How to Use Real Estate Funnel Template in Clickfunnels: Examples and Integrations

Real Estate Sales funnel

There are many different types of funnel templates that can be used for a variety of businesses.

If you are in the real estate industry, then you will want to use a funnel template specifically designed for that market.

In this blog post, we will discuss how to use real estate funnel templates in Clickfunnels and provide some examples and integrations.

Real Estate Marketing Funnel
TL;DR Summary

  • •ClickFunnels is a powerful tool that can help real estate agents streamline their marketing efforts and supercharge their results.
  • • By using ClickFunnels, real estate agents can build attractive landing pages, capture leads, and connect with their leads while they are still hot.
  • • There are many funnels that real estate agents can use in their marketing strategy to drive more qualified leads and make more sales in their businesses, such as the sales letter funnel, membership funnel, squeeze page funnel, or survey funnel.

ClickFunnels Overview

To get us started, you are probably wondering what ClickFunnels is and how it applies to you as a real estate salesperson.

It all begins with a man named Russell Brunson. He has the dream to help business owners launch and scale their businesses online using funnels.

His goal was to remove the need to hire huge teams and a real estate developer to set up, integrate, and manage the different tools it took to set up landing pages, squeeze pages, webinars, and integrations.

How to Use Real Estate Funnel Template in Clickfunnels: Examples and Integrations 1

His solution was ClickFunnels – an all-in-one software that allows users to create and publish a marketing funnel that turn leads into customers.

ClickFunnels offer several features, including a drag and drop webpage editor, high converting sales funnel templates, a shopping cart with upsells, Facebook and email marketing automation, and access to data insights.

How does ClickFunnels work?

You probably think this all sounds great, but what is the utility for a real estate investor? ClickFunnels works by simplifying and organizing the sales process for you and, most importantly, your target audience.

The tool makes it simple to build marketing funnels working towards generating leads effectively. With just a few clicks, users can integrate a payment system, set up squeeze pages to build their email lists, and connect paid campaigns to their funnels.

You also get access to an analytics dashboard and a free market report that will help you retarget traffic to increase your sales.

The crowning jewel is automation which is great for people looking to scale their businesses fast. You can send follow-up emails and nurture your leads on the same platform without missing a beat.

Typically, you would need to hire several different professionals to set up a system for the real estate industry that is as sophisticated as what ClickFunnels has to offer.

Not only does it saves your money, but can also cut the time it takes to kickstart your marketing campaigns significantly and do it all on your own.

ClickFunnels Features

Let us look at the features available to ClickFunnels users more exhaustively.

To say that ClickFunnels is feature rich would be an understatement. It takes effort to take what seems like several technical tools and bunch them together and manage to simplify the entire process.

The software did the work so that entrepreneurs could get everything they needed on a single platform.

Some core features you can expect while using ClickFunnels include;

Predesigned Sales Funnel Templates.

If you have never built a sales funnel, you most probably need a guide to help you set up our first funnel.

A sales funnel should have some important factors to be successful. With ClickFunnels, you get a variety of templates that you can quickly edit to fit your specific business needs.

How to Use Real Estate Funnel Template in Clickfunnels: Examples and Integrations 2

The software offers quick help steps and video guidance to cut the learning curve short and get you to sell real estate services fast. A real estate marketing funnel is available for most real estate agents find and brokers alike.

You can even import funnels from other successful entrepreneurs and stand on the shoulders of giants from the start of your digital marketing journey.

Most real estate agents use several funnels to make the most out of its marketing funnel. Some of the most important funnels with available templates on ClickFunnels include;

  • Sales page funnels
  • Lead generation capture funnels
  • Event funnels
  • Membership funnels
  • Product release funnels
  • Homepage
  • Sales letter funnel
  • Invisible funnel
  • Opt in forms for capturing warm leads
  • Webinar funnel
  • Survey funnel
  • Lead magnet funnel, etc

You can quickly choose and edit any available real estate template to fit your specific business requirements.

Drag and Drop Editor

One of the reasons setting up your real estate business can be extremely costly is needing assistance from tech professionals.

Learning how to code takes time and may deter you from focusing on more pressing business needs. Hiring out tasks is a viable option, but finding someone who matches your business goals can be difficult.

How to Use Real Estate Funnel Template in Clickfunnels: Examples and Integrations 3

In comes the drag and drop attractive landing page builder- building funnels could not be easier than with the click funnels editor.

You can customize the font, page colors, layout, add and remove images and videos, etc. Without hiring a developer, you can get a world-class landing page set up in minutes and begin capturing leads.

Staying on brand is important because our target clients have expectations. Customizing colors and fonts make it easy for your clients to notice you online.

Payment Gateways

What is a sales system if you are not getting paid? Making money from your marketing funnel is the ultimate goal for any entrepreneur.

Having a reliable way for your ideal customers to pay you online is paramount to your long-term success.

The software makes it super easy for you to set up a payment system and connect it to any number of funnels to receive referral payments. Some of the payment systems available to you on click funnels include;

  • Android Pay
  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay
  • Stripe

Email Automation

Email marketing is one of the best methods of marketing online. Many businesses already keep a list of their clients and send monthly or annual newsletters. Email campaigns have a lot more utility, especially when done right.

One such utility is automation using autoresponders. You can use the ClickFunnels email autoresponder, or better yet, you can connect your existing list to ClickFunnels.

Some third-party email marketing software you can connect to include Convertkit, Aweber, Zapier, Drip, etc.

Actionetics And Backpack

When you purchase one of the pricier ClickFunnels subscriptions, you can access actionetics and backpack features, one of the crowning jewels of ClickFunnels.

Data and insights are vital to your online marketing efforts, and ClickFunnels founders understand this fact.

Actionetics give you access to your marketing data, including your customers’ behavior, demands, and triggers.

This information can turn any marketer into an absolute shark, and you can get full access to this data right on your dashboard.

By using actionetics, you can easily tailor your campaigns to get the best possible results and run promotions more successfully than your competition. That takes us to backpack.

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How to Use Real Estate Funnel Template in Clickfunnels: Examples and Integrations 11

Backpack is an affiliate management tool. You can quickly build your affiliate program and get affiliates to promote your business on your behalf for a commission.

This tool is especially important for businesses looking for ways to scale and reach new audiences.

The basis From Which You Can Invent A Real Estate Marketing Funnel

Now that you know what ClickFunnels is, how it is used, and some of its core features, let us find out how you can make it work for your real estate business.

The basis of any real estate funnel requires four fundamental steps. Like in copywriting, your leads go through four phases of discovering your business.

The AIDA model (Awareness, Impact, Desire, and Action) is a communication strategy that takes your customer on a journey to discover, gain interest, desire, and finally buy what you are selling.

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How to Use Real Estate Funnel Template in Clickfunnels: Examples and Integrations 12

Here is how you would apply this model to your funnels to gain success.

Attention/ Awareness

You can offer your targeted audience something that would interest them for free in this stage. You are still building trust and cementing your credibility, so there is no need to start selling or self-promoting. This is a great way to get prospects into your list to nurture them.


Once you capture leads and have drawn them in and have their attention, it is time to start building a rapport by sharing exciting facts and showing them how their problem can be solved. You can automate that process, especially if you use autoresponders and drip campaigns.


Interest is important, but it is not enough to make a sale. The next communication step is to make your ideal customers desire what you are selling.

Some ways to do this is by offering an expiring offer with a countdown, discounts, and asking them to hurry before it’s too late. That sets the gears going, and now you can draw them into the final step in our communication strategy.


This is where you make the sale. The whole point is to get your prospects to the point where they buy what you are promoting. If you have tuned into your ideal customers’ desires, you can easily convince them to take action.

With this strategy, you can alternate your content in all channels to nurture your audience and convert more prospects.

ClickFunnels For Real Estate Best Practices

To get the best outcome, you can do several things when using ClickFunnels. First, use scarcity and urgency to get prospects to take action. This tactic will help you increase your conversions and make more sales.

Using scarcity and urgency power words like hurry and instant and now will push prospects to decide while they still can. Color schemes and great copywriting will also go a long way in getting faster results.

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Additionally, run split tests on your landing pages to get more conversions. A split test lets you determine what details on your landing pages push your customers to act.

Before you spend money on running ads, you can find out what will give you better results and focus on that. Test your headlines, copy, buttons, and text to find what resonates most with your targeted audience.

Another great practice is to figure out what your competition is up to.

Look out for some of the best real estate niche and try to study their strategies and placements. Find out where they put their form, call to action, and replication of their success. Studying your competition’s strategy can save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

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How to Use Real Estate Funnel Template in Clickfunnels: Examples and Integrations 14

Don’t make the same mistakes they already overcame. Learning what works for your real estate competitors can guide you to creating great funnels for your own business and skyrocketing your sales.

Finally, don’t be lazy in creating and editing your copy ruthlessly. The choice of words and the tone of language can attract or repel your ideal customers.

Make it easy for visitors to understand what you’re saying and use emotional triggers to get them to take action.

Applying these tips can save you money and make you more sales than your competition in a short period.

How does ClickFunnels work for real estate agents?

Real estate agents can use click funnels to power their online marketing efforts and supercharge their results.

You can build a landing page from one of the available templates and start building an email list that you can then continue to nurture.

You can also streamline your lead capture and send them to your CRM (Customer Relationship Management), where you can turn them into buyers.

With ClickFunnels, you can easily connect with your leads while they are still hot. That means that you can contact them faster, which means you are seven times more likely to qualify them.

How does a real estate CRM work?

A real estate CRM works by allowing you to identify your customers from a mass of people, differentiate and segment them, interact with your list and customize your actions.

You can integrate your ClickFunnels account with a CRM feature to give you all the details about your real estate leads. This would help you to send emails and text messages according to the specific needs of the leads. Some of the best CRM software include: ActiveCampaign CRM.

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How to Use Real Estate Funnel Template in Clickfunnels: Examples and Integrations 15

Examples of ClickFunnels for Real Estate

One example I will share is how a real estate agent can use ClickFunnels to sell houses in a specific area. The funnel will target people looking to buy homes within that location.

The real estate agent should have a two-step sales funnel to do this.

Opt-in Form

Get their contact information in exchange for a list of all the available homes in that region.

Thank you page

Lead them to take action by calling, sending an email, or booking a showing for houses in the area.

Best real estate funnel templates

There are many realtor sales funnels that real estate agents can use in their marketing strategy to drive more qualified leads and make more sales in their businesses.

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