Network Marketing Secrets Book: An Incredibly Easy Method That Works

Network Marketing Secrets

You’ve probably heard about Russell Brunson; the marketing guru who popularized sales funnels?. 

Well, other than co-founding a successful sales funnels-building software, he is a best-selling author. His works include; DotCom Secrets, Expert Secrets, Traffic Secrets, plus the book we are about to review, Network Marketing Secrets book.


What is Network Marketing Secrets Book About?

In this book, Russell shares the secrets that have helped him build his successful marketing empire. He weaves together his experience as a successful MLM distributor and expertise in sales funnels to create simpler network marketing strategies. The book shares how he incorporates networking with salesfunnels.

Network Marketing Secrets will teach you how to overcome the industry’s bottlenecks and stereotypes about multi-level marketing and grow your business using sales funnels.

Russell also highlights the one step in network marketing that many marketers miss. 

In a nutshell, the book endeavors to empower you to navigate through the hindrances facing many network marketers. 

It’s a well written, fluff-free resource with practical knowledge for you to implement. 

Who Should Read Network Marketing Secrets?

Well, if you’re a traditional network marketer aspiring to make it online, then this book will guide you through the process.

The book is also written with aspiring and struggling network marketers in mind. As an aspiring marketer, you’ll get helpful background knowledge of the industry and how to navigate your way to success. It’s packed with tips on how to pitch your products and services to prospects and recruit your downline without turning them away.

In essence, Network Marketing Secrets is for both the novice and experienced network marketer.

It’s also a handy resource for affiliate marketers. Generally, any online marketer will find the book relevant and helpful.

Network Marketing Secrets Book: In-depth Review

Russell observes that network marketing is hard, especially in the face of the industry’s stereotypes. Network Marketing Secrets is the solution he offers to these problems.

Below are three challenges he believes network marketers face, and which they must overcome to succeed in the industry.

1.    Recruitment

Recruitment is the only route to making money in the network marketing industry. There’s no shortcut to it.

However, Russell observes that it’s hard to recruit as most times, prospects (as promising as you may have thought them to be), turn you down. And with the ever increasing cases of online scammers claiming to be genuine MLM’s, it becomes even more difficult for a marketer to close a lead.

Most people will often turn cold the moment they hear you mention multilevel marketing. However, he offers a solution to this challenge so read on.

2.    Similar Products

Russell notes that the other major challenge facing network marketers is competition. Closing a lead is hard enough, compound that with the fact that you don’t have an edge when it comes to marketing and the problem escalates.

He argues that as network marketers, you receive the same training, have the same sales scripts, and offer similar products to customers. You’re, therefore, caught up in what he calls clone wars.

3.    Traffic

Russell admits that to make significant progress in network marketing, a marketer needs a good flow of traffic. Unfortunately, with the challenges and bottlenecks plaguing the industry, consistent traffic is hard to come by.

However, he reveals the secrets/solutions to all these network marketing challenges in the book, as reviewed below.

Network Marketing Secrets Book: An Incredibly Easy Method That Works 1


The Three Lost Funnels

Now that the traditional network marketing strategies are facing resistance, leading to the stagnation of many network marketers’ careers, Russell offers an alternative. He introduces what he calls three lost funnels. 

He teaches how to incorporate sales funnels in network marketing and demonstrates how to use each of the three funnels.

These funnels are long-term assets that once you set up, will keep your network marketing business thriving for years.

Looking for help with copywriting of these three lost funnel you can try funnel scripts and they have free trial too.

1.    The Bridge/ 3-Way Call Funnel

Russell calls the first funnel the bridge. It’s meant to help you communicate with your potential customers without necessarily going through the traditional 3-way call.

Essentially, when meeting up with a new prospect, you’re taught to bring a successful upline along. It’s a way of earning the trust of your potential customer.

The challenge in this model is that getting your upline and prospect to be available at the same time can be challenging.

And despite weathering this challenge and getting the meeting underway, you’ll still need to persist to get the prospect to convert.

To resolve this, Russell teaches you how to use webinars and videos to connect with prospects. This way, you eliminate the need of taking your upline physically to go meet the potential customer/recruit.

It also helps you to dodge the setbacks of cold calling as prospects get to learn about your products and services nevertheless.

Then once you have sent out the media, you can filter the audience and only talk to those who show interest in what you’re offering.

Procedure – Sign-up → Offer → Corporate Website

2.    The Home Party Funnel

The second funnel Russell talks about is what he calls home party funnel.

He teaches you how to host an online home party. The idea of a home party is to showcase your products and services to prospect without putting undue pressure on them.

The benefit of this funnel is that consumer psychology works to your advantage. That is, the moment one prospect tries your offer, others feel left out and desire to try it too.

You also eliminate the need to involve your upline in a physical meeting since the media you use is recorded.

From Russell’s experience, home party funnel is your best hands-down strategy of converting prospects to increase sales.

Procedure – Sign-up → Hangout → Offer

Network Marketing Secrets Book: An Incredibly Easy Method That Works 2

3.    The Hotel Meeting Funnel

The hotel meeting funnel is an upgraded version of the home party funnel.

Traditionally, network marketing meetings involve hiring conference rooms in high-end hotels and doing lots of legwork to get prospects to attend the meeting. The downside of this is that hiring conference rooms in those hotels is expensive. But because you have to project a certain image, you’ve got to incur the expense anyway.

The other downside of such grandiose meetings is that despite incurring the expense, the attendance may be minimal, and even then, you’ll need to persist to convert the attendees.

Russell teaches how to use the hotel meeting funnel to minimize the challenges involved in closing leads through physical hotel meetings.

He shows you how to set up an online business meeting. This way, you and your down lines can recruit and sell through a lesser expensive/cumbersome method. 

Procedure – Sign-up → Ticket → Webinar → Offer

How Do You Get a Copy of Network Marketing Secrets Book? (Price, Discounts, Offers)


In his words, Russell says that Network Marketing Secrets is his way of giving back to the industry that has made him millions.

network marketing secrets
Network Marketing Secrets Book: An Incredibly Easy Method That Works 4

The underlying message I get in this is that the experience he has gained in 20 years, building his marketing legacy, and which he shares in this book, is worth more than an ordinary book price.

As his way of giving back to the industry, he offers this book for free. You can get a copy of the book from the official website at no cost. All you have to do is pay for the shipping cost which is $7.95 within US and $16.04 for international shipping.


In case you have a team that you would like to gift a copy of Network Marketing Secrets, you can take advantage of the bulk-buying discounts. They are as follows;

10 copies at $100

25 copies for $250

50 copies for $500


The Network Marketing Secrets book is absolutely free. However, there other optional offers at your disposal.

Funnel Hacker Black Box

This is the first optional offer which comprises a collection of Russel Brunson’s books (Dotcom Secrets, Expert Secrets, etc. plus amazing tickets to his other resources). The Funnel Hacker Black Box goes for $37.

One Funnel Away Challenge

This is an upsell that teaches you how to launch your first funnel in 30 days. You get it at $100.

Traffic Secrets Course

In Traffic Secrets Course, Russell teaches you actionable strategies of increasing traffic. The course is an upsell that goes at $297.

Digital Version of One Funnel Away

Finally, you can grab the digital version of One Funnel Away; a downsell that he gives away at $47.


Hoping this review has helped you to gain a rough idea of what awaits you inside the Network Marketing Secrets book, I highly recommend you grab your copy and sharpen your network marketing skills.

This easy to read the book will offer you practical lessons and secrets that Russell has used to succeed in online marketing. From understanding how to overcome the underlying challenges of network marketing to tips on how to grow your downline and increase sales, Network Marketing Secrets is what you need to scale your business.

What’s more is that by acquiring a copy of this book, you’ll gain access to professional support in case you face a challenge while implementing the lessons you learn.

Lastly, a digital version of the book will hit your email upon purchase of the hard copy, so you’ll have options.

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