5 Best Contact Form WordPress Plugins: Free and Premium

best contact form wordpress

Would you want a list of the best contact form WordPress plugins? Well, read on. A contact form is a short web-based form that you will find published on the majority of websites.

Why is a contact form so necessary? To defend your website security, you need a contact form to give your website viewers a way to contact you. Many contact form plugins exist today, and each one has its perks.

You should tell the differences in the different contact forms available by the end of this read.

But before we get into the various forms available, let us look at contact forms more closely.

What Is A Contact Form, And Why Should I Use One?

A contact form is a web-based form that is embedded in a website page. Contact forms usually allow users to add their email, subject and leave a message for the website owner.

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Once a website visitor leaves you a message, it is transformed into an email sent to your company mail. The use of contact forms not only simplifies communication but also helps website users secure their mailbox.

Why Should Anyone Use Contact Forms On Their Website?

There are many benefits to adding a contact form to your website.

Avoid Spam

Adding a contact form is a great way to avoid getting spammed on your business email account. Adding your email address to your website might seem like a good idea while it isn’t. When spam bots are crawling the web, they scrape emails.

Spambots send unsolicited emails that are often insecure and irrelevant. While a contact form is a great way to prevent revealing your email, an uncertain contact form can receive spam emails from spambots. It is advisable to ensure you secure your contact form with a captcha to limit the probability of receiving spam.

It Makes It Easy To Communicate With Customers

A lot of people are looking for convenience. That is why they are searching for information online.

If a potential lead lands on your page, chances are they will want to contact you. If you are not easy to reach and there is no obvious contact information., they are likely to leave and contact a competitor.

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A website form is a great way to avoid losing potential buyers by being easy to reach. There are sections you can embed your shortcode within your website.

Some great places to add your shortcode include;

  • Into a post
  • In your website footer
  • In the WordPress sidebar

Ninja Forms

Helps in Lead Generation

When a business uses the internet for marketing themselves, their main goal is to generate more leads.

Attracting new customers into your sales pipeline can mean the difference between how well you perform against your competitors.

Forms are a great way to populate your CRM with excellent leads. People who send you messages on your website can easily be added to your mailing list and go through the sales process.

An excellent contact form can help you close more sales and scale your business to new regions.

Easily Offer Support To Your Customers

One of the easiest ways of staying in touch with customers is by being reachable when your customers need you.

While there are many ways of managing customer support, a contact form ensures you are notified immediately when a customer sends you a message. This allows you to keep tabs on requests and inquiries from potential leads.

Getting an automated notification means that even while on the go, you can engage your customers.

Create Workflows Using Your Forms

Managing big company projects can be taxing work. With a contact form added to your website, you can easily create templates with your users’ steps.

This will help you create workflows and manage onboarding tasks more efficiently. You can automatically start new projects and add to-do lists to your website with the help of a contact form.

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This works well if you need volunteer application forms, job applications, and any other type of form.

These are some fantastic ways you can make use of contact forms on your website. This leads us to the next question. How do I add a contact form plugin to my website? Let’s check out what you will need to do.

How Do I Install A Contact Form Plugin?

A contact form plugin is easy to install on your WordPress site. To get started, you need to navigate to your WordPress menu and click on plugins.

  • After you open the plugins tab, go to the search bar that appears and key in the plugin’s name that you want to add to your site.
  • There are several contact forms that you can use on your WordPress site. We have discussed a number of them in the section below.
  • Once you know what plugin you want to install, search for its name in the search bar and click enter. This process takes a short time, and you will see all the plugins available.
  • The next step is to install your plugin. When you finish downloading the plugin, click on activate. This should automatically bring you to log in with your information.
  • Open the plugin from your menu, and it’s time to set up your new contact form. Most plugins come with guidelines on installation and even how to create and add your contact form on your website.

Installation does not typically take a long time. If your plugin is not loading, check your internet connection and try again.

Ninja Forms

Best Contact Form WordPress: Which Plugins Are The Best For My Website?

Many contact forms are available to WordPress users today. These include WPForms, Formidable Forms, Ninja Forms, and others. While their function is the same, they each come with different added advantages.

This section will take an in-depth look into 5 of the most popular contact form plugins available to you.

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WPForms- FREE/39.50+

WP Forms is an intuitive and beginner-friendly form plugin for WordPress. It is easy to use and comes with great features and add-ons that you can use to create various forms.

Using a form builder is essential to creating a safer and more streamlined communication channel with potential leads.

Let’s dive deeper into this plugin and see what you can do with it.

The first cool feature we will discuss is the ability to create new forms from already available templates.

WP forms make improving their templates very easy by editing and adding the information you want to be displayed.

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Working from scratch is time-consuming, and chances are, you might forget some details when working alone.

The WP form templates are a great way to stay on top of small details without starting from the beginning.

It is effortless to use conditional logic on your WPForms. This is when the answers given by a client trigger the next question that they get.

For instance, if you have a form that collects data on where you get most of your traffic from, you can use conditional logic to get them to tell you exactly how they heard about your business.

This makes it easy to create complex forms with multiple questions that you can embed into your website.


Another great feature is setting up your notification to get an email once someone fills out your forms. This feature is excellent for generating new leads in your sales pipeline. If you have a client form set up and target leads based on their budget for the project, you can use conditional logic to determine what notifications you want to be sent to you.

You can segment this data based on the prospect’s answers to ensure only the best leads are forwarded to your sales team. This is another great way you can use this plugin to accelerate your business.

5 Best Contact Form Wordpress Plugins: Free and Premium 1

Smart Tags

Smart tags are another great feature that you will find in WPForms. Smart tags enable you to pull specific information from your form or notifications quickly. A great example is adding download links into your notifications using smart tags.

Using smart tags makes it easier to manage the data from the people who fill your website forms. You can quickly harvest data and manage workflows using smart tags for more streamlined workflows.

Easy To Use

Adding forms into your WordPress site is easy with WP forms. You don’t need to embed any codes into your website when using this plugin.

You can quickly add forms to any section of your content from the website builder dashboard. To do this, click on the part of the site where you want your form to appear and add a block on your WordPress builder and choose

Drag And Drop Builder

Another excellent feature that you will find in WPForms is a drag and drop form builder. Not only do you have hundreds of templates to choose from, but you can also easily edit and change them to fit your website needs.

One great benefit to this is that you can edit your forms to fit better into the overall theme of your website. The ability to see real-time changes on your editor makes the editing and creation process faster.

For starters, this plugin has a free and pro version. While you can access most features with a free version, you will get the maximum output by paying for the paid version.

5 Best Contact Form Wordpress Plugins: Free and Premium 3

Pros And Cons of WPForms

There is a lot to love when it comes to this famous form builder. Here is the complete rundown of the pros and cons of this plugin.


  • It is easy to use for beginners
  • It comes with many pre-designed templates
  • Allows you to create conversational forms easily
  • You can build landing pages with the landing page form plugin
  • Allows for multiple integrations


  • It is relatively expensive

Our overall verdict is that this form is worthwhile. Not only is it easy to use, but people with little knowledge about coding can also easily add forms to their websites.

Ninja Forms FREE/29+

Ninja form plugin is one of the most popular in the blogging space. Ninja forms make it easy to add a range of forms to your website.

This form builder allows you to create order forms, opt-in forms, request a quote form, among many others.

Many users like that the plugin has a user-friendly interface. Not only do they have a free version that is packed with many essential forms, anyone can edit and embed forms into their website with the use of shortcodes.

When working with the free version, you will add most of the primary forms that many websites need. If you have a more mature website and want to get more functionality with forms, you can easily add add-ons to your ninja form builder.

Ninja Forms

Ninja Form Features

You have access to multiple options with your forms with the ninja forms builder. Not only can you make use of conditional logic to drive traffic to give specific answers, but you can also upload files onto your forms and add multi-page forms.

Forms are a great way to generate new leads into your business. Ninja Forms allows you to integrate your forms with a large number of email marketing software.

That means that you can automatically add new subscribers to your list and even segment them using the conditional logic option.

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Ninja forms are great, especially for eCommerce websites. You can easily integrate payment into your forms and accept payment through several getaways.

Some payment getaways that you can integrate into your forms include PayPal, stripe, visa, among others.

One thing that every website wants is to use its website to populate its sales pipeline. You can easily integrate your forms with software like Salesforce and Zoho and pull in more leads to your sales funnel.

This makes ninja form a great tool if you use digital marketing as your primary form of marketing.

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Pros and Cons of Ninja Builder

Ninja builder is a well-known form builder in the WordPress community. Here are the things to love and things to watch out for in this plugin.


  • The free version is okay for most users. You only need to go pro if you need advanced features.
  • It is easy to use
  • It is flexible and can be used by most types of websites
  • You can quickly improve the utility by adding add-ons


  • It is costly
  • You cannot access some features in the core plugin

Overall, we love that this plugin has a functional free version with many form options available. It is also easy to navigate and offers its users great flexibility.

Formidable Forms – FREE/49.50+

Another excellent form plugin you can add to your WP site is Formidable forms. It already has more than 200,000 users and offers business owners one of the most advanced form interfaces.

This form builder is great for businesses that need advanced forms such as loan calculators and mortgage calculators. This plugin comes with a free version that you can only add a contact us form and one more custom form.

The paid version has all the good things that most people would be looking for in a form builder. Let us take a look at all the cool features you will get in this form builder.

Get up to 65% Off Formidable Forms


Formidable forms give you access to over 25 professionally designed templates. These templates are easy to edit and customize, and it is equally easy to add them to your website.

Many businesses need websites that allow their users to make approximations based on price and other factors. Realtors, car dealerships, and travel agents can get a lot of value from these forms.

Mobile Optimized

It is no question that a lot of people today access websites through their mobile forms. This form builder is fully optimized for mobile and is responsive regardless of the device.

It has dynamic fields that work well regardless of where your user accesses your form from. Your users can quickly fill out the populated forms, making it easier for them to give you the correct information.

Integrated Views

This form builder gives you access to integrated views. That means it can process the data collected on your forms and display it in a new format that is easy to view on the front end.

Some great ways you can display your data are as a calendar, listings, and directories. This is an excellent feature for many business owners.

A visual styler is a great tool when designing anything that appears on your website. This plugin gives you access to a visual styler that you can use to match the forms you create to your website’s overall appearance.

Multiple Other Integrations

You have full access to several plugins that you can use to improve your forms. You can integrate third-party platforms like your email marketing software quickly with this plugin.

One feature that makes this plugin so popular is the calculator forms. This feature makes it easy for website users to make approximations and, in turn, gives you access to more leads.

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Pros and Cons

Formidable Forms is a well-loved plugin, especially for websites that require a calculator form. Let’s check out what people love and what they don’t like about this plugin.


  • You can easily add on integrations like Zapier
  • You get access to beautiful templates
  • It is easy to use
  • You get access to a simple drag and drop builder
  • You get value for your money


  • Requires basic CSS knowledge to manage
  • It can be unstable during updates

Overall this plugin is excellent for most WordPress websites. With the paid version, you will access much integration.

Contact Form 7 – FREE

Contact form 7 has been around since 2007. It has gained a remarkable reputation over the years and serves many websites on WordPress. It is not surprising to find many themes on WP already installed with a contact form 7 plugin.

This is another great plugin that you can easily add to your WordPress website to collect information and make it easy for users to reach you.

This plugin has many great reviews and is used by multiple websites. More than 5 million websites use contact form 7. It is relatively easy to install and manage.

5 Best Contact Form Wordpress Plugins: Free and Premium 1

Contact Form 7 Features

Let’s check out some of the features available to you on this plugin.

The first thing is installation, which is easy for this plugin. All you need is to search and install it on your WordPress dashboard.

It also comes with a form that is already configured to add to your blog pages. This works well if all you need is a contact form that your clients can use to reach you on your website.

You can easily edit and change out the configured contact form. This enables you to create more customized forms that you can use to do more than simply contact your users.

Security is essential for managing your website. This plugin comes with a captcha that makes it easier to prevent your business from getting spam and phishing emails.

This plugin is easy to use. Most people can use this plugin without any knowledge of code or having to use paid upgrades.

Most Advanced WordPress Form Builder

Pros and Cons of Contact Form 7

This plugin is confirmed to be one of the most downloaded contact form plugins on WordPress. Let us check out Contact Form 7 pros and cons.


  • It is easy to install into your WordPress dashboard
  • Great prebuilt forms that you can add to your WordPress vibes
  • Access to multiple custom fields
  • Works with any WordPress themes
  • It is secure
  • Numerous features are available when you upgrade


  • It can be too complex for beginners
  • The core plugin only works with additional add-ons from third parties

Overall, this plugin is easily accessible, and the core plugin allows you to easily add your forms to your WP pages.

Jetpack Forms – FREE

Jetpack has one of the highest rates of installations ever. It is more than just a contact forms plugin, and this utility makes it easy for people to get more features with a single plugin.

The jetpack has many modules that you can use to monitor, enhance and manage your WordPress website.

5 Best Contact Form Wordpress Plugins: Free and Premium 5

It’s Features

One of the great features you can access is the jetpacks form to add contact forms to your website.

Jetpack allows you to customize your forms easily. This is an important feature to have because different websites have different needs.

You can also integrate your forms to your creative mail account, making adding new subscriptions to your email list easy.

Most entrepreneurs would prefer their forms to be integrated into their CRM. This is a great way to populate your CRM without spending extra money on lead generation tools. You can quickly integrate your CRM with your jetpack form.

Jetpack gives you a summary of your submitted fields. That means you can get access to the data that your clients leave on your site.

Contact forms are a great way to send your visitors to a new URL depending on their answers. Jetpack allows you to add a URL to your forms and redirect visitors to whatever URL you want.

Jetpack Forms Pros and Cons

Jetpack plugin offers more than just contact forms. Let us check out some benefits of using this plugin and what to look out for.


  • A jetpack is an excellent tool for optimization.
  • Easily add forms to your website without needing to download another plugin.
  • It is easy to set up
  • It comes with a backup feature.
  • It is secure


  • It has a learning curve
  • This plugin can slow down your site

Contact Form WordPress Plugin FAQs

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What Is The Best Contact Form For WordPress?

Several contact form plugins are available for WordPress users. The best contact form plugin for one website might not necessarily work as well in the following website. To find the best contact form for your website, take your time to look at the different features available and pick based on your business needs.

5 Best Contact Form Wordpress Plugins: Free and Premium 6

Which Is Better, Contact Form 7 Or Wpforms?

Contact form 7has been around for much longer than WPForms. While both serve their purpose well, contact form 7 is more complex when it comes to managing. WPForms is great for people who have little knowledge of WP coding.

What Is The Best Free WordPress Form Plugin?

Many contact form plugins are available to you as a WordPress user, but which is the best contact form plugins? Some of the most well-known contact form plugins include contact form 7, WPForms, and ninja forms. They each come with a free version that you can use to create primary forms.

Does WordPress Have A Form Builder?

WordPress has plugins that you can add to your WordPress dashboard. To access plugins, click on the plugins option on your WordPress menu and search for form builders. You will get several available plugins that you can install and activate on your WordPress website.

5 Best Contact Form Wordpress Plugins: Free and Premium 3

How Do I Add A Contact Form To WordPress For Free?

To add a contact form plugin to WordPress, go to plugins and search for contact forms. This will give you options for available plugins. Open each one to fin the plugins that have a free version. Most plugins allow you to a contact form into your website for free.

Common Mistakes To Avoid With Your WordPress Contact Form Plugin

While contact forms are great on just about any website, there are mistakes that you can make that will hinder the success of your contact forms.

Here are some things to avoid when setting up your WordPress contact form plugins.

best contact form wordpress - 10

  • Making Your Contact Forms Too Long

Contact forms that are too long can be off-putting to the person that is filling them out. Most people go online to find a quick solution to their problems.

If your business website gives them an entire questionnaire to fill, chances are they will stop right there and look for a more straightforward solution.

Most Advanced WordPress Form Builder

  • Forgetting To Optimize For Mobile

Mobile phones are the most popular way to access information online today. It’s faster, and you can do it on the go.

That said, forgetting to optimize your form for mobile will affect how many people end up filling your forms. Optimizing your structures for mobile should be standard; otherwise, you lose out on business.

  • Using A Confusing Layout

Many contact form plugins for WordPress can be edited and designed to fit your design needs and website theme. Do not go overboard with your contact forms if you are looking for more people to fill them. Keeping things simple will help make the user experience better, which means more people filling in your forms.

  • Forgetting To Confirm Submissions

A lot of factors can affect whether or not your forms are submitted successfully. Always think about your user experience when it comes to your contact forms.

A potential lead might figure your company is simply poor at getting back when it is their network or other factors unrelated to your business that led to unsuccessful submission.

Sending a confirmation message ensures your visitor knows that your company has received their message and will get back to them.

Most Advanced WordPress Form Builder

  • Don’t Make The Security Measures Too Complex

When setting up your form security, it is best practice to ensure your users don’t get overwhelmed by the actions they need to take.

That means that you need to confirm your Recaptcha is not overly complicated or takes way too long. By all means, protect yourself from spam and phishing emails, but be sure to keep it simple.

  • Forgetting To Ask For The Correct Information

At the center of all forms are communication and information. When you set up a contact form on your website, you need specific information to make it easy to get back to the inquiries.

Ensure you take advantage of the form fields to get your client’s name, email, and any other information you deem helpful in your process.

  • Do Not Forget To Check Your Form For Bugs

Bugs affect the way your contact form appears or responds when in use. When you have done the hard work of installing and customizing your form, it would be tragic for you to publish it live on your website only for it to fail to work.

Testing your forms before publishing is an essential part of building a successful contact form for your website.

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Which Contact Form Plugins Are Best For Me?

Which is the best WordPress contact form plugin? Well, different businesses have different business needs. To get the most out of your contact forms, you need to think about your users.

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The perfect contact form is easy to navigate, straightforward for your users, and above all, relevant to your business.

Ensure you keep your forms up to date as you continue to grow your business. If a holiday or special day offer is available, be sure to update your forms for that period. A successful contact form serves its purpose in your business effectively.

To make it easy for you, check out the table below to see what you can expect to find in each contact form discussed.


Contact Form 7

  • Easy to add
  • Separate from editing for emails
  • Advance form building tools
  • Many options for your form fields


  • Allows conversational marketing
  • Easy to use interface
  • Enables landing page building
  • Allows user tracking
  • Several pre-designed templates to choose from
FREE / $39.50

Ninja Forms

  • It has a free version
  • Have great templates
  • Secure
  • It has a drag and drop builder
FREE / $29

Jetpack Forms

  • It is a package deal
  • Packed with several features
  • You can choose the features you want
  • Freeform builder
  • Easy to set up

Formidable Forms

  • Has API integration
  • It comes with access control
  • You can customize the branding
  • Have customizable fields
  • You can use conditional logic
FREE / $39.50

Ninja Forms

Final Thoughts

Are you looking to install a form plugin on your website? There are several plugins that we have discussed. To choose the perfect plugin for your website, consider your business needs and your user experience.

Keep in mind too many plugins that are not active on your WordPress site can slow down the loading speed of your website.

Get rid of unused plugins and avoid downloading multiple plugins for the same job. Good luck finding the best contact form plugin for your WordPress site.

5 Best Contact Form Wordpress Plugins: Free and Premium 1

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