Head to Head: Optimizepress vs Clickfunnels 2022

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You might be wondering how OptimizePress vs ClickFunnels compare if you’re shopping for the perfect all-in-one online marketing platform and funnel-building solution. Both platforms are highly resilient, but they serve different purposes.

clickfunnels vs optimizepress 6

ClickFunnels is a sales funnel builder that serves as an all-in-one business solution. OptimizePress, on the other hand, is a WordPress plugin that can significantly boost sales and create leads. See the comparison below.

Optimizerpress Vs Clickfunnels
tl;dr Summary

  • Clickfunnels is a funnel-building platform that excels at creating sales funnels.
  • OptimizePress is a WordPress plugin that only works with WordPress sites and offers a limited number of templates in comparison to Clickfunnels.
  • The Drag and Drop editor in OptimizePress is less user-friendly than the one in Clickfunnels.
  • OptimizePress allows you to create an unlimited number of pages, while ClickFunnels limits you to 100 pages.
  • The split testing feature in Optimizepress is not as effective as the one offered by clickfunnel

Overview of ClickFunnels

clickfunnels vs optimizepress

ClickFunnels is a comprehensive digital marketing platform that lets you quickly build landing pages and sales funnels. The goal of ClickFunnels is to assist users in making more money by creating sales funnels that convert users into cold prospects and cold prospects into paying clients.

Russel Brunson, a well-known self-made entrepreneur, founded ClickFunnels in 2014. Brunson developed the application to make establishing sales funnels easier for his staff. The platform was made available to the general public due to ClickFunnels’ great success.

Drag-and-drop editors are available in almost all homepage and sales funnel developers, but ClickFunnels pioneered this feature. It allows you to quickly create full-fledged funnels from scratch by dragging and dropping the pieces you need from the dashboard.

Developing a sales funnel from the start with ClickFunnels won’t take you longer than 30 minutes, but if you don’t want to waste time, you can use one of the tool’s many templates. ClickFunnels’ pre-built templates may all be adjusted to match your specific needs.

ClickFunnels is more than just a landing page and sales funnel builder. The platform may build membership sites, set up affiliate programs, and execute upsells. Its in-house email campaigns solution also allows direct communication with email leads.


Overview of OptimizePress

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OptimizePress is a WordPress-specific lead gen tool and home page builder. It’s a WordPress plugin, for the most part. This software makes it simple to develop landing pages and sales pages. You may also create subscription portals and opt-in pages with it.

OptimizePress is affordable. You won’t have to pay a lot of money each month. You’ll only have to pay a minimal amount of cash PER YEAR!

OptimizePress has a large number of home page templates and other essential features. This helps you to create attractive web pages quickly. The fact that OptimizePress is so simple to learn and use is one of the reasons for its popularity. You don’t need a professional to apply its features.

OptimizePress, like ClickFunnels, is drag-and-drop orientated, which means that all you have to do to use one of the parts it has to offer is drag it from the dashboard and drop it onto your task for it to render. The templates can also be easily customized.

Leadmeter, a button that you click to have the platform evaluate the page you’ve constructed and show how well optimized it is, is one of the features that distinguishes OptimizePress from its competitors. It also gives you recommendations and pointers on how to increase your optimization.

OptimizePress vs ClickFunnels: Short Answer

OptimizePress is a powerful platform to utilize if you want to create a basic homepage for your WordPress website without spending a lot of money.

ClickFunnels, on the other hand, reigns supreme if you’re looking for a platform to help you establish an online business empire.

What Is The Difference Between ClickFunnel And OptimizePress?



OptimizePress is a WordPress homepage developer and lead generation tool.

ClickFunnels is a complete digital marketing tool that automates the creation of full-fledged sales funnels.

✅ Pros

✅ Pros

A constructor who is exceptionally cost-effective. There are a plethora of free, attractive templates available.

It has a lightning-quick loading time. Many plugins are supported. It's simple to create membership portals.

Provides a free two-week trial run. Pre-made templates are available in a variety of formats.

A/B split testing feature is built-in to the intuitive drag-and-drop page designer. There are numerous third-party connectors available.



The quality of all templates is not the same. Customer service appears to be slow.

When compared to similar tools, it is expensive. The customer care isn't up to par.

Core Features: ClickFunnels vs. OptimizePress


  • Intuitive Drag and Drop Editor: The builder on ClickFunnels is perhaps the great visual editor available. It allows you to build sales funnels and landing pages from the ground up by dragging and dropping pieces from the dashboard into your project.
  • Pre-Made Templates: Don’t want to waste time creating funnels from the ground up? ClickFunnels provides a variety of templates that you may choose from. You can also alter these pre-made designs to match your brand’s needs.
  • Backpack Affiliate Program: Backpack is a paid feature of ClickFunnels that allows you to set up and control your affiliate network without using third-party services. Only the ClickFunnels Professional package includes this functionality.
  • Actionetics Email Service: This is another paid feature of ClickFunnels. It’s also only available to ClickFunnels Platinum members. Actionetics is a built-in email campaigns solution that removes the requirement for third-party email marketing services.
  • Numerous Integrations: ClickFunnels interfaces with a slew of well-known services, including AWeber and MailChimp for email campaigns, Shopify for e-commerce, WordPress for content management, and a slew of payment systems.
  • eCommerce Service: You may use ClickFunnels to promote and sell any form of goods, whether it’s physical or digital. Many transaction processors, such as Stripe and PayPal, and packing and shipping providers, such as ShipStation, can be integrated.
  • Membership Sites: Are you looking for a strategy to earn a substantial recurring income? Membership funnels may be used to create membership sites. You’ll be able to market your premium content and encourage people to sign up for subscriptions to have access to it.
  • A/B Split Testing: The A/B split-testing feature in ClickFunnels makes evaluating the structure of your sales funnel or page a breeze. You may use this feature to test any component of your sales funnel or homepage—this aids in achieving the maximum conversion rate possible.
  • Built-In Analytics: This tool works in tandem with the A/B split-testing functionality, allowing you to quickly track the effectiveness of your funnels by presenting data such as user behavior, page visits, and the conversion number of your funnel has received.
  • Webinar Funnels: ClickFunnels can assist you in creating a variety of funnels, including webinar funnels. As its title suggests, this funnel allows you to market webinars, both product-based and service-based teleconferences. It also instantly plays them on request.


  • WordPress Hosted: OptimizePress is a WordPress plugin that only works with WordPress sites. This implies that to utilize it, you’ll need to have your self-hosted WordPress website. You may either use it as a WordPress theme or as a module on your webpage.
  • Drag and Drop Oriented: OptimizePress has an incredibly user-friendly editor because of its drag-and-drop layout. To put it another way, with OptimizePress, all you have to do to personalize a page is drop and drag and drop the items you want from the dashboard.
  • Unlimited Pages: OptimizePress allows you to construct many pages, from landing pages and sales pages to membership sites and opt-in websites. Each kind has a distinct aim in mind, but you may always change the pages to suit your needs.
  • Tons of Templates: OptimizePress is an excellent platform for pre-made templates. It comes with over 100 layouts that you may use to speed up creating your pages. The templates are grouped into several categories to make them easier to choose.
  • Excellent Elements: You may choose from a beautiful selection of elements to add to your pages in the editor’s dashboard, including music players, video players, and countdown clocks, as well as buttons, boxes, and reviews. It’s also possible to include product presentations!
  • Membership Portals: OptimizePress’ Optimize Participant module allows you to create membership sites where you may safeguard your content and charge users for access. This function might help you make a consistent monthly income.
  • A/B Split Testing Function: The Split-Testing module in OptimizePress is the tool’s split-testing feature. You can compare two or more variants of the same page to see which design performs better in yield and customer appeal.
  • Leadmeter: Leadpages is a checkbox that you can press for compatible layouts to have OptimizePress assess how well-stream your page is. It’ll give you a list of ideas depending on the outcomes that might help you improve your page.

Head to Head: Optimizepress vs Clickfunnels 2022 1

ClickFunnels Vs. OptimizePress: Comparison Of Features And Tools

It’s critical to assess which software is more cost-effective when evaluating features.

We also have to look at the pricing difference on the competitor platform for similar functionality.

Funnel Builder

Because ClickFunnels is a funnel-building platform, it’s no surprise that it excels at it. To use the OptimizeFunnels funnel builder, you’ll need to upgrade to the OptimizePress Suite subscription.

Which Platform Proposes An Effective Funnel Creation?

For people solely interested in creating sales funnels, ClickFunnels is the ideal option. It includes a lot of pre-built funnels to pick from, and you can see how they communicate with one another.

ClickFunnels makes it a lot easier to envision how guests to your website will act and progress through each funnel than OptimizePress.

Page Builder

Both systems have drag-and-drop capability and many pre-built marketing funnels that you can quickly edit to meet your specific needs.

Which Platform Provides A Better Page-Building Solution?

If you have a WordPress website, OptimizePress is preferable to ClickFunnels since it connects more effortlessly.

landing page wordpress sites clickfunnels vs unlimited pages landing page builder high converting landing pages page builder

It also allows you to personalize an endless number of pages (compared with 100 landing pages for the ClickFunnels Standard plan). If you don’t want to utilize WordPress, ClickFunnels has a similar feature set and is easier to use to create high-quality landing pages.

Marketing And Sales Features

Compared to OptimizePress, ClickFunnels is significantly more concentrated on email campaigns and provides an all-in-one solution.

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Which System Provides The Most Effective Sales And Marketing Remedies?

The sales and marketing tools of ClickFunnels are superior to those of OptimizePress, particularly with the Paid version ($297/month), which includes an in-built advertising platform called Follow-up Funnels.

OptimizePress does not include an email marketing platform, but it interfaces with all of the leading email marketing systems available.


ClickFunnels and OptimizePress both have robust membership features, with ClickFunnels having membership sites and OptimizePress providing membership portals.

Which Platform Has The Best Membership Features?

Both platforms are comparable in terms of performance. Even on the most miniature version, OptimizePress allows you to optimize an infinite number of pages. This expands your options for providing Membership gateways to visitors to your WordPress site.

E-Commerce Features

E-commerce is a strong suit for both systems. For your online marketplace, ClickFunnels provides e-commerce store funnels. OptimizePress includes a sales page builder as well as a shopping cart.

Which Platform Has More E-Commerce Capabilities?

OptimizePress is outstanding value for money if you want to design pages to enhance sales and lead generation on WordPress sites. ClickFunnels allows you to create effective funnels for your internet business even if you aren’t using WordPress.


Analytics Features

Both systems have strong analytics capabilities, but ClickFunnels focuses on gathering and converting leads.

Which Platform Has The Most Advanced Analytics Features?

The Platinum package of ClickFunnels includes an email marketing capability called “Follow-up Funnels” that allows you to examine lead social media conduct and discover how they make purchase decisions.

This allows you to send them personalized emails tailored to their needs, boosting the odds of becoming customers. This capability, nevertheless, comes at a cost: the Platinum plan costs more monthly than the OptimizePress Suite plan does per year.

Customization Features

Both systems include drag-and-drop page builders and enable an excellent level of customization.


Which Platform Has The Most Customization Options?

ClickFunnels is probably more customizable than OptimizePress because it isn’t just reliant on WordPress. On the other hand, both platforms offer hundreds of page templates to pick from, allowing you to construct customized landing pages and sales pages on both platforms.

Plan and Pricing: ClickFunnels vs. OptimizePress

We’ll analyze and contrast the price aspects of both systems in this section. Both systems have hidden costs and features that you should know before investing in them.

Pricing For ClickFunnels Is As Follows:

clickfunnels vs optimizepress 3

  • Basic Plan: For $97 per month, you get 20 funnels, 100 conversion tracking, a