickfunnels Vs Kartra

Clickfunnels Overview

ClickFunnel is primarily a sales funnel-building tool. With an easy drag-and-drop page builder, you can create landing pages for a funnel in a matter of minutes.

What makes ClickFunnels great is that you can integrate with various third-party tools. This means that you can easily transfer your business to it and integrate it with different payment processors, email services, etc.

It is currently one of the leading web business platforms.

Kartra Overview

Kartra is a marketing tool that helps you create an online sales funnel. Like ClickFunnels, its primary aim is to create sales funnels. These funnels generate leads for the purpose of selling products.

The Kartra marketing platform merges all the most important aspects of an online business. With one tool, you get web hosting, a landing page creator, sales funnels builder, email providers, and other necessities.

Kartra’s aim is to prevent you from wasting money on multiple software apps and services to create a functioning online business. Instead, you get everything you need in one platform.

ClickFunnels Vs Kartra

While at first glance the two may look the same, there are some differences in the way they work.

Lead Page Builder

Both Kartra and ClickFunnels have a convenient and user-friendly lead page builder. They are both WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get), meaning you don’t need to code anything. Just use the simple drag-and-drop editor to place page elements.

There is, however, a difference in the number of templates. Kartra offers hundreds of ready-made page templates that you can use, while ClickFunnels has only 12. Of course, this is not too important as you can make a page from scratch. But for those who don’t like to design at all, Kartra may have better options.

Both use a smart row/module/column structure which doesn’t interfere with any code that you may want to enter. This is also important when creating responsive pages.

When it comes to responsiveness, ClickFunnels does a better job in this regard. Kartra still has a problem with mobile pages, where they scale a little bit on one side instead of the centre. This may make them appear a bit off. At the moment, ClickFunnels still has a better designer overall.

Email Service

Both tools have their own email autoresponders. With ClickFunnels you’ll get Actionetics, which is a built-in email provider, while Kartra has a “Communications” tab which works as an email service too.

There isn’t a big difference in the performance of these two tools. Instead, the main distinction is the way you get them. For example, Kartra’s email provider comes with the standard package. For Actionetics, you have to purchase the more expensive ClickFunnels plan. The difference in price is more than $200 per month. But that’s just one side of the picture.

First of all, ClickFunnels can integrate with most of email autoresponder tools, and you don’t need its Actionetics tool to gather leads and start email campaigns. You can instead integrate ActiveCampaign, for example, and create automations through it. So, you can basically purchase the standard package for a similar price to Kartra’s and still integrate your own email service tool.

Also, Kartra only allows you to send 15,000 emails per month. This may not be enough if you have run daily campaigns and you’ve gathered many leads. With ClickFunnels, you have an unlimited number of emails with integration and Actionetics.

So, if you want to use a built-in email service tool at a cheaper price, you should go with Kartra. Especially if you have a small business that doesn’t send a boatload of emails. For everything else, ClickFunnels may work better.


Elements and Features

These two tools have completely different parts. Kartra aims to have all the needed features built-in, while ClickFunnels sometimes relies on third-party tools.

For example, there’s a video library with Kartra where you can upload your videos and attach them to a page. This doesn’t require you to embed a video from a different source, so you don’t need any external hosting. Also, with Kartra you can add a pop-up window when a visitor lands on the page or when they decide to leave.

ClickFunnels, on the other hand, requires you to integrate a tool for each of these things, and you can only embed videos from external servers.

Adding Products, Checkout, and Payment

Both platforms’ final goal is to sell products so, they both need good features and integrations toward this end. As with all other features, Kartra has everything that you need already built-in.

Kartra’s shopping cart is easy to set up. You can add a new product or upsell/downsell an existing one. The platform guides you through the process with an easy-to-use user interface. With these steps, you’ll choose everything from payment gateways to cart templates. Since everything is already on the platform, there is no need for integration.

With ClickFunnels, you’ll need to integrate an email provider, payment gateway, and dropshipping service if you’re going with the entry-level plan. You’ll have a little bit more work to do, but in return, you’ll have many more choices.

For example, Kartra only offers credit card and PayPal payment gateways. ClickFunnels offers Stripe, EasyPayDirect, Apple/Android Pay, and various other gateways. Also, there is an abundance of autoresponders that you can integrate with ClickFunnels.

All in all, if you want more possibilities in modifying your features, elements, and integrations, you should opt for ClickFunnels. If you want everything ready-made, then Kartra might be a better choice.



Kartra has six different pricing plans depending on the size of your business. For smaller businesses, you have the Starter and Silver plans. For bigger businesses, you can purchase the Gold, Platinum, and Diamond plans.

Starter plan ($99/month): The cheapest plan gives you all features but with limitations. You can have only 2,500 contacts, 15,000 emails/month, 100 pages, 20 products, and 100 automation.

Silver plan ($199/month): With this notably more expensive plan, you can have up to 12,500 contacts and 125,000 emails without any limit to pages, products, and automation. You also get 3 custom domains and many other perks.

Gold Plan ($299/month): This plan is for larger businesses with up to 12,500 contacts, 250,000 emails, 5 custom domains, and unlimited pages, products, and automation.

Platinum and Diamond plans cost $499 and $699 per month respectively. They give you an option to have a lot more leads than the previous three. There’s also an Enterprise package if you have over 100,000 leads.

If you’re unsure about the plan, you can try out Kartra with no limitations for 14 days.


Compared to Kartra, ClickFunnels offers just two packages.

Standard Plan ($97/month): This plan comes with its own set of limitations. You can have 20 funnels, 100 pages, and 20,000 visitors.

Etison Suite Plan ($297/month): With this plan, you’ll have no limitations and two premium ClickFunnels features – Actionetics for email service and Backpack for the affiliate program.

You can also try out the platform for 14 days for free and decide for yourself.


Kartra’s 6 tiers of pricing plans may make it easier for you if you’re on a budget. However, each of Kartra’s plans has its own limitations, so you may have to keep moving up in plans. With ClickFunnels, once you opt for the more expensive plan, you won’t have to worry about limits anymore.

Kartra offers its own built-in features for nearly the same price as the standard ClickFunnels plan. On the other hand, if you want to unlock ClickFunnels’ Actionetics and Backpack tool, you’ll need the more expensive Etison Suite plan. You can, however, integrate any other email service on your standard plan too.

For a smaller business, the cheapest Kartra plan may seem like a better fit than the Standard ClickFunnels plan. This is also true for those who don’t want to mess with integrations. For larger businesses and users who like a wider range of possibilities, ClickFunnels have the edge.


Final Verdict

Kartra is an exciting product that’s still going through some polishing. While all features are built-in, it may limit entrepreneurs who like to keep their options open. That’s why the lack of integrations can be a problem.

On the other hand, ClickFunnels offers businesses the opportunity to integrate various tools and customize sales funnels on a much better scale. Not all users want that much responsibility and hands-on approach, though.

All in all, Kartra is a good tool for starting a business. You don’t need to have any knowledge of marketing tools, and you’ll get everything on a plate. But for serious online businesses, ClickFunnels still has much more to offer.

Affiliate Disclaimer: I hope you liked our Clickfunnels Vs Kartra review. Please note that some of the links inside this article may be affiliate links to Clickfunnels and Kartra. That means that if you click on one of the links and sign up, I may be compensated for it. If you do happen to click, we really appreciate it! Any money we make keeps this site running smoothly and allows us to keep writing these high-quality reviews.

I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

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