Affiliate Bootcamp Review 2019: How to Become a Super Affiliate?

Affiliate Bootcamp
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If you’ve ever tried to make money online then you’ve probably heard about affiliate marketing. When I got started on the internet, I’d go on a website, like ClickBank, find a product that I want to promote, get an affiliate link, and then just start barfing it all over the internet.

That’s what a lot of people did back then, that’s how most people thought it worked, and you’ll still see a lot of that today, people just take their links and they post them on Facebook, and social media and they might get a sale, but more than often what happens is that they end up just irritation everybody and alienating their friends.

If you clicked on this article then I am sure you’re probably looking for ways to make your affiliate marketing business success or if you’re looking to start your own affiliate marketing business, then worry not you clicked on the right article. In this article, we are going to inform you of all you need to know about Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp 2019. So, If you’re ready like me then let’s get to it.

What is the Affiliate Bootcamp?

Clickfunnels created Affiliate Bootcamp for affiliates who wanted to promote Clickfunnels. If you do not know what ClickFunnels is, then you’ve probably been living under a rock for five years.

So, for those of you that do not know what Clickfunnels is, it’s an amazing software that lets an average person design and builds a sales funnel which is a webpage that is specifically designed to sell a product and gather people’s emails addresses to build a list from. Affiliate Bootcamp is a free training, so you’ve got nothing to lose at all and is all about promoting sales funnel software- Clickfunnels.

Previously, Affiliate Bootcamp was literally a 100-day process where Clickfunnels shows you how to become a successful affiliate, it was an old outdated program, however, they have revamped the whole thing with this new Affiliate Bootcamp summit.

The Landing page says ” If you are to feed your family with nothing but with affiliate commissions, and you only had 100 days to turn this hobby into your full-time career, what would you do each day for the next 100 days?” And in this Bootcamp, the top 16 Clickfunnel affiliates are interviewed, so you get to learn from these super affiliates.

Each of these super affiliates earns millions of dollars annually, and are expert in their own field. Each of them shows what techniques they’re using together with Russel Brunson to promote Clickfunnels. The aim of the Affiliate Bootcamp is to turn you into a super affiliate by earning more commission.

How Do You Get Started?

You start your Affiliate Bootcamp journey by clicking on this. And when you get to the website, you’ll see a video by Russel Brunson himself, where he tells you about the statistics in the affiliate marketing world, and also about what the Affiliate Bootcamp is about.

Affiliate Bootcamp

When you scroll down, you’ll see the dream team of the Clickfunnel affiliate who they interviewed, some of these people include Steven Larsen, Dave Gambril, Rechel Pedersen and many others, and I mean these people are top tier people when it comes to affiliate marketing.

Truth is, getting all this information isn’t 100% free, the interviews are free for 24 hours only. Most reviewers will say the Bootcamp is totally free but the honest answer is that it is not. If you sign up for the Affiliate Bootcamp, you get the 4 video interview for free for 24 hours every day for the next 4 days, however, in order to have lifetime access to the rest of the interviews with these 16 affiliates, you’ll have to purchase the One Funnel Away Challenge for $100 through the Affiliate Bootcamp link.

I just wanted to be clear that basically, the interviews are just asking a few of these super affiliates what they will do from zero to 100 days to become a full-time Clickfunnels affiliate. Each of these super affiliates uses a different strategy, which I think is the best part about this whole course because this gives you a perspective on different ways you can approach affiliate marketing. So, with this, you can pick and choose what strategy resonates with you, and that’s the one you can run with.

The Affiliate Bootcamp is different from the One Funnel Away Challenge. With the One Funnel Away challenge it is more of how you will build your online business from scratch for 30 days. But with the Affiliate Bootcamp, it’s the video interview that gives you more in-depth knowledge of using their strategies for affiliate marketing. By combining both you will fast track you’re path to become a super affiliate

More About the Affiliate Bootcamp Training Itself…

As I stated it’s 16 of Clickfunnels top affiliates, teaching you how they promote Clickfunnels. The aim with the Bootcamp is to get you making enough commissions with Clickfunnels to be able to retire within 100 days. And trust me people do promote this ClickFunnels as a full-time job. Also, some people do it part-time to earn a couple of thousand bucks per month, whiles others earn thousands and thousands of dollars every single month promoting this, and that is what Russel Brunson wants to show you.

The best thing about it is that you can do this even if you have no email list, no social media following, and even if you only have a short amount of time every day to work at this. You do not need a lot of time, you do not need a big following to do this. So, this means ANYBODY AT ALL CAN DO THIS. 

First, you get free access to a four-day long interview series, that gives you the 16 super affiliates 100-day action plans for earning full-time commissions as an affiliate. And the best this is that you can take whatever you learn from this training, and implement it into promoting almost any affiliate product on the internet which includes products from ClickBank and other affiliate websites. This is essentially an affiliate marketing training.

I mean they’re is mainly teaching you how to promote Clickfunnels itself, but you can use the principles, the training they teache you can promote absolutely anything at all as an affiliate and make money in other affiliate markets as well. So, that is pretty much all that is to the Affiliate Bootcamp itself.

So, if you’re looking to seriously start making 6 to 7 figure incomes with affiliate marketing, then this is the best, most affordable and high value for money way to do so. Because when you upgrade from the free offer which is just a four-day long video interview series to the $100 One Funnel Away offer, you lifetime access to the remaining interviews, and also you get to participate in the One Funnel away challenge which is for 30 days. 

Is the Upgrade Worth It?

Yes, it is!! This is because besides getting tons of information from the video interview series from the top 15 super affiliate and Russel Brunson, you get to participate in the One Funnel Away Challenge. And with the one funnel away challenge, 30 top affiliate marketers such as Liz Benny, Spencer Mecham, and many other affiliate marketers teach you exactly what you will do from scratch within 30 days to gain better traffic and conversion rate.

You will learn about how some of these marketers lost everything in their online business and how they started again from scratch to build a 6 figure business. And you will get that information from 30 different affiliates. It is insane because they actually show you how to start from zero dollars to a million dollars and also show you details about inside their funnels, which is something expert affiliate marketers never show you, and you get this together with tons and tons of videos from these 30 top affiliate marketers. So with just a signup fee of $100 you get to look inside ClickFunnels’ top 16 affiliate marketers’ brains.

One of my favourite affiliate marketers were Peng Jong and Dan Henry. Peng Jong came up with the content multiplier where he shows you how to make money using social media without having to post everyday. Dan Henry is good at webinars and selling digital courses. So, you’re getting mentorship from every aspect of online business from verified people who have made more than one million dollars from one specific sales funnel or website.

Are You Still Skeptical About Upgrading?

Well, If you want to go from being broke individual to becoming a millionaire in a year or two then I recommend you sign up for the one funnel away challenge. So, the one funnel away challenge is pretty much everything that you will want to have if you’re getting started with online affiliate marketing. This is because there are many mentors out there who are claiming to make a lot of money online but don’t have the results to show for it. However, the One Funnel Away challenge is the best startup kit for any entrepreneur looking to build an online business. Also, if you’re currently a business owner and you do not have your business online, then this is also a great place to start.

Some of the things they make you do with the journal are to: write down your fears, and how you are going to crush those false beliefs and fears. This is something I commend them for adding in the journal because I think it is crucial that at the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey, to believe that you can make $100,000 to millions of dollars per year and that you can build a successful online business. And they kind of walk you through that in here before you get started with the course.

So as yourself these:

-Who do you know that has made one million dollars online?

-And who do you know that has made ten million dollars online?

Probably the answers to these questions are nobody or maybe one or two people. But the good thing here is that this course gives you access to these people by showing their game plan, what they would do if they lost all their money today and had to start from scratch, and also how they had to build their business online.

And one cool thing is that they show you exactly how their website looks like and what their sales process looks like and you literally get that template for yourself, and add your touch on it and launch your own affiliate business. So, that is also another bonus they give you. So, basically with the One Funnel Away Challenge, you get to learn new and different perspectives from these super affiliates for promoting your business online and gaining more revenue.

If you’re someone who is just starting out, do not worry, they are going to walk you all the way through, and for the next 30 days, they are going to teach you a step by step process of what you need to do to launch your online funnel in 30 days and how to be profitable with it by utilizing marketing, and traffic techniques, and also different types of techniques that you can use to implement into your business.

So, besides showing you the marketing techniques, it will also show you the right mindset you need to have to go into this and you’ll see how resourceful these 7 figure income earner entrepreneurs are.

What Do You Get for Your $100 Upgrade?

So, when you upgrade for $100 you automatically sign up for the One Funnel Away challenge, and you get the following:

  • You get lifetime access to the rest of the interviews with these super affiliates.
  • You get the Affiliate Bootcamp eBook.
  • You get to participate in the One Funnel Away challenge
  • You get the One funnel Away workbook
  • You get the 30-day summit interviews for the One Funnel Away Challenge.
  • One Funnel Away Kit
  • An MP3 player with live recordings
  • Private walk-through of behind the scenes of the funnels of these 15 super affiliates.
One Funnel Away Challenge

You get all these when you upgrade from your free offer to the $100 offer, and the success rate of it has been astronomical, because if you follow along, Russel Brunson, Steven Larsen and the other super affiliate live training you every single day, for four weeks, like no joke you will produce the same results and trust me it is the best training out there and it is also the most affordable.

What this means, even though the 4-day video interview series is very informative, what you get from signing up for 100$ is mind-blowing and worth the value for money. This is because not only you will get training, live coaching and accountability from Day 1 to Day 30 by Russel Brunson, Stephen Larsen and Julie Stoian.

So if you want to get lifetime access to these interview videos from these super affiliates and all the offers mentioned above, click the link here now.

I hope this article was helpful and you have enough knowledge about the Affiliate Bootcamp. Share this article if you found it helpful with your friends who might be interested in making fulltime income from affiliate marketing.

Yogesh Saini

Yogesh Saini

I have been in the affiliate marketing industry for more than two years. I am an entrepreneur myself and know what it takes to be successful.
My goal is to show entrepreneurs how they can build a successful online business with my help, and teach them about the latest trends in digital marketing.

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