6 Best YouTube Keyword tools in 2021 Revealed

Best Youtube Keyword Tools
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Marketing on YouTube is essential because it’s the second-largest search engine in the world. I know of people making a kill launching ad on YouTube. I have highlighted all these in the Best YouTube keyword tools

If you do your math, running paid ads can be expensive in the run. You will need to try out some of the free organic methods.

One of the ways of achieving this kind of traffic into your channel is to undertake YouTube SEO. Here are some of the Best YouTube keyword tools.

1. Best Youtube keyword Tools: MorningFame

I’m using MorningFame currently. It has proved to be highly effective in growing my channel. The analytics and keyword planning tools are just excellent.

best Youtube Keyword tools

I like that they send a report on how my video is performing after 24 hours of publishing. So, I will always have updates and make changes where necessary.  

As we all know, keyword research and planning is the basics of YouTube SEO. You need to know the keywords that your audience uses to search for solutions to their problems online. You can then include these words in the title, tags, and video description.

The tool allows you to do that with ease. If you input a particular set of keywords into the search bar, it can give topic suggestions based on your recent videos or from your competitors. Use these keyword suggestions in your written content and see your videos ranking quickly. 

The tool also helps you optimize your channel. It combines both YouTube and Google analytics to give helpful and actionable insights that can boost page views, increase traction, and grow your business.

What I like about MorningFame:

One of the things you will like about MorningFame is that it is helpful in keyword research since it has an inbuilt keyword research tool that pulls data directly from YouTube. It will then give relevant tags based on your keywords.


It’s also a fantastic tool to spy on your competitors. If you want to outrank your competitors fast, you need to know strategies that are working for them. MorningFame can help you do that.  It can suggest you relevant search terms and tags to use in your YouTube content.

youtube keyword tools

Some of its cons as a keyword research tool:

This tool has almost most of what you need. Maybe the pricing might intimidate you at first, but it’s a great tool. I have noted that you can save a lot by purchasing their annual plans. The basic plan costs $4.90 per month, and the Plus plan costs $12.90 per month.

It’s an invite-only YouTube marketing tool. That means you need my invite to use this tool. Here is the code [link or code]; use it the first time you log into the site.

2. TubeBuddy

The second on lists is TubeBuddy. 

Guess what?

It’s a YouTube partner. So, you won’t have issues about compatibility or waking up to a banned account.

TubeBuddy is great. If you want to know how your competitors are doing and outdo them, you can do in-depth competitor research of their keyword searches. It will pull up a list of your competitors depending on the keyword(s), the tags they are using to rank, and tips to outrank them.

This is what I like about TubeBuddy:

It’s simple and easy to use the YouTube keyword tool

TubeBuddy has a simple and easy to use dashboard, which houses all your YouTube data. It can show data in the form of percentages, graphs, and other figures.

Tubebuddy keyword tool

If you want the search volumes of different keywords, you have it all at the click of the button. The simple and straightforward dashboard makes the tool easy to use by almost anyone.

It’s certified

This is one of the critical aspects you have to consider when using a tool for keyword. If it’s not YouTube certified, then it might probably cause your account to get banned.

TubeBuddy is certified, so, don’t fear integrating it with your YouTube and Facebook accounts.

The tool also provides sufficient data about your channel. I know it can be a tussle optimizing the channel for better performance without the right kind of data.

Its cons:

One of the downsides of TubeBuddy is that essential features are only available with the premium plans. You will have to purchase either the Star or the Legend plan to enjoy some features such as YouTube SEO, monetization, and competitor analysis tools.

It’s also geared to YouTube alone. So, if you want to manage all your social media accounts, you will have to purchase a different set of tools, which can be expensive in the long run.

Otherwise, TubeBuddy is excellent. Just log into their website, choose one of their plans (you can even begin with the free plan), install their browser extension, and start growing your YouTube channel.

3. VidIQ

One unique thing about VidIQ is the fact that it has a built-in YouTube function. You can do your keyword research here and uncover rich long-tail keywords that are more likely to rank and bring in traffic.

Just think about your unique keywords, input the phrases in the search bar, and click the ‘enter’ button. The tool will pull data from YouTube and give the keyword search volume of a particular key phrase.

You can go more in-depth and explore the search volumes of other related keywords on YouTube.

It has a Chrome and Firefox extension. So, if you are not a Chrome fan like lots of people I know, you have the option to use Firefox. Choose the basic package first before going for their Pro and Boost plan. 

VidIQ pros:

It helps discover trending videos

VidIQ helps to discover trending videos within your niche. If you want to check out trends and some of the most viewed videos of your time, this tool does it best.

Vidiq Youtube tool

Trending videos can give ideas on what’s working for others in your niche and avoid creating outdated content.  

You can manage your account with ease:

The tool shows you a whole lot of data about your account. You can view the number of views of each video, subscribers, and comments with ease.

The easier it is to view data, the more manageable it is.  

Browser extensions:

The tool has a browser extension, which makes things easier for you. You don’t have to Google their site to access your account. Just click on an extension in your browser, and you are in.

best Youtube Keyword Tools

In addition, they also provide education to you on how to grow your YouTube channel. They have excellent guides and actionable tips that you can implement right away.  

VidIQ cons:  

I don’t think VidIQ has as many cons. The only thing is maybe its cost. It costs $7.50 per month. Also, they have hidden most of the features to their premium users.

Hence, you have to purchase their Boost and Boost pro plan to realize its full potentials, such as SEO optimization features and video archival.

But isn’t it said that you get what you pay for? Well, I think VidIQ is just the same. They have different plans to suit their different audience needs.

Some users have also reported unresponsiveness in their browser extension. Also, the fact that they have crowded most of the features into a single menu annoyed some users.

4. Keyword.io

This is a bulk YouTube auto-suggest scraper. It’s a freemium tool; excellent if you are an SEO specialist needing the right kind of seed keywords to target in your written content. Since it’s useful when investigating and vetting ideas for a new topic, the tool can save you a ton of your time.

The tool also shows related keywords to help you with a list of keyword ideas. The moment you have a bunch of these keywords, it will be easy to optimize your content around your audience searches.

This is why you will love KeywordI.o:

The tool is fantastic when it comes to YouTube SEO since it helps you cover the basics well. If you have an agency, you can even use the tool to uncover opportunities for your clients. Show them the keywords they are not targeting in the YouTube SEO efforts.

Some of its cons:  

Maybe they need to improve on the functionalities. The tool needs to give more in-depth insights into the keywords you are searching for. They need to give insights such as the ranking difficulty of a given keyword.

Otherwise, the tool is excellent.

5. Google Trends

Have you ever used Google trends?

You see, it’s a fantastic tool to leverage in the online marketing space.  Its primary goal is to show the trend of a given keyword over time. 

If you input a set of phrases into the search bar, the tool will summarize how that word is trending over time.

Let’s search for the word “Affiliate Marketing for Beginners.” Here are the results

best youtube keyword search tools

You can see the spikes over time.


If you have studied the curve carefully, there was a drastic reduction in December’s search term. That could mean people were in a holiday mood. Not so many people were interested in optimizing their videos for search.

You can categorize the search results based on the following factors:

Country: If you want to see a particular keyword’s popularity in a specific country, you can set that. That is essential if your YouTube content is geared towards a local audience such as a city.

If you want to target the US only, like in the screenshot, you can do so. Literally, you can target any country in the world.

Timeframe: You can also decide to filter the search trend based on a specific time frame. Sometimes, you need to avoid targeting outdated keywords.

If you see the timeframe I targeted in the screenshot, it’s for the past 12 months.  

Categories: There are different categories to target, ranging from automotive, sports, real estate, and travel. You can target any category depending on your target audience.

Google trends can also allow you to compare different keywords. You can compare them if they are closely related. So, instead of a single graph line, there will be an additional red line.

Since the tool is a free one, it won’t cost you anything to try it out. Just head over to Google trends, input the keywords you want to target and click the “enter” button. You can later filter the search results based on the timeframe, country, or niche.

6. YouTube Autosuggest

It’s a free tool. You can even try it out today.

But how does it work?

Can it work for you?

Well, you need to use this tool properly to realize results. Here is how to use it:

Just log into YouTube and type any of the keywords you have in mind. It can be related to any niche. But since we are talking about YouTube keyword tools, better use that.

YouTube will pull up a bunch of videos depending on how well they are optimized for that keyword. 

Also, as you are typing those set of keywords, YouTube will give several auto-suggests closely related to your primary key phrase.

youtube keyword tools 2021

If you have a keyword everywhere extension, it can make it work easier for you.

Now I know you don’t always consider the auto-suggests as powerful keywords that can quickly draw in traffic to your channels, right?

Well, you can’t entirely depend on it since it doesn’t have as much data, but before trying out the paid plans, begin doing your keyword research here.

YouTube algorithm pulls up the keywords depending on the number of users and searches intent. If you use a bunch of these keywords as primary and secondary keywords, you will most likely draw in traffic into your channel.

Here is what I like about the autosuggest:

It’s a free Keywords tool: if something is free, it won’t cost you anything to try it out. YouTube is free, so is their autosuggest feature. For a beginner, it’s essential, to begin with, the free features.

Some of its cons include:

The feature can’t give you the searches per month of a particular keyword to determine the profitability of each keyword search. You will need to invest in other tools if you want to get this kind of data.

(FAQ) Frequently Ask Questions: Best Youtube Keyword Tools

Do I really need a YouTube keyword tool for my channel?

Yes, you do.

Of course, I know most people would opt to go the regular way; create a video, think of a suitable title, write a simple description without considering YouTube SEO, and click the upload button waiting for viewers to come. In most cases, they will take time because they cannot find your video.

But if you know exactly the keywords they are using to search for information, you can optimize any type of videos around those keywords and attract them into your channel. So, you can achieve much more and beat the competition with a dedicated keyword tool.

What do you mainly consider when choosing one?

There are a couple of things I consider. Here are some of them:

If it’s easy to use: Any tool should be easy to use. So, if I find out that a tool has a cluttered interface, hidden menu, and hard-to-read content, I would pass it by. If you know how to use a tool, it becomes easy to innovate and make changes quickly.

If it can give me an in-depth analysis of my channel: The more the data you have about your channel, the easier it’s to manage and focus on improving what’s not working. You need lots of insights regarding your channel if you are to improve it.

If it can spy on competitors and give me suggestions: A good keyword tool should spy on your competitors, suggest relevant video titles, tags, and descriptions. That’s why I like VidIQ, MorningFame, or TubeBuddy. These tools allow me to do that.

The price and the value it provides to my business: the end result is getting leads for my business. So, if a tool is costly and doesn’t bring as much value, then there is no need to use it. You may not see its value for some time, but you will begin to see an increase in traffic after using it for a couple of months.

Which is the best of all the keyword tools above?

From experience, you can choose between TubeBuddy, VidIQ, and MorningFame. I’m saying this because I used them. I don’t want to suggest to you what I haven’t used. So, check the price of each of these tools and choose one that suits you best. 


If you want a list of some of the best YouTube keyword tools, begin with these ones. The first three are some of the best because I have used them.

You need to invest in your YouTube channel if you are to get any form of traction. One of the ways to do this is to use the tools here. Start with one and master it. With time, you can move to others.

Affiliate Disclaimer: I hope you liked our Best YouTube keyword tools review. Please note that some of the links inside this article may be affiliate links to Tubebuddy, Vidiq and Morningfame. That means that if you click on one of the links and sign up, I may be compensated for it. If you do happen to click, we appreciate it! Any money we make keeps this site running smoothly and allows us to keep writing these high-quality reviews.

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