My Top10 Best Amazon Affiliate Program Alternatives for 2020 Recommendations

Amazon Affiliate Program Alternatives

A lot of things have changed since the start of the pandemic in March of this year. One major thing for online content creators was the changes that were made to Amazon’s affiliate program. Earning commissions for affiliates were drastically slashed from what were already small margins, to begin with.

Because of this, many creators like yourself have seen a cut in monthly payouts and need to pivot to make up for losing wages. You’re likely very eager to find Amazon affiliate program alternatives, and fast. 

With this list of Amazon affiliate alternatives, you will find another affiliate program that will help to subsidize income lost with the Amazon affiliate program or find an additional stream of income that will not disappoint. These alternative affiliate programs fill the void with higher commissions, longer cookies, more affiliate resources… all.

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#1 Amazon Affiliate Program Alternatives: Walmart  

A household name that is known mostly for their physical locations, has seen the trends of online retail, and jumped on the bandwagon with their own affiliate program. 

One thing important to consider when looking for Amazon affiliate program alternatives, is if the company you are looking to partner with, has the range of products Amazon has. 

For Walmart this is one of the biggest pros. You can make a link to anything from baby clothes to camping gear. 

My Top10 Best Amazon Affiliate Program Alternatives for 2020 Recommendations 1

The cookie duration for Walmart is 3 days compared to Amazon’s affiliate program of 24 hours. 

They offer a commission of up to 4% for most categories, while they do offer up to a whopping 18% for categories such as business and personal checks. 

Even though most things land in the lower commission categories, they do have a variety of higher ticket items that can make your commission more to write home about. 

#2 Amazon Affiliate Program Alternatives: Target 

Target is also a great Amazon affiliate program alternative, as they also are a widely known company and converting sales comes easier based on this alone. 

Variety is also not a problem with Target, as they have many categories in which you can earn commissions. The biggest potential for commissions can be earned in the apparel/accessories and home/garden categories. 

They offer up to 8% commission, however, this is tiered based on the amount of orders submitted through your links per month. 

My Top10 Best Amazon Affiliate Program Alternatives for 2020 Recommendations 2

The tracking cookie for Target is better than both Amazon’s affiliate program and Walmart, at 7 days. Target has the tiered commission structure that is sorely missed by Amazon affiliates.

Target also offers additional earrings to affiliates for “non- sale conversion events”. This means that they will also payout a referral fee for bringing in new customers that do not need to spend money for you to make this commission. For example, a new customer that makes a new baby registry will qualify you to receive their referral fee! 

#3 Amazon Affiliate Program Alternatives: Wayfair 

An online e-commerce company that sells furniture, home goods and decor. 

Topping the charts with over 9 billion in sales for 2019 (yes, with a “B” ) it is obvious this company has room for you as an affiliate to make some good commissions. 

They claim to have over 10 million products that will fit every style and budget. As an affiliate, this is good for you to offer your audience a variety of products and price points. With a product range similar to Amazon, this is why Wayfair has made the list for one of the best Amazon affiliate program alternatives. 

It offers a 7 day cookie along with 7% commissions. With the average order of $300 you stand to make more than with Amazon even before they slashed commission percentages.

#4 Amazon Affiliate Program Alternatives: Nike

Nike brand can be seen everywhere, from your favorite sports player to the cashier that checked you out at the grocery store. 

The demand for the brand is undeniable, and another great opportunity for you as a creator to earn a good commission from this. 

Not only does Nike sell shoes for every activity – from basketball, to athletic training – they also have the apparel to match. Socks to sweat bands etc. Safe to say, there is something for everyone from Nike. 

Nike offers a little over 14% commissions with a 7 day cookie.

Nike’s affiliate program for the U.S is through VigLink 

#5 Amazon Affiliate Program Alternatives: Etsy

Etsy is easily the first name you think of when looking into handmade items sold on the internet. 

You can find things like handmade jewelry, home decor and also craft supplies such as beads and tools used to create handmade items. 

With a 4% commission this is not much more than Amazon’s affiliate rates. However, with the unique items that can only be found on their platform, this can serve as an advantage for the right audience. Because of this, fashion bloggers and craft sites do well with Etsy. 

They allow Etsy store owners to become affiliates, you just may not earn commissions on your own items listed for sale. 

The cookie duration for Etsy is a healthy, 30 days. 

#6 Amazon Affiliate Program Alternatives: Chewy 

Chewy is an online delivery service in the pet niche. They offer all things pets, from horses, to dogs to reptiles. 

Chewy is becoming more well known, with the company’s efforts in advertising, however, they still have good a reputation as they are a division of the well-known store PetSmart. 

This affiliate program is a bit different as they only offer commissions based on new lead generation. 

For every new customer you bring to chewy that makes a purchase, you will receive a flat $15 commission. 

They provide a 15 day last touch cookie. 

#7 Amazon Affiliate Program Alternatives: Share a Sale

One of the biggest pros to using Amazons affiliate program is that they offer such a wide variety of products to promote. It’s said that 94% of affiliate marketers use over one network. 

Being able to test products and services out for your specific audience can make the difference in you doubling or even tripling your income, deepening on what your current sales are. 

This is why affiliate networks are very popular among affiliate marketers. It’s one platform in which you can work with many brands. 

Share a Sale joined the scene in the year 2000. Not too far behind the start of affiliate networks in 1996. They have exclusively been an affiliate marketing network company for the 20 years they have been in the business. They pride themselves on being fair and honest in business practices. 

Share a Sale offers merchant accounts that range from the business side of things, such as Grammarly, to arts and crafts, with merchants such as Cricut. 

With the abundance of Merchants, the commission range is just that as well. You will find them as low as 2% and as much as 30% depending on the merchant. 

The cookie duration is one of the best things about the network, coming in at a whopping 365 days or 12 months! 

#8 Amazon Affiliate Program Alternatives: EBay

With eBay being one of the larger e-commerce platforms, it only comes natural that they are an Amazon affiliate program alternative. 

Ebay is about as close to Amazon as you can get based on product offerings. They have many categories, including but not limited to, business and industrial, fashion, and real estate. (Yea, real estate?!) 

They offer commission rates from 1%-6%, all depending on the category in which you make a sale. 

The cookie duration for eBay is exactly as Amazon’s, and runs for 24 hours. 

One advantage you do have, is being  able to earn commissions on sales not associated with your link within the 24 hour period. 

#9 Amazon Affiliate Program Alternatives: NewEgg

NewEgg is an online computer and electronic company. They have everything from gaming equipment, to drones and tech toys. 

With a commission rate rate of up to 2.5%, you may not initially be excited, as this probably reminds you of Amazon’s lower affiliate rates. 

However, one thing NewEgg really has going for them is not only the variety of products they offer but their range in prices. They have items from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars. Depending on your audience, your commissions can start to add up quickly. 

#10 Amazon Affiliate Program Alternatives: Barnes and Noble

Barnes and Noble is one of the world’s largest book retailers. With Amazon on the market, they have been given a lot of competition, but have been able to come back even stronger. 

My Top10 Best Amazon Affiliate Program Alternatives for 2020 Recommendations 3

They now rival with Amazon, with their very own NOOK products comparable to Amazon’s Kindle. 

Barnes and Noble offers commissions on millions of physical books, games, and toys. 

The commission comes in at 2% on books and 4% on NOOKS and digital products.  The cookie duration is set at 24 hours. 


Amazon released these changes due to coronavirus, however there is no sign that they will return to the original pay structure they previously had. 

Although you may have taken a hit from Amazon’s affiliate program’s change in commission percentages, do not fear, there are many Amazon affiliate program alternatives. Many of which far outrank Amazon by the quality of goods, commission rates and conversion rates. With the list provided above, you can not only supplement the income lost due to Amazon’s cut in percentages but in many cases, you may exceed the revenue in which you are accustomed to receiving. 

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