Traffic Secrets Course Review 2022: Is it the Best Course?

traffic secrets course

How effective is your traffic generation strategy? Are you getting significant traffic that generates leads and sales consistently? If not, you need The Traffic Secret guide. I know most online marketers have been waiting for the launch of this course. It’s here, finally.

We all want traffic to our businesses, don’t we? But how comes most people are still finding this a challenge and end up throwing in the towel? Read on to the end of this Traffic Secrets Course review to understand how it solves these challenges.

What’s the Traffic Secrets Course?

Just from the name, the ultimate aim of this guide is traffic. You see, traffic is essential for any online business. Without traffic, you won’t run an online business. Online traffic sources and techniques are continually changing. Russell advises that everyone needs to have a finger on their pulse in regards to traffic sources.

Traffic Secrets Course unravels all the techniques of driving online traffic to your landing page, website, or email list. The algorithm is constantly changing. It teaches you how to rely on traffic generation techniques that don’t fade quickly.

Who created the course?

You might be surprised that Russell is not the original creator of the Traffic Secrets. The person behind all these is none other than the legendary online marketer John Reese. You need to know about John is he once made $1 million online in less than 20 hours. Isn’t that incredible?

Therefore, when John came to the limelight, Russell developed an interest in his marketing skills. He said to him when he read the Traffic Secrets, “This is good, John.” Russell later purchased the course for $1 million and curated it into a book available on the ClickFunnels membership site.

You will agree with me that…

Any business needs traffic. Your e-commerce store needs traffic to convert to sales. There are different types of traffic with different conversion potentials.

Direct traffic converts fast since it’s from people who already know you and your services. There is also indirect traffic that comes from external links. Social traffic also comes from your social media profiles; it converts as much as direct traffic.

However, the big question is how you will send the right message to these customers at the right channel. It would help if you had the proper methods, techniques, and tricks. That’s where this guide comes in. Recently, Russell Brunson also wrote Traffic Secrets Book, and  I wrote a detailed guide about the Book here.

What’s Inside The Traffic Secrets Course?

Traffic Secrets Course

Would you want to check out the basics of the course before purchasing it? Here is a breakdown of what’s in each module.  

  1. The foundation

If you see any tall building, you can’t fail to think about the firmness of the foundation. It’s the foundation, which determines the strength of the building. That’s the same case here. It would be best if you got the traffic fundamentals.

There are 24 modules. To understand all of them, you need a foundation. This module sets you up for success for the rest of the modules. Since you might not have gotten a better hold of what’s Google Analytics, the course covers all this.

You will also master the tricks of picking suitable domain names, branding, the target market, and the seemingly complicated FB pixels.

Valued at $47

  1. Market Discovery

Any digital marketing that’s not tailored to a specific audience is bound to bring forth less ROI. The more defined your audience, the faster it is to achieve results. This module teaches you about defining your audience.

You need to know where your audience hangs out online. Once you know your customer, marketing to them becomes easy-peasy. John teaches you how to use tools such as Google trends to research your audience. You will also learn to spy on your competitors and do what they are not doing –identifying opportunity gaps.

Valued at $97

  1. Copywriting secrets

No matter how excellent your services are, you won’t make it big without knowing how to convey your message. The module teaches you some of the skills marketers use when creating a highly engaging copy.

The module teaches the same concepts as those in the DotCom Secrets or Expert Secrets. Some of the lessons include the core elements of a copy, spying on your competitor’s ad copy, and 37 power words to use in your copy. My advice is to read The Copywriting Secrets alongside this module to dig deeper into copywriting principles.

Valued at $197

  1. Keyword Science

You see, keywords are a great way to get warm traffic to your website. If you don’t understand what’s SEO, you will learn a lot about it here. Keywords are critical in setting PPC campaigns and SEO.

This module covers lessons such as:

  • The importance of keywords
  • Researching on conversion-focused keywords
  • Exact vs broad match keywords
  • Negative keywords

You will also learn how to use free and premium keyword research tools such as Google Keyword Planner, UberSuggest, KeywordSpy, and Answer the public. Take note because some of these tools might be outdated. Blend this module with some SEO courses to master the art of helpful keyword research.

Valued at $97

  1. Email marketing

Do you have an email list? If not, you need to collect the money you are leaving on the table because email marketing is the best form of marketing with a high ROI. Someone once coined the phrase ‘the money is in the list’ it’s true.

However, what’s the purpose of having a huge list if you don’t know how to market to them? It’s one thing to have a list and another to make money from your subscribers. That’s why you need to master this module. You will learn how to build an email list, engage subscribers, ask for the sell, and upsell them.

Valued at $147

  1. The art of borrowing traffic

Do you know you can borrow traffic and get it? Well, that’s what John covers in this module.

  • Decisions to make when borrowing traffic
  • How to get new affiliates fast
  • Using affiliates to grow your list
  • Techniques of motivating your affiliates

This module touches on leveraging other people’s traffic to make sales. Imagine that. You don’t have to pay after it converts. You only need to learn about other people’s influence and leverage it for your benefit.

Valued at $147

  1. Shopping engines and Amazon

Do you have an e-commerce store? It would be best if you learned how to use the tricks in this module to get tons of traffic to your store. It’s about leveraging Amazon’s product advertising API for traffic and boosting credibility.

Some of the lessons you will learn to include:

  • Price comparison and how it can boost the credibility of your store
  • Get your product listed
  • Leverage Amazon kindle section to get traffic
  • Worldwide brands dropshipping
  • Opportunities in e-commerce to non eCommerce.
  • Supplement product labelling

This is an incredible module, which delivers consistent results.

Valued at $97

  1. Traffic formulas

It’s like a summarized version of the whole Book. It teaches how to mine traffic and split test your ad campaigns. Among other lessons, you will learn three basics here:

  • How to boost traffic
  • Boost the value of cold or warm leads on your site
  • Lower your acquisition cost to get a higher profit margin

Think about it. If you reduce your advertisement cost, you will have more money to nurture and grow your list.

Valued at $97

  1. Buying media and sponsorship

Do you know the art of buying sponsorships and media ads? I know you would also want your site to appear on top sites like CNN and Fox News, right? It’s not a daunting task. You only need to learn the art of sponsorship.

Some of the lessons include:

  • Buying media overview
  • Tips for becoming successful in media buying
  • Hunting conversions
  • The secrets of getting sponsorships
  • Content distribution networks
  • Tips for negotiating with media buyers

Valued at $97

  1. Google ads

Google Ads is the best CPC advertising network in the world because it collects first-hand information. Most other networks merely lift data here. I guess you have launched Google Ads before, haven’t you? If not, it’s time to learn all the tricks. The module is broad.

Some of the lessons here include:

  • Understanding Google AdWords
  • The structure of your AdWords account
  •  Why data is an essential element in a marketing strategy
  • Principles of managing money
  • The secrets of creating engaging landing pages
  • Techniques for using different campaigns
  • Creating ads with high CTR
  • Brand name keywords
  • How to create custom reports

There are more. Get the course to learn all of them.

Valued at $247

  1. Podcasts and broadcasts

Do you have a podcast? Well, it’s among some of the best ways to get free traffic to your site. Video content is more effective, but don’t ignore voice as well. How about having both types of content? Most successful marketers are undertaking this form of multi-channel marketing.

The module has several lessons. Some of them are:

  • The overview of podcast and broadcast (these two are different)
  • The equipment you will need to set up a podcast or a broadcast
  • How to build a podcast and drive new customers
  • Hacking the iTunes podcast to get a share of their traffic
  • Facebook live
  • Twitter Periscope
  • Learning how to use the interview model to generate traffic

Valued at $197

  1. Mobile app marketing

Mobile app marketing is slowly becoming a trend. You may not know this, but about 87% of your customers are on mobile apps. You need to ask yourself how to get to them and place your marketing message in front of them.

The techniques you will learn in this lesson include.

  • How to create your mobile app
  • How to drive traffic to your site using that app
  • The art of ranking your app on an app store

The traffic from your mobile app is essential in building your email list and boosting sales.

Valued at $197

  1. Software and widgets

Apart from mobile apps, you can also create software or a widget that solves a specific problem. It’s pretty easy to develop software if you are good at programming. But if not, you can always hire an expert to do the job. Search for such skills in sites such as Upwork or Guru.

The lesson here include:

  • How to give a free software in exchange for leads
  • Browser toolbars
  • Where to find software ideas
  • Mockups and wireframes
  • What you need to develop a successful software
  • SAAS tools
  • Facebook apps

Valued at $47

  1. Facebook ads  

Do you know that Facebook is the biggest social media site in the world currently? Imagine the traffic potential it harbors. To get tons of traffic here, you need skills. It’s now as easy as you might think.

I would advise taking courses on Facebook advertising alongside mastering this module. You will learn the following here.

  • The art of creating highly engaging Facebook ads
  • Target Facebook ads based on demographics
  • Track ads while they are converting
  • How to retarget your customers and boost income

Valued at $247

  1. Traffic Retargeting

How can you bring back lost traffic? It’s through effective retargeting. Research shows that about 98% of consumers don’t buy the first time they visit your site. How do you increase your targeting and retargeting efforts?

You need to know which message to send to someone who goes through your landing page and doesn’t convert. Similarly, that person is different from someone who enters your mailing list to download your offer.

  • You will learn retargeting mistakes
  • Content campaigns
  • Lead generating campaigns
  • Retargeting ad fatigue  
  • How to retarget with Facebook ads
  • Special custom offer

Valued at $147

  1. International opportunities

Don’t be limited. With the internet, you can sell to anyone in the world. Think about it. All you will need is excellent marketing skills. You can learn these skills from digital marketing experts or purchase courses.

The module covers the following:

  • Finding cheap language translators
  • Target foreign language speaking countries apart from English speaking nations
  • Using Google translate
  • Content repurposing
  • International trend watching
  • Grow revenue with licensing deals

This module is valued at $97

  1. Social media strategy

Research shows 71% of consumers are more likely to buy from businesses they follow on social media. Are you on social media? You need to have an active social media presence and optimize it for high conversion rates. It’s one thing to have a social presence and another to convert it to sales.

The bedrock for effective social media marketing is coming up with a strategy. Here are the topics covered in this course:

  • How valuable is social media traffic
  • Researching and using the right hashtags to drive targeted traffic
  • Posting the correct content type in each platform
  • Using tools such as Buzzumo

All this is valued at $197

  1. Traffic recycling

How can you recycle your site traffic? This is an essential skill to master. Some lessons in this module include:

  • Tricks of turning your email list into a traffic generating machine
  • Turn Facebook likes, shares, and comments into customers
  • Understand the power of social media and integrate all social channels into a promotional powerhouse
  • Points of leveraging traffic

You will also learn the different types of traffic recycling campaigns

Valued at $147

  1. Google SEO

Do you understand what SEO is? You see, people search for the answers to challenges they are facing by inputting search phrases on the Google search bar and hitting the ‘enter’ button. Google, on the other hand, gives them results based on the keywords.

SEO is optimizing your content to be available whenever someone searches for the solution to the problem they are facing. So, this module is essential to getting free Google organic traffic. Google is the number one search engine in the world.

The topics here include:

  • The approach to natural SEO.
  • How to use the right keywords to get targeted traffic
  • How essential is a website sitemap and ways of generating it
  • Inbound and outbound links
  • Page indexing
  • How to use WordPress as a content management software 
  • Maintaining SEO to get consistent evergreen traffic

SEO helps you to attract, engage, and convert organic visitors. It also improves the user experience.

Valued at $197

  1. Building a content factory

To win in the content marketing game, learn to create content your audience will love. It’s sometimes a daunting task because it takes time to learn about the challenges your audience is facing and hence develop solutions, but it’s necessary for the long run.

In this module, John teaches the following lessons:

  • How to create a content idea vault
  • Which content format performs best
  • Finding content creators
  • Where can you post content?
  • Content factory pipeline
  • Using results to create more results

Besides, John walks you through the stages of using Fiver to find content writers.

Valued at $97

  1. Content curation methods  

This is the art of leveraging other people’s content to get traffic, leads and boost sales. It’s a legal process. Google will not punish your site.

You will learn the following:

  • Use YouTube videos (other people’s videos) to get traffic
  • Use other people content resources such as infographic to generate leads
  • Learn how to create round-up posts that bring forth lots of qualified leads

This is a great skill to master. Valued at $97.

  1. YouTube Marketing

Do you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google? Well, it can be a great tool to drive massive traffic to your site or landing page. In this module, John teaches you powerful techniques of leveraging this video channel to reach targeted customers.

Among the lessons taught here are:

  • How to optimize your YouTube channel
  • Researching on target keywords and using them on your video description
  • Ways of conquering the YouTube algorithm and rank high

Valued at $197

  1. Expansion and scalability

Is it time to scale? Well, you will need to scale at the right time. Avoid premature upscaling because it can damage your business. You need to scale to other sources of traffic over time.

You see, with digital marketing, you don’t wake up and become a master in something. It’s about trying one technique until it works for you. It’s always recommended that you scale and split test your marketing campaigns.

This module is valued at $47

  1. The master plan

You have completed all that’s in the course, but what helps make you organized and consistent? John shares these tips here. You will need to implement the course to get consistent results. It’s no good purchasing this course while you don’t take action. The final module unveils a master plan for you.

Valued at $97

Is the guide worth the money?

You need this book if you want to make it big in your online business. Everyone wants sales, but fewer people don’t take time to master the traffic secrets.

Where do your customers hang out online?

How can you reach them?

How can you convert them to sales?

All the answers to these questions are in the guide.

The total value of these modules is not less than $3,278. However, you will pay way less than this. You will only pay about $297 to unlock the course. You can also get the course as an upsell. Here is how:

Wait! there are bonuses…

After getting the whole course, you will also have several bonuses to help you master this traffic game.

  1. Traffic Secrets 30-day challenge: this challenge helps you to get started in mastering traffic streams. It’s a practical challenge, which enables you to find your dream customers, partner with them, and converts them into sales.
  2. How to make a video go viral by Prince EA: Prince EA has about 5 million YouTube subscribers and over 3 billion views. Would you want to learn how he achieved this fate? The course tells it all.
  3. The Ultimate Unfair Advantage by Dean Graziosi: Dean wrote the Millionaire Success Habits, which become a significant hit on the internet. This course consists of more than 40 minutes of Funnel Hacking Live.

The others include The Traffic Secrets Foundation by Russell Brunson and The Ultimate Traffic Hack by Peng Joon.

Who needs this?

The course favors the following kind of people:

  • Someone new to traffic generation and want to learn the basics
  • An e-commerce store owner who wants to learn how to boost credibility and traffic via Amazon
  • Affiliate marketers who want to make lots of money promoting affiliate offers.
  •  A niche blogger, getting insignificant traffic to his or her blog because he is relying on one traffic channel.

Anyone, who wants to make lots of money online, needs this guide, whether you are a rookie, a beginner, or an intermediate marketer.


I have always liked most ClickFunnel products. Since it was launched, ClickFunnels has grown to be the world’s number one online sales funnel builder. You can’t think of digital marketing without thinking of ClickFunnels.

Traffic is the heart of any sales funnel process. Without traffic, your stunning and well-designed landing page will not matter. How about mastering the traffic game? I guess you would want that. Jump into the bandwagon. Get the Traffic Secrets today before the price shoots up.  

Affiliate Disclaimer: I hope you liked our Traffic Secrets Course review. Please note that some of the links inside this article may be affiliate links to Traffic Secrets Course. That means that if you click on one of the links and sign up, I may be compensated for it. If you do happen to click, we appreciate it! Any money we make keeps this site running smoothly and allows us to keep writing these high-quality reviews.

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