An Honest Review of The Copywriters Playbook 2020

Copywriters Playbook 2020

Are you a copywriter? Do you understand the importance of copywriting in your online business? I know you aren’t making as many sales as you wanted, right? If it is so, why not try being a copywriter and make more sales? That’s what you will learn in this Copywriters Playbook 2020 review; it’s all about updated copywriting tricks.

Without the right copywriting expertise, you are deemed to make mistakes. It pays to look at your copy from different angles. Use the right power words, as well, based on your audience and bring ‘you’ into the copy you are writing.

You also ought to understand that copywriting is always evolving based on consumer trends and new digital channels. Therefore, you should always have a finger on the pulse on copywriting trends.

Introducing The Copywriters Playbook 2020

To answer all your copywriting questions, I recommend reading the latest Legendary Marketer’s book, The Copywriters Playbook 2020. I have always loved Legendary Marketer’s products. By investing some $ $ into their products, my business began to thrive.

The Copywriters Playbook 2020 is a value-packed book written by a celebrated internet marketer to improve your copywriting skills. It consists of videos and in-depth PDF files that tackle challenges of writing a top-notch copy in the current marketing world.

Something About The Author

I guess you know David Sharpe. If you don’t, that’s where you should begin your online marketing journey; getting someone to follow and draw inspiration from. Sometimes we just need someone who can tell us where we are going wrong and how to avoid mistakes.

Dave Sharpe
An Honest Review of The Copywriters Playbook 2020 3

David is the author of this brand new book. He owns Legendary Marketer, a site that teaches online entrepreneurs how to build successful online businesses and scale them to six figures.

You may think he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. No, he was a drug addict and only had an 8th-grade education. He was so poor in writing a copy that one of his subscribers emailed back, telling him never to send such kind of email to him again.

A Sneak Peek Inside The Book

Would you want to know the value hidden inside before going for the book? I can tell you it’s what most of the marketers are lacking when it comes to copywriting.

The book is divided into 8 several parts.

Here is what’s inside each part:

Part 1: Get Clear On What You Are Offering 

What are you selling? Yes, I know you are selling a course, a SaaS business, a high-ticket affiliate program, but what are you selling? You see, we tend to think we are selling a product or a service. That’s where we go wrong. The moment you understand what you are selling, you will know your customers.

Legendary Marketer does not sell digital products; it sells resourceful marketing information. They aim to ensure you grow your online business leveraging our techniques. That’s the same thing with my company. I recommend to you digital products I believe can help to boost your sales. Think of your offer in those terms, and you have mastered part one.

Part 2: The 4 Steps To Create Buyer Frenzy

What makes most people purchase products online? If you say emotions, you are right. Emotional marketing is critical in the modern marketing landscape. But how do you do it right? Do all emotions count when selling your offer? You need to channel the right emotions to the right people. Otherwise, they might not buy your offer.

One kind of emotion is FOMO (fear of missing out). That means creating a sense of urgency in your offer. Make prospects feel they can’t make it big without your offer. David will teach you how multi-million marketers use this in their ad campaigns.

Part 3: Amateur Pitfalls To Avoid

If you are not a copywriter, you need to learn to Copywrite because it can have a great impact on your business. However, suppose you are a copywriter, and you aren’t getting the results you wanted? That could only mean you are committing some common copywriting sins.

One of the sins can be copycatting. Others are narcissism and worrying. David teaches you how to avoid these and write a great copy that brings forth lots of sales.

Part 4: Bringing YOU Into Copy

I think this aspect is the most important. You see, customers only buy from people they trust. Let me ask you a simple question. Do you buy something online from someone you don’t know? No. You first need to know and determine the credibility of the seller. Supposed their site isn’t credible? Will you even dare giving out your credit card information? No.

Let your customers understand the real ‘you’ and not the product. We all have a unique story. That’s what unites us. Your journey is useful to you and your customers. Provide value to your relationships and shun robotic sales processes that aren’t authentic.

You will learn more about these aspects in this part.

Part 5: The Tried And True PMES Formula

How do you write a great ad? Now that marketing is all about mastering great copywriting skills, is there a simple process you can follow even if you are not a guru? Yes. After taking into account all the aspects of copywriting, David came up with the PMES formula, which is an acronym for problem, message, empathy, solution.

This formula is your new friend when you want to create a winning Facebook ad, an email, or a product landing page. The four aspects are critical when writing any piece of copy. Consider the problem you are solving, the message you will present to your audience, the empathy, and the solution to their problems.

Part 6: Turn Your Feelz Into Winning Copy

We all have emotions. However, are they helping in your copy? Don’t let your emotions dominate you. Make them useful instead. Channel them into creating a winning copy.

You first need to understand the problem you are solving. After that, understand the right emotions to employ. Why do you think people need to purchase your offer? Probably, you are helping them solve their challenges. Whichever the case, answer this question in detail and choose the right power words to use in your copy.

Part 7: The 5 Secret Value Triggers

Why do people buy? If you think shallowly, you might not understand this. Think in terms of emotions. Why did you buy your current car? If you think about it, you didn’t buy the car but they need to appear classic and trendy. You desired that feeling of importance, which you experience when you arrive at a place and cause havoc.

That’s the same thing with your customers. They buy from you to satisfy their emotions. In this part, you will learn 5 secret sales drivers. These are words multi-million marketers use to achieve high conversion rates. David will also show you how to use them effectively to get the desired result

Part 8: Sowing ‘Copy Seeds’ To Harvest More Sales

If you sow a seed, it gives forth fruits or more seeds. Unless, of course, if it withers in the process. That’s the same thing with copywriting. If you sow value, you reap revenue based on the amount.

To make $10,000, help 10 people make $1,000 each. Ideally, if you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, walk with others. Build a tribe of raving fans always willing to buy your products.

David will teach you how to sow 13 seeds in your emails, Facebook groups, or Instagram accounts. Wherever your prospects are hanging out, take time to establish real connections. Don’t burn your bridges by selling to people who don’t know you.

There Are Bonuses

In addition to the book, you will also get several bonuses. These are value-packed and aimed at making you a top-notch copywriter.

An Honest Review of The Copywriters Playbook 2020 1
An Honest Review of The Copywriters Playbook 2020 4

1. 250 Headline Email Swipe

According to Invesp, about 47% of email recipients consider subject lines before opening emails. Also, about 69% are ready to send an email to the spam folder based solely on the subject line. That should tell you how critical a subject line is for your email marketing success.

David wants to teach you these email headlines tricks. Instead of merely teaching you, he also gives you the tools to get this done. This bundle consists of 250 headline email swipes, which you can simply edit and boost your CTR. Imagine having 250 email headlines to choose from. That’s a raw deal.

2. $250 million Copy Templates

Not only the headline email swipe but also these awesome templates. A template saves you the time and cost of hiring a copywriter. You will only need to edit the words based on your needs. I know it’s a daunting task creating a highly engaging copy. However, with a template, the work is half done.

In this bonus, David shares the templates he used to create highly-performing sales letters, Facebook ads, emails, and webinars for his 250 million dollar course and coaching business. You will also be able to use the templates to help digital marketers; who might need a copywriter. Isn’t that awesome?

3. Quick Copy Hot-Seat Techniques

One of the sections in the book talked about copy sins that most copywriters make. These mistakes eventually reduce our sales and hence our businesses. Therefore, it’s essential to limit these mistakes as much as you can.

In this bonus, David walks you through the steps he and his team use to analyze their client’s copy and help him find better angles. They will also refine the message and fine-tune power words to boost conversion rates. By watching this live recording, you will make fewer copy sins and more sales.

4. The 20-minute client formula

Since you now have copywriting skills that others don’t, why not use that to your advantage. I mean, you have the templates that can help you create any piece of a copy easily. Guess what a lower-entry copywriter earns for writing a sales letter? If you said $1,000, you are pricing based on competition, not value.

With the copy skills, you can learn how to begin charging up to $2,000 for a sales letter, more than $250 for an ad, and $500 for an email that you can create in under 20 minutes. You will also learn how to find someone paying that amount since he understands he will get much more from sales.

David will also show you the questions to ask the client regarding their product, the actual sales letter he wrote, and the profit that the client got. Don’t you think it’s what every marketer needs?

5. Dave’s Private Copywriting Cliffsnotes

If you search for copywriting books online, you will surely get tons of them. However, do they deliver the right copywriting formula? You need to understand that copywriting is always changing, as well. The copywriting of 2018 is no longer relevant in 2020. That’s why you need to read updated books. You should also follow marketers who bring in new and unique copywriting techniques.

What David does in this bonus is he gives you his cliff notes from the book he recommends. You can have a share of his thoughts regarding copywriting.

Finally, the Super Bonus…

In addition to the five bonuses above, Legendary Marketer has a 15-day online business builder challenge, which enables you to organize, launch, manage, and grow a successful online business from scratch in 15 days.

The skills here are broad. You will begin by learning how to start a high-ticket online business and end with learning how to make your first sale on day 15. In between, you will learn skills such as copywriting, lead generation, outsourcing, and learning to master the inner game of wealth creation, which a few have had a good grasp.

What I like about the challenge is its practicability. On day 3, you will have a real business advisor, who will help you come up with a business plan. Isn’t that awesome? Read more about the 15-day online business builder challenge here.

The Copywriters Playbook 2020 Pricing

How much do you think The Copywriters Playbook costs? If you say, above $1,500, you are right. The value here is worth more than what you are paying. Remember, these are lifetime online business skills. There are marketers I know who took some of the Legendary Marketer’s courses and became multi-millionaires.

But here is the catch. For a limited time, the book and all the bonuses are going for only $1. Think about it, isn’t that an awesome discount? I’m sure a dollar is too small compared to the value in the book.

The total value of the book plus the bonuses is $10,500. Instead of that amount, Legendary Marketer understands you are starting to get your feet wet in online marketing. So, take advantage of the current $1 price and have your Copywriters Playbook 2020.

Affiliate Disclaimer  Please note that some of the links inside this article may be affiliate links to Copywriters Playbook 2020. That means that if you click on one of the links and sign up, I may be compensated for it. If you do happen to click, we appreciate it! Any money we make keeps this site running smoothly and allows us to keep writing these high-quality reviews.

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