Is Legendary Marketer the Best Training And Mentorship Decision for Your Business? [2022 Updated]

Legendary Marketer products

If you’re wondering whether Legendary Marketer is the best training and mentorship decision for your business, you are in the right place.

It is one of the most insanely valuable pieces of training and mentorship programs that provide the best information you would need to create and run a successful online business.

In addition, the program has a lucrative affiliate program that is only accessible for affiliate marketers who have participated in taking the courses and training. Legendary Marketer products include courses, training, and mentorship programs that start from as low as $1 to as high as $30,000.

David Sharpe, a respected figure in the digital and affiliate marketing world, is the brains behind Legendary Marketer.

Before starting Legendary Marketer, David Sharpe was one of the co-founders of the once-famous Empower Network that has since gone out of business.

Over the years, David has built three multi-million enterprises from the ground up. He has also trained hundreds of thousands of digital marketing students and has been featured by Forbes as one of the most successful digital marketers in the world today.

Regardless of your level in the online marketing realm, there’s something to learn from David Sharpe.

How does it work?

Online courses are extremely popular right now since they allow you to gain skills and experience without stepping into a classroom and obtaining a degree. So, if you are not yet in, why not get in on the action?

Legendary Marketer is an online course that helps you set up your own profitable online information product business quickly and easily, empowering you to focus exclusively on building your product while hiring someone else to take care of all other technical stuff.

David Sharpe
Is Legendary Marketer the Best Training And Mentorship Decision for Your Business? [2022 Updated] 10

You see, making money online isn’t that easy after all… or at least it wasn’t until this program came along. The main idea behind the Legendary Marketer system is to set up your business for you so that all you have to do is work on creating your info products, which you can then sell over and over again like crazy.

Think about it; the great part about building an online info-product business, in particular, is that they are so easily monetized. That is because it’s possible to turn almost any kind of content into an online product, especially when you consider the fact that digital products are becoming more and more popular than ever before.

Not only do they allow for great margins, but information products can be sold to practically anybody with an internet connection, which means there’s no limit to the amount of cash you could potentially make over time once you get your business up and running.

David Sharpe created Legendary Marketers after he packaged his tested and proven sales funnels into an educational program. Read the Legendary Marketer review to get the full discloser.

Legendary Marketer offers you a wide variation of marketing skills that are key to building a successful online business. Besides learning how to build an online business, you also get the opportunity to recommend the program he offers and earn money through affiliate commissions.

Below is a more detailed description of all of the products that are offered by legendary marketers.

15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge

The 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge is a complete blueprint for beginning your own successful online info-product empire in record time. It’s one of the most valuable online courses to take as an online marketer.

The business builder challenge is beginner-friendly and teaches you the basics of starting an online business and earning money in 15 days. It comprises a series of 15 video courses coupled with intense assignments to test your grip of the content.

And that’s not all; you also get a business Plan Advisor for this program to help you develop and implement a business plan. With the help of a business advisor, you will be able to start your business in just 15 days.

All you need is a high-speed internet connection and the desire to succeed. After that, it’s all up to you. The program will show you what kinds of things you should avoid when coming up with your product idea and everything else there is to know about making money online by selling digital info products.

You will be able to learn the one high-ticket offer that you can employ to launch and run a successful business online, the simple math of how low-ticket products are keeping you low, and how to avoid that. You will also download all David Sharpe templates and high-converting funnels.

The challenge has 15 lessons to learn in the 15 days. Each day covers its unique aspect of a business building so that nothing is left out because thoroughness leads directly to success.

You can study at your pace or even take the entire thing one step at a time if you prefer. When you’re done, you’ll know more about setting up your own profitable online business than 99.999% of other internet marketers out there.

I did the 15-day business builder challenge, and I might say it was one of the best I’ve ever seen. And all the information is well packed

This is what you will learn in the 15 day business builder challenge

  • Day 1: Learn the secrets to building a high-ticket profitable business in no time.
  • Day 2: Which business model should you adopt a launch a high-ticket online business?
  • Day 3: Can you build a business in less than 30 minutes? Let your business advisor take you through.
  • Day 4: Learn the right way to master the inner game of wealth
  • Day 5: Master how to develop a business plan.
  • Day 6: Ask critical questions and get replies from the experts in the game of internet marketing
  • Day 7: Is it time to quite my job and work full time on my online business?
  • Day 8: Know the best high-income skills and the reason to have them.
  • Day 9: The first high-income skill: generating leads
  • Day 10: The second high-income skill: the art of writing copy.
  • Day 11: The third high-income skill: Sales presentation
  • Day 12: Learn when to outsource tasks to other people
  • Day 13: This is how to use other peoples money to build your online business
  • Day14: Learn how to get ride of the “wantrepreneur” syndrome
  • Day15: It’s time to make your first sale

In the end, you literally have your affiliate business, products, emails, everything ready to go. 

It’s a complete package. I wrote an in-depth review of the challenge here. So, if you want to learn more about it, click the link.

If you choose to start with this product, you may as well combine it with the eBook, ‘The Insider’s Guide to Affiliate marketing ‘that goes for about $1.99.

David Sharpe
Is Legendary Marketer the Best Training And Mentorship Decision for Your Business? [2022 Updated] 11

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced affiliate marketer, these two products are a must-have if you are to succeed in creating an online business or promoting Legendary Marketer programs.

The 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge goes for a $7 one-time fee. However, if you purchase the eBook, you get access to the challenge, saving you $7 altogether.

Copywriter’s Playbook

As a marketer, you should know that good copy will help make more sales. The Copywriter’s Playbook teaches how to convert your leads into actual paying customers by using one simple trick: telling their story with every word they type!

Copywriters Playbook 2020
Is Legendary Marketer the Best Training And Mentorship Decision for Your Business? [2022 Updated] 12

In this 8-module video course ($47 value), I learned about why storytelling is so important and what kind of information marketers need in order do it right–including tips on writing headlines & paragraphs; crafting persuasive text based off promoting products or services through blogs/social media channels- all while ensuring our readers feel engaged because we understand who THEY are as people just like.

At $1 it’s no brainer deal.

15-Second Free Leads

Tik-Tok has become the go to platform for up and coming marketers. With videos being containers of content, there’s no need to build an entire site when you can just make one or two small ones that will get your message across without wasting time on unnecessary fluff!

The 15 Second Free Leads system is designed as a guide from some top Legendary Marketer affiliate who’ve seen incredible results using this method – it only takes 15 seconds each so why wouldn’t you want to be on video?

For just $1, the product will give your business all of those benefits and then some!

Legendary Marketer: The Insiders Guide to Affiliate Marketing

This eBook is the perfect resource for beginner affiliates. A 92-page book with free access to15-Day Business Builder Challenge, it will teach you everything there’s need know about getting started in this industry!

affiliate business
Is Legendary Marketer the Best Training And Mentorship Decision for Your Business? [2022 Updated] 13

You can get this awesome eBook for $1.99, which contains the fundamentals of affiliate marketing and David’s “Affiliate Domination Formula”.

Legendary Marketer’s Club

Legendary Marketer’s Club is a subscription-based club packed with resources and knowledge that you would need to start, grow, and scale an online business.

It comes with live training and real-time weekly feedback on live webinars run by successful marketers.

The program’s greatness lies in the in-depth content offered and the practical approach it is delivered.

If you would love to learn the basics of internet marketing, this is the best package. It goes for $30 per month and allows you to earn recurring commissions from your referrals.

Legendary Marketer's Club
Is Legendary Marketer the Best Training And Mentorship Decision for Your Business? [2022 Updated] 14

It comprises training modules, interviews, and videos on several online marketing topics. You will learn from top marketing experts such as Kevin Harrington, Nathan Lucas, and Mart Habert. Mart Heltzel also regularly creates videos when he’s discussing some topics.

These replays are also part of the package. Some of the things you get to learn include;

• Lead Generation

Do you know how to generate leads online? With the ever-changing digital marketing tactics, I bet it can prove to be a challenge to you (especially when you are starting out). So, this aims to help you get it right when it comes to generating leads for your business.

• YouTube advertising

YouTube is a goldmine if you understand its basic marketing operations. There are people I know making a kill here. So, don’t let anyone tell you it’s not possible to succeed here. That’s one of the things you will learn in the Legendary Marketers Club.

• Instagram marketing

It is more than a social site. It’s a powerful business tool if you utilize it well. Once you join the club, these are the things you will master in no time since there are experts here to guide you. Just ask questions, and they will be answered in no time.

• Facebook ads and marketing strategies

Facebook is such a popular site. Are you making sales here? Well, I’m (using organic strategies though to market my highly-profitable Your Profile Lead Generating machine). If you want to learn paid and organic marketing strategies, join the club.

They also make the following tools available to aid you in your promotion campaign;

  • A landing page to embed on your website
  • Video ads
  • Email copy
  • Ad copy

What else would you need other than merely plugging and playing the whole system? With all those, you will be up and running in no time because information is money, time, and success.

Let’s take a look at Cons and Pros of the Legendary Marketer Club


  • You get access to a lot of learning materials to promote the products and services online.
  • You also get to earn an $18 commission on every referral you bring in (as long as they end up purchasing the product).
  • It’s affordable, especially for novice affiliate marketers just starting out in the online marketing world.


  • The resources and tools in this package help you promote Legendary Marketer products, not grow your own business. However, you can always use the skills learned to promote any other product you choose.
  • If you refer a buyer to other products, such as the Masterclass for $1000, you must subscribe to the pro level to get a higher commission.

Traffic University

Do you want to learn how to drive a lot of traffic to your web pages every month? I know. Every new Marketer desires that critical skill. Let’s see how Legendary Marketer can help you solve this.

You see, traffic is vital for every affiliate marketing business, and finding the most profitable traffic sources is essential. It looks to me that one of the most important aspects of making money online is generating more and more targeted web traffic.

Digital Marketing
Is Legendary Marketer the Best Training And Mentorship Decision for Your Business? [2022 Updated] 15

It’s the lifeblood of your online business success. Without it, you won’t generate sales even if you have an amazing product or service. Traffic is the engine that drives any successful internet venture, whether it’s an affiliate site, blog, e-commerce store, or membership site.

What are ways you can use to generate targeted unlimited traffic for your site?

Several proven ways include PPC (Pay-Per-Click), PPC, SEO, and Content Marketing. Of course, there are other ways as well that you can use to drive traffic.

I’m focusing on the ones that I know work best for me. Those tried and tested by many people and myself over time, which I’ve seen the results first hand; without a doubt, they do work.

In the Traffic University program, you get to leverage the experience of some of the world’s top advertising experts who teach you how to create successful marketing and advertising campaigns.

You get to know how to dominate the top advertising platforms as you learn how to source and optimize lead generation through sources such as;

  • Facebook
  • Google Ads
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Native Ads
  • Landing Pages
  • Google Display Network ( GDN)

In addition, you also learn how to create policy-compliant landing pages for all the platforms you use to avoid losing your advertising accounts. A landing page is essential. It forms the cornerstone for all your marketing efforts since your prospects land after clicking your ads and links.

So, make it as compelling as possible. But don’t worry because you will learn all of them in the traffic university. This module contains 8 different individual courses that are worth $99 each.

Let’s check out the cons and the pros:


  • It’s the ultimate traffic generation course. You’ll learn everything there is in getting thousands of traffic from various platform. It can be both paid and free organic methods
  • Once you purchase this module, you’re entitled to updates once the platform change. So, it’s not like other programs where you will have to purchase the updated version again.


  • It’s pretty expensive considering that you will have to pay for traffic, However, if you are willing to pay for the skills and experience that will help you for the rest of your life, take it.

Business Blueprints

Most people, you included, are looking forward to creating a business that generates passive income. That’s what everybody desires; passive income streams to live a life of freedom and never care about their 9 to 5 job.

That’s a dream, and you may have some goals set for this to start happening with your business. However, this may take time and a lot of work- and the business blueprints will put you in the right direction.

The business blueprints will teach you how to set things up, find a great product that converts, and promote it to make your first sale…and many more.

There are four blueprints, with each of them going for $2500. These blueprints include;

• Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint

If you’re new to affiliate marketing, this should be your next stop after completing the eBook and 15 days challenge. If you have products, you can offer marketers a commission to market your products.

If you have no products, the idea is to create income through affiliate promotions. It’s all about finding a product that has value and recommending it to traffic sources around you. This blueprint teaches you how to set up an affiliate marketing business and choose profitable and easy-to-rank products.

• Digital Products Business Blueprint

The benefits of digital products speak for themselves. With a few tools such as a computer and an internet connection, you can create a digital product that’s worth thousands, if not millions. This blueprint will take you from the conception stage until you land your first customer.

• Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint

Are you an expert in your field? Do you have a passion for helping people find the correct information in a world full of self-proclaimed experts? If that’s you, this module will help you identify your niche, package a coaching service, and serve thousands of clients.

• Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint

Live events and actual meetups are crucial even in the virtual world. If you would like to learn how to organize significant events by hiring a capable team, minimizing costs, and holding inappropriate venues, this module suits you. You will learn a lot about these and many others.

Each blueprint features audios, videos, and pdfs with valuable information on succeeding in any mentioned verticals. All these are practical step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow and execute.

Legendary Builder Masterclass

This upsell teaches you how to attract and keep customers. The secret of customers staying with you is not in what they can get from you, but how they feel while doing business with you.

Generally speaking, customers don’t mind paying for something if it has some sort of value to them. The more valuable an experience becomes, the longer time they are willing to spend on it.

promoting Legendary
Is Legendary Marketer the Best Training And Mentorship Decision for Your Business? [2022 Updated] 16

On the flip side of things, if a customer feels like they are not getting their money’s worth from your services, there is a high chance that this person will jump ship to another company, which can provide better value for what they need.

So, how do we make customers feel satisfied and confident in our abilities? We must learn how to attract and keep customers.

This Masterclass will teach you how it these four courses;

Attraction Code and Master of Enrolment help you attract customers. Your business is just starting, and you want customers to visit it. What should you do?

Invest in an advertisement campaign with the local newspaper? Hire a salesperson to make cold calls all day long? Conduct some market research by surveying people at shopping centers or none of the above? You will learn how.

The Story-Telling Formula enables you to keep your customers. How do we turn temporary customers into long-term, loyal ones?

The answer is far from simple. But you can always start making progress toward it by ensuring your communications are relevant and compelling, delivering consistently stellar service that goes above and beyond expectations, being responsive and available when they need help or information, and personalizing the customer experience for each customer.

Profit Presentation allows you to convert your leads to sales. What is one of the main reasons why most leads don’t convert into sales? You see, the goal in lead generation isn’t to find more leads; it’s really about converting more leads into actual customers or clients because this increases revenue. So, that’s what you should be focusing on.

This plan will cost you a $2500 one-time fee.

Legendary Leader Masterclass 

This upsell focuses more on teaching you leadership skills because as we move forward in today’s highly competitive and complex global environment, there is no doubt that leaders become more and more important for any organization.

It is sometimes difficult for managers, entrepreneurs, or even employees to grow as solid leaders in their rights.

And this leads us to another question: who can teach me how to develop my leadership skills? Developing these skills requires constant learning in terms of theory and practice over many years.

That’s why you have this Masterclass. It explains how to scale a business, manage employees, build a brand, and stand out in your competition. It comprises a series of webinars and interviews from top online marketers in the world.

This plan costs a $5000 one-time fee. However, by the end of it, you will have learned skills to gain respect from others by having effective leadership skills and putting other people on their best behavior, learning how to deal with conflicts in the organization, and spur productivity.

And the result is fast business growth.

Live Events

If you thought that was all, Legendary Marketer has a ‘super-value type of events created for already successful business owners looking to supercharge their businesses to the next level fully.

Companies are discovering how easy it is to reach out to customers from different parts of the world and how easily they can expand their markets using effective online marketing techniques.

events and masterminds
Is Legendary Marketer the Best Training And Mentorship Decision for Your Business? [2022 Updated] 17

Understand that if you want to start a business or already have one going but aren’t generating enough sales for your business to be sustainable, then fixing a few aspects such as branding, marketing, or even hiring better employees will help in the long run.

The event teaches successful business owners all the cost-effective techniques to keep their overhead low and hence higher profits margins.

They will also learn the right ways of hiring more skillful employees to work for them. You see, the secret to succeeding in business is not to work in your business but on your business. It’s about hiring smart people to do the work for you rather than working all the time in your business.

Legendary Marketer offers the following types of live events;

• DFY brand builder

For $10,000, the experts at Legendary Marketer can handle the technical side of your business so that you can focus on marketing and making money. For instance, they can help create a lead generation system or a sales funnel. Regardless of your business idea, they have a team that’s capable of setting up your business from scratch.

• Legendary Marketer Mastermind

They charge an $8000 one-time fee for this package. It’s a 3-day live event where you learn lead generation, improve your conversion rates and several other online marketing strategies from some of the top digital marketers.

• Legendary Entrepreneur Mastermind

For $12,000, you not only learn about online marketing, but you will also learn personal development tips, health tips, and wealth creation and management tips in this 3-day event.

events and masterminds
Is Legendary Marketer the Best Training And Mentorship Decision for Your Business? [2022 Updated] 18

Legendary Lifetime Experience

It is the most expensive package, and it’s designed for people outside the U.S. You see, there are marketers in other countries that might not make to attend the live events that David Sharpe holds in the U.S.

This chance is theirs. For $30,000, you get personal coaching from Dave Sharpe for a year. That means he will be transferring all the skills and experience he has garnered over the years to you. There is no way you can’t make it out of that a successful online marketer – unless you don’t put in the effort.

However, this is at the peak of their upsell program, meaning you will have to include all other products in this package. This raises the charges to a whopping $58,000.

Pros and Cons of Legendary Marketer

Legendary Marketer has its good and bad side. So, let’s not only focus on the benefits without looking at the cost as well. Like any other course, it should have pros and cons.

Let’s check out:


  • In-depth training– Right from the $30 front-end package, Legendary Marketer offers valuable systematic training. When you sign up for this program, you get a business coach and access talks and interviews from successful online marketers. They also have a very responsive support team that’s ready to help every step of the way. The eBook and the 15-day challenge also have a lot of helpful information, especially if you’re new to affiliate marketing.
  • The Affiliate Program– They have one of the highest-paying affiliate marketing programs in the world. You can earn a considerable income by just promoting their products. Better yet, they give handy tools that can help you in promoting your affiliate link. This includes integrations such as email autoresponders, retargeting of ads, and the ability to create customizable landing pages with ClickFunnels.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee – All Legendary Marketer programs have been proven to provide results. That’s why the company offers you a solid money-back guarantee in case you are not convinced. If they are not as you expect, they will give you a refund. Yes, just email them, and they will give it. No questions asked.
  • It’s continuously updated – Legendary Marketer keeps updating its content. For instance, the Marketer’s club keeps getting new videos once they are released. They also inform their customers on changes taking place on various platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, etc. It’s essential to be updated since the advertising strategy in 2019 may not always yield the same results in 2020.


  • They have a rigorous approval system– For you to join the Legendary Marketers affiliate program, you have to purchase the eBook, complete the 15 Days Online business challenge, and schedule at least two calls with your business coach. However, this is an excellent strategy because all affiliate promoters have experience with promoting the products.
  • It relies on paid traffic – One thing they don’t mention upfront is the extra costs you’ll incur when sourcing traffic. You may end up spending hundreds of dollars that you had not budgeted for when starting. Legendary Marketer recommends using paid traffic because it’s consistent in providing results for your business.
  • You will have a problem with Facebook Ads – Legendary Marketers also rely on Facebook for traffic. However, it lies in the make money online category. Nowadays, search engines, and Facebook, are flagging such ads since most of them are usually scams.

Who is Legendary Marketer meant for?

Legendary Marketer is for people who want to gain exposure online rapidly. It’s flexible, scalable, and about immediate results.

Thus it’s suitable for:

  • New online business owners starting out in the online business world
  • Small agencies that want fast results
  • Beginner bloggers that want traffic (they can take the Traffic University)
  • Successful online business owners who just want to sharpen their skills

In short, Legendary Marketer is for you who want to launch, run, and manage a successful online marketing business through simple and effective marketing techniques.

Final Thoughts

If you’re serious about online marketing success, you could never go wrong with Legendary Marketer. It’s all about Legendary Marketing, which is all about cutting through all of the crap people see online every day.

It is different from other forms of promotion because instead of creating something for others and hoping they take notice, the legendary Marketer creates something “epic” for their target audience and lets nature do its thing by giving away value without any strings attached

That’s exactly what you learn by becoming joining Legendary Marketer. They have an excellent reputation for teaching you how to create an online business the right way without taking advantage of your naivety.

The lower-priced packages are great to start with, and as your business grows, you can always take advantage of the upsells.

Click here to get started right away.

Affiliate Disclaimer: I hope you liked our Legendary Marketer Products Review. Please note that some of the links inside this article may be affiliate links to Legendary Marketer. That means that if you click on one of the links and sign up, I may be compensated for it. If you do happen to click, we really appreciate it! Any money we make keeps this site running smoothly and allows us to keep writing these high-quality reviews.

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