Commentfunnels Review: Winning Tactics For Getting Leads & Sales

Commentfunnels Review

I’m sure you know something about CommentFunnels. Isn’t that why you are reading this? But don’t worry if you don’t because we will cover all you need to know in this CommentFunnels review.

If you are running an online business, Facebook is an excellent platform to utilize. But just like any platform, getting organic leads here is not a walk in the park. You have to lay a foundation of trust and credibility before getting some traction.

Consistency is essential. You need to post value-packed posts and engage with prospects on your profile, boosted posts, and group posts. Engagement brings forth valuable connections and establishes credibility.

If you have a large audience, it would be a nerve-wracking task to reply to comments. That’s why you need CommentFunnels.

What’s CommentFunnels?   

It’s a Chrome extension that automates most of what you are already doing on Facebook. The tool helps to reply to comments people leave on your profile, groups, and page posts. It can also reply to comments on your sponsored posts.

Zeky Ahmed, the software creator, wanted to have a tool that automatically replies to comments from his fans in his Facebook groups.  That’s why he developed CommentFunnels. The result was an increase in business leads and growth.

Commentfunnels Review


It’s a Chrome extension that automates most of what you are already doing on Facebook. The tool helps to reply to comments people leave on your profile, groups, and page posts. It can also reply to comments on your sponsored posts.

What exactly does CommentFunnels do?

This is how the software helps you to achieve your Facebook marketing goals.

·         It moderates comments on your Facebook page

Do you have a Facebook page? You need one for your business. Otherwise, you will not be able to launch Facebook ads, boost your posts to reach a wider audience, and grow your customer base.

But suppose you had one. How will you manage all the comments that your fans leave on your posts? The solution is to use CommentFunnels. The tool has a simple function that allows you to reply to fan’s comments automatically.  

·         Helps you to get more leads

The end goal of any business on Facebook is to grow. Leads are essential for business growth. You cannot rise to the top of the file if you don’t have customers. How are you going to get them?

If you utilize this tool, then getting leads on Facebook becomes easy. Think about it; the high engagement rates on your post boost its reach. As many prospects engage with your post, they will want to try out your product and services.

You just need a conversion-optimized landing page in a sales funnel to get a ton of leads.

·         Acts as your content manager

Instead of hiring an SMM content manager to manually post engaging posts, reply to comments, and essentially manage your social media content, why not use CommentFunnels?

The tool allows you to eliminate most of what your content manager is currently doing. It allows you to input and store automatic replies for the comments left on your posts and literally automate the whole process.



Helps you save a ton of time

Honestly, this software rocks. Ever since I began using it, I have saved a lot of time. Think about how much time you spend replying to comments on your posts, page, and promotional posts.

Time is valuable to any entrepreneur out there. That’s why most top entrepreneurs value time over money. So, if you can automate one part of your business by introducing a system, you could have saved time.     

You can then use the spare time to chat with prospects on Messenger, host Facebook lives, do zoom meetings, and cold call prospects.

·         Automate replies on your promo posts

If you want to sell a product or service, you might want to create powerful promotional Facebook posts. Marketers mostly create these posts to introduce a new unique product into the market. 

To reach a wider audience, don’t merely like your prospects’ comments. Let the tool create some forms of engagement for you. It replies to any comment on your posts as soon as the tool is on.

That saves time, right?

How to download and install the software

You will first need to sign up for a 14 day $1 trial. Since it’s a chrome extension, go to Chrome and download it with just a few clicks. They will then send you a link to activate your new account using the email you provided; that’s after you purchase your bundle.  

Commentfunnels review

With the software, you are set to create a highly engaging post and let your Facebook audience like and comment on it. The engagement is important if you have to begin the auto commenting function.

You can then create automated replies, customize them to appear unique, and store them in the library; the software will read it from here. Once you hit the button, the software will begin the autoreply process.

Sounds exciting, right?   

How to use CommentFunnels

Commentfunnels Review

To maximize the value of CommentFunnels, you need to apply the right settings. Here are some of them:

The time delay between replies

To avoid Facebook jail, you need to be smart here. Facebook knows that a human being can’t comment after every second. Like seriously, who does that?

Well, your aim should be to make the reply part appear as human as possible. So, set the tool to auto-reply comment after every 10 seconds interval.

Vary the type of replies

In addition, you can also choose to avoid a single reply to all comments. Sometimes, people will need that personal touch. They will be quick to realize that they are dealing with a robot if you use one type of text to reply to their comments.

The best thing is to input different reply variations. The good thing is CommentFunnels has a slot for that.

Reply to comments with specific key phrases

You can choose to reply to particular comments with specific replies. In that case, you can choose a key phrase to target. It can be your brand, product, or service name.

If someone mentions that product, the tool will send a customized reply directing them to check out your funnel, send them to your site, or ask them to download your app.

You can also choose to avoid replying to some sensitive comments. The tool can do all that for you on autopilot.

Take a break after several replies

You can’t reply to comments the whole day, can you? Well, that’s what you need to do with the tool, as well. You can choose to give it a break after, let’s say, 15 replies.

The whole idea of applying these settings is to avoid appearing more robotic because Facebook will ban your account after sensing this. However, don’t worry because once you apply these settings, all is set.

Who is CommentFunnels meant for?

Zeky Ahmed developed CommentFunnels with the following people in mind:

·         Facebook group owners

If you own a large and powerful Facebook group, it must be a tussle managing it. You have to reply to comments, like posts, and just maintain high levels of engagement.

CommentFunnels comes in handy if you want to automate the art of replying to comments. It will save you a ton of your time.

·         Virtual Assistants

If you are a VA managing a Facebook group with more than 10k members, you will need to automate some of your tasks. Additionally, if you post a promotional post on behalf of your client, you will need a tool that automatically replies to comments as they come.

·         Marketers

Any digital marketers need to leverage this tool to acquire organic Facebook leads. You can choose to create a product promotional post and allow the tool to act as your content manager. It saves you a ton of time in the long run.

CommentFunnels Pricing

How much do you think the software is worth?

Well, there are three plans. Actually, there are two since the first plan expires after 14 days. Let’s see which plan suits you the most.

The FREE Plan: It’s not entirely free since you need to pay $1. I guess this is meant to prove your commitment to using their software. You can later choose to cancel your subscription, which most people don’t, or continue using the software after the 14 days are over.

Monthly Plan and Yearly Plan: If, after using the software for 14 days, you feel it’s adding value to your business, you can choose to go with their monthly plan. That will cost you $27. If you choose to pay annually, you will pay $197 and save about $127.

In addition, it comes loaded with lots of value-packed bonuses, which will greatly add value to your business if you apply them.

Is CommentFunnels worth it?

Yes, it’s worth it. But only if you are already busy on Facebook. The plugin helps automate most of what you are already doing in your pages, groups, and personal profile.

If you are a person who relies heavily on Facebook organic traffic, you will need to create long-form posts that add value to your audience and drive engagements. You will also need to engage with them in the comments section.

I know this because once I began leveraging Your Profile Lead Machine for real estate Facebook leads, I needed to engage with prospects, answer their questions in the comments, and just provide real value. 

Since the tool allows you to manage large Facebook audiences such as groups and pages, you will save on virtual assistant fees.

For instance, you always hire a VA on Upwork to manage your Facebook groups for about $10 an hour. That translates to about $80 for 8 hours in a day and $2,400 in a month.

That’s a lot, right?

Yet, you will automate all these within a few clicks for $27 a month or $197 a year. And not only that, you’ll get access to these awesome bonuses when you purchase CommentFunnels.

Here are 3 chrome extension that you’ll get as bonuses:

1. Group Convert

This Chrome extension comes in handy for anyone serious about making money on Facebook. If you have a niched Facebook group, you will need data about the people there. Group Convert allows you to do that quite easily.      

It’s a great tool to capture emails. As soon as someone requests to join your group, he is asked to provide his or her email and name. Most people won’t oblige to do that.

Since you connected the extension with your favourite email service provider, the email will be exported directly into your list. The money is the list. You can begin offering value to your subscribers, send them to your website and funnels, and upsell them.

How much does Group Convert costs?

The extension has three plans.

Starter lite plan

It’s the first and most affordable plan starting at $10 per month. Once you sign up for this plan, you will collect emails from one Facebook group and Google sheet only. They will provide training and email support, though.  

Silver plan

This plan costs $17 per month. It’s an improvement from the first plan since it allows you to integrate up to three Facebook groups and Google Sheets.  

Lifetime executive plan

This is the ultimate plan since it gives lifetime access to the extension. Apart from the much-needed chat support, they allow you to integrate unlimited Facebook groups, Google Sheets and get a lot done in less time.

The plan costs $197.

2. Happy Birthday Chrome Extension

I know how hard it’s to acquire new customers. It’s easy to maintain the current one. But how will you do that?

Well, you will need to strike a relationship with them. It should be a beneficial relationship if you want it to last. You can maintain good customer relationships by offering value.

One of the simplest things to maintaining your customers is by wishing them well on their special days such as birthdays.

How would you feel if someone sent you happy birthday wishes on your big day? Happy, right? You will know that he or she thinks about you and cares about your progress.

Since you have a large audience on Facebook, you can’t possibly send birthday wishes to all of them at once. This Chrome extension comes in handy for that purpose.

How to use it

Once you install it, it begins to analyze your friend’s list and send custom birthday wishes to your friends. You will need to give it access to your profile, though. You might feel it’s a risky move since the tool will have all your data, but I have been using it for years, and it works fine.

The tool will even show you a list of sent messages on the notification bar. If you click the taskbar, you will see which friends got birthday wishes from you. You can also go to their profiles manually to check out.

3. Befriend Group Mates

The end goal of being on Facebook is to acquire leads for your business, right? Well, you can waste a ton of your time targeting the wrong people. If you want to save time and get more leads in a short time, have a targeted audience on Facebook.

To do this, start by creating a Facebook group to form a tribe of raving fans and customers. Having a highly-effective group helps build your credibility and establish you as an expert in a particular field. You can also join several niche-focused groups.

With the group up and running, you need to begin engaging with members in that group. Discuss real issues and help them achieve their business goals.

There will be members who engage with your posts. Either they like or comment on them. If they comment on your posts, it means they have an interest in what you offer. It would be better to befriend that person, don’t you think so?

Well, that’s where this chrome extension comes in. It automatically invites like-minded group members to be your friends and delete inactive ones who don’t engage with your posts. The tool can even send the first ‘thanks for the connection’ message to new friends.

Amazing, right?

Commentfunnels bonuses

Here is the deal…

If you purchase CommentFunnels, you’ll get access to all the bonuses above. So, instead of paying:

 $27 per month Group Convert

$** for Happy Birthday

$** for Befriend Group mates

Which can add up to **, you will pay **. Thus, you will have saved about $**.

Sounds like a good deal?

Here are Some Frequently Ask Questions

  1. Does Commentfunnels Have A Money Back Guarantee?

    Yes. If you feel you don’t like the software, you are free to cancel your subscription anytime. Use the support portal to do that. Just get your order number, log into the portal, click ‘my orders’ on the dashboard, and follow the steps.

  2. Do They Provide Support?

    Yes. I can say that the team is helpful with billing, installation, and any other issue. If you have a question, just open a request in the portal, and they will answer it. You can also email them and get a reply after some time.

My Final Take 

CommentFunnels is a great tool. But it can be hard to know if you’re buying the right one for your needs, especially when there are so many options out there. That’s why I want to tell you about how cool this software really is and what makes it different from other tools on the market today. With their 14-day trial offer, you’ll get 4 chrome extensions worth of features with each license at no cost whatsoever (a $1499 value). So don’t wait – go ahead and take them up on that deal now!

Affiliate Disclaimer: I hope you liked our Commentfunnels review. Please note that some of the links inside this article may be affiliate links to Commentfunnels. That means that if you click on one of the links and sign up, I may be compensated for it. If you do happen to click, we appreciate it! Any money we make keeps this site running smoothly and allows us to keep writing these high-quality reviews.

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