Funnel Scripts Review & Lifetime Deal (2022): Perfect or Trash for Copywriting?

funnel scripts review

Have you ever had trouble coming up with a good headline for your sales funnel? Or maybe you’ve written the best copy, but just can’t get it to convert into sales. If so, then Funnel Scripts is here to save the day. The question is…does it live up to the hype?

This Funnel Scripts Review Will Take You Through Some Basic Things Related to Funnel Scripts

Is funnel scripts a scam or is it useful? Is funnel scripts worth the money?

How do funnel scripts work? Is it true that funnel scripts aren’t good for you? Is it worth buying, all the pros, and cons of funnel scrips, etc?

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Funnel Scripts Review
TL;DR Summary

  • Funnel Scripts is a copywriting software that takes all of your templates and turns them into customized campaigns that can be implemented in minutes.
  • You don’t have to be a copywriter to use it, but if you are, you can even automate the creation of your marketing campaigns.
  • Stop spending countless hours manually creating funnel scripts and start leveraging software that does all of the work for you automatically.
  • The software includes scripts for emails, ads, webinars, headlines, lead magnets etc.

Why Is Copywriting Important?

It’s a well-known fact that writing is the cornerstone of any business. Whether it’s a website, brochure, Twitter account, or an email – these days it seems like we’re always trying to sell someone something.

In this day and age, copywriting is one of those necessary evils that everyone must face at some point.

It takes time, effort, and money to master writing compelling copy that draws the attention of prospective consumers to your offer.

Funnel Scripts Review
Funnel Scripts Review & Lifetime Deal (2022): Perfect or Trash for Copywriting? 24

Although it’s genuinely difficult, copywriting is one of the most important skills a company owner can have. You’ll be able to get your hand in their pocket after you learn how to write copy that resonates with people’s buying habits.

Creating compelling copy that draws the attention of potential customers to your offer is a skill that requires mastery, time, and monetary investment. While it’s truly hard, copywriting remains one of the essential skills that a business owner should always use to drive sales. 

The psychology behind the success of most businesses and entrepreneurs is that they stimulate consumers’ emotions. They employ emotional triggers in their content, whether it’s product descriptions, sales letters, advertising, blog articles, and so on. They can’t seem to sell enough products.

A great sales copy is the lifeblood of every company. It takes more time for a novice to understand it and is often regarded as tedious. However, there’s no other way for you unless you have some amazing copy.

Despite the fact that great power copywriting is one of the most expensive and time-consuming required business investments, it continues to be a powerful tool in increasing conversions.

sales letter, sales messages, create sales messages
Funnel Scripts Review & Lifetime Deal (2022): Perfect or Trash for Copywriting? 25

Hiring an experienced copywriter is both time-consuming and expensive to begin with. It’s also not inexpensive to do it yourself. It takes a long time to produce quality content. You must keep up with industry trends in order to create market-relevant content. This is lost revenue you could have earned.

Copywriting is a lovely craft that can assist you to sell your products, but generating fantastic content on a regular basis is difficult. This is where Funnel Scripts come in handy.

Who owns Funnel scripts?

Ever wondered, who truly owns funnel scripts?

Funnel Scripts Software, is created by Russell Brunson (CEO of ClickFunnels) and Jim Edwards (Legendary Copywriter & Marketer). They realized that most marketers were suffering from writing great copies that were supposed to hit their target audience right at where they will be compelled to take action.

So they knew something had to change – which is when Funnel Scripts came into existence!

funnel scripts, funnelscripts com,, professional copywriting software, copywriting scripts
Funnel Scripts Review & Lifetime Deal (2022): Perfect or Trash for Copywriting? 26

The blueprint for funnel builders like you was finally here; now there are no more expensive hiring processes or complicated invoicing procedures…you can save time by creating custom scripts tailored exactly towards what works best with your prospects’ needs right out of the course at an affordable price too:

Anyone can use it–novice or experienced in marketing communication-to produce expert quality text within 10 minutes using their preprogrammed templates for email campaigns through video sales letters webinar opt-ins headlines lead capture pages CTAs etc., there’s one script designed specifically for every type of such task!

The funnel scripts incorporate all the copywriting secrets behind engaging copies that convert into sales (and make your funnel run like clockwork).

Whether you’re a funnel-building beginner, funnel hacker, or funnel ninja – Funnel Scripts is for you.

sales scripts, automatic scripts, automatic script,
Funnel Scripts Review & Lifetime Deal (2022): Perfect or Trash for Copywriting? 27

Funnel Scripts Review: What is funnel scripts?

Funnel Scripts software removes the excuse behind failing to write quality and compelling content that draws the viewer into buying.

One of the most important parts of creating an online business, especially using one-page funnel or sales funnel, is actually creating the content. But where do you start?

With funnel scripts, you can generate high converting copy in 10 minutes or less.

With ClickFunnels Funnel Scripts, even a novice writer with no copywriting abilities may generate a fantastic description that converts.

It allows seasoned copywriters to further develop their craft by producing top-converting descriptions for every sort of marketing campaign in any sector.

Funnel Scripts allow you to concentrate on the most important aspect of your campaign without having to worry about testing, proofreading, and changing things up.

You don’t have to worry about stressing your brain or spending hours writing that perfect Advertising copy, sales letter, email scripts, webinar scripts, topic lines, and so on…

funnel scripts review
Funnel Scripts Review & Lifetime Deal (2022): Perfect or Trash for Copywriting? 28

Is Funnel scripts right for me?

If you’re looking for software that can create pretty much any kind of copy for your marketing then YES it’s definitely right for you.

Funnel Scripts has scripts designed specifically for all your copy needs. From emails to ads, webinars, headlines, lead magnets, and even CTAs.

Everything is automated so once customized with your funnel, you can simply sit back and watch it go.

Not only are these scripts proven to convert but they are designed by a copywriting legend so if anyone could write killer sales funnel copy, its Jim Edwards.

The only thing you need to make sure of is that funnel scripts fit your business model and your budget.

So if you address these factors and funnel scripts seem like a good idea, then go ahead and grab it ASAP because this deal ends soon.

To see the funnel scripts review in detail, hit the Funnel Scripts webinar button below. This is just like an introductory training to Funnel Scripts where you will be shown the ins and outs of this tool.

How Funnel Scripts Works

The Funnel Scripts Dashboard the first thing that you’ll come across is the main dashboard. This is where you will find everything, so it may all be a little too much to take in at first. Funnel Scripts is quite comprehensive, and a glance at the dashboard will let you know as much.

You can access all 60+ online scripts, 6 script wizards, and bonus training materials from the left menu.

The sidebar is where most of the action happens. There, you can access your funnel scripts account, the Funnel Scripts blog (tutorials, updates, etc.), a number of popular scripts, and more. 

Clicking on any of them will take you to a page for that specific script or resource.

 All you need to do is enter a few details about your products and customers and let Funnel Scripts complete the rest

Each script has its own video tutorial, and the system for utilizing the six wizards and all 60+ scripts is essentially the same:

STEP 1: 

Fill out the questions in the form.

free report scripts, automatic script reviews, automatic script
Funnel Scripts Review & Lifetime Deal (2022): Perfect or Trash for Copywriting? 29

STEP 2: 

Hit the “Build” button and choose the format that suits your needs.

Sales Scripts, funnel scripts headline generator, script templates
Funnel Scripts Review & Lifetime Deal (2022): Perfect or Trash for Copywriting? 30

STEP 3: 

Do a light edit and viola! Your script is done

Testing Scripts with Sample Content

Most scripts include sample projects so you can see what the outputs will look like.

Select a sample project, scroll down to the bottom of the form, and click the “Build” button… Funnel Scripts will then generate a fully completed final product for you…

…like this script:

Hot, Warm, and Cold Leads

When it comes to actually utilize your script to convert leads, use language that corresponds with where your audience is in the customer journey.

If you give cold consumers content intended for steaming hot leads, they’ll ignore you…

That’s why Funnel Scripts classifies their headline results as HOT, WARM, and COLD.

Adding Scripts and Headlines to the Clips Bin

Hit the Shopping Cart icon to save the scripts and headlines you like best…

…and they’ll be added to the Clips Bin (pictured below).

funnel scripts,
Funnel Scripts Review & Lifetime Deal (2022): Perfect or Trash for Copywriting? 31

When you’re ready to download, simply hit the “Clips Bin” button, select the scripts, and click “Download Selected.”

Saving and Sharing Projects

After you’ve created the script, it’s a good idea to save it by clicking the “Project” button in the floating menu bar.

Once you’ve named the project, you’ll be able to discover it in the top menu’s “Saved Projects” section.

To share a project, simply hover over it and then hit “Share

Funnel Scripts Cost: Funnel scripts lifetime offer (Funnel scripts discount)

Funnel Scripts copywriting software used to be a yearly subscription software plan at $497 – But it was recently changed to an UNLIMITED one-time payment of $797 where you will get all the features, blueprints, monthly coaching with Jim Edwards, copywriting masterclass, and other scripts for life.

So, on the whole, the new-and-improved Funnel Scripts pricing of a one-time payment of $797 for unlimited access is a fantastic deal for everyone. Especially for someone who couldn’t afford to pay the yearly fee.

Although Funnel Scripts may appear to be rather expensive if you’re just getting started in the world of marketing or have a limited budget – viewed from an outward perspective.

funnel scripts price, funnelscripts pricing
Funnel Scripts Review & Lifetime Deal (2022): Perfect or Trash for Copywriting? 32

But I believe that funnel Scripts is a real treasure trove of sales funnel blueprints. It has instructions for writing sales scripts that get the job done.

So, I’d say it’s well worth the money.

Funnel Scripts comes with the below bonuses:

Bonus #1: Inception Secrets:

Inception Secrets is a private training Russell Brunson conducted with a few selected marketers some time ago.

He’s now offering it as part of Funnel Scripts. This course will teach you how to tap into the mind of your customer and make them feel like they are already working with a friend.

You’ll learn all about what types of words trigger certain emotions, which makes it easier for people buy from YOU instead!

Bonus #2: 5 Fast Shared Funnels

The Funnel Scripts 5 Fast Shared Funnels is a bundle of funnel templates that have performed well.

They’re all created using (obviously!) ClickFunnels.

You may import /download them to your ClickFunnels account with a single click.

The sales funnels are:

  • Product sales funnel
  • Webinar funnel
  • Opt-in funnel
  • Invisible funnel
  • Book Funnel (free+shipping funnel)

Bonus #3. Funnel Blueprints

This is a PDF file that displays all of the funnel designs (with the funnel sketches), as well as where you can input/utilize each of the scripts supplied in Funnel Scripts.

Take, for example, this Opt-In Funnel Blueprint:

Funnel Blueprint sales script, script templates, trial and error
Funnel Scripts Review & Lifetime Deal (2022): Perfect or Trash for Copywriting? 33

You can see that you’re getting the precise script type to utilize in each stage of your funnel.

There will be no more guesswork, right?

All you have to do now is click on the script and you’ll be taken to your Funnel Scripts where you may create it.

It’s not just limited to funnels.

As an online marketer, you have to run ads for your products or services. Here is another for Blueprint if you’re having trouble with what copy to use for the different types of ads.

  • You get the Facebook ad scripts
  • Curiosity ad scripts
  • PPC ad Scripts
  • Stealth Close scripts

Bonus #4. Live Monthly Coaching Call With Jim Edwards

Jim Edwards does live training sessions each month where he teaches Funnel Scripts users how to improve their copywriting skills.

It may be presentations on how to construct and perfect a certain type of funnel with Funnel Scripts, as well as sales funnel usage in general.

You also have access to the content replays if you missed any.

Bonus #5. Copywriting Secrets Masterclass

Do not get the Copywriting Secrets book and the Copywriting Secrets Masterclass confused.

The Masterclass is a training course on how to write and structure effective copy for your company.

It consists of six separate modules.

Get Funnel Scripts Free Trial

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Luckily you can Test out the free version of Funnel Scripts before making any investments in this software product!

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It’s a limited edition with just a few of the most popular scripts, so you can play around with it and see whether the full version is right for you.

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