Traffic Secrets Book: Drive More Sales With These Traffic Secrets!

Traffic Secrets Book Review

I know you are obsessed with getting traffic, right? We are not different. But the fact that you are reading this in my blog tells you something; I mastered some traffic generation tips and managed to draw you to read this Traffic Secrets Book Review.

Are you getting significant traffic to your landing page or website? Your answer could probably be no. I understand. Most people struggle with this. Just ask any digital marketer who is getting their feet wet in the internet marketing space. They will often tell you that their biggest challenge is traffic.

You see, with enough traffic, comes leads and sales. Therefore, the catch is to master how to develop reliable traffic streams, fill your funnels, and make sales. That’s what the Traffic Secrets book is all about.

It’s one book, which unravels real consistent traffic streams. You don’t have to chase your ideal customers. Make them come looking for you.

Traffic Secrets Book
Traffic Secrets Review

Book Title: Traffic Secrets

Book Description: Need more traffic to your website or funnel? Traffic Secrets Book Shows 20+ Virtually UNKNOWN Secrets To Get Tons Of Traffic To Any Website or Funnel. Traffic Secrets Book Gives Readers Step by Step Plan on How You can Fill Your Websites and Funnels with Your Dream Customers

Book Author: Russell brunsom

Book Format: Hardcover

Publisher Logo:



Traffic is what drives any online business. Otherwise, what’s the benefit of having a stunning website or a sales funnel without customers? That’s why you need to learn from the experts. This Traffic Secrets book review should give you a glimpse of what to expect in the book. Does the book sound like one you cannot miss to read? Get it today.


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  • Lots of Images for illustration
  • The audio version is also available for those who prefer listening


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Who Is The Author Of Traffic Secrets Book?

Who is the mastermind behind the Traffic Secrets book? If you are in the digital marketing space, you must know him.

The author, Russell Brunson started his first online company while he was wrestling in college.

He owns ClickFunnels, started his online selling business 15 years down the line, sold a thousand copies of his books, and brought ClickFunnels to where it is now in only three years.

Traffic Secrets Russell Brunson
Traffic Secrets Book: Drive More Sales With These Traffic Secrets! 17

Russell Brunson is termed as The Secret Trilogy author because of his three books. DotCom Secrets, which mainly talks about frameworks, techniques, and tricks of generating leads, and selling thousands of products online, was Amazon’s and US Today bestseller. More than 250,000 copies were sold.

Expert Secrets mainly talks about the map that will allow you to turn your specialized knowledge, talents, and abilities into a business that will work for you! This is one of the shortcuts of the new rich. Both books became bestsellers because of the positive impact they had on people’s businesses.

You should expect real value from Russell Brunson’s third book Traffic Secrets in the Secrets Trilogy pack.
This would be exceptional because it would be tackling one core problem most online entrepreneurs face; traffic.

Traffic Secrets Book
Traffic Secrets Book: Drive More Sales With These Traffic Secrets! 18

It’s time to stop guessing and start filling your websites with dream customers. Traffic Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Filling Your Websites and Funnels will teach you how!

If you want to succeed online, then it’s crucial that your website is getting traffic. It can be difficult and time-consuming for most entrepreneurs; however, with this latest release from Russell Brunson in the Secrets Trilogy series of books, Traffic Secrets will teach you how to build a successful business without spending any more money on ads or other expensive marketing strategies!

If you follow Russell Brunson on social media or ever read some of his books, you will understand that he likes giving real value. This book is no exception.

You also need to know that the book is a little different from the Traffic Secrets Course, which was launched earlier. Don’t get confused between the book and the course because they’re not similar.

What Is Traffic Secrets Book?

The traffic secrets book by Russell Brunson is a great read for those who want to learn more about traffic generation and conversion optimization.

We’ve all heard of traffic as a way to get people interested in your business, but how to get traffic. Traffic secrets book teaches you the important aspects of marketing, from finding your target market to getting them engaged with social media.

Traffic Secrets Book
Traffic Secrets Book: Drive More Sales With These Traffic Secrets! 19

It also discusses how content plays an integral role in generating online traffic. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to increase your traffic and conversion rate no matter what type of business you have!

If you’re an entrepreneur, blogger, or marketing professional looking to generate traffic and leads for your business through online channels like SEO, social media advertising campaigns, email outreach campaigns…

you’ll want to read Traffic Secrets.

The book focuses on

  • Identifying your dream customers
  • Finding out where they are already congregating online.
  • Learning how to work your way in
  • Understanding how to buy your way in
  • Creating your own publishing platform.
  • How to integrate different social media accounts to create a promotional powerhouse.
  • Building your own distribution list.

What’s in The Each Section of Traffic Secrets Book?

Russell Brunson Traffic Secrets book is divided the book into three sections. In this review, I will show you what’s in each section.

Section 1: Your Dream Customer

This section is all about your dream customer.

Nurture your dream customer: the one who needs what you offer. They will spend less time going through the sales pipeline process because they need to feel confident in their purchase, which means fewer questions and objections at every corner.

Secret #1: Do you know your dream customer? That’s the first step if you want to make sales online. You can spend a large part of your time targeting people who might not convert. Therefore, the first secret to getting evergreen traffic is identifying your ideal customer. There are techniques to do this. Keep reading. You will find them

Secret #2: Where are your dream customers hiding online? If you know where they are, you will know the tools and techniques to reach them. You will use a different kind of strategy to acquire a real estate client from a digital marketing client. There is a secret to that. Want to know? It’s all in the book.

Traffic Secrets Book Review
Traffic Secrets Book: Drive More Sales With These Traffic Secrets! 20

Secret #3: You are dealing with busy people. You need to beat the competition as well and become a go-to business for your dream customers. How do you stop someone busy scrolling his Facebook feed to watch your Facebook ad and end up buying from you? Well, it’s simple. It’s all covered in the book.

Secret #4: This secret unveils to you ways you can use to get your marketing message in front of your dream customers. There are two ways, according to the book. Do you want to turn them into recurring customers? Master the two approaches, and you are good to go.

Secret #5: You see, traffic is bound to change when Facebook, Google, or any other traffic source changes their algorithm. Do you remember the 2019 update? How do you learn to develop the best source of traffic on the planet that resists all these algorithm changes? That’s what you will learn in secret 5.

Secret #6: Research shows that only about 19% of customers buy the first time they go through your funnel process. What happens to the rest? This section unveils to you what determines if the other 81% of your customers will take your offer.

Secret #7: The key to online success is to leverage people, platforms, and other marketing resources. Do you know how to leverage your partners? Well, it’s a simple way to get other people to promote your services or products.

Section 2: Fill Your Funnel

This section of traffic secrets teaches you how to fill your funnel with the right kind of people who will buy from you.

Secret #8: How can you steal traffic from your competitors and make them grounded in what you offer? There is a secret to that. If you can learn this trick, you are way far ahead of the traffic game. Remember, you will do this legally.

Secret #9: nothing beats consistency. If you see anything that was ever built, a company, a marketing agency, a video production company, someone must have been consistent with his or her actions. There is a secret to acting consistently.

Secret #10: to draw tons of your dream customers into your social media channel and make them buy your offers, you need a daily strategy. A short 5 minutes simple strategy can encourage customers to follow you on social media and engage with your posts.

Secret #11: Which is the most prominent social party on the planet? There must be one. You will learn how to use this party to pipe your dream customers into your funnel. It’s a simple strategy.

Russell Brunson traffic secrets
Traffic Secrets Book: Drive More Sales With These Traffic Secrets! 21

Secret #12: Google is the world’s number one search engine. Are you getting tons of traffic from it? Perhaps you are not considering some techniques. You will learn how to use Google to get your customers. You don’t have to chase them.

Secret #13: in this step, Russell will show you the tricks he used to create overwhelming content that his audience loved. It solves their needs and helps them become better in their business. Russell talks about value-packed content.

Secret #14: as traffic trends change, how will you ensure your traffic techniques remain relevant and make you at the helm every time? You need to study the trends. This secret will unfold new traffic opportunities that you have not been using.

Secret #15: Ever thought of creating a show? You will learn the secret of creating a great show that pulls in traffic and boundless opportunities. You will learn to use the content in each show, turn it into unique content that feeds your social media channels, and repurpose it into other marketing channels easily.

Section 3: Growth Hacking

This section primarily talks about growth. Now that you know your ideal customers, learn to fill your funnels, how do you grow? You’ll be able to grow your business, even more, when you learn these secrets.

Here are the secrets.

Secret #16: there are secrets to designing a landing page that talks to your customers about your company. A good design will draw traffic and boost sales. Besides, you will get the exact outline Russell uses to design such pages. With the framework, creating a landing page becomes an easy-peasy job.

Traffic Secrets Book Review
Traffic Secrets Book: Drive More Sales With These Traffic Secrets! 22

Secret #17: How can you tap into the distribution channels of your customers? Use three strategies to place your product into brand new traffic channels. If you watch Shark Tank, you will know what I’m talking about. Unfold this secret here.

Secret #18: you will learn the 5-game plan of having a team of affiliates to promote your products. You will pay them when they make a sale. You will not incur any marketing costs. Think about it. Once you have a value-packed product that solves a problem, you are set to go.

Secret #19: How can you convert cold traffic to hot one? There are 7-phases of a funnel to achieve this. Remember, these people know neither you nor your offer. But still, you can make them buy what you offer.

Secret #20: there are aspects you consider for company growth. Discover the tinny adjustments you need to make to turn your business around. You will understand the secrets used to grow famous tech companies.

How Much is Traffic Secrets Book?

How much does the book cost? In this Traffic Secret Book review, I will show the different ways of getting the book and the price.

Traffic secrets Book Review
Traffic Secrets Book: Drive More Sales With These Traffic Secrets! 23

Main Offer: As a Free Copy

The first option is to get the hard copy. For Free, of course. However, since you are getting it at no charge, you need to pay the shipping fee. That means you only need to pay $9.95 if you live in the United States and about $19.95 if you live outside the US. Does that break the bank? It doesn’t.


Once you pay for the shipping fee of the Traffic Secrets book, you will have awesome upsells available for you in the funnel. Here are some of them:

Traffic Secrets
Traffic Secrets Book: Drive More Sales With These Traffic Secrets! 24

A Digital Audiobook

Would you want a digital version of the Traffic Secrets book? There is an audiobook, which is available as an upsell for $37. This is a recorded audio version of the book recorded by Russell Brunson–the author.

But wait! Some bonuses come with the audiobook.

The Invisible Traffic Funnel

The Perfect Webinar Hack

The 7 Day Launch Funnel

Funnel Catcher Report

All these are worth a lot.

The Secret Trilogy Box Set

Here’s your chance to have three of the world’s most sought-after business books for a fraction of their price. With Expert Secrets, DotCom Secrets, and Traffic Secrets all in one package you’ll be able to take advantage of these powerful secrets from Russell Brunson one of the highly successful entrepreneurs!

Secret Trilogy Box Set
Traffic Secrets Book: Drive More Sales With These Traffic Secrets! 25

Get The Funnelytics

Would you want to forecast the potential of a sales funnel? Well, Funnelytics can help you. It’s a mapping tool and helps you in the sales funnel building process. If you can gauge the potential of a sales funnel before launching it, you will lose less and gain more.

The Funnelytics is also available as a one-time upsell in the funnel.

Traffic Secret Live Event Recording

It’s a recording of a 2-day event where Russell Brunson reveals to his $25k per year students different traffic techniques. You will get the record as a one-time offer in the funnel for only $97.

What Are Traffic Secrets Bonuses?

Once you purchase the Traffic Secret book, you will unlock other rewards. Here are five value-packed bonuses that come with the book.

Traffic Secrets Book Review
Traffic Secrets Book: Drive More Sales With These Traffic Secrets! 26

Bonus #1: How To Make A Video Go Viral

We all would want our videos to go viral, get lots of views, and boost the reputation of your brand, right? But what’s the science behind it? Do all videos go viral? Not all. Then there must be the science behind it. Don’t worry because that science is unbounded in this FREE bonus video.

Traffic Secrets Bonuses
Traffic Secrets Book: Drive More Sales With These Traffic Secrets! 27

Prince EA, who has over 3 million subscribers and has over 3 billion views on his videos, will walk you through. You see, videos go viral when you attach emotions to them. But how do you understand what your audience wants and create videos that touch on their emotions? That’s what you will learn here. It’s a freebie. So, you have a lot to gain and nothing to lose.

Bonus#2: Traffic Secret Foundation

What’s the secret to getting evergreen traffic on your website, landing pages, or social media pages? I know you are aiming for lots of organic traffic to your site. Your greatest joy could be getting a thousand people from search engines every day. Guess what? You need a good traffic foundation.

Traffic Secrets Bonuses
Traffic Secrets Book: Drive More Sales With These Traffic Secrets! 28

When I talk about foundation, I mean value. People need to find your content useful and add value to them. Otherwise, why would someone bother to go to your site when they could find better solutions elsewhere? So, in this free bonus, you will learn the traffic foundation secrets from Russell Brunson. It’s a recorded video of one of his Funnel Hacking Live events.

Bonus #3: The Ultimate Traffic Pack

It’s time to hear from other experts as well. Some have garnered experience with traffic generation techniques and methods. You see, mastering a skill takes time. It needs you to give it a 10x focus. If you have not yet mastered it, it’s always a great idea to learn from those who have.

Traffic Secrets Bonus
Traffic Secrets Book: Drive More Sales With These Traffic Secrets! 29

Peng Joon is among the people to watch out in the traffic generation space. One thing you need to know about him is he once, in 3 days, creating content that would have taken someone else 40 days to develop. Isn’t that incredible? Therefore, you need to listen to his tips as he speaks in the Funnel Hacker Live event.

Bonus#4: 30-Day Traffic Secret Challenge

All these bonuses are meant to impart to you the skills of generating and maintaining evergreen traffic. Since it’s the livelihood of your online business, you should invest time in learning about the techniques. Once you have targeted traffic, making money becomes easy.

Russell Brunson Traffic Secrets
Traffic Secrets Book: Drive More Sales With These Traffic Secrets! 30

How about beginning the application process? You need to apply what you have learned from the courses and books into real traffic generation experiences. This 30-day traffic secrets challenge is meant to give you a framework of what you need to do each day. Know where you want to be. Beginning the challenge becomes easy once you have clear goals.

Bonus #5: The Ultimate Unfair Advantage

Do you have a YouTube channel? Well, you might be like me a few years past. I thought I needed a fancy camera and equipment to begin. That’s until you realize you can even shoot great videos using your phone.

Traffic Secrets
Traffic Secrets Book: Drive More Sales With These Traffic Secrets! 31

In this course, Dean Graziosi takes you through the art of leveraging short videos to drive targeted traffic to your website. People generally like watching videos on mobile. You need a strategy to reach them.


Did you like our review of the Traffic Secrets book? If so, be sure to check out DotCom Secrets and Expert Secrets by the same author.

If you’re looking to take your business to the next level, then Traffic Secrets Book by Russell Brunson is a must-read. This book will give you an idea of what’s inside and whether it’s worth reading for anyone who wants to increase their online traffic.

Without any customers, there are no sales – which means that if people aren’t finding or coming back on your site or in your funnel, nothing else matters!

Order today at our website by clicking here.

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