Brick And Mortar Summit: Effective Strategies to Grow Online Business

Brick and mortar summit

During the pandemic, most businesses opted to operate online to stay afloat, as you will later learn in this Brick and Mortar Summit review.

Are you still applying traditional marketing practices such as erecting billboards and posters? Well, this might not just be the right method in modern times.

You see, it’s easy to scale an online business because it’s flexible. You can set up an online business in a day and get sales the same day. There is also an increased customer base online. So, you just need the right skills to tap into this vast marketplace.

To do that, you will need a sales funnel. These are stages prospects pass before they convert to a customer. Just like a physical funnel, there are strategies to invite people into your funnel, engage, and convert them at the bottom of the funnel. 

At the moment, your customers are spending their time at home on their phones or in front of computers.

In fact, Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, has noted a sharp increase in the number of online shoppers. As a result, the online retail giant reduced its advertising budget significantly.

So, if your business is not online, then you will be pushed to the sideline. Don’t worry, however, because it’s not late. You can begin today and create a simple sales funnel that delivers insanely high results.

But can you create sales funnels?

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Brick and mortar summit
Brick And Mortar Summit: Effective Strategies to Grow Online Business 7

That’s what you will learn in this Brick and Mortar Summit. It’s a collection of interviews of brick and mortar business owners, who are thriving in the modern economy by leveraging the power of simple sales funnels.

Brick And Mortar Summit Review


If you are brick and mortar business owners, it’s time to tap the vast online marketplace and grow fast. You may find it challenging, but if you follow and learn those who made it, you will get to the top in no time. This Brick and Mortar Summit is a must-have if you want to leverage the power of Clickfunnels to launch and grow your business. You should also enroll for the One Funnel Away Challenge. This practical challenge has helped many people realize their dreams fast. Take action today. 


  • The best training to learn step by step on how to properly sell products or services online.
  • So many great reviews and testimonials that it pretty much sells itself.
  • Private Facebook group access
  • Recordings of Brick and Mortar Summit


  • Need to commit at least 1 hour daily for the next 30 days to watch and implement the trainigs

List of Speakers in the Brick and Mortar Summit

Would you want to know who will talk in the Brick and Mortar summit and what they will say? I bet you will like this. Here is a whole bunch of brick and mortar business owners who leverage sales funnel to grow fast.

Brick and Mortar Summit
Brick And Mortar Summit: Effective Strategies to Grow Online Business 8

1.  Anissa Holmes | Dentist

She has a solid plan for any dentist owning a brick and mortar business. In your early stages of launching and running an online business in the dental practice, you will often lack clients. Without the right strategy to overcome this hurdle, most people throw in a cold towel. Don’t do that. You need to follow the practices of people who have been in the field for long. Start off by watching Anissa interview.  

2.  Alex Hormozi- Gym Owner

Hey, did you hit the gym today? Most people like hitting it at least once in a day. It helps to boost your productivity levels. Since you love working out, why not open a gym. It’s often a hurdle, but only if you are not determined enough. Alex will show you the tricks he used to get a steady stream of customers.

If you have customers, you have a business. A business is not a business without customers. 

3.  Joshua Latimer -Window Cleaner

Joshua is in the service-based business. Imagine scaling your window cleaning business to six or seven figures. Isn’t that awesome? That’s what exactly Joshua teaches you. In fact, once he began using the techniques, he has had consistent clients. Watch the interview in the summit and copy his plan for success.

4.  Ryan and Brad | Financial Services Practice

You will watch the two during your first day of the summit. They have created a successful financial empire in no time by learning and applying the right techniques. In the interview, they will unravel the tricks you can use to scale your company five times. You will like this interview.

5.  Jaime Cross- Natural Skincare

I bet everyone would want to go from being broke to a multimillionaire, right? What do you need to do? Rather, let’s put it this way. What did someone who earned millions did that you are not doing? Jaime shows you these tricks. She is in the skincare niche. So, it will be a plus if you are in the same niche. But if you don’t, you can always pick the lessons.

6.  Adam Sewell M.D. -Medical physicians

Adam is a medic. He has been in the field for long. So, when he discovered the idea of using sales funnels to create his ideal practice and attract his clients, he jumped in full swing. That’s what exactly he teaches. In the interview, he will lay out his plan. Watch him. The interview is all free for 48 hours.

7.  Chad Woolner | Chiropractor

Are you a chiropractor? How far are you in your sales funnel journey? I guess you aren’t where you wanted to be. Isn’t why you are reading this Brick and Mortar Summit review, right? Don’t worry. You may not like your current position, but if you act consistently, and follow the right people, you will hit six or seven figures in no time.

Begin by watching Chad’s interview and getting his plan. I know you will like it.

8.  Emily Gang – Medicare coach

I was once reading an article talking about the term ‘insurance’ as the most expensive in Google ads. It’s not a tussle, however, to get clients with an insurance agency. Emily is a testimony to that. She has leveraged the power of Clickfunnels to make it big from his insurance firm. If you are in the same niche, check out the interview.

9.  Krista Mashore | Real Estate Agent

Just like Joe, Krista is in the real estate field. She says that it took her lots of work to get her first few clients. I know most of the entrepreneurs starting out online are in the same stage, right? Why not get Krista’s strategy and apply it to your business? Sure enough, you will begin getting some results.

10.  Jennifer Sewell – Medical Spas

Jennifer is in the health niche. Since most medics are still learning to leverage funnels to get clients, Jennifer comes in handy. If you are in that niche, she will teach you ways of generating clients with no referrals. This is important, especially for small businesses getting their feet wet online.

11. Tyler Shaule – Local Business Consultant

How would it feel getting clients until you have to say no to some projects? Awesome, right? Tyler teaches you to get just that. He is a local business consultant, who has mastered three simple messaging campaigns to leverage and get tons of leads in the next 100 days. It’s worth listening to him and getting his plan. I like how he demonstrates his method simply and concisely.

12. David Frey – Local Business Strategies

Facebook marketing has been delivering excellent results for me, and most of the people in my circle. In fact, I teach these techniques, as well. It’s sad, however, to note that some people are still not getting results here while the tricks are out there.

In the interview, David demonstrates the tricks you can easily use to generate local Facebook traffic to your brick and mortar business funnel.

13. Joe McCall – Real estate

I know of several people in the real estate niche. However, most are not getting consistent customers because of several reasons. It may be that they are not pitching the right people, or they aren’t positioning their brands well enough. Whichever the case, Joe is here to show you the way. He will show you how to get over 100 retail estate retail and investors in 30 days. How is that? 

14. Mike Arce – Fitness Studios

Are you in the fitness niche? Perhaps you are finding it a tussle getting fitness studio clients. I know. The main challenge that faces entrepreneurs when starting out is getting consistent customers. Don’t worry, however, because Mike has your back. In his interview, he will share with you the secrets you can use to get up to 100 studio clients in 30 days.

15. Andrew Argue – Accounting Firm

Watch as Andrew gives you the secrets he has used to launch and grow his accounting firm. He will teach you the secrets of attracting, engaging, and delighting your customers. You can download his plan and watch his video, as well.  

The One Funnel Away Challenge

Since the Brick and Mortar summit is only limited to 48 hours, you need to upgrade and join the challenge to continue enjoying the interviews.

The funnel challenge is only $100 and has most of what you will need to get started. After the 30-day challenge, you will have a fully profitable sales funnel, making you moneyed. I began making serious money online consistently after taking this challenge.

This is what you will find inside:    

The 550-page Hardcover Book

In this book, Russell asked 30 of the 2 Comma Club award members about their approach if they lost it all (no traffic, no product to sell, and no email list) and had to start all over.
Brick And Mortar Summit: Effective Strategies to Grow Online Business 9

Remember, it’s not a walk in the park being a 2CC member. You have to earn over $1 million from a single funnel. So, getting the advice of these 30 members is priceless. You will know precisely the steps you need to follow to knock it out of the park.

The book comes in a hardcopy. They will deliver right to your doorstep.

The One Funnel Away Challenge Workbook

Since it’s a challenge with tasks to complete every day, you will need a workbook to be organized and consistent. That’s where the workbook comes in. It acts as a companion to the video pieces of training you will have in the challenge.

One Funnel Away Challenge Workbook
Brick And Mortar Summit: Effective Strategies to Grow Online Business 10

The workbook has sufficient space to brainstorm ideas and answer the key questions that will arise during the challenge. Jotting down ideas as you watch the videos will enable you to avoid missing out on critical elements to your success. There are links to the videos, as well. This sensible guide helps a great deal in actualizing your goals.

MP 3 Player of the OFA challenge

I know you may not like reading such long books. One of my friends told me that he doesn’t like reading books with lots of pages. Well, perhaps you can do well with an MP 3 of the whole challenge. How is that?

One Funnel Away Challenge
Brick And Mortar Summit: Effective Strategies to Grow Online Business 11

You will play the challenge in the gym, in your office having the afternoon nap, or even while traveling. I remember coming from Dubai and listening to the recordings of the challenge. Having an MP 3 version of the challenge enables you to utilize your free time effectively because you only need to plug in your earphones and click ‘play.’

There are tons of value in the One Funnel Away Challenge. You just need to get in and find out. Also, there are lots of bonuses upon joining the challenge. Here are some of them:

The “100 days 100 new customers” e-book

The ebook has all the Brick and Mortar expert interview series. You will not only read their words but also see the big picture any high-flying online entrepreneur has. The book communicates their goals, dreams, and what pushes them to follow their goals and achieve success.

Brick And Mortar Summit: Effective Strategies to Grow Online Business 1
Brick And Mortar Summit: Effective Strategies to Grow Online Business 12

By learning about the mistakes they make along the way, you will avoid them and become successful faster. You may not achieve as much as they may in a short while, but the stories can inspire you to become the best version of yourself. Watch them lay out their action plan and use that to your success.

Unlimited access to the “Brick and Mortar Interview Series” for a Lifetime

Are you sad that the expert series is over in the Brick and Mortar series? Hop into the One Funnel Away challenge and get this as a bonus. You will not have the countdown plugin playing in the bottom or limited on the videos to watch per day. You will watch them anytime you want and apply the skills they teach in your business.

Remember, this is a list of 15 brick and mortar business owners who opted to leverage sales funnel to grow their businesses. You can, too. Listen to why they chose to make the shift, when they did it, and how they knocked it out of the park.   

Behind the scenes interview of 14 Brick and Mortar Experts Blueprint

Would you want the unedited version of the Brick and Mortar expert series instead of getting a professionally edited version? I know that sometimes the editors might not reveal everything said during the interview, right? The behind the scenes videos has it all.

Not every expert would want to reveal his or her secrets, just like that. They will most often give only half of it. They will not reveal the workings of their funnels, their top traffic sources, or the guarded secrets to higher conversions. That’s why you need this behind the scenes version of the interviews.

Brick And Mortar Summit Bonuses

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If you are brick and mortar business owners, it’s time to tap the vast online marketplace and grow fast. You may find it challenging, but if you follow and learn those who made it, you will get to the top in no time.

This Brick and Mortar Summit is a must-have if you want to leverage the power of Clickfunnels to launch and grow your business.

You should also enroll for the One Funnel Away challenge. This practical challenge has helped many people realize their dreams fast. Take action today. 

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