The Insider’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing: #1 Reason You Should Invest

Insider's Guide to Affiliate Marketing
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The Insider’s Guide To Affiliate Marketing is the latest Legendary Marketer product. It’s a must-read resource when getting your feet wet in the affiliate marketing world. 

Statistics show that this industry in the US alone is expected to hit $6.8 billion in 2020. That’s according to research done by Digital Global. In fact, there has been a steady growth rate of 10.1% per year. 

With such promising figures, I bet it’s time you should begin giving this a serious thought and going ‘all in’ on affiliate marketing.

Understanding The Basic of Affiliate Marketing

Well, I want to give you the ultimate roadmap to the top of the affiliate marketing world. It can be a nerve-wracking task mastering the fundamentals if you are just getting your feet wet.

Guess why? Because there are a lot of theories, techniques, methods, and formulas on the internet that deem essential but confuse you in the process.

The catch is to master what’s in this book because it has worked for most of the six to seven figures affiliate marketers.

You will first need to understand the following basics before delving into the practical side of affiliate marketing:

What’s affiliate marketing?

Who is an affiliate?

Where can you find affiliate products?

Which products can you promote and get the best for the time spent?

How about answering all these questions and giving you a practical step-by-step approach? I guess that’s what you and any other newbie would want.

No book explains affiliate marketing so comprehensively.

Who wrote this Comprehensive guide?

The mastermind behind The Insider Guide To Affiliate Marketing is none other than the worldly renowned online multi-million marketer David Sharpe. He is one of the top online marketers of our time. 

If you are in the online marketing space, you must have come across some of his works and educational resources.

In his interview with Ted Nuyten in 2012, David first came into the limelight when his former company Empower Network (he was the co-founder) was having about 60,000 plus customers. He was a drunk addict, homeless, and grew up facing many hurdles in life.

I always like his story because it teaches something about the impact affiliate marketing can have on your life when you choose to ‘go all in.’ 

Legendary Marketer

Honestly, most of us have once been on both sides of the world. At one moment, you are ridden in debt and without any chance of ever becoming someone that matters. 

But if you choose to master one skill and give it 10x focus, you might soon wake up and be the next David Sharpe of our time.  

David made it big was when he established The Legendary Marketer- it’s a whole Internet marketing bundle with different modules. I actually wrote a whole guide about Legendary Marketer, and one of the products dubbed the 15 days online business builder challenge.

Stick to the end because you might soon learn a way of getting all these for FREE when others are paying $$ for the same.

A Slight peek into The Insider Guide to Affiliate Marketing

I will briefly tell you what’s inside this eBook since it would be illegal to reveal all its content. It’s divided into three parts to ensure you understand affiliate marketing in a systematic manner. Each section tackles a specific challenge.

Part 1: The foundation of success

Part 2: Affiliate domination formula

Part 3: The foundation to longevity

Let’s dive right in and understand what’s covered in each part.

The Foundation To Success

What is a foundation? Why do you need a firm one? Well, if you think about any tall building, you don’t always hesitate to think about the foundation. There is also an ancient tale of a bamboo tree, which takes five years to establish a great rooting foundation before shooting and growing fast.

That’s the same thing here. You need a foundation to succeed in affiliate marketing. How strong the foundation can be is dependent on how well you understand the concepts. Here is the chapter you will learn here.

Why affiliate marketing beats the rest

In the introduction, I told you that affiliate marketing is booming. Most e-commerce stores, such as Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba understand the importance of this form of marketing. In fact, Amazon was the pioneer of affiliate marketing in July of 1996. Think about it. This industry is raking in about 6.8 billion this year.

Proof being the middleman pays

Does it pay to be an affiliate? An affiliate does not own products or services. His or her job is merely to promote a product and earn a certain percentage of commissions. Some people might think it’s better to own those products and promote them at the same time.

Well, that can be a good idea. However, consider the cost and the skill required. It pays to invest in being an affiliate marketer.  

How do you find the best products to promote

You don’t just go around promoting anything you find online. The catch is to find unique products that your audience needs. Find products that can give you value for your time and skills. You may spend time promoting a product only for it to go out of the market. Imagine the loss.

Find a hot niche with proven buyers

David Davidson coined the expression ‘The money is in the niche’. Which niche can you get the most buyers? In this chapter, you will learn how to identify a niche and promote products you love. 

But for you to make money, you not only need to niche down but also to understand your ideal prospects. If you can get a hot niche, you can make money.

Affiliate Domination Formula

This is less theoretical and more practical. You will learn practical affiliate marketing examples here.

Evergreen traffic and where to get it

You may have hot products and top-notch marketing skills, but you need the traffic to make sales. Not only traffic but also evergreen traffic that continuously makes you money. There are different channels of getting traffic, but the book explains the best channels to get free traffic.

Instead of going for paid traffic as some marketers would advise, I will always recommend free traffic sources before you acquire the necessary marketing skills.

Set up a two-page site that generates lots of leads

You will need a website to act as the cornerstone of your marketing strategy. While an excellent looking niche site is great, you can begin by having a simple 2-paged site and make sales. Have you heard of sales funnels? It seems the principles taught here go in tandem.

Rules to make sales

How can you make sales continuously? There are rules for that. Ever sold anything online or offline, then you must understand the art of selling. Some people have mastered this art and make lots of sales. It’s a critical skill if you are planning to sell anything online. You will learn sales in this chapter.

Secret to scaling

When do you scale your affiliate marketing business? Take note to avoid premature upscaling because it can ruin your business. You need to consider your business growth and skills you can outsource. If you hire people too quickly, you might end up spending all your profits on them and a little on yourself or business.

Tracking metrics properly

Before launching any marketing campaign, you need metrics in place. You can only measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts by setting the right key performance indicators (KPIs). Metrics enable you to track performance and scale where it deems possible. It will allow you to optimize your campaigns for maximum conversions.

How to run massive ‘windfall’ campaigns

You will learn about viral marketing in this chapter. Viral marketing leverages situations to help push your products to reach the prospects fast. Once you practically master ‘windfall’ campaigns, you will learn to launch and grow your business quickly.  

The Foundation To Longevity

You need to stay long in the business. Therefore, you have to master business concepts that can enable you to not only be in the game but also in the competition. 

Sounds challenging? 

What I mean is that you can be in the game but not among the top competitors. This part helps to impart you these skills.

Blending compliance and conversions

While most marketing ignores the act of being compliant, it goes a long way in saving your business from losing money. Most people fail to blend the two; that’s compliance and increasing conversions. Think like a consumer. You will learn how to balance the two marketing aspects of this chapter.

The 3 stages of entrepreneurial growth

Entrepreneurship is a process. It’s a journey. Dr. David Bozward christined it as the process of thinking, doing, and growing. Since it’s a process, you need to master the details. Think about it. A process has its approach. The kind of attitude you give determines the outcome.

This chapter teaches you the stages of entrepreneurial growth. You will know what you need to do to maximize each step and transits to the next.

Is the Insider’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing Worth It?

At the time of writing this, The Insider Guide To Affiliate Marketing was costing at $1.99. Does it break the bank? Of course, it doesn’t. Think about it. When was the last time you spend less than five bucks to purchase something as valuable as this?

The Insider Guide To Affiliate Marketing

I have been taking online courses on Udemy and other sites. Some cost an arm and a leg while others are cheaper. They don’t give as many details as provided in this book. Not only that, you have access to other premium products in the Legendary Marketer’s pool. as well

This book does not only tells you what, but also how, when, what, and where. It answers all the questions you have in your mind in regards to affiliate marketing. Since it’s written by someone who has been in the game for long and made millions, expect a lot of real practical knowledge.

What Else Do I Get?

Apart from the ebook, here is what else you will get for $1.99:

The Insider's Guide to Affiliate Marketing

Access to the 15-day online business builder challenge

If you have to build a business, you need to do it in a step-by-step manner. Learn one fundamental skill every day. Practice and see that it works. That’s what this is all about. It’s a 15-day challenge that helps members to launch and grow an online business within 15 days. There is immense value here, which you are getting for free.

For 15 days, you will learn the following:

Core business basics

Mastering the game of wealth

Actual demonstration on how to build and grow a business in under 30 min

Understand how to develop a business plan that woo investors and give you the journey to riches

How to generate leads and convert them to leads

How to write a compelling copy that talks, walks, and sells your products like wildfire

Those are some of the topics covered in the challenge. You will have access to all when you become a member.

The challenge is valued at $299. Yet, you can get it for FREE once you purchase the book. 

Isn’t it a great deal?  

Affiliate domination blueprint

This is real ‘gold’ because you will get access to the actual tools David Sharpe and other 6-figure online income earners to use to rake millions online. The suite contains the following:

Video scripts: you don’t need to scratch your head on how to create your videos. Once you get these scripts, you will learn the steps that David takes when creating videos. You will then customize them to fit your needs.

Email swipes and templates: As an affiliate, you need to have a list. The larger the record, the higher the potential of making money. But you can burn your bridges if you don’t know how to send compelling emails that talk your prospects into buying your products. That’s where the swipes and templates come in handy. You can customize them to fit your email messages.

Phone calls scripts: as a marketer, once in a while, you will need to call your prospects. How should you approach them and increase the chances of conversions? While it may appear a simple task since you call people regularly, it can be a daunting task to get into a sales call and close deals. 

Advertising materials: in this bundle, you will also have access to both paid and free advertising materials.

All these are valued at $199.

Access to a private Facebook group with over 18,000 students

Who wouldn’t want to be in a valuable Facebook group? I’m sure you would want a group focused on helping you to become the best in what you do. Right? This is a community of affiliate marketers at different levels. There are boundless opportunities.

Builds better business relationships: since most of the time the group employs a casual atmosphere, it makes it easy for users to engage in a non-professional way. The friendly atmosphere creates essential deeper business relationships.

Potential customer base: since these are people at different levels in their affiliate marketing journey, you can always fish for customers here. It doesn’t necessarily sell them Legendary Marketer’s products, but from the relationships you garner, you will have people to learn from and those learning and buying from you.

This community is helpful. There are top online marketers here ready to answer your questions. If you get real-time feedback from an experienced person, you are bound to make sales faster than someone without any guidance.

Personal Business Plan Consultation

You will also have access to a one-on-one meeting with a business advisor from the Legendary Marketers team. How does it feel having an experienced person by your side walking you through the whole process of creating a business plan?

Once you have the book, you will gain free access to the board, which is valued at $199.


Affiliate marketing is a profitable business, which most people have not yet discovered its full potential. You know what? You can begin it today and become a multi-millionaire in two years. However, for you to earn that lofty title, you have to master the craft.

To learn the basics of affiliate marketing and the practical side of it in a simple and easy to understand way, read The Insider Guide To Affiliate Marketing. It’s one of the best books on affiliate marketing now. Get it today before the price shoots up. 

Yogesh Saini

Yogesh Saini

I have been in the affiliate marketing industry for more than two years. I am an entrepreneur myself and know what it takes to be successful.
My goal is to show entrepreneurs how they can build a successful online business with my help, and teach them about the latest trends in digital marketing.

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