WPForms Review 2022: Is It The Best Form Builder On the Market?

wpforms review

WordPress is a fantastic application platform that has brought great openness, flexibility, and ease of use to the web. People often say that WordPress is a website publishing software. It isn’t – it’s blogging software.

One of the most popular element to add to websites these days are forms like WPForms. They’re effective when collecting emails, undertaking surveys relating to your audience, creating log-ins pages, and even connecting with your payment processors for an e-com site.

What many people don’t know is just how easy they are to set up. So, in this Wpforms review, I will cover all about WPForms and some hacks on how to maximize the tool’s value.

Let’s begin.

WPForms Review 2022: Is It The Best Form Builder On the Market?
WPForms Review 2022: Is It The Best Form Builder On the Market? 1

Wpforms review looks at some of the main features of WPForms, and how it can be used by entrepreneurs to create engaging forms for their website.

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WPForms Review: Overview

WPForms is a popular plugin with over one million active installs on WordPress. It received a large number of positive reviews on the official repository and countless third-party sources. They have an extensive knowledge base on the subject.

Drupal, the company that created WPForms, had an almost identical product discontinued in 2009, which was called Kform. After the company switched to WPForms, people loved it because they can now work more on their projects and not waste time making primary forms.


The plugin allows you to quickly and easily create form-based interactions on your WordPress website. Virtually any type of forms can be made using WPForms, including:

  • Contact Us Forms
  • Product Purchase / Info Requests
  • Subscription Signups (for specific posts or general content)
  • Surveys & Polls
  • Web Form Element Collection Combinations (such as CAPTCHA + Contact Form)

If you’re searching for a WordPress form plugin, WPForms comes at an affordable package.

Why Do You Need Forms On Your Website?

Well, it’s simply to protect you from spammers. By creating it, you will not have to show your email on your website so that people can contact you. You will just need to create a contact form right on your site.

WPForms Review 2022: Is It The Best Form Builder On the Market? 2

You can also specify what you need from your customer. If it’s their name and address, you can create forms for that. In addition, you can include other fields to understand their needs better. The result is you will be able to serve them better.

They also help you to grow your email list. They help to convert web visitors into leads which convert to customers later. Thus, without it, your business blog isn’t all that complete. It is a powerful element to consider in blogging.

A Quick Installation Guide

The installation instructions are clear and straightforward to follow. The initial setup wizard takes you through everything. You won’t run into any significant problems using WPForms beyond my inexperience.

After activating and getting the email notifications, you will be able to see the plugin on your WordPress Dashboard. Yes, just log into your WordPress Dashboard and navigate to the “WPForms” menu option from the left-side admin navigation menu. You will now be taken to WPForm’s settings tab.

On that page, click on the “Add New” button under the drop-down. It will take you to the “Builder” page, where you can begin the creating part.

Pick A Template

Begin by selecting any of the pre-made templates since it makes work easier on your end. You don’t have to create anything from scratch. You will have more access to a library of form templates if you are a premium customer. But for now, choose any of the available ones and proceed.

Wpforms Templates

Leverage The Drag-And-Drop Form Builder And Editor

It’s one of the unique and most valuable features in WPForms. With it, you can save time and create simple contact forms in minutes. Just pick any element in the menu and drop it right in the editor. It can be a character you like, a button, or any other feature.

Once all is done in the form settings, preview the beautiful forms to ensure it’s what you like. After that, just click ‘save’ and proceed. The next thing is merely connecting with other powerful integrations and driving defined traffic to your form.  

WPForms Features

In addition to installing the plugin, you need to understand other popular features to maximize the tool’s potential. Most of these are in the premium version of WPForms. 

Connect With Your Favorite Email Service 

The tool allows you to connect with your favourite email marketing provider like ActiveCampaign, Aweber, or Constant Contact. With these in line, you will be able to collect email addresses from web visitors with fancy fields, engage them in your pipeline and convert them.

Wpforms Email Integrations

It’s easy once everything is set up. Go to the marketing option in the menu, choose any of the popular email marketing services, and click ‘save.’ You will be able to get things going faster.

Create Surveys

Before starting something new such as a program to benefit your audience, product, or anything geared to your audience, first undertake market research. You need their data to enable you to make profitable decisions.

WPForms allows you to create surveys to get inputs from your audience. You can create one with multiple field options and get responses in real-time for your audience quickly.

Automate The Whole Process With Zapier

Zapier is an effective automation tool. It has both free and paid options. If you want to save time and your resources, Zapier is the tool to use. If some applications don’t seem to integrate, use zapier to create a zap between them.

WPForms Review 2022: Is It The Best Form Builder On the Market? 3

You see, Zappier allows the integration of over 1,000 valuable applications. That means if WPForms builder integrates with favourite apps and you can also create a zap with all those applications. I’m talking about really valuable tools that you don’t want to miss in your toolkit.

Create Order Forms To Accept Payment

This awesome feature is only available in the premium version. It allows you to create payment form submissions and connect them with payment processors like PayPal and Stripe. With these, you will be able to sell your products, such as courses, e-books, and memberships, right on your site.  

Wpforms Payment

There are different payment fields you can create as an advanced user. If you are selling multiple products, you can create one with numerous choices to give shoppers a wide range of options to select.

Create A Custom Log-in Form

This works well for those with a membership site where readers pay a monthly fee to access. You will require them to log into their accounts to update their profile, billing details, and other essential information. It also works for sites that allow guest post submission. 

To do all that, it allows you to create a custom user registration form with a custom login. You can include various basic form fields to ensure the user meets all the requirements before accessing the resources.

Shun Off Spammers

You don’t want people spamming your site, do you? Well, WPForms can help you to prevent that. With their anti-spam honeypot field feature, it will bar spam bots from your blog. It’s hidden to ensure no human visitor sees it.

You can even include various Google reCAPTCHA services to take the game a notch higher. All these are essential since anything on the internet is vulnerable to bots and other attacks.

Should You Go With The Free Plan?

Unless you are not going for more effective features and just want one with name, email, and message, the free plan can’t be valuable to your blog. You will be missing many more extra features if you go with the free plan.  

Wpforms Pricing