OptimizePress Review [2022]: Is It Worth the Price?

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Wondering if Optimizepress is worth the price?

In this OptimizePress review, we’ll break down everything you need to know about this page builder– from what it does to how much it costs. Plus, we’ll give you our honest opinion on whether or not it’s worth the price.

OptimizePress Review
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✅ OptimizePress is a WordPress plugin meant to help online marketers, coaches, entrepreneurs, and business owners create highly-converting landing pages.
✅ The tool came into operation in 2010 and was created by James Dyson. They recently came up with an updated version and named it OptimizePress 3.0 from OptimizePress 2.0.
✅ Users like the fact that it harbors highly-responsive templates, page-building elements, and a ton of other marketing solutions

OptimizerPress is the best WordPress plugin that will help you build high-converting landing pages and sales funnels.

It’s easy to use and has tons of features. You can create any type of site with it, from an eCommerce store to a blog. And if you don’t have time to create your own site, OptimizerPress has a huge library of templates that you can use.

So is it worth the price? Keep reading to find out. 

What is OptimizePress?

It is a WordPress plugin meant to help online marketers, coaches, entrepreneurs, and business owners create highly-converting landing pages, various types of sales pages, and simplify the whole sales process.

optimizepress review page builder page builders landing page templates marketing pages landing page builder membership sites wordpress page builder optimizepress 2.0 unlimited pages builder plugins pre made templates funnel builder
OptimizePress Review [2022]: Is It Worth the Price? 20

The tool came into operation in 2010 and was created by James Dyson.

They recently came up with an updated version and named it OptimizePress 3.0 from OptimizePress 2.0. Users like the fact that it harbors highly-responsive templates, page-building elements, and a ton of other marketing solutions.

Who Can Use OptimizePress 3.0?

The plugin is geared to coaches who want to increase leads and appointments without hiring an expensive appointment setter, marketers who want to increase sales and realize growth in their online businesses, influencers, and bloggers.

landing page builder membership sites wordpress page builder optimizepress 2.0 unlimited pages builder plugins optimizepress review page builder page builders landing page templates marketing pages pre made templates funnel builder
OptimizePress Review [2022]: Is It Worth the Price? 21

It’s meant for almost anyone who wants to have absolute control over his sales funnels, increase sales and boost growth.  

What Does OptimizePress Offer?

Several features make OptimizePress 3.0 famous. As an online marketer, you will need a couple of aspects to succeed in your business.

Think about your business processes; there are a couple of them: lead acquisition, engagement, and conversion. What can you do to automate all these processes? Well, OptimizePress has all of them in one place.

That means you can create opt-in forms to attract and capture leads, engage them using your favorite email marketing tool such as ActiveCampaign, and convert them on compelling custom landing pages.

Let’s go through them one by one.

Sales Pages Funnel Builder

One of the elements you will need to convert as many leads as you can on autopilot is a sales funnel. Depending on the offer you are promoting, you can create several funnels with OptimizePress 3.0.

membership sites wordpress page builder optimizepress 2.0 unlimited pages builder plugins pre made templates funnel builder optimizepress review page builder page builders
OptimizePress Review [2022]: Is It Worth the Price? 22

Today, most businesses have realized that they need more than a website to sell products online. You can’t beat competitors by simply having a website. A funnel helps you package your offer and sell it to a more defined audience willing and ready to buy it.

OptimizePress understands this need. It allows you to create different funnels following only a few steps seamlessly.

Let’s walk through the steps: 


Steps 1: Decide the type of funnel

As I had told you, you can build a couple of sales funnel with OptimizePress. They are the webinar funnel, product funnel, newsletter funnels, applications funnels, or lead magnet funnels. Alternatively, you can create your funnel from scratch.

Choose the right funnel because each is poised towards a specific goal. The goal of a product funnel is to generate sales, while a lead magnet funnel is meant to create as many leads as possible.

Step 2: Choose a Template

A template will make the whole process easier for you. Do you want to start from scratch? Well, learn to use a template and save time.

optimizepress review page builder page builders landing page templates  optimizepress 2.0 unlimited pages builder plugins pre made templates funnel builder
OptimizePress Review [2022]: Is It Worth the Price? 23

There are hundreds of premium templates to choose from once you log into the OptimizePress dashboard. Choose one that matches your brand and the offer you are promoting. It will be easy to edit and add elements using the page editor.

Step 3: Decide on Landing Pages Style

You will need a page style. Yes, the structure of your page has a lot to do with the customer experience and ultimately boosts conversions.

So, if you are to design a compelling sales or landing page, choose the right design and work on it. There are a couple of styles to pick from based on niches and brands.

Did you know that there are colors associated with various niches? You are never wrong with the purple color for the health and wellness niche, for instance.

Step 4: Customize Your funnel

The next part is customization, which might take a huge chunk of your time since it needs to be perfect.

To do that, OptimizePress has a ton of tools at your disposal, such as a drag-and-drop page editor, different elements such as headings, image section, text area, dividers, columns, and a whole lot of other elements meant to ensure the end product is a success.  

Step 5: Launch and Manage Sales

The last step is to launch it. Once you have designed your landing page, squeeze pages, connected with your email sequence, and added your offers, the last thing is simply launching the funnel.

If you understand how to generate traffic using ads, launch simple yet really profitable Facebook or Google ads and get leads and conversions.

The Best WordPress Landing Page Builder

A sales page is an important element in a sales process. It’s the cornerstone of all your marketing efforts. If your aim is to generate leads, a landing page converts traffic to leads and ultimately sales.

optimizepress review page builder page builders landing page templates marketing pages landing page builder membership sites wordpress page builder optimizepress 2.0  funnel builder
OptimizePress Review [2022]: Is It Worth the Price? 24

That means it has to be visually appealing and responsive and harbors all the layout elements that can allow you to maximize the traffic that comes your way.

That’s what this tool is known for – a great landing page builder. So, if you want a tool that can allow you to create a compelling page to convert your traffic into subscribers and sales, look no more.

How exactly does OptimizePress help you build a compelling landing page?


To build a sales page, you need a variety of elements. That means you will use different headers, dividers, columns, text areas, buttons for the call to action, sliders, and others. OptimizePress has all these in the editing section.

Drag-and-Drop Capabilities

If you find a page editor offering this feature, then it can save you a lot of time. It means the editor is modern and can handle the needs of today’s market.

OptimizePress has this capability. That means if you are building a page, you can’t struggle to arrange all the elements. You just drag and drop an element such as a divider right into the page and update the page.


A/B Testing

Who wouldn’t like to do a bit of testing and optimizing their existing pages? With OptimizePress, you can create two versions of the same landing page with different elements and test it out.

Whichever gets the most traffic or is inclined more to your marketing goals gets more focus and ultimately becomes your new page.

This feature applies to your sales funnel as well. You can create two versions of a sales funnel and test out their performance.  


The page editor allows you to customize the page layouts in any way you want. You can add different fonts, colors, or morph up words. The purpose of customizing is to ensure every element speaks your brand’s core values and message.

To do all that and make it easier for you, OptimizePress has a ton of templates for you to choose. You can choose any depending on the offer and niche you are in.

But here is the catch…

Let’s say about 80% of your audience will be using mobile phones. How will you ensure they have the same experience as someone using a computer?

Well, OptimizePress took care of that and introduced mobile-optimized templates. It ensures the themes load fast on mobile devices and enhance a good user experience.

This is an essential aspect to consider now that we mainly use computers to design a landing page whereas we are targeting a mobile audience.  

Another essential thing to know is that OptimizePress ensures GDPR compliance in your forms. That means you can collect the consent with your email functions.

Install Opt-In Forms and Deliver Lead Magnets With OptimizeLeads

Apart from a landing page, you need opt-in pages that collect all those email addresses and store them in your favorite mail marketing service.

page builder page builders landing page templates marketing pages landing page builder membership sites wordpress page builder optimizepress 2.0 unlimited pages builder plugins pre made templates funnel builder
OptimizePress Review [2022]: Is It Worth the Price? 25

An opt-in form is not hard to create. However, it has to be compelling enough. Think about it, which of these two words would compel you to take action, ‘Download’ and Download now for FREE’?

I guess the latter does the trick, right? Well then, apply those tricks in your squeeze page and see click-through rates shoot up.

OptimizePress has several templates to ensure you get this right. So, you don’t have to begin from scratch.

Pick a template from the ones available, use the search bar to refine your search, and choose the best matches your product.

And just like a landing page, you can also edit any opt-in blank template to meet your branding needs. That means you can change the color, text, and other elements.

To cap it all, you can add an email service provider to the call to action (CTA) button and send all emails to their database.

The tool allows you to integrate your opt-in form with over 10 email services providers. That means you have a wide range of choices when it comes to that. With a few clicks, you are set.

Creating Membership Sites

Are you thinking of coming up with a membership site and sharing skills with a defined premium audience? Worry no more because OptimizePress has your back on that.  

There are reasons why you might opt for a membership site. One of them could be to offer quality services and valuable training to a particular group of people regularly. Whichever the case, a membership site can help you earn passive income.

How do you come up with one now that not all people are on Facebook to join a private group? You can’t even customize a Facebook group, can you?

OptimizePress 3.0 has a plugin-like feature called OptimizeMember that allows you to implement a content delivery network and streamline your entire membership site processes. It restricts access to authorized individuals only.  

Start with pre-made templates to save on the hurdles of the whole process and customize it based on your branding needs. Additionally, you can use elements such as breadcrumbs, login forms, and module listing to set up custom membership site portals.   

So, suppose you are launching a book and want your premium members to be the first beneficiaries or are selling online courses and want to restrict access to members who upgrade. In that case, it’s only a click away with OptimizePress.


Other Features

OptimizePress has so many features and conversion-focused elements, which come in handy when running your online business.  

Connect with Google Analytics

Google Analytics gives you in-depth insights into your audience. You will be able to know almost all types of events that happen. You can track clicks, devices, locations, and even real-time visitors.

With OptimizePress, you can integrate Google Analytics easily and begin tracking all your traffic as they happen.

An in-depth study of your audience will help you tailor your offers to meet their needs. For instance, if people are spending less time on a landing page, it means you need to make it compelling enough.  

OptimizePress3 Doubles As A Content Builder

Do you want to publish posts alongside creating other marketing pages? Well, the tool allows you to do just that with their visual editor. You can confine it to work based on the settings in your WordPress theme.

It’s not really necessary to use the visual editor, but it comes in handy when creating pages and wants an alternative to your current WordPress editor.

OptimizePress SmartTheme

Since OptimizePress is a plugin, you will still need a theme before installing the plugin. Yes, that’s how the process goes; you can’t install a WordPress plugin until you have the WordPress theme. In fact, the website opens with a default theme.

Instead of installing one of the general themes that aren’t optimized for speed and conversions, OptimizePress allows you to install their smart WordPress theme.

It comes with many features that enable easy and efficient control and management. It’s a trendy and visually appealing theme with opt-in forms, script management tools, and built-in social media buttons.


OptimizePress Pricing

OptimizePress has several pricing plans with varied features such as the number of websites, sales pages, and others.

Here are the pricing packages:

optimizepress review optimizepress pricing landing page templates marketing pages landing page builder membership sites wordpress page builder optimizepress 2.0 unlimited pages
OptimizePress Review [2022]: Is It Worth the Price? 26

Essential Plan $99 Per Year

It’s the most affordable plan geared towards beginners with one site and is there to try out the tool and some of its features.

The main feature here is the ability to build compelling landing pages. Creating unlimited landing pages is available in all features.

You can also access a ton of themes to ease the creation process and 30 plus integrations. If they update the tool, you will be notified and install the smart theme on your website.  

Suite Plan $199 Per Year

The plan suits someone with multiple websites because you can install the plugin on up to 20 websites. Isn’t that awesome?

You can build unlimited pages just like the essential plan and get access to more than 30 plus premium integrations, including emails, payments, and Zapier.

And in addition to all the features in the essential plan, you will have access to OptimizeFunnel for building effective and profitable marketing funnels and get access to other prebuilt funnels meant to hasten the sales funnel creation process.

You will also get access to OptimizeCheckouts for smoother checkouts, OptimizeUrgency for social proof selling and enhancing FOMO (fear of missing out), Metric dashboard to measure sales, OptimizeLeads, and split testing to optimize for better conversions.  

Agency Standard $399 Per year

It’s the most expensive plan and geared towards agencies with tons of websites and sales funnel needs. You can install the theme on up to 20 sites and create a sales funnel for clients.

You also have access to all the features in the essential and business plan plus others meant to ensure you maximize the plugin’s value.

The plan comes with the ability to create sales funnels and build sites for clients in your agency. That means with $399 per year, you can make more than 10x times that amount creating funnels for other people besides yours.

Those are the three plans available for you as a new OptimizePress user. You can always start with the essential plan to test out the tool’s effectiveness before going to the Suite and Agency standard plans.


Key Benefits of Using The Plugin

There are reasons why most marketers, coaches, and online entrepreneurs like OptimizePress.

Here are some of them:

It’s Easy to Set It Up and Create Landing Pages

Ease of use is an essential element of any powerful tool online. If the learning curve of a tool is too big, you might give up on it. But a tool like OptimizePress is easy to install and use.

Start with creating an account. But before that, you will need to choose a pricing plan. Each plan has several features depending on your needs. So, be keen on that.  

After installing the theme and the plugin, proceed to the dashboard, where you can access all the features. After a few clicks, you can create funnels and begin making money after a few days.

There are also templates to smoothen the process. That means you will spend less time creating twice as many funnels than when you don’t have templates.

There are a lot of video tutorials and guides, too. You can’t go wrong when using OptimizePress. Once you have access to the dashboard, it’s easy to set up and use all the elements.  

Leverage Social Proof with OptimizePress Scarcity Add-On

There is one selling technique that most marketers use to boost conversions on their products. And you are leaving a lot of money on the table if you are not using it.

Learn to utilize social proof to grow your brand and boost sales. Your customers want to get a third-party thought on your offer. They want to see customer reviews before purchasing. In fact, 37% of customers rely on reviews to make a purchase decision.

OptimizePress understands that and came up with OptimizeUrgency V3. It’s a plugin that allows you to leverage social trust to boost sales. You will be able to install it once you are in the dashboard area.  

Hands-On With OptimizePress Dashboard

The dashboard is easy to hover around and harbors almost all the elements you will need to build a sales funnel or page.

It’s easy to build a funnel when everything is in one place – the landing page templates, forms, buttons, and other elements.

The dashboard also harbors a lot of videos and resources that guide you to maximize the value of the tool.


You Get a Lead Generation Focused WordPress Theme Included

The theme comes in handy for someone who wants to enhance speed and conversions on his website.

There are a lot of themes on the WordPress dashboard, but not all are optimized for conversions and speed. That means it is a plus if you can get such a premium theme for free.

Numerous Integrations

One of the things you wouldn’t want to miss in a tool is integration with your favorite tools such as CRM tool, email marketing, payments, and other services, to which you already have a subscription.

OptimizePress plugin has this in mind and hence allowed integrations of 60 plus popular marketing tools:

Payment Integrations

Are your customers using Stripe? Easily integrate stripe on your checkout page to ensure your customers can checkout easily.

The checkout form is also optimized for 1-click upsells and downsells to enhance sales further. You can create all these forms in the page builder to simplify customization. Besides, there are templates to help you along.    

Email Marketing Services

OptimizePress 3.0 allows the integration of more than 30 email marketing tools. They range from GetResponse, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, and Aweber.

That means once you create your opt-in forms, you can connect with any of these tools and begin nurturing your leads with email sequences.

Email marketing helps automate the process since you can create email sequences that compel subscribers to purchase your offers on autopilot.


Unsplash Integration

If you want to install visually appealing images on your landing pages and squeeze page, one of the best places to check is Unsplash.

OptimizePress has the platform right there in their editor. That means you will not have to open another tab again, download the image, and upload it to your site.


Are you familiar with Zapier? Well, it’s one of the popular tools amongst marketers. It allows you to connect almost any two tools.

For example, you can connect Hubspot and GetResponse with a zap to offer good customer relationships and email marketing.

OptimizePress allows you to use Zapier to integrate it with over 1000 most popular tools. That means you can integrate the plugin with almost any tool on the internet with just a few clicks.  

Video Integrations

Apart from emails, payments, and Zapier integrations, you will also need a video hosting service. Research shows that having a video on the header part of your landing page can increase conversion by 80%.

That means you will need a video on your landing page. However, that means the site will load as slowly as molasses in January.

To avoid that, OptimizePress allows you to upload your video into YouTube, Wistia, or Vimeo and simply integrate it to play on your landing page. 

Pros of Using The Tool

membership sites wordpress page builder optimizepress 2.0 unlimited pages builder plugins pre made templates funnel builder
OptimizePress Review [2022]: Is It Worth the Price? 27

Here are some of the cons of using OptimizePress:

It Is Flexible

One of the cons of using OptimizePress is that you will be able to create various elements within the same dashboard.

You can install the theme and plugin on several sites and create either a landing page, squeeze page, or a complete funnel on any of the pages.

Flexibility is an essential quality of any great tool. The fact that you can do more than one aspect and morph that up into something is incredible.  


Good Usability

OptimizePress is easy to use. Just need to download and install the plugin, choose a hosting plan, and you are good to proceed to the dashboard.

On the dashboard, you have access to almost everything. You can install templates to create landing pages fast, create squeeze pages to collect leads and create any type of funnel you want.

Other elements include the editor, which has drag-and-drop functionality for faster landing page creation and customization options.

Varied Pricing Plans:

There are tools with a single pricing plan. These tools don’t accommodate a wide range of users since there are beginners and experts alike.

So, the fact that OptimizePress has three pricing plans makes it awesome. You can choose any based on the features you require. The first plan is geared to beginners, while the Agency standard plan is for agencies with varied needs.  

Cons of Using The Tool

Despite its many benefits, OptimizePress has a few flaws, too. I bet all tools have flaws since no tool can handle all your needs 100%.

Let’s see some of its cons:

It’s a Plugin

One of the main cons is that OptimizePress is a plugin and not a tool like Leadpages, for instance. As a WordPress plugin, you will need to install it on your WordPress site to use it.

That means you will need hosting and domain name, which is an additional expense. And once you have them, you will still need to understand WordPress basics such as Installation and adding new plugins.

It’s not a daunting task, but it can be challenging for a newbie. Leadpages or Unbounce is a platform. That means you can sign up and begin to create pages, a sales funnel, or a landing page without the need to install or launch themes.


No Free Trial

Like many other sales funnel and page creator tools, the tool has no free trial. However, it has a 30 Days money-back guarantee.

The main reason they opted not to offer a free trial is that the plugin is downloadable. That means once you download it and activate it, you can use it for a year or so before the license expires.

The money-back-guarantee works great, too. If you find out that the tool is not giving you the satisfaction you wanted, just email them within 30 days of using the tool, and they will refund the money.

Support is warring

Some customers have complained of very bad customer support in the past.

In addition, if you check all their plans, they only have email support. I wish they could introduce web chat and phone calls. In that way, they can better serve their customers and answer most of their queries.

Alternatives to OptimizePress

optimizepress review page builder page builders landing page templates marketing pages landing page builder builder plugins pre made templates funnel builder
OptimizePress Review [2022]: Is It Worth the Price? 28

If you want to go with an OptimzePress alternative, choose between the following:


The tool is one of the best landing page builders on the internet. The difference is that it’s a little bit expensive compared to OptimizePress.

It also limits the number of pages you can build, gives partial control over your content, and doesn’t have a cloud premium template library.


I can’t complain about ClickFunnels. It’s another popular tool amongst marketers and online entrepreneurs. It has incredible features and a lot of educational materials.

The main thing that differentiates ClickFunnels and OptimizePress is the pricing plans. While ClickFunnels charges $99 a month for their Standard plan, OptimizePress charges $99 per year for their essential plan.

I did review on clickfunnels pricing. Click here to learn more.


The only challenge you will get when using Kartra is its complicated nature. It has excellent features, though.

OptimizePress is different from Karta because you will have to pay $989 per year to access features that OptimizePress charges $199 per year. The editor is also no match for the classic OptimizePress page builder.

FAQs about OptimizePress

Here are answers to some of the most common questions you might have as someone trying out OptimzePress.


If you’re looking to increase sales, or want more control over your sales funnels, then I highly recommend giving OptimizePress a try.

Not only do they have an amazing 30-day money-back guarantee, but their templates are some of the most responsive I’ve seen.

And with their new update –OptimizePress 3.0– there are even more features and solutions to help you boost growth without having to hire a team of developers.

Hope you like our OptimizePress review.

So what are you waiting for?

Sign up today and see the results for yourself!


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