Affiliate Secrets 2.0 Review – How to Grow Your Business Fast [Updated]

Affiliate Secrets 2.0 Review

I know you are not sure whether you should take the Affiliate Secrets 2.0 course. I also had many questions before I joined. Honestly, no one wants to throw their hard-earned money into the wind, right?

Very well. Since you want to get a bang on your buck, I can only advise that you read Affiliate Secrets 2.0 review to the last word and make a decision thereafter.

What’s Affiliate Secrets 2.0

Are you starting out in the affiliate marketing world? You need someone to hold your hand and enable you to achieve more in less time. You need to establish a passive income stream that runs itself even when you are miles away.

Think about it; how many people desire this kind of life? Many, right? Most don’t make it because they do it themselves and throw in the cold towel when they don’t see any results. Spencer Mecham affiliate secrets course aims not only to tell you how but also to show you.

Spencer Mecham, the owner, created the course in such a way that it’s simple, concise, and actionable. There are many people I know, making over six figures in affiliate commissions after taking affiliate secrets 2.0 course. So, consider joining it after reading affiliate secrets 2.0 review.

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Who is Spencer Mecham?

Spencer Mecham is a seven figures affiliate marketer. Before coming into the limelight as the first ClickFunnels affiliate, Spencer Mecham was an ordinary guy working his butt off to make a living. He learned the art of creating passive income streams and was making over seven figures in 2018. He is also Clickfunnels dream car winner.

Guess how he did that? 

It’s by leveraging the tactics he teaches in his course, which began as Affiliate Secrets 2.0. He went on to win two dream car contests and was the first to join the 2 Comma Club after earning over $1 million in affiliate commissions.

He is one of the speakers in the 30 Days Summit and was also featured as one of the super affiliates in the ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp summit. In addition, he launched Buildapreneur LLC, a company that trains other affiliates like you to achieve a life of freedom.

Here are more

  • He is always there for you: Despite achieving a lot – being a 2 Comma Club award winner is not a walk in the park – in the affiliate marketing world, he stills find time to answer questions in his private Facebook group.    
  • He has helped many people acquire the dream carAfter being the first person to earn $1 million in ClickFunnels affiliate commission, he has helped more than ten other people qualify for the dream car through his mentorship.
  • He has about 2,500 ClickFunnels affiliates under him: If you sum up that, Spencer is making over seven figures in Clickfunnels commissions only per month. That should tell you how helpful he is to the affiliate marketing community.  

What’s in the Course?

There are up to eight modules in the Affiliate Secrets 2.0. Each module tackles a specific topic in affiliate marketing.

Here are the modules.

Module 1: Affiliate marketing overview

In module 1, Spencer gives you an overview of what affiliate marketing is and how you can carry it out effectively. Affiliate marketing is merely promoting affiliate products and earning commissions based on the sales you make.

You see, most people go wrong when it comes to affiliate marketing. They read stories of people making over seven figures in it and came in with a money-oriented mentality. The moment you begin focusing on money instead of value to your audience, you will lose your customers. So, Spencer will teach you how to go in with this mentality, promoting products you love and believe it will solve challenges your audience face.

Module 2: Define your audience

In module 2, just like how Joshua coined The riches are in the niches, you can’t set a fully automated affiliate marketing business without understanding your audience, which is the whole purpose of Affiliate Secrets 2.0. If you spread too thin, you may never move the needle.

Spencer teaches you how to go for the niche you like. You can’t do well in real estate, for example, if you don’t like talking and reading about real estate. You can’t sell weight-loss related products if you don’t like biological terms.

So, the first thing is defining your ideal market. Once you know the challenges that they have, you can introduce your unique solutions to them and get moneyed. If you can package them properly and set the right pricing, most will be coming back regularly.

Module 3: Top-notch traffic generation techniques

Spencer looks at the main challenge any online marketer faces, it’s generating traffic. It’s the lifeline of any business. Think about it; most online marketers throw in the cold towel when they don’t see any significant traffic to their funnel and sites. Affiliate marketing business isn’t successful without driving traffic to the offers. What’s the secret to getting evergreen traffic to your funnel and create a tribe of raving fans? How to drive traffic to your affiliate offers? What are different ways to drive traffic?

Spencer realized this was a broad topic. He took it as a mini-course and invited traffic experts to tackle this. Some of the traffic sources they will cover will be:

  • Facebook groups
  • YouTube
  • AdWords
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Solo ads

Some of the experts who will handle these topics are Josh Ryan (Instagram), Kara Ferwerda (Pinterest), Jonny West (Facebook groups), Jarem Atkinson (Facebook ads), and Jelani Abdus-Salam (Quora).

You don’t necessarily need to master all these traffic courses. In fact, what I advise any newbie affiliate marketer is to master one traffic source and let others become primary sources.

I primarily drive focus on organic Facebook traffic using leveraging the tactics I learned in this guide. I drive traffic from Facebook profile to my affiliate business. See how this product can help you generate unlimited FREE leads on Facebook.  

Module 4: How to add value to your audience

Module 4 looks at how to add value. You may be having tons of traffic but fewer conversions because you are not bringing value to the market. I guarantee you that customers will flock your site if they feel you are offering something valuable to them.

But how do you do this when there are competitors in any niche? The answer is simple; instead of competing by copying, why not dominate by being unique. By being unique, you will de-position your competitors.

Here are some topics in this module

  • How to offer value-packed bonuses to attract your audience
  • Offering upfront value to attract subscribers
  • Understanding the purposes of offering value

Your top-of-funnel offer needs to be valuable. Otherwise, not many people will opt into your email list. Spencer emphasizes giving your customers what they whenever they want. That’s the best way to get as many people to opt into your funnel as possible.

Module 5: Get templates to automate your business

In module 5, Spencer emphasizes to run a business on autopilot. You need a business that doesn’t depend on your presence to run. It’s like a system, which you just press the start button and let it make you money.

You can achieve this if you don’t learn automation. So, you will learn how to automate the whole process from lead acquisition to selling and upselling.

Most of these marketers leverage their massive email lists to make money. To send personalized and compelling emails is often a tussle if you don’t understand the art of crafting an excellent copy. So, Spencer makes it easy for you. He gives you the templates and examples of some of his highly-converting email sequences.

Module 6: Finding the right affiliate products

There are numerous products you can promote online as an affiliate marketer. Check out Amazon, and you will find products from as many niches as you could want. I think this can sometimes cause affiliates to make the wrong move since most opt for niches they are not familiar with.

Just because a product has a high affiliate commission doesn’t mean you need to promote it. Remember, we talked about bringing value to your audience.

To avoid promoting the wrong products in module 6, Mecham walks you through the process of identifying products that people will actually buy. You don’t go around looking for customers to buy your products; look for excellent products for your already pre-defined audience.

Module 7: Think long term

Imagine creating a business that will run for months on autopilot, such that you can go on a vacation for three months and not having any significant impact on your business. That sounds thrilling, right?

You can achieve this by automating your business operational processes with the help of effective and efficient tools. One of the topics you will learn in this module is the power of email marketing. It’s the most effective form of marketing. According to Oberlo, for every $1 spent on it, you should expect $42 as your ROI.

Some of the topics in module 7 include the anatomy of emails, choosing the right email marketing software, Seinfeld sequences, and getting started with email automation.

Module 8: Create a Robust Team

You will not do all the work alone because you will tear up. Once you begin to scale, you need a team. The challenge comes when you don’t trust someone to give in his best and push the business forward. Therefore, you need to be cautious about anyone you outsource work to.

There are numerous sites to hire VAs, content writers, copywriters, and even campaign managers. You will learn about outsourcing from Upwork and Freelancer in module 8.

Spencer also teaches you the hiring process to ensure you hire the best team that will run your business on autopilot. 

My Opinion after taking Affiliate Secrets 2.0

The course helped me to lay the right affiliate marketing foundation. Here are my thoughts about it:

  • He doesn’t hold anything back

Spencer became a 2 Comma Club member because he helped many make money through affiliate marketing. In return, these people signed up using his ClickFunnels affiliate link. He ended up getting lots of commission profits. He’s one of the top affiliates for Clickfunnels.

He is known for giving his honest tips and advice on his Facebook group.

  • He invites other experts

You don’t have to take these guys courses since you already have their traffic secrets in this course. Module 3 is a whole mini-course. So, by inviting these experts to give their top-notch traffic techniques, gives you a wide range of traffic sources to focus on.

Choose one primary traffic method and learn the rest as you go.

  • The methods are up to date

Some courses fail to be useful as time passes. Since traffic generation technique and marketing is continuously changing, you need to keep up with the trends to avoid being left out of the bandwagon.

Affiliate Secrets 2.0, however, is up to date.

  • It has awesome bonuses

The program comes packed with excellent bonuses. Spencer himself talks about bonuses in his course. So, he practices it by offering you value-packed bonuses.

Affiliate Secrets 2.0
Affiliate Secrets 2.0 Review - How to Grow Your Business Fast [Updated] 2

Here are some of them.

1.      Two completed white-label courses

Your audience will want value-packed offers. So, rather than creating it from scratch, you will have two courses to give them for free or at a fee.

Imagine that. These are value-packed courses that tackle a specific challenge that your audience is facing. In the process, you will develop trust. The money is in the trust.

2. 5 highly profitable sales funnels

I know you are new in the world of sales funnels. Don’t worry. You can import any of the 5 sales funnel into your account and begin killing it in affiliate marketing. These funnels have all been tested and proven to give results. With one click these sales funnels will be imported into your clickfuunels account.

So, most of the work will have been done for you.

3. 50 plus pre-written emails

You already understand the benefits of email marketing. Once prospects enter your funnel by downloading your lead magnet in exchange for his email, the next thing you will need is a sequence of emails to convert the prospects.

Since it can be a daunting task to craft winning emails, you will have more than 50 pre-written emails for that. These include some of Spencer’s highly-performing emails. So, you will only need to customize based on the products you are promoting.

4. Hammock

This becomes your new office. It’s where Spencer spends a better part of his day. So, you will learn some tricks from him here.

What I don’t like about this Course?

The course is good, but the review is not over until you understand the cons as well, which could be improved. Here are a few that I noted:

  • It costs an arm and a leg

Though it’s not compared to some of the courses I took, I can say it’s expensive for a beginner. You see, when I was starting out, I didn’t take expensive courses because I didn’t understand their value. I often felt I could find the information on YouTube or in social forums.

That was not until I began to realize that I needed to follow specific people in my niche to make it. One of them was Spencer Mecham. Using some of his strategies in this program, I was able to become a six-figure affiliate.

It’s a tussle for a newbie to purchase such an expensive course. Unless they understand the value, they’re getting in return. So, this course favours someone who knows a little about affiliate marketing – and wants to expound on their knowledge.

  • It focuses mostly on non-organic traffic sources

You see, apart from email marketing, blogging delivers insanely high returns from affiliate marketing. With proper SEO, blogging is the best source of evergreen traffic to your funnel.

Spencer does not talk about blogging and SEO in his course. I know it can take longer to get results from blogging, but it can ultimately pay off. Plus, not every newbie can master paid traffic sources as fast.

However, Jonny West, one of the invited speakers, talks about posting value on Facebook groups. I bet this is a great strategy, to begin with; before mastering Facebook ads and marketing.

Otherwise, the program is excellent.

The total price of the Course

The current Affiliate Secrets 2.0 price is $897. The price is not high, considering that some people who took it are now hitting 6 figures. Some took the course when it was only $397 and got entitled to lifetime updates. Most of them went on to win the ClickFunnels dream car and begin their affiliate programs.

The total value of the course, plus the bonuses, is $1,497.00. Guess what? Every time 100 customers sign up for the course, the price goes up by $100. That means you need to join right away before it hits $997 or $1097. 

Besides, you can choose to promote the course and make a 50% commission every time someone buys it using your link. 


Affiliate marketing is the best way to create and run an online business without any products. But since you need to know the right products to promote, choose a defined audience, and the right channel to reach them, this course comes in handy.

Spencer Mecham moved to the pinnacle of affiliate marketing by helping more than 200 other affiliates become multimillionaires. The best way to master his techniques is by taking Affiliate Secrets 2.0. I advise you to join right away and get access before the price goes up.  

Affiliate Disclaimer: I hope you liked our Affiliate Secrets 2.0 review. Please note that some of the links inside this article may be affiliate links to Affiliate Secrets 2.0. That means that if you click on one of the links and sign up, I may be compensated for it. If you do happen to click, we appreciate it! Any money we make keeps this site running smoothly and allows us to keep writing these high-quality reviews.

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