15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge Review: Why You Should Sign Up

Legendary Marketer
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15 day online business builder challenge is one of the best ways to find out if you’re ready to make money online and what it takes to be successful online.

I know you want to make money online. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this. You are either getting your feet wet or already getting a bang on your buck. Whichever the level you are in your online journey, there are some critical skills to learn if you want to create online passive income streams. The 15-day online business builder challenge, one of the Legendary Marketers products, offers an ultimate guide to getting it done.

There is no doubt that once you search for “how to make money online” you will get a ton of ways promising to make you moneyed fast. Some of these ways are legit, while others are scums and unethical. If you are already in the online space, you must have already heard about Legendary Marketer – an online program that teaches you how to build and scale a successful online business.

15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge


Making money online is not a nerve-wracking task, as many think. However, to make a kill, understand the business fundamentals. No platforms, course, or channel explains these techniques so comprehensively as the 15-day online business builder challenge. Try it out today.



  • Each Day The Challenge Has Actionable Steps
  • Live Chat With Your Business Coach
  • Only $7 Investment To Start With 
  • Access To Facebook With Live Training
  • Access To Becoming Affiliate With Legendary Marketer


  • All Training Are Not Available Right Away
  • Must Do Coaching Call To Unlock Training

Legendary Marketer

David Sharpe, a self-confessed ex-drug addict, who has made millions in his online career, founded this educational marketing platform. He did this after his initial online businesses – “Duplicate wave” and an MLM Empower Network program he co-owned with David Wood –went bankrupt. He is now a successful online coach and mentor for many 6 to 7 figures online income earners.

When he began Legendary Marketer, his primary goal was to help aspiring online businesses and entrepreneurs earn passive income online. The program is valuable and transformative to anyone who takes it seriously. You might think Legendary Marketer is merely a set of written notes. No, it’s more than that. It’s a whole bunch of value-packed products and videos poised towards the success of your online business.

If you have watched Russell Brunson’s videos about using the art of storytelling to sell, creating a customer journey, and adding value, this course is no different. It involves learning the core business fundamentals necessary to thrive in an ever-changing online business marketplace.

Legendary Marketer Products

Some of the legendary marketer products are

Legendary marketers club: It’s not an ordinary club. It’s a hub full of training and educational resources to consume once you are a subscriber. It has a couple of classes such as “The Journey to 250,000 YouTube subscribers” delivered in a unique curriculum. The best thing about the club is the supportive community inside. Members help each other. Just ask a question and get real-time feedback from some of the top-earning online marketers of our time.

Is legendary marketer legit

Traffic Rolodex bundle: Want to make it big online? You need traffic. Not just traffic, but targeted one with a high conversion rate. It’s when you learn how to succeed with your Facebook marketing campaigns even when you are just starting out. Also, once you have this bundle, you are entitled to lifetime updates.

Legendary Marketer Traffic Rolodex Bundle

There are also business Blueprints that tackle the challenges people encounter in the online space. The Digital Products Business Blueprint aims to teach you how to sell digital products as opposed to physical products – which are bulky and challenging to distribute.

The Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint, The Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint teach how to promote affiliate products effectively and how to establish a successful service-based business respectively.

Introducing the 15-day online business builder challenge

From the name, it consists of 15 videos that tackle different online business fundamentals. It’s the best kind of training because in the end, you are equipped with the necessary skills to establish, run, and maintain an online business.

Do you know why it’s exclusive? It’s because, in addition to watching videos and practising what you are learning, there is someone to keep an eye out on you. A personal business plan advisor is assigned to each trainee. The 15 day online business builder challenge involves “how to” training videos that show you exactly what to do and how to do it until you get results.

Each day ends with learning a different kind of skillset

During the 15 days that you will be taking the challenge, you will learn different types of skills. This is what you will learn each day.

Day 1. Learn how to start and scale a high-ticket business

It’s not an easy task to build an online business. Most people have ideas. They can be brilliant ideas. However, the hardest part comes with executing those ideas. Guess what differentiates high-income earners from the rest? It’s the execution of ideas.

You don’t execute ideas without the right knowledge and skills. That’s what you will learn on the first day. Russell Brunson, who owns ClickFunnels, will take you through the basics of a sales funnel; how it should look.

Day 2. Learn the “Core 4” High-Ticket Business Models

On day 2, you will only add to what you learned on day 1. Since you need to learn how to run a high-ticket online business, take time to go through the videos. They teach you how to attract, engage, and convert customers; these are basic sales funnels steps.

Day 3. Actual demonstration on how to build a business in under 30 min

Rather than merely explaining what you need to do (some online courses are like this), there is an actual demonstration of how to build an online business using ClickFunnels. So, by the third day, you should have already practically mastered how to establish an online business.

Day 4. Learning to master the inner game of wealth

Everything is in the mind. All the desires and imaginations in your mind that you think are far-fetched are not. You can achieve them by simply setting your mindset to operate at the level you desire. On day 4, you will master how to build a great mindset that attracts wealth. You will also fill a “Clarity Process Questionnaire.”

Day 5. Developing a business plan

Every starting business should have a business plan. It acts as a roadmap to where you are going. On day 5, you will have materials for that; these include PDF files, email swipes, ad templates, and video scripts. In addition, you will also get an invitation to purchase The Business Blueprint Bundle at $2,500. Sounds good, right?

Day 6. Ask questions

By then, you must have had questions piled up in regards to your daily training. Do you have them? Well, you can ask them on day 6 and get real-time feedback. These are answers from people already making it big online; top online marketers you always fancy. Actually, there are many testimonials from trainees like you who benefited from this.

Day 7. Understand when to quit your job to build an online business

Know when to jump in and be the boss. Setting and running an online business is not for everyone. That’s why not all people succeed in this. Guess why? It takes determination, effort, and consistency. Sometimes, it’s not just the right to jump off the cliff for you. So, on day 7, you will learn when to quit your job and work full time on your online business.

Day 8. Learn high-income skills

Which skills do you need to make lots of money online? Why do you need these skills? On day 8 of the 15-day online business builder challenge, you will learn these skills. Who wouldn’t want to earn passive income online? Get the skills. Once you have them, you are set to go. This part acts as an introduction to the skills you will learn in the next 3 days.

Day 9. Lead Generation

With lead generation skills, you can’t fail to get customers for your services or products. It’s one thing to offer excellent services, and it’s another thing to get clients who will actually pay handsomely for those services. So, on day 9, you will master this skill and understand how to generate leads quickly.

Day 10. Copywriting:

If you watch some of Dan Lok’s videos or are in his class, you should have understood the importance of this skill. Copywriters are some of the most valuable assets a company can have. With this skill, you can learn the art of selling. People buy based on emotions controlled by logic. Mastering copywriting will enable you to craft a compelling web copy, email, SMM, and any other kind of copy, which are essential for business success.

Day 11. Learn sales and presenting:

How do you make sales? How do you present your products and services to prospects and increase purchasing chances? Well, on day 11, you will learn this skill. It’s an important business skill to master, as well.

Day 12. Learn to outsource

Occasionally, you will need to subcontract a skill you might not have or have but engaged somewhere. That happens when your online business begins to gain traction. What do you need to outsource? Where do you outsource? You will learn all these on day 12. Outsourcing to the wrong person can easily damage the reputation of your business and cause you to burn your bridges. Learn to outsource to the right person.

Day 13. Learn how to use “OPM” to build your business

You don’t need a lot of money to begin a business. You can use other people’s money. On day 13, you will learn how to leverage people’s money to build a successful business online.

Day 14. Learn to avoid “wantrepreneur syndrome”

A wantrepreneur is different from an entrepreneur in the sense that he or she wants it but doesn’t put the action. Sure enough, while taking this 15-day online business builder challenge, you will want to learn everything first then wait for the perfect time to launch your business online. It never happens. You have to create the ideal time and moments.

Day 15. The journey and your first sale:

From day 1, you had already begun a journey towards your success. You will learn about that journey. Your first sale should teach you something about how customers perceive your business. You need to update your services and products continuously to meet the needs of your customers.

Is it costly to join the 15-day online business builder challenge?

With all the value you will get here, you might think, “ooh, this must be really expensive.” No, it’s worth not more than $7 to join. The legendary Marketer is a bundle with various products inside. So, you will decide henceforth whether you would want to purchase the Affiliate Marketing Blueprint, the Digital Marketing Blueprint, the Sales and Coaching Blueprint each at $2,500. Traffic Rolodex costs $247.

With the value-added in this challenge, you will get 10x what you paid for by applying the skills you learn into the building and running of an online business.

Who needs 15 day online business builder challenge?

Who really needs to join the 15-day online business builder challenge? You can agree with me that it’s not for everyone, right? Well, here are the people who will benefit the most from this:

Online entrepreneurs: Are you an online entrepreneur who is just starting out? This challenge suits you well. You need these fundamental business skills. You may decide to learn this on your own, but you can achieve a lot faster by taking the challenge.

Affiliate marketers: If you are already marketing affiliate products and services, you need this challenge to scale up your business. In addition to getting value, you can also earn huge amounts of money by promoting Legendary Marketer. Affiliate marketing is a business like any other. After undertaking the challenge and mastering the techniques, you will understand how to optimize your business processes to boost leads and sales.

The 15 day online business builder challenge suits anyone who wants to establish a successful business online. It, however, doesn’t suit lazy marketers who don’t want to put in the work; those who want quick money and take shortcuts.

Why you need the 15-day online business builder challenge

15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge

Are you thinking, do I really need this challenge?” Well, here are the reasons why you need to consider it.

        It’s worth it

Think about it. You have a lot to gain than to lose by joining this challenge. From learning how to start and scale a high-ticket business in day one, all the skills, such as copywriting, sales funnel creating, social media marketing, and lead generation, are a whole bunch of valuable skills for $7. I’m sure that won’t break the bank, will it?

        There is a personal advisor

The best thing about the challenge is you are assigned a personal advisor. If you check the Legendary Marketers website, you will find out many personal advisors. You will get one of them. He will guide you throughout the challenge and ensure you have a running online business by day 15. Awesome, right? These personal advisors want to see you succeed. So, you will not walk the journey alone.

        It’s practical

You will learn how to establish a business in under 30 min practically on day 3. The demonstration aims to make you believe that what you are learning works. Imagine mere theory without illustration and getting actual results. Not the best way to do things, right? The 15-day challenge offers a practical approach to issues. The videos are demonstrations of how to apply the skills in your business.

        You can earn more money by referring others.

Instead of looking for digital products to promote after mastering the skills in the challenge, you can begin by promoting Legendary Marketer products such as the blueprints. The commissions are high, especially if you are a pro-affiliate. To be a “basic” affiliate, you can simply create a free account. However, the commission rates are not more than 30%.

A pro affiliate will earn up to 60% commission by registering for a “pro” account, which costs $29.95 per month.

Final thoughts

Are you still on the fence about whether to take the 15-day online business builder challenge? You can actually check out the testimonials from people who benefited from this. If you want a way of making passive income online, get started with this challenge. It’s the best option in the Legendary Marketers bundle.

Making money online is not a nerve-wracking task, as many think. However, to make a kill, understand the business fundamentals. No platforms, course, or channel explains these techniques so comprehensively as the 15-day online business builder challenge. Try it out today.

Affiliate Disclaimer: I hope you liked our 15 Day Online Business Builder Review. Please note that some of the links inside this article may be affiliate links to Legendary Marketer and Clickfunnels. That means that if you click on one of the links and sign up, I may be compensated for it. If you do happen to click, we really appreciate it! Any money we make keeps this site running smoothly and allows us to keep writing these high-quality reviews.

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