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Can I tell one simple Facebook marketing secret? Stop spending money on Facebook ads. Instead, use your Facebook profile to get targeted free real estate leads.

Ben Gunning, a proud owner of a Victoria-based fitness franchise, says that he spends about $1000 every month on Facebook ads. Those numbers are huge, right?

If only Ben knew of this system, he could not spend anything again on ads and still get the same number of clients for his gym.

You are not like Ben because you are reading this guide. You will learn how to do away with Facebook ads and focus primarily on getting free organic leads leveraging nothing more than your Facebook profile. This system shows Real Estate Agents how to take advantage of social media to get real estate leads without any ad spend.


Let’s dive in.

Your Profile Lead Machine

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All these products are poised towards one thing, helping you to generate free real estate leads using your Facebook profile. The masterclass shows you exactly how to do it. The done-for-you bundle allows us to create the whole system for you. I would suggest that you should try out one of the products. Sure enough, you will get free leads for your real estate business.


Free Leads For Your Real Estate Business Using Social Media 

Once Setup, Works On Autopilot

Easy To Setup 


Needs To Post Daily On Social Media 

Engagement With Others On Social Media Daily  

Introducing Your Profile Lead Machine

Would you not welcome a step-by-step strategy that shows you exactly how to hack your Facebook profile to get unlimited leads? I bet you will. That’s what Your Profile Lead Machine is all about.

Free Real Estate Leads
Proven Free Real Estate Leads Techniques That Work 10

It’s a blueprint that harbors all my tactics of turning your profile into a powerful real estate lead generating machine.

To get leads on Facebook, you need to target the right people. Otherwise, you will only be wasting your time with people who will not buy from you. Targeting this particular segment of prospects will always prove to be a tussle if you don’t have the right tools.   

This blueprint will be a great resource if you want to avoid mistakes most people make when generating leads on Facebook. If you make fewer mistakes than them, you will scale much faster. Take advantage of social media by optimizing your personal profile to generate estate leads for your business.

How much is the Blueprint?

This 80 pages guide is not costly. Honestly, I wanted a fair price for everyone. Something that can’t break the bank. If you are thinking below $10, you are right. It’s as low as that. Actually, it will cost you only $7 to devour the information in the blueprint.

Sounds a great deal?

I also have a 100% money-back guarantee. So, if you later decide that you don’t want Your Profile Lead Machine, which has never happened with my buyers, I will refund all your money. Yes, I will send you $7 without asking you lots of questions.

That means that the blueprint is risk-free! You have nothing to lose.  

What’s inside?

Want a little sneak peek into what’s inside the blueprint? You see, the guide contains all the techniques, tricks, and strategies of turning your Facebook profile into a powerful lead generating machine.

Yes, you will learn how to get unlimited leads and convert them to sales. It’s perfect for beginners as well as professionals. So, if you are just getting started in Facebook marketing, this guide is for you. With professionals, you may want to test out the strategies in the guide to see which works best for you.

This is what you will learn here:

Optimize your profile

You need to work on your profile first. Since it’s the one that will act as your top-of-funnel marketing strategy, give it a thorough optimization. What I mean by optimizing your profile is morphing it to talk and sell to your target defined audience.

In my case, I’m teaching my real estate audience to generate unlimited leads leveraging their Facebook profile. Guess what I did? I optimized my profile to target these people. Honestly, most of you can’t imagine how a mere background image or video helps to generate unlimited leads.

Whenever someone connects with me, they will not have to ask me about what I do because it’s all there in my profile. I often engage with people in different Facebook groups. The moment someone finds value in my post, he or she will want to know what I do.

When, for example, Sam, who is a property owner, lands on my profile, he will be thinking, “Mmm! Maybe he can help me get someone to buy the property.” This is all because I have optimized my profile.

You will learn all these steps here.

Connect a funnel

Honestly, you need a sales funnel if you are going to make money online. In the modern business landscape, where your prospects have varied options, a sales funnel is an effective process to target, engage, convert, and delight your customers.

According to Jamil’s article on Medium, consumers are now sophisticated like never before. You will need more than a landing page to make sales. Most of them will ask themselves, “why should we buy from you?” but with a sales funnel, you can build trust and reputation slowly by engaging with prospects in different levels in your journey.

I will show you how to do that. If you don’t have a sales funnel, I can help you create one. You will need to connect your funnel with Facebook. Have a link to your sales funnel on your profile and optimize it for conversions.   

Drive traffic

The next thing once you have an optimized Facebook profile and a compelling funnel is to drive targeted traffic. I know this is where most newbies find it challenging. Traffic is the livelihood of your business. Without it, you won’t have leads or sales. Interacting on social media with potential real estate leads where they’re congregating. You have the option to get up the bump offer of 91 viral posts that will get you, 1K follower, quickly.

So, if there is one essential thing to learn in marketing, then it’s the techniques of generating traffic. In our case, I had to document a content plan for my real estate clients. I had a lead-acquisition plan in place.

There is a lot involved here. I have laid down all the techniques for you.

Check it out.

Ultimate Free Real Estate Leads Masterclass

In this masterclass, I will give you an exact system I’m using to generate real estate leads and sales on Facebook. Yes, I will not hold back anything but show you a step-by-step procedure that works for us.

I will not include any fluff. I understand you are a busy person and don’t want to waste your time. I will go straight to the point. Such that once you have it running, you should see sales in the next 90 minutes.

Free Real Estate leads
Proven Free Real Estate Leads Techniques That Work 11

If you want proof of how we are crashing with this system, I can personally send you a screenshot of my earning summary. There are also thousands of reviews on Facebook and on the site itself.

So, don’t worry—this system works.

What’s in the masterclass?

I will teach you several things in the masterclass. Here are the topics:

Phase 1: Build your traffic machine

I know you want real estate leads. That’s what I also wish for you. The main aim of creating this program was to help you generate unlimited leads in real estate leveraging your Facebook profile.

Free Real Estate Leads
Proven Free Real Estate Leads Techniques That Work 12

So, in this topic, I will teach you my social profile that I used to generate free leads for real estate business. Does that sound like an awesome deal? I will even give you the templates for real estate lead generation and you just need to edit them thus saving time.

Phase 2: The irresistible “leads and sales trap.”

I talked about the essentials of having a sales funnel. I will still emphasize it here. With a sales funnel and your Facebook profile, you are halfway done. You will need a lead magnet that attracts your prospects to enter your funnel.

It’s not a walk in the park to create an irresistible offer. It has to be really valuable to your target audience. I will show you the steps to creating this relevant offer and position yourself as a go-to brand for your leads.

Free Real Estate Leads
Proven Free Real Estate Leads Techniques That Work 13

Once they enter your funnel, you will engage with them via emails and retarget them with better offers. But first, learn the tricks of creating a highly-valuable lead magnet.

Phase 3: Launch your sales funnel

I will teach you how to launch your funnel. This is merely an extension of what’s in Your Profile Lead Machine. You don’t need to create a sales funnel; you just need to pick one I have created for you and customize it.

Free Real Estate Leads
Proven Free Real Estate Leads Techniques That Work 14

Yes, that’s it. Just a few steps and you begin getting several message requests from people interested in your offers. An optimized profile will attract them to inquire more about your services.

Phase 4: 5 Profit-maximization emails

Email marketing is among the best forms of marketing since it has a high ROI. For every $1 spent on emails, most marketers report getting a $42 profit.

You see, once a new lead enters your funnel, you need to engage with him before he purchases your offers. Research shows that about 97% of prospects don’t buy in the first round. You should, therefore, learn how to engage with them.

Free Real Estate Leads
Proven Free Real Estate Leads Techniques That Work 15

I will give you my 5-step email sequence to ensure you convert cold leads to warm and hot raving fans who can purchase your core offers and upsells. They are all set on when to arrive at your customer’s inbox.

Since it’s a sequence of emails, by the end of it, most of them will buy the upsells. The emails are customized and personalized to achieve high conversion rates.

Phase 5: Get unlimited leads

It’s all set now. What we need are leads to enter our lead generation system. It all becomes easy with an optimized profile and a funnel. You can even do it on your smartphone to interact with social media. With the right framework and consistency, you should be getting real estate leads in no time.

Free Real Estate Leads
Proven Free Real Estate Leads Techniques That Work 16

This is the last phase of the masterclass. You can choose to apply everything you are learning as you progress or do it at this phase.

Wait… I have bonuses

I want you to succeed in your Facebook lead-acquisition journey. Apart from the masterclass, I also have three other value-packed bonuses for you.

1.  Messenger Chatbot

According to WordStream, 53% of people are more likely to interact with brands they can chat directly with. They want a company that’s always there for them. Customers have different questions about your services and products. If you are always ready to engage with them, they will trust you and purchase from you.

A chatbot is a great tool to boost conversion rates. Thus, it will be a plus if you have it in this system. Guess what? I have the chatbot for you for free. You can install and begin establishing strong connections with your real estate prospects.

2.  A free sales funnel

The end goal of having a sales funnel is to achieve high conversion rates. Otherwise, there would be no need to launch it at all.

So, this bonus will help you to achieve high conversion rates. It contains my best tricks and ads-on that I use to boost conversions. Even with a lead magnet, a compelling sales funnel copy, and personalized emails, you still need to tweak and optimize the whole process to boost conversion rates.

That’s where this bonus comes in.

3. Lead and sales booster secrets

You need more than one lead page. Since you never know which one converts more, the best thing is to undertake an A/B testing for both.

I will teach you the tricks here. It also contains more tactics I use to boost conversions. It’s not so different from the second bonus. However, since it’s free, you can always pick a few more tricks here.

Masterclass Pricing

The total value of the masterclass is well over $997. There are tons of value in the bonuses, as well. In fact, the done-for-you sales copy is well over $997, as well. The total value you will be getting is worth $4,573.

Guess what? You will only pay $197 for all these plus the bonuses. How much will you have saved? A whopping $4,376. Isn’t that a raw deal? It is.

Join the masterclass before the price shoots up.

Done-for-you services

In this package, my team will do all that I have mentioned above for you. Once you sign up, we will do EVERYTHING for you. We know setting up the whole system is time-consuming. That’s why I have my team of marketing experts to install the entire system in place.

Free real estate leads
Proven Free Real Estate Leads Techniques That Work 17

Once the system is in place, your work will only be to start it running and begin getting unlimited free leads from your Facebook profile. Yes, you don’t even lift a finger. Your real estate lead generation is all automated.

This is precisely what we will do for you:

1.  We will design a Facebook profile for you: We will revamp your Facebook profile and turn it into a lead-generating machine. Since your profile is an essential top-of-funnel marketing element, it needs to be correctly optimized. We will build one for you

2.  We will create a great lead magnet for you: A lead magnet is a necessity if you want to attract as many people onto your funnel as you can. Think about it; nobody can resist a FREE value-packed guide that talks about real estate, for example. They will happily be ready to give you their emails in exchange for the guide. We will create a compelling and highly valuable guide for you.

3.  Create a compelling landing page for you: We know the elements that make a great landing page to convert your real estate clients. The copy needs to talk, walk, and sell. The design needs to be compelling, as well. You will also need short and concise words since no one has the time for fluff. We will design a compelling landing page for your real estate clients.

Free Real Estate Leads
Proven Free Real Estate Leads Techniques That Work 18

4.  Create engaging and high-converting emails: You already understand the essence of creating compelling and personalized emails. I know how it can be a tussle creating these emails and placing them in a sequence. It’s time-consuming. So, to make it easy, we will create all the emails for you. How is that? Yes, my copywriter, who creates emails that knock it out of the park, will handle the task for you.

5. Tech integration: since you will need some softwares to have your system running and bringing you money, we will work with my team and integrate everything for you. We will set up your payment processors, email integration, and Messenger chatbot for you. You will have everything automated.  

How does it work?  

To ensure we create a fully-functional real estate lead generating system, we follow a few steps.

Here is how we do it:

Step 1: Fill out a quick survey  

We need to know about your business if we are to create an effective lead generation system for you. So, in this part, we will dive deep and ask you to fill in a quick survey. It shouldn’t be more than 10 min. I will later check out your site and propose a strategy that will work.

Step 2: 100% done for you services

With the information at hand, we will have a plan in place for the whole team. I will assign each part to one expert. A copywriter will handle the emails, and the sales funnel copy, while my tech guy will integrate all the aspects. I will be in charge of the whole team.

Step 3: Enjoy free leads

Everything is set and ready for launch. We will hand over the whole system awaiting for your launch. Once it’s up and running, you should begin getting leads into your business in no time. Most of our clients get results after 90 minutes of setting it up.

Done For You Pricing

The done-for-you service does not break the bank. The total value is $4,997. What most people are paying is $3,997. Guess how much you will pay today? Only $897. You will have saved $3,100 right there.

Sounds like a great deal? Here is how to get the bundle right away


All these products are poised towards one thing, helping you to generate free real estate leads using your Facebook profile. The masterclass shows you exactly how to do it. The done-for-you bundle allows us to create the whole system for you. I would suggest that you should try out one of the products. Sure enough, you will get free leads for your real estate business.

Otherwise, I hope this guide has helped you to understand the real business potential that your Facebook profile harbours if only it’s utilized properly. Each of the three products helps to get that done effectively.