Nitropack Review: Does It Really Work?

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Nitropack is a cloud-based performance enhancement technology that promises to increase your website’s speed drastically.

How effective is it in achieving the above goal? In this Nitropack review, you’ll learn how NitroPack speeds up your website and what people have to say about it. You’ll also get a feel for how Nitropack works.

Continue reading to learn more about website speed improvement before learning about NitroPack.

Nitropack Review
TD;LR Summary

  • • Nitropack is a cloud-based performance tuning application that can help you improve the speed of your website.
  • • It works with various systems, including Magento, WordPress, WooCommerce, Opencart, etc.
  • • In just a few clicks it resolves all of your Basic Web Vital concerns and achieves 100/100 Google Page speed Ratings.
  • • NitroPack includes various features that will instantly make your code quicker and lighter such as HTML minification and HTML compression, CSS optimization, etc. 
  • • NitroPack’s innovation strategy to CSS optimization will minimize load time and initial content paint times.

What Is The Meaning of Optimizing a Website?

The practice of enhancing the efficiency and speed of your page to make it load quicker and minimize load times is known as web page performance optimization. Users are more likely to visit, read, purchase, or deal with you if your website is faster.

You may enhance your Google ranking by improving the performance of your website and providing a better user experience. These elements are part of Google’s usability of website algorithms, which decide whether or not your webpage is straightforward to use.

What Is Nitropack

NitroPack is a cloud-based performance tuning application that can help you improve the speed of your website. It will specifically assist you in achieving 100/100 Google Page speed Ratings and resolving all of your Basic Web Vital concerns in just a few clicks. 

nitropack review core web vitals site speed image optimization nitropack plugin caching plugins google pagespeed insights css files page metric test tools speed optimization performance optimization website speed nitropack users google pagespeed nitropack pricing lazy loading javascript execution nitro cache

It works with various systems, including Magento, WordPress, WooCommerce, Opencart, etc. It takes around five minutes to create and begin receiving immediate benefits from its CDN architecture, which includes:

  • Full picture optimization stack
  • CSS , HTML, and JavaScript optimization
  • Critical DNS CSS, pre-loading &  prefetching

Considerations Before Using Nitropack

The correct performance optimization solution boosts site speed, lowers bounce rates, and boosts conversion rates. However, make sure it doesn’t impact other areas of your webpage, such as the style or ad income. As a result, it’s critical to choose caching plugins that will assist you in achieving all of your website’s objectives.

NitroPack is great for conventional WordPress sites, but it can take away some functionality from custom-coded sites. NitroPack may also minify ad scripts if you use Google AdSense to generate money on your site. 

This will deactivate Google AdSense for your post, which will impact your earnings. NitroPack may take some time to show new modifications if your webpage is constantly updated.

These are the considerations you should make before purchasing NitroPack. It’s suitable for a primary blog or a specialized affiliate business. It’s also ideal for e-commerce sites. NitroPack may not be the best optimization solution if your domain is custom-coded or employs Google AdSense.

Nitropack Features

Let’s go through some of the features that make Nitropack beneficial:

caching plugins google pagespeed insights css files page metric test tools speed optimization performance optimization website speed nitropack users google pagespeed nitropack pricing lazy loading javascript execution nitro cache nitropack review core web vitals site speed image optimization nitropack plugin

Simple Setup And Installation

NitroPack is easy to set up.

To start, you must first create an account:

  • Navigate to NitroPack.
  • Pick a strategy (they have a free plan)
  • Fill up your information
  • You must accept the terms of service.
  • That’s all there is to it.
  • After that, you must link NitroPack to your website.
  • To do so, you’ll need to get the appropriate connection and install it (a plugin for WordPress).

Everything you have to do now is:

  • Sign in to your account first.
  • Select dashboard> link your website from the drop-down menu.
  • In your connection, paste your site ID and site secret.
  • Select Connect.

That’s all there is to it.

HTML Optimization

It’s all too simple for your HTML code to become unnecessarily bulky and not correctly optimized.

NitroPack includes various features that will instantly make your code quicker and lighter, such as HTML minification and HTML compression, so that your site can be sent and loaded rapidly to your visitors regardless of their connection speed.

It also optimizes any essential “DNS pre connects” to accelerate connections to required sources and save load time.

CSS Optimization

Inline CSS files, like HTML files, may quickly grow bloated with styles that aren’t needed on the current page you’re reading. NitroPack has a lot of tools dedicated to CSS optimization. 

  • CSS Combining – integrates your CSS files into a single, perfectly optimized file
  • Above The Fold CSS – They extract and load the CSS required above the fold first to ensure your site renders as quickly as possible
  • Minification – The optimized CSS code is subsequently minified to minimize file size
  • Compression – It’s then compacted to provide it to you promptly
  • Everything is done in conjunction – with Google Fonts’ delayed loading, allowing your site and material to load quickly

Simply said, NitroPack’s innovation strategy to CSS optimization will minimize load time and initial content paint times.

Javascript Optimization

JavaScript is your site’s worst enemy when it comes to performance optimization. Along with any Javascript files evaluation functionality embedded into your site, they include JQuery or monitoring scripts such as Google Analytics or Facebook pixel.

As a result, NitroPack has developed various Javascript and CSS execution techniques that allow your page to load quicker without sacrificing functionality.

  • JS Combining – Normally, merging Javascript files causes issues, but NitroPack’s clever technique works right out of the box
  • JS Minification – Without causing any issues, all Javascript code is minified automatically
  • JS files Compression – All of this is then compressed to send it as rapidly as feasible
  • Deferred Loading – It immediately defers the loading of modules that can wait, putting the most critical scripts first

NitroPacks’ method is popular among users since it works with various popular scripts right out of the box.

This isn’t always the case with efficient plugins, and many individuals have praised NitroPack for its ability to solve Javascript issues.

Image Optimization

Pictures also provide you with a lot of room to fill a page with needless clutter. Having unoptimized images, or providing images that are larger than necessary for the device that is accessing your site, results in: 

  • Slow loading times
  • Larger page sizes
  • Lower page speed scores

Nitropack handles image optimization for you quickly by:

  • Adaptive image sizing: The precisely sized image is automatically loaded every time
  • Image compression: Lossy or lossless compaction methods compress all pictures, preserving their quality
  • WEBP support: Wherever the browser supports it, automatically load optimized WEBP files
  • Advanced lazy loading: Allow your images to load just when your visitors require them

This implies that the most optimal version of the picture will always be loaded, regardless of the device or browser.

Robust CDN

NitroPack comes with a powerful content delivery network (CDN), which means that all of your HTML, CSS, Javascript, and pictures will be provided to your visitors locally.

As a result, if your customer is from Germany, everything will be served from a German data center. If they’re from the United Kingdom, everything will be served from a UK data center, and so on.

The NitroPack CDN additionally contains the following extra features:

  • Brotli & GZIP  Compression: for rapid data transfer using contemporary compression formats
  • Global CDN: It aids in the fast delivery of your website over the globe. Regardless of where your user is.
  • HTTP/2 Compatibility: It prepares your website for HTTP/2 delivery.
  • Improved Caching System

Everything is based on advanced caching mechanism NitroPack robust caching architecture, which incorporates a variety of innovative caching capabilities.

Smart Invalidation

This guarantees that your visitors always see optimized content while your fresh material is refreshed in the background.

Many websites use cookies to give optimized and personalized information depending on your client’s data, such as:

  • Currency
  • Language
  • Device
  • Country

NitroPack is sensitive enough to detect this and provides optimized web pages for each gadget and user as needed.

For instance, your site may seem different on a computer, an iPad, and a smartphone — NitroPack will establish separate caches for each device to ensure that it constantly gives the best possible experience.

Integration of a Third-Party Cache

NitroPack works with third-party caching tools like:

  • Vanish
  • Sucuri
  • NGINX cache
  • Cloudflare
  • Cloudways cache

Warming Up Your Cache Automatically

Because of the cache warm-up function, all of your web pages will continually be improved.

Whether you performed a resource update moments later or six years ago, the automated cache warming has you covered.

Ensure your sitemap and homepage URLs are entered.

Excluded Cookies

HTTP cookies, online cookies, and online cookies are all terms for cookies. These are pieces of text sent from a remote server to visitors’ browsers. The server can keep records of the user’s behavior if the browser stores such cookies.

You may exchange non-cached fragments with your visitors using the excluded cookies features. By default, this feature is included if you use Nitropack on WooCommerce, OpenCart, or WordPress platforms.

It works well on platforms other than those listed here. It’s tough to offer a comprehensive list of all cookies because many CMS and plugin platforms exist. You must decide which cookies should be disabled.

Turn Off the Text Flashing

Nitropack speeds up the rendering of your website. However, the operation cannot begin until all typefaces have been loaded, slowing down your website.

Nitropack encourages browsers to render text as quickly as possible to enhance this and then switch text when the native font downloads. On the other hand, this procedure may watch this process and deactivate it in a few steps.

Safe Mode

It will enable you to test your site’s functionality without making any modifications to the original page.

You may enable safe mode and extend it by appending –? Test nitro=1 to the end of your website URL. Similarly, you’ll be able to perform all of Nitropack’s updates without changing the website’s UI in any way.

Only the test pages will be affected by your modifications in safe mode. Remember to turn off safe mode; else, all of your changes will be applied to your live website. As a result, make sure to undo all undesirable modifications and preserve just the most critical ones.

Our Results with The NitroPack

Now that you are done with that, keep reading to find out some performance statistics.

Even though the field data is more relevant than lab data, I’m going to utilize an artificial speed test tool here because collecting before/after data with actual user load times is difficult for me.

Instead, we will utilize WebPageTest, which is one of the best page metric test tools. It does an excellent job documenting the overall page performance experience by showing both fully loaded and content complete values. We configured WebPageTest using a mobile-first approach since we live in a smartphone world:

  • Run tests on a simulated iPhone 8
  • Use an LTE connection that is throttled.
  • Perform nine different tests and average the results.

The following are the statistics with and without NitroPack: 


Before NitroPack

With NitroPack

Time to First Byte

0.722 s

0.742 s

Largest Contentful Paint

2.123 s

0.970 s

Cumulative Layout Change

0.006 s

0 s

Blocking Time in Total

0.174 s

0.033 s

Time to Finish the Document

3.063 s

1.598 s

Document Full HTTP Requests


9 **

Size of The Entire Document

1.45 MB

0.48 MB

Time to Be Fully Loaded

3.161 s

2.457 s

HTTP Requests That Are Fully Loaded



Size at Full Load

1.45 MB

0.85 MB

Overall, NitroPack provides a significant improvement across the board, especially concerning the Biggest Contentful Paint and Document Complete criteria.

Please remember that these changes may be made with only a few mouse clicks. Again, what distinguishes NitroPack is the mix of performance enhancements and ease of use.

If you’re curious about Google PageSpeed Insights ratings with and without NitroPack, here is the data:

Before NitroPack

With NitroPack

Mobile Score






There have been tremendous gains in this area, particularly smartphone scores.

Nitropack’s Working Principles

NitroPack will construct an improved HTML cache for your page so that people may access it quickly. User experience will improve due to faster website speed, and users will see more of your web pages. 

This may prompt them to act immediately, such as signing up for a newsletter or purchasing a product. A speedy website may boost your website score, which is crucial for your SEO position in search engines.

Why Should You Use Nitropack?

Who wants to hang around waiting for a web page to load? Nobody can accomplish it. It’s inconvenient and time-consuming. NitroPack purports to speed up your website, and they have proof in the form of the Core Web Vitals (CVW) Technology Report.

They have announced that they presently have the most significant number of sources passing the Core Web Vitals metrics exam compared to other website performance optimization solutions.

According to the same source, NitroPack-enabled websites outperform their CMS or platform average. It might be a perfect answer if you want a dependable program that will provide you with more visits, more engagement, a lower bounce rate, and a higher website score.

How To Make Use Of Nitropack

NitroPack does not need any technical expertise; therefore, you don’t have to be afraid to use it. Install the NitroPack plugin if you’re using WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, or OpenCart.

Then, for a straightforward and quick setup, follow the procedure from the NitroPack Help Center. NitroPack will instantly improve the web pages once it is installed.

Nitropack Subscription Plans

So, now that you understand what you get for your cash, you’re curious about the price. NitroPack provides a risk-free trial plan so you can see if it’s right for you.

nitropack pricing

Aside from that, there are four other Nitropack pricing plans. Each is priced differently based on the size of your site and page views in addition to the free plan.

It costs $21/month for 50,000 visits and 25 GB CDN capacity. It costs $51/month for a site with 200,000 monthly visitors and a 100 GB CDN. 

If your goal is to save a lot of money, experts recommend signing up for one of their yearly memberships. On annual plans, you’ll get two months free. All of these subscription plans include the following features:

  • Speed algorithm that is unrivaled in the world
  • Page Speed optimization by Google is automatic.
  • Advanced caching system
  • Image enhancement stack in its entirety
  • Compression and minification of HTML, CSS, and JS

Regarding assistance, premium plans come with free installation and configuration.

They provide email assistance. They also offer a comprehensive knowledge resource for help. They just revamped their support center with additional material to assist you in rapidly resolving difficulties.

They also provide a 14-day money-back assurance if you are dissatisfied with their service.

Nitropack Vs. Wp Rocket

WP Rocket and NitroPack both have a similar feature set; however, NitroPack outperforms WP Rocket in terms of both features and functionalities.

The “before” scores in the tests were obtained with WP Rocket installed. Then, WP Rocket was deleted for the “after” scores and substituted with NitroPack.

Average Scores

Before NitroPack Optimziation

After NitroPack Optimziation

Fully load time (s)






Bytes (KB)









There is an evident winner in terms of sheer performance, as you’ve seen. When you look at things from the standpoint of features, there seems to be a clear winner:



Easy Installation



Caching Features



CDN Included


Not Available

CSS Optimization



Image Optimization


Not Available

JS Optimization



HTML Optimization



3rd-Party Integration



Support Team



Interoperability with Other Plugins



Without question, NitroPack is the best. WP Rocket can only dream of the features and performance it provides.

However, everything comes at a price, and NitroPack is pricier than WP Rocket, particularly with numerous sites.

So, if you’re just getting started, WP Rocket can be a good option until you’ve developed some traffic and content. It still is among the best and most effective caching plugins available.

What Is The Significance Of Site Speed?

It’s vital to comprehend how the performance of your website affects your capacity to make income. You have 5 seconds to captivate your site visitors and every second counts. To make matters worse, every second of delay:

  • Decreases page views
  • Decreases visitor satisfaction
  • Lower the conversion rate
  • Make your bounce rate higher

So, delve a little deeper so you can understand precisely how that happens.

Google Ranking Elements

Since 2010, Google has acknowledged site speed as a ranking criterion. When everything else is equal, the quicker your website loads, the higher your ranking.

Nevertheless, since Google revealed the page interaction signals algorithm tweak, it’s likely to become more critical. 

The new page interaction signals will integrate existing search signals with Basic Web Vitals (loading, interaction, and visual stability), such as:

  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Safe-browsing
  • HTTPS-security

Therefore, if you weren’t paying attention to site performance before, you should now. If you visit Google Search Console and look at the Basic Web Vitals analysis, you can see how you’re performing. If you have a lot of Poor Domains, you’re missing out on a lot of web traffic!

Human Ranking Element

People dislike websites that take a long time to load. According to Amazon, a one-second delay in load time loses them $1.6 billion in annual sales.

Customer satisfaction is influenced by site performance, much as it is by Google’s algorithm.  Fortunately for you, NitroPack can address all these issues in just 5 minutes.

Nitropack On WordPress: How To Set It Up

One of the benefits of NitroPack, as started a few times, is how simple it is to get started with. It’s arguably the most accessible optimization tool I’ve ever used, despite all of its capabilities.

This section will concentrate on WordPress. Remember, though, that NitroPack isn’t just for WordPress sites. However, if you’re using WordPress, the specialized WordPress plugin will get you up and running in no time.

To get going, you must first create a NitroPack account. The premium subscriptions and the free plan I stated before come with a 14-day free trial. When joining up, be sure to include the URL of your WordPress site.

nitropack wordpress nitropack review core web vitals site speed image optimization nitropack plugin caching plugins google pagespeed insights css files page metric test tools speed optimization performance optimization website speed

Install the NitroPack extension. Then, on your WordPress admin area, navigate to Settings NitroPack and select the Link to NitroPack button: 

NitroPack will recognize whether you’re already logged in to your NitroPack account. You’ll get a pop-up to sign in if you don’t. 

After that, you must decide the website you want to improve, which you should have specified when you created your NitroPack account:

While NitroPack provides a rudimentary dashboard and a few options on your WordPress site, you’ll handle most elements from NitroPack’s cloud panel rather than your WordPress website.

What Others Have To Say About Nitropack

While experts hope that the NitroPack program delivers on its promises, it’s always a good idea to see what genuine NitroPack users have to say. As a result, we collected feedback from, WordPress,, and


Below are some incredible advantages of utilizing NitroPack, as per users: 

  • “Has significantly improved our Google site speed analytics ratings, and the webpages now run at breakneck speeds.”
  • “Worth the money,” “affordable price.”
  • “Easy to set up and configure,” “extremely easy to install and configure,” and so on.”
  • “Easy to work with.” 
  • “It’s simple to clear the cache for certain pages.” 
  • “Reduces the number of queries significantly in most circumstances.” 
  • “After installation, I was blown away by the effects.” 
  • “The results are also virtually instantaneous.” 
  • “Our technical support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any questions and monitor your website.” 
  • “Excellent service”


Although the program appears to be quite remarkable, some users believe NitroPack may improve by resolving the following issues.

  • “Can wreak havoc with ad scripts, but it’s fixable.”
  • “It may take a little longer for changes to appear.”

Keep in mind: The change is quick as soon you click update (even if you are signed out) in the encounter with WordPress. There are certain factors to consider. 

If your homepage displays dynamic material from widgets, you’ll need to click update on the webpage for those widget updates to appear right away. If the devices are visible throughout the entire site, you can’t wait for the cycle to end. You’ll see the difference instantly if you purge in Nitropack’s dashboard.

  • “It’s not easy to optimize a database.”
  • “It would have been good to be able to reach them by email or phone.”
  • Note that you may contact them using Nitropack’s panel.
  • “bad weekend customer service.”

Remember: In the experience, service has been excellent from the start, through inquiry and trial, till now.

How To Improve Website Performance

Various tools, plugins, and tactics may be used to improve the speed of a website, such as the following:

google pagespeed insights css files page metric test tools speed optimization performance optimization website speed nitropack users nitropack review core web vitals site speed image optimization nitropack plugin caching plugins  nitropack pricing lazy loading javascript execution nitro cache

Refactoring and Rewriting Your Webpage Code

The speed of your site brings out the first perception about your company. It’s critical to realize that there are no second chances for user experience. One of the most aggravating factors that will push consumers away from your resource is slow website speed.

Return visits, reduced bounce rates, more conversions, interaction, higher organic search rankings, and a better user experience are all benefits of high-performance websites. If your website is sluggish, you will take a loss and your reputation. You will have a favorable influence on marketing and sales operations by lowering page load time. 

You’ll attract more quality leads that can be turned into customers due to increased traffic. This section contains various suggestions for improving your website’s speed and page load time.

Using Separate Plugins For Various Areas Of The Website

You may utilize multiple plugins for different website areas if you have a simple website. However, remember that having a lot of plugins might cause your page to load slowly. You could be having issues with plugin integration.

Use only the essential plugins and leave the rest. Some plugins also have their lite version. If you can find that, then it can really boost the speed of your site.

Use Gzip Compression

Gzip compression is a powerful tool for compacting file sizes. It decreases the number of HTTP requests and the time it takes for the server to respond. Before transmitting the files to the browser, Gzip compresses them. 

A search engine unzips the documents and displays the contents to the user. This strategy applies to all of the files on your website. Gzip may be enabled on your site by inserting a few lines of code or using the gzip software.

Web Typefaces Should Be Used Sparingly

In internet design, web fonts have grown highly popular. Regrettably, using web fonts has a detrimental influence on website rendering performance. Web fonts increase the number of HTTP queries sent to external sites. You may lower the size of online font traffic by doing the following steps:

  • Make use of contemporary formats WOFF2 for current browsers
  • Only include the character sets that are currently in use on the website
  • Select only the styles that are required

Reduce Redirects

Extra HTTP requests are generated by website redirection, which negatively influences performance—experts advise keeping them to a bare minimum or eliminating them. First, conduct a site scan to detect any redirects on your website. 

Screaming Frog can help you find redirection rapidly. Then you must determine whether they are required and just keep the crucial ones.

Make Use of Prefetching Methods

Prefetching is the process of reading and decoding before the user requests them. This is a rather popular strategy. It works well if you can foresee user activities and, for example, pre-load specific material or links. 

Prefetching is usually enabled by default in newer browsers, as they presume user behavioral traits. UX professionals and engineers, on the other hand, are more likely to recognize user behavior and provide “hints” for browsers to do prefetching tasks.

Prefetching may be divided into three categories:

  • DNS-prefetching: Domains are pre-resolved into IP addresses in this method.
  • Link Prefetching: This form of prefetching can be used if you are confident that a visitor will click on a particular link to get to a specific page. The approach is helpful for consistent user journey behaviors, such as switching to the shopping cart page after adding one or more products.
  • Prerendering: This method entails pre-rendering an entire page or part of its components.

While prefetching is helpful, it necessitates a thorough examination of user behavior to make assumptions.

Check for 404 Errors

A 404 error shows that the requested page was not found. When the requested content of a webpage no longer exists, the hosting sends this warning to search engines. You may use error-checking tools and plugins to identify and rectify a 404 error. As previously said, extra plugins might slow down your website; thus, experts recommend running the resource by independent error detection programs.

google pagespeed insights css files page metric test tools speed optimization performance optimization website speed  nitropack review core web vitals site speed image optimization nitropack plugin caching plugins

After discovering all of the 404 errors, you’ll need to evaluate the traffic they produce. You may leave these dead links alone if they don’t attract visitors and consequently don’t take any server resources.

If these pages continue to receive traffic, try implementing redirects for external connections and updating the internal link URLs.

Make Use of Web Page Caching

When a large number of users view a website at the same time, servers function slowly and take longer to deliver the website to each user. Caching is the technique of saving the most recent webpage on your hosting server and displaying it until it is updated. This implies that each user does not have to be re-rendered. 

A cached web page does not need to make database requests every time it is accessed. The methods for website caching vary depending on the platform on which your website is built.

CMS Database Optimization

The most efficient technique to improve performance is to optimize the database. The database grows when you utilize a content management system (CMS) with complicated plugins, and your website becomes slower. 

For example, the WordPress CMS keeps many data in reviews, blog articles, and other data. Each CMS has its own set of optimization strategies and many plugins.

Transfer Your Website To A More Reliable Host

Hosting may be classified into three types:

  • Shared hosting
  • Virtual Private Servers (VPS) hosting
  • Dedicated server

Sharing hosting is the most common form of hosting utilized worldwide. That is the most cost-effective option to have your site up and running in a short period for a minimal rate. To guarantee optimal optimization, it’s critical to select a fast web host

Your CPU, storage space, and Bandwidth are shared with other sites on the same server with shared hosting. This is the principal cause why shared hosting is slower than VPS or dedicated hosting.

Dedicated servers and virtual private servers are substantially quicker. For content delivery, VPS makes use of numerous servers. With a VPS, you share the server with other users but have your virtual server with specifications that do not affect other customers. VPS will be the perfect pick for you if your website gets typical traffic or if you have an eCommerce platform with traffic surges at certain times.

speed optimization

Using a dedicated server, your physical server is the most costly hosting option. You pay a host rent and employ a network administrator to manage it in this situation.

Renting dedicated cloud resources from AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google, or other public cloud vendors is another option. Both techniques may be merged to create a hybrid cloud.

With dedicated servers, all assets are yours alone, and you have complete control over them. Under various packages, cloud infrastructures can enable infinite and on-demand growth.

Another alternative is serverless architecture, which eliminates server maintenance and setup. Try reading this separate essay on the intricacies and benefits of serverless architecture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Final Verdict

When it comes to enhancing your website’s sales and SEO, boosting your page speed is critical. If you run a lead generating, affiliate, or product-selling website, NitroPack is a no-brainer. The increase in user conversions is well worth the investment you put into it.

NitroPack also saves you money if you’re on metered hosting because it decreases the burden on your hosting servers. Aside from the SEO benefits, simply one more sale, based on the cost of the product you’re marketing, may pay for your whole expenditure.

Affiliate Disclaimer: I hope you liked our blog on Nitropack Review . Please note that some of the links inside this article may be affiliate links. That means that if you click on one of the links and sign up, I may be compensated for it. If you do happen to click, we really appreciate it! Any money we make keeps this site running smoothly and allows us to keep writing these high-quality reviews.

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