Morningfame Review: Your Tool to a Successful YouTube Channel


Are you a YouTuber? I want to give you the secrets to YouTube success in this Morningfame review. They are simple and clear tweaks that most people fail to employ in their YouTube videos. I will show you how you can get more views, engagements, and ultimately grow your channel.

However, before we go on, let me ask you, how far are you from hitting your YouTube goals? Some of you are still getting their feet wet. I want to show you how you can avoid mistakes most YouTubers make. You will be able to scale much faster with the right tools and knowledge. 

But first, let’s understand YouTube marketing trends

Video marketing is slowly becoming a trend in the digital marketing landscape. You can use it to influence customer behavior, promote brands, and boost sales. In fact, 64% of customers are more likely to buy a product after watching a sales video about it because it involves both sound and visual effects. The combination evokes emotions and compels the customer to take action.

Do you just create any kind of video? Of course not. You have to be strategic. Since you want your viewers to take a specific sort of action, direct all your effort into solving their challenges. Another important statistic to note is that 48% of customers want videos that reflect the products they are interested in when it comes to decision-making.

How can you create such kinds of videos? I have the answer in this Morningfame review.

What’s Morningfame?  

This is the best tool now if you are looking to grow your YouTube channel. It has more functionalities and gives YouTube analytics in a simple and easy to understand manner. If you are struggling with creating relevant videos, simply enter some keywords into the keyword-planning tool and let Morningfame give you suggestions.

Morningfame Review


This is the best tool now if you are looking to grow your YouTube channel. It has more functionalities and gives YouTube analytics in a simple and easy to understand manner. If you are struggling with creating relevant videos, simply enter some keywords into the keyword-planning tool and let Morningfame give you suggestions.


Morningfame features 

Here are some of its features:

  • Combines Google and YouTube Analytics

If you are fond of using Google Analytics, like me, I bet you understand its essence in your business growth. It enables you to optimize your content based on what’s working and what is not. With the data in your hands, you can make better fact-based decisions, which are less risky and profitable.

That’s the same thing with YouTube analytics; it gives you critical data about your videos.

So, where does Morningfame come in? Here is the catch. You see, with all these tools, I think you will agree with me that you need skills to interpret the data and make wise decisions, right? Morningfame is simple and combines data from both tools into a simple and clear format, which is easy to understand.

Morningfame Feature, morning fa-me
  • Suggest relevant tags

I want to tell you something. One of the critical video ranking factors on YouTube is relevancy. You need to have an inbound content marketing strategy for your YouTube channel. Think about it: it leads to increased visibility, develops real and authentic relationships with your viewers since the videos are relevant to them, and boost their loyalty.

Suppose you had a tool that measures how relevant your videos are? I bet you will achieve all the benefits above pretty fast, right? That’s how Morningfame works. Once you choose your keywords and write a description, it checks the overall relevance with your title and gives better suggestions.

It also takes into account your subscribers’ comments, likes, and views on the subject. The tool lifts data from Google trends to give current and relevant tips.  

  • Has a keyword planning tool

Are you undertaking keyword research on YouTube marketing? If not, I think that’s where we need to begin the talk about Morningfame review because your competitors are already doing it. It’s the same strategy that Brian Dean used to grow Buffer YouTube channel by 59% in a month. You see, YouTube marketing needs to be strategic. Otherwise, you will be leaving lots of money on the table.   

With Morningfame, you have topic suggestions that deem to perform well based on your recent videos or those from your competitors. When you put in new ideas, it will advise you henceforth on which keywords to use.

  • Spies on your competitors

If you don’t know your competitors, how will you become more skilled in what you are doing? All I’m saying is it’s worth checking out what’s working and not working for them. I’m not asking you to copy them, but you can learn from them and restructure your YouTube marketing strategy. Guess what? Morning fame allows you to do that.

It can fetch data from different competitors and give your ideas on what works for them. It will also tell you what your competitors are not doing. With this data, you can beat your competitors quickly. Once you input some keyphrases, it will analyze several performing channels in that topic and give you excellent suggestions.  

  • The 24-hour report

I know the excitement that comes with uploading a video on YouTube. I was excited when I got my first few organic viewers (people who found my video in YouTube search results), the engagements, likes, and finally, the subscribers. That shows that I was influencing someone’s business. It gave me feedback on what I was doing.

Morningfame Review, morning fa me

Morningfame has a way of giving all this feedback to you in an exciting way. It emails a 24-hour report after you upload your video with an analysis of the number of views, likes, and the overall performance. It compares the new video and the previous one and points out where you improved and where you need to change. The data presentation is in the form of a graph. Therefore, it’s easy to understand.  

How much does it cost?

To begin using Morningfame, you don’t have to have to part with several $$$. There are two plans based on the functionalities in it.

  • The Basic Plan

With only $4.90 per month, you will access all the features above except that the keyword tool will be limited. You will only use the keyword planning tool for 24 hours every 12 days. But the trick is to undertake all your keyword planning for the two weeks. Isn’t that a raw deal? I guess it is. Click here to get one month free.

Besides, once you find that you are benefiting from this excellent tool, I suggest that you pay annually because it’s cheaper. With only $46.80, you have access to all the features (the keyword planning tool will still be limited) for a year.

  • The Plus Plan

This plan is a bit more expensive than the basic plan but gives access to unlimited features. Think about it. You have all the analytics at hand, the 24-hour report about your channel, and extensive keyword research and planning. With all these features unlocked, you will be able to grow your channel faster.

The Plus Plan costs not more than $12.90 per month with all the taxes included. And just like the basic plan, it’s cheaper if you pay it annually because you will only pay $118.80 with all the taxes added.

You can choose to start with the basic plan before you go for the Plus Plan.

Who needs this tool?

Suppose you are already getting results from your YouTube channel, do you still need to use Morningfame? The answer is yes.

  • Beginners

As a beginner on YouTube, that’s the best time to study analytics. Most of the people don’t know how to interpret YouTube data and use it to make fact-based decisions.

I know what you are more concerned about is the views, likes, and subscribers. So, you go around telling everyone to subscribe to your channel. They may do that, but if you don’t target organic evergreen traffic, you might not maintain your viewers for long.

With a tool like Morningfame, you will have all the analytics at hand, interpret them easily, and get excellent organic traffic tips to grow your channel.

  • Intermediate and top YouTubers

Are you in this category? I’m talking about someone making passive income from his channel, one with at least more than 1,000 subscribers. I know you might be applying some of the tips that I highlighted in this Morningfame review. However, if you are not good at interpreting YouTube and Google analytics, you will need this tool. It’s worth having a simple and concise view of your YouTube channel data.  

Why every YouTuber needs Morningfame

To make it big on YouTube, I recommend making this tool central in your planning, launching, and managing videos.  Here is why every marketer needs it.

1. Helps in YouTube SEO

The SEO Hacker wrote an ultimate guide on YouTube SEO. The truth is, this skill is essential in YouTube marketing success. People are uploading about 500 hours of videos to YouTube every minute. How can you beat the competition in your niche and rank high in search results? The key is to optimize your videos for search.

Begin by undertaking keyword research. Get the keywords with a high ranking potential. Insert them in your video title, description, and tags. I can assure you that not many people are doing this. They only upload videos and wait for several strayed viewers. Don’t be like them. With Morningfame, you have it all in your hand.

2. Gives awesome recommendations

To get better rankings for your videos, you need to not only keep posting videos frequently but also take time to improve on the current ones. Don’t be merely obsessed with views, likes, and comments on your videos. The most important thing is to influence your audience and get high-level engagements.

Morningfame analyzes the videos in your channel and gives a recommendation based on the metrics such as the number of views, watch time, and engagement rates. If a video didn’t perform well, the tool would give you the reasons and how to fix that.

Doesn’t that sound great?

3. Helps you to beat your competitor

You are always competing with other people in your niche. However, don’t compete by copying. Instead, dominate by being unique. What are the things your competitors are not doing? Perhaps, they are not searching for relevant search terms because they don’t have data. Similarly, they may not be optimizing their videos.


With this tool, you have all these insights at hand. It analyzes the channels in your niche, their page views, and engagement rates, and unveils your weak spots. With your competitors’ data, you have the metrics and KPI to target as you improve your YouTube channel.

How to grow your channel using Morningfame

Are you starting out on YouTube? You can scale faster if you master the following tips that most top YouTubers are using right now.

  • Define your audience

You can’t create videos for an audience you barely understand, can you? You should have a defined audience. If you spread too thin, you might not scale faster. The trick is to target a sub-niche. Choose a niche you love and passionate about and give it ultra-focus. If you target an audience you are not familiar, you will soon be bored and worn out.

  • Do keyword research and planning

Have your notebook and jot down ideas that you love. Insert these ideas into the Morningfame keyword planning bar and wait for it to generate topic ideas. Your aim should be to come up with long-tail keywords with a high-ranking ability. They should also be having lots of searches and low to medium competition.

Once you have the keywords to target, you are halfway.

  • Create quality videos

The next challenging task is always to create valuable videos. The end result is the viewer. The SEO part is only meant to enable the video to reach the customer. But what happens when he views it? Will he be compelled to take action? That’s why you need to create value-packed videos. Aim to solve a unique problem and see how people will engage with your video.

Publish long videos because research shows that they outrank shorter videos fast. Make 10 minutes or longer videos. You should also have a compelling introduction. Your video introduction will determine the watch time and ranking.

  • Engage and promote your videos

Apart from aiming for organic traffic, you should also promote your videos. I’m fond of sharing my videos on my blog. People visiting my blog are directed to my channel, where they can subscribe and be notified when I release the next video.

Promote your video to your friends on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and even Instagram. Share a short version of the video and ask them to view the full version on your YouTube channel.

If you employ these techniques in your YouTube marketing, you should see some positive changes.

Morningfame feature


YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. You can leverage it for sales, brand awareness, acquire prospects, and grow your business. But for you to make it big here, you need the right tools and skills. One of them is Morningfame. In this Morningfame review, I have highlighted everything you need to know about this tool. So, the ball is on your court.

Get the Morningfame today here .

Affiliate Disclaimer: I hope you liked our Morningfame review. Please note that some of the links inside this article may be affiliate links to Morningfame. That means that if you click on one of the links and sign up, I may be compensated for it. If you do happen to click, we really appreciate it! Any money we make keeps this site running smoothly and allows us to keep writing these high-quality reviews.

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