Secrets Masterclass Review: Top 3 Secrets For Clickfunnels Success

Secrets MasterClass

Many factors will contribute to the success of your business or its failure, as well. We will cover all those in this Secrets Masterclass review. What’s that one thing that’s holding you from hitting the $1 million mark from your sales funnel?

I bet it’s either strayed traffic, low conversions rates, or a poorly designed sales funnel. Don’t worry. The catch is to master what 1% of ClickFunnels members are doing that you aren’t.

Currently, there are 737 2 Comma Club award winners. What did they do to achieve that fate? It’s all in the Secrets Masterclass.

Guess who will be the speaker? Russell, of course. He is a celebrated online marketer and the founder of ClickFunnels, a super successful SaaS company.

I really like ClickFunnels products. There are many success stories around people using ClickFunnels to actualize their dreams.  

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What it means to be a 2 CC member

Once you have a sales funnel, a great product or service, and an efficient traffic source, you are good to go. It might take some time before you become a 2 CC member. But once you hit over $1 million in a single funnel, you can apply for the award.

Does it sound like a daunting task? It’s not. It’s simple to hit $1 million if you are determined and consistent. You can even become a 2 Comma Club-X member.

However, it’s not a walk in the park. You have to be unique. If you copy, your ideas might never see the light of the day.

Begin by asking yourself what you are good at? What can you do without feeling as if you are working?

Are you a good coach? Create a sales funnel and run your coaching business with consistency and determination.

Are you a real estate agent? There are a couple of people I know who are making over six figures in this niche.

How long will it take you to be a 2 CC member?

As fast as you can. There is no defined time to hit $1 million in sales. In fact, Brina Page made it in less than 3 months. He had initially made a few $$$$ but ended giving some sales back to begin a brand new sales funnel.

Jason Wardrop hit $1 million after only one and a half years. His advice to people beginning the online journey is to focus on small manageable goals.

It’s often tough to make $1,000 until it’s done. It also seems impossible to hit the $1 million mark until you actually do it. So, the key is to set SMART goals.

Secrets Masterclass Review
Secrets Masterclass Review: Top 3 Secrets For Clickfunnels Success 3

The Secrets Masterclass

How can you reach that seemingly impossible $1 million mark? You can either do this all alone and make tons of mistakes and loses, or learn from the mistakes of others and achieve more in a short time. I bet you would choose the latter, right?

That’s where the Secret Masterclass comes in.

What’s in the Secrets Masterclass webinar?

Want to know something about the webinar? There are three main classes. Each will be targeting a specific segment of the sales funnel strategy.  

I will cover each in detail.

The Funnel Secrets

Think of a sales funnel as a physical funnel. If you pour sand consisting of particles of different sizes on top, they will not all come out at the same time at the bottom because the bottom is narrow.

That’s the same case with your customers. Most will click your Google ads, links on search results, or social media. However, only a small percentage will reach the bottom of your sales funnel and purchase your products or services.

Some factors determine the conversion rates of your sales funnel. Here are the steps to take:

  • Define your audience

You must define your audience before you begin developing your funnel and email copy. The more defined your audience, the easier it is to customize your offers

There are specific methods you can use to understand your audience’s behavior.

  • Create a compelling sales funnel copy

Your sales funnel copy needs to talk, walk, and sell to your audience. You can improve conversion rates by writing a compelling copy.

There are different stages to capture in a sales funnel copy. The CTA should be bold, concise, and action-oriented.

These stages are merely the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot involved. In the webinar, you will learn the practical steps involved in creating a highly converting funnel.

The Conversion Secrets

What’s the essence of creating a sales funnel that doesn’t convert? An effective funnel needs to convert by at least 1% or more.

But sometimes, you follow the best funnel practices, create a stunning sales funnel page, and still fail to get conversions.

Are you at that stage? Don’t worry. I can teach you the tricks.

There is more to sales funnel conversions that a mere sales page.   

There are three stages to a sales funnel conversion:

  • Attract: This is the first stage. You need to attract the prospects to enter on top of your funnel. Remember, they won’t merely hop into it if you don’t give them what they want. Therefore, study their behaviour and identify what they need by aren’t getting it. You can offer an e-book, whitepaper, or mini-course in exchange for their emails.
  • Engage: The prospect is in your funnel. How can you make him trust you and purchase your offers? Engage them. Add value to their businesses by sending a couple of value-packed emails. Once they realize you are concerned about them, they will trust you. The money is in the trust.
  • Convert: After a series of emails, send them a low-priced offer related to what you have been teaching them. Depending on your offer, some will buy.
  • Delight: Keep delighting your customers by providing valuable content, emails, and responding to their emails. You can engage them on your Facebook group, answer their questions, and help their businesses to grow. It’s five times costly to acquire a new customer as it is to maintain the current ones.

You will learn about the secrets of conversions in this program. Why do some funnels convert more than others? Would you want to earn $1 million in a single funnel? Those are the secrets to learn in this class.

The Traffic Secret

How many people are visiting your funnel every day? Is it 100? 1,000? Or, 10,000? Whichever the number, you need traffic. Without traffic, you won’t have sales.

However, sometimes you can be getting 1,000 people into your site but get fewer sales. What could be the problem? Simple. Aim for targeted and well-defined traffic and not just any kind of strayed traffic.

It’s better to have 1,000 visitors and have at least 30% conversion rates than have 10,000 visits and have a 2% conversion.

But why is targeted traffic necessary for your business? Here is why:

  • Gives a good ROI: Rather than spreading too thin, you can make a lot by focusing on a small segment of customers who are interested in your products or services. The catch is to spend less and get more. You can only achieve this by targeting people interested in what you offer.
  • Build an excellent reputation for your brand: Neil Pater or Russell Brunson have built an excellent reputation for their brand because of focusing on people who need their services. Targeted traffic boosts your brand reputation.
  • Boosts repeat sales: if you target the right people, they will buy from you regularly since they know your products will help them improve their businesses. For example, Russell has been selling his digital products for a long. People buy because they know he provides value.

Would you want to learn the secrets of attracting targeted traffic to your funnel? Check out this class.

What’s inside the Secret Masterclass workshop

Since you would need the tools to bring your funnel building skills to work, the workshop comes bundled with excellent offers for you.

Here is what you will get by enrolling into the program:

Free One Funnel Away Challenge

Have you taken the OFA challenge? If you are running an online venture, it’s worth the investment. I began making insanely tons of money online after taking the 30-day challenge.

It’s a virtual 30-day coaching session, where Russell, Stephen, and Julie (two of Russell Brunson marketing coaches) will teach you the process of planning, creating, and managing a high performing sales funnel.

It’s a practical challenge with daily tasks to undertake. There are also training kits, bonuses, and workbooks that will help you in the process. Instead of parting with $100 for the challenge, you will have it for FREE once you sign up for the Secrets Masterclass Workshop.

A 6 months Platinum account

It’s no longer called Etison Suite, as it was previously known. It has been rebranded to ClickFunnels Platinum.

Imagine getting unlimited access to all the ClickFunnels features. I know that with the basic ClickFunnels plan, you are limited to the number of funnels you can build and other functions. That’s not the case with the Platinum bundle.

However, you will not have the Actionetics MD features at the time of writing this Secrets Masterclass review because the company scrubbed that program off and focused on sales funnels.

Instead, you will have follow-up funnels, which is a multi-dimensional marketing feature inside your ClickFunnels Platinum account. It will allow you to send personalized emails, text messages, social, and even desktop notifications. That will ensure you reach your customers anywhere they are.

It will cost you $297 to purchase the Platinum bundle. You will have all the features for free for 6 months if you sign up for the Secret Masterclass workshop.

Sounds like a raw deal? 

Traffic secrets

Traffic is the livelihood of your business. Without traffic, your business will not grow. I know the big challenge that faces any online entrepreneur, who is getting their feet wet, is traffic.

You don’t merely need any kind of traffic. You need targeted traffic. Russell decided to tackle this challenge by putting all the strategies and secrets of driving consistent targeted traffic to your funnel and put them in a book.

Note that Traffic Secrets is different from the Traffic Secrets course. It, however, draws some inspiration from the course. In the book, Russell teaches 20 traffic secrets you can use to drive unlimited traffic to your sales funnels.

Virtual daily funnel hackathons

After launching and running the 2 Comma Club X training, Russell thought of starting Daily Virtual Hackathons to teach you how to build specific types of funnels.  

Russell designed ClickFunnels to work for almost any niche. Sales funnel designs shouldn’t be similar, however, because the customers are different. A real estate leads sales funnel design is different from a coaching funnel.

Since you need to master each funnel design, graphics to use, and the elements that will bring forth tons of conversions, this program is for you.

There will be 11 funnels. Some of them are webinar funnels, lead funnels, Summit funnels, and High-ticket funnels.

The aim is to impart you with the right skills to plan, create, design, and launch different types of high-converting funnels.

10x Secrets mastery program

I know you are not getting as many sales as you wanted. Most businesses struggle to get sales but fail midway since it’s an art, which requires mastery.

For example, if you are selling funnel design or any other product or services online, you need the right sales techniques to beat your competitors since several people are offering similar services.

Which strategies do top salespeople use to make people purchase their services and products? It’s all explained in the 10x secrets mastery program.

Russell will teach you the secrets he uses to get sales for his products. You will have the program for FREE.

Secrets Masterclass Pricing

How much do you think the Secret Masterclass costs with all the bonuses? I mean, the platinum account would cost you $1782 for six months, the OFA challenge is worth $1,997, and the virtual daily funnel hackathons would cost you $9,997.

Secrets Masterclass Review: Top 3 Secrets For Clickfunnels Success 1
Secrets Masterclass Review: Top 3 Secrets For Clickfunnels Success 4

There are other bonuses. The overall value you will be getting would be worth $15,770. Guess how much you will pay? Just $997. Stellar Deal, right?

I have attended most of these programs; they are worth it.

Secrets Masterclass Bonuses

Did you enjoy this Secrets Masterclass review?

Why not get some extra help in starting your online business with these exclusive Secrets Masterclass bonuses.

You’ll get access these software FREE for 1 Year as long as your subscription is active.

Here is what you will get

Bonus # 1 Friend Maker (Value $497 per Year )

Send Automated Friend Request without manually doing and wasting your time. 

Bonus # 2 Friend Remover (Value $497 per Year )

Remover Inactive Friends who never engage with your facebook post.

Bonus # 3 Friend Approver (Value $497 per Year )

Approve or Decline Incoming Friend Request on facebook.

Bonus # 4 Group Magnet (Value $497 per Year )

Collect data of people who request to join your facebook group in few clicks 

Bonus # 5 Messenger Connector (Value $497 per Year )

Send Message to people inside your friend list and recently added friends.

Bonus # 6 Lifetime Email Support ( Value $ 997)

Email me for any issue with bonuses or software issues

To qualify for my bonuses just purchase Secrets Masterclass using my affiliate link and then email me with your purchase recipe. Bonuses will be delivered to your email within 24 hours.


It’s always awesome to learn from some of the great minds in your space. Since they did something that you didn’t do and become successful, you need that motivation, those skills, and those don’ts. You will get them in the Secrets Masterclass.

Would you want to join the FREE webinar? You don’t have anything to lose while there is a lot to gain. Here is the link to the training. I hope this Secrets Masterclass review has answered most of the questions you had about the program.  

Affiliate Disclaimer: I hope you liked our Secrets Masterclass review. Please note that some of the links inside this article may be affiliate links to Secrets Masterclass. That means that if you click on one of the links and sign up, I may be compensated for it. If you do happen to click, we really appreciate it! Any money we make keeps this site running smoothly and allows us to keep writing these high-quality reviews.

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