10 Tips On How to Use Facebook Organic Marketing Strategy

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Marketing is an essential part of every online business. What good is a product or online service if no one knows about it?

Digital marketing is the key to modern marketing, and Facebook is one great platform to market your business and grow your sales. 

How to use organic Facebook marketing is challenging but a rewarding strategy for digital marketers. The benefits of organic posts are numerous, and you can use them to create an engaging user experience with your target audience. But with the ever-evolving algorithms on Facebook, it’s hard to keep up with what will work best in 2021.

This blog post on how to use Facebook organic marketing will provide you with tips and tricks that we’ve learned from our research that you should use to stay ahead of the game and get the most bang for your buck while using organic techniques!

How to Use Facebook Organic Marketing: Is It Still Relevant?

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According to Statista, Facebook boasts of having more than two billion monthly users. That means you can find people with diverse needs and interests on Facebook with a few simple clicks. 

For online marketers, it means you have access to more than 2 billion people from all over the world in one single platform.

You don’t need all 2 billion Facebook users to follow you to succeed on how to use Facebook organic marketing. 

You can create your community using the group function available or create business pages easily with a few steps. With a solid strategy on how to use Facebook organic marketing plan, you can successfully market and scale your business. 

The graph below shows the overall growth of Facebook in the number of users over the last few years. Even with people claiming Facebook marketing is dead, the number of people you can access continues to skyrocket. 

Can you find a better way to market your products and services than with a platform that has all kinds of audiences within your reach?


When you learn how to use Facebook organic marketing plan, it is a robust platform that allows you to increase your reach and sales. 

You can do several things that will drastically improve your Facebook marketing efforts and give you outstanding results. 

Being a massive platform with several options for business marketing, you need to find out what works well for you and double down on it.

Best practices on how to use Facebook organic marketing involve improving what you’re putting in front of your followers and how you interact with other people. 

The only way to get results is to be committed to growth and consistent with action. You cannot post three pictures and quit because you’re not getting the engagement you wanted. 

It takes work to be successful on how to use Facebook organic marketing and you need to be willing to put in the work. 

I will later tell you about the tools I use and how to use Facebook organic marketing too. But for now, Here are a number of strategies on how to use Facebook organic marketing. We found some effective ways.

1. Use The Right Hashtags

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Most people don’t know that Facebook uses hashtags to find out what your content is all about.

If you have just created a new page or a new business page on Facebook, chances are Facebook is still trying to figure you out along with everyone else. That’s why you need to learn how to use Facebook organic marketing, to create the best strategy to boost your business.

Using relevant hashtags helps you reach interested audiences more efficiently. Using specific hashtags is also a great way to get Facebook to recommend your content to the right people. 

Hashtags are still significant, especially for new accounts that are still struggling to grow their audience.

Instead of sending out a million friend requests to people you have no idea will even want your product, build pillar content first – one that your ideal client will learn from or draw value from the get-go. It’s a good way on how to use Facebook organic marketing.

When posting content on other people’s groups or pages, hashtags can help you reach specific people searching for what you are offering. Hashtags create context and make it easy for people searching for content like yours to find you more easily. 

2. Post Helpful Content

I can’t stress how critical it is to post helpful content on your pages. Organic Facebook marketing works by attraction. It’s one of the many ways on how to use Facebook organic marketing.

You need to position yourself as a source of value and thought leader in whatever niche you are representing. You will not magically know what helpful content looks like until you start posting.  

Taste the waters and try to figure out precisely what your audience likes; that means experimenting with different styles and types of content.

Try images, videos, texts, and links to find out which content gets the most engagement and reactions. 

You cannot afford to quit when you realize engagement is going down. It’s simply a lesson in what gets your audience’s gears going. 

Remember, you are in the business of alleviating pain points as an entrepreneur. That means you need to learn how to diagnose and treat their issues with your content. 

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Understand what their top pain points are and address them using your content. Get people invested and engaged in what you are saying. 

You might be looking for new customers on Facebook, but no one wants to feel like they’re being oversold. That’s why it’s critical to learn how to use Facebook organic marketing. Instead, people want the feeling of finding something valuable and getting an opportunity to benefit from it!

Use the 80/20 rule in all your posts. Eighty percent of the time, be intentional about helping people with what they are struggling with and only sell your products or services 20% of the time. 

Your content becomes the go-to for anyone with industry-related questions because you’re seen as an expert. Soon enough, these conversations will be centered around what your company has created instead of other companies who don’t bother making things better or worse!

3. Engage With Your Followers by Liking and Commenting on Their Posts

You are not going to learn how to use Facebook organic marketing without engaging with your tribe. Read to the bottom of this page, and I will reveal the tool I use to automate this.

If you have never known how to use Facebook organic marketing, the algorithm shows your content to people you engage with regularly. That means you have to engage with the people by commenting and liking their posts. 

In addition, when you are actively keeping tabs on what your followers are doing, you will keep learning more about what they are interested in and tailor your offers to suit their needs. 

Try to create relationships by going into their DM(s) and showing your appreciation for the content you like. Again, there is a tool that does this for me automatically.

Don’t just use the generic ‘thumbs up’ reaction when liking posts because it might not work that much. Use the varied responses to show a deep engagement level.

That will build your network faster, recommend you to more relevant people, and give you new connections that are relevant to you. 

People get guilted into engaging with your content if you consistently show up on their notifications for engaging with your content. The more you keep showing up, the easier it is for people to find you. 

4. Use Eye-Catching Images and Videos

There are more than one billion Facebook users, which means the amount of content the average user interacts with on any given day is overwhelming.

To capture anyone’s attention online today, you need to forget about generic imagery. 

Many brands lose out on how to use Facebook organic marketing by making available content that appeals to the average person. This couldn’t be more wrong. 

Start by understanding your audience. Once you have that covered, get creative with your imagery. You don’t want to lose out on followers and potential business by being boring and unrelatable. 

Use clear pictures and compelling images as part of your campaign to attract new people and engage those who already follow you.

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Don’t worry too much about professional photography. As long as your images are clear, you can still reach your ideal people. 

Change out the formats of the images you use regularly. Try quotes, memes, or even GIFs and figure out what your audience enjoys the most. 

Images are a great way to take a simple text post and turn it into something better. Images will create a visual reality that users can relate to more easily and quickly.

Facebook Live receives six times more interactions than regular Facebook videos. More engagement means more organic reach, so what are you waiting for? 

5. Create a Facebook Group for Your Business or Organization

A community will outlast a Facebook page anytime, any day. Guess why? Well, it’s because walking alone in the business world or your entrepreneurial journey will limit what you can achieve and possibly cripple you. 

While creating a personal page and business page are great ways to grow your network, a Facebook group will take things to the next level. Besides, it’s one of the most effective strategies on how to use Facebook organic marketing.

Creating a group for your business allows people who need your services and related services to have a platform to interact with other people interested in the same subject. 

Groups allow community members to talk about subjects that matter to them. User-generated content can help you figure out better ways to approach your market. 

When it comes to managing your group, there are several ways you can go about it. From daily updates to challenges and threads, you can define what happens and when it happens. Also, there is a tool for this – read the post to the end. This tool is one of the most effective ways on how to use Facebook organic marketing.

You can build a community of experts and grow your platform with user-generated content. Either way, people need to keep in touch with you as the administrator and know that you are in charge. 

Ensure you enforce community guidelines that will keep your group valuable to users and keep them engaged in your group. Adding this to your strategy can make a huge impact on how to use Facebook organic marketing.

6. Run a Contest, Giveaway, or Sweepstakes to Increase Engagement

Once you have grown your audience, it’s time to get creative with meaningful engagement. Using contests and sweepstakes is a great way to get everyone excited and pumped up. It’s another effective strategy on how to use Facebook organic marketing.

If you’re an e-commerce brand, for example, you can announce that you have a challenge. Get people to take part and choose winners to give freebies. Doing this can add significant changes to how to use Facebook organic marketing.

This will improve your overall engagement and increase the number of people viewing your content – Especially when you’ve utilized how to use Facebook organic marketing.

Anyone that takes part in your challenge will tag you and mention your brand. Hence, that will create a wave of curiosity that will attract a lot of new customers organically. 

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The whole point of any type of marketing is getting more of the right people interested in what you are doing. This method creates social proof, all the while increasing your audience. 

One essential point to note is that when you get a buzz of activity, you need to answer questions about your brand and inform and educate all the new people. Ensure you also keep your word when running a contest or sweepstakes. 

Give your winners what you promised and be transparent about your entire process. Ruining trust can destroy your organic marketing efforts and hence your business online.

People are quick to pick out scams and bring them to light. Do not overpromise or put up awards you don’t have. If you don’t you’ll compromise the possible outcome on how to use Facebook organic marketing.

Build trust in every step, and the winners will be the first to talk about how great your brand is. Bad reviews stay on your profile, and they could easily steer you away from potential clients. Doing this can improve your strategy on how to use Facebook organic marketing.

7. Make Use of DMs

Sliding into the DM is a great way to connect with potential clients on a more personal level. This is what you need, especially if you are selling high-ticket products. 

Learning how to use Facebook organic marketing is built on great digital relationships. There are hundreds of professionals actively looking for new solutions that can help improve their business operations. 

Once you have identified someone who can be an excellent fit for what you offer, go to their DM and start engaging them, enlighten them on how to use Facebook organic marketing.

As long as you are not too ‘salesy,’ you can close many deals by directly talking and creating meaningful relationships with people on Facebook. 

Some rules that can help you interact better with people in the DMs include, first, don’t just send a long pitch if it is the first time you interact with a potential lead. 

Say hello and learn about what they are up to. After getting this information, it’s time to get in touch with their main pain points.

Businesses that solve problems 9 out of 10 times take time to get in tune with what their client needs at that point. It’s one of the key takeaways that you need to learn on how to use Facebook organic marketing.

Learning how to use Facebook organic marketing is built on great digital relationships. There are hundreds of professionals actively looking for new solutions that can help improve their business operations. 

If your product or services can solve their problem, you can go ahead and pitch a solution to their problem. 

Again, I have a simple tool to automate this. Read to the end of the post.

8. Create Sales Funnels 

A great addition to your strategy on how to use Facebook organic marketing is a sales funnel. It allows you to easily take your customers on a journey that you can easily automate. With a sales funnel, you have more control over your marketing as you know what your goal with each action pertains to. 

For instance, if you are looking for new leads to buy software you are selling, your funnel would include steps such as lead generation, followed by qualifying leads, and finally closing them. That would mean your Facebook posts are all a part of your top-of-the-funnel activities. It’s a great additional idea on how to use Facebook organic marketing that can boost the number of your leads.

Whatever you do on the platform is all a ploy to get people into your funnel or mailing list. You will grow your list faster without spending extra money on lead generation if you have quality posts. 

As part of your strategy on how to use Facebook organic marketing, ask people to send a message or comment if they want access to a particular product or service.

That gives them the choice of consenting to receive sales messaging from you and your brand. Whether you direct them to a form they can fill to join your list or a direct link to an affiliate product, you have their full consent. 

Funnels are a straightforward way of applying automation to a sales process. You can even create custom Facebook sales funnels that help you close sales right on the platform. It doesn’t need to be complicated to set up. 

Check out this simple way to get consistent real estate leads using the strategies I just taught you. It’s the same techniques I have used to generate over $10k in profits.


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Learning how to use Facebook organic marketing is typically the coming together of different tools and channels to increase sales and create further awareness. That means that people will often share links to blog posts or landing pages with their audience. 

It sounds simple enough, but there is something you need to know about how to use Facebook organic marketing. Facebook wants more people to trust their platform, which means they will vet the added links to their platform.

What exactly does that mean for you?

If you have a blog and share links regularly to your posts, ensure each link is relevant to the post, you shared. If you are sharing clickbait, chances are Facebook will stop showing your content to more people. This is one of the vital aspects to consider why you need to know how to use Facebook organic marketing.

Take time to optimize each link you share and make sure you not only have the correct page, but your pages are loading correctly and quickly. 

You are competing for attention with other creators whenever you use Facebook as a tool for marketing. It’s a powerful strategy on

You are competing for attention with other creators whenever you use Facebook as a tool for marketing. It’s a powerful strategy on how to use Facebook organic marketing.

Create great posts and back them up with valuable links that work well. It will get Facebook’s algorithm to show your news feed to way more people than you could imagine.

10. Get Verified On Facebook 

Another thing that most people miss is verification which is when Facebook gives you the little blue tick that tells everyone you are sort of a big deal.

Getting verified is a great way to boost your Facebook reach and get more people to trust your brand and interact with your posts. 

Business pages tend not to get verified as often as individual creators. What does this mean for you as an entrepreneur?

The world is slowly but steadily moving into a personal brand mentality.

Here’s how to look at it; Gary Vaynerchuck of Vayner media builds multiple businesses around the Garyvee brand. Tony Robbins has also created a million-dollar empire around his name. 

Social media is a social platform. People log onto Facebook to find entertainment, motivation, and information. If you can create content for your brand that does this, it is easier than ever to get verified and build a business around your values. 

If you already have a brand, you promote on Facebook, start thinking of yourself as the influencer. 

The face behind the brand connects to the human beings that will buy from it. Generic marketing is no longer viable in a world where attention has been monetized.

You need to be authentic and stand out.  Getting verified will help your brand by attracting large numbers of people to you.

You will also get more people to see your content, and this often translates to more business. Getting your page verified is a great strategy on how to use Facebook organic marketing that can boost your followers.

Bonus Tips…  

Facebook is a social platform. That means that to win organically, you need to put in the work to build valuable connections. That’s why it’s critical to learn how to use Facebook organic marketing.

The best and only way on how to use Facebook organic marketing is by giving others the same engagement you wish to receive in return. That means that you need to comment, share, and engage with prospective clients as well. 

The platform sorts of connect you with people interested in the same things that you’re interested in.

If you’re looking to sell marketing products, engage with people in marketing groups and interact with their content meaningfully and consistently.

If you’re looking to sell affiliate products in a specific niche, find out where these ideal clients have already gathered and joined their community as active members. 

Engaging with the right people will trigger Facebook’s algorithm into suggesting more people like them because of their shared interests. 

It’s almost like getting great leads on a silver platter. That begs the question, how does one manage all these tasks while running a business? 

You can look at it; first, you can make time in your busy schedule to engage personally. Thirty minutes twice a day is all you need to get it done. 

Well, that would require consistency and possibly the use of scheduling tools. You still have to create content for groups and pages you don’t manage and comment on other people’s content.

You might still need to hire a social media management agency if you want to stay consistent. 

Is there a better way?


Right here in this suite of 10 highly resourceful Facebook organic marketing plugins. We created them to help you automate most of the Facebook organic marketing processes.



The Organic Marketing Toolkit is a suite of 10 Chrome Extensions that allow you to “hack” your social media accounts into lead generation machines! Without spending money on paid ads or complex stuff, this toolkit will show you how to generate new leads. It’s the perfect organic marketing hack for any company looking to grow their revenue without going broke in the process.

With these, you can easily stay on top of customer relationships without spending a ton of money on paying social media agencies.

Let us take a look at how they can help you do that.

Friend Maker 

The friend maker automates all your friend requests. This tool sends out friend requests frequently to people who are great fits for whatever you are selling. 

With automation, you don’t have to keep checking everyone’s feed and dictating each user that you add to your friend list. You will automatically have a friend request sent out to the best possible leads.

Friend Remover 

Why keep around people that are not adding any value to your business? The friend remover automatically vets your friend list and unfriends people who are poor leads. Add this to your strategy on how to use Facebook organic marketing.

Thus, it’s an excellent tool for vetting these people taking up valuable space, and replacing them with better leads. 

Friend Approver 

You will also be getting friend requests from other people as you go. Vetting them is another labor-intensive task that you can easily automate with this tool. 

The friend approver accepts requests from people who are specifically suitable fits to your business. It reduces the task of checking out multiple profiles and returns this time to you. 

Group Magnet 

Once you have your group set up, or you already have a group that you want to promote, this fantastic tool allows you to attract the right audience into your group. 

It also allows you to collect valuable information such as email addresses as they join, helping you build a list. 

Feed Engager 

Remember the sixth tip? Well, this tool is specifically geared to engaging with posts on your feed. It automatically sends replies to other people’s posts, building your online relationships faster. 

When others see your comments and see consistent engagement, they get curious and check out your content. In return, your organic engagement will begin to grow, and so will your business. 

Feed Filter 

Your feed is a mixer of posts from a variety of Facebook users. The feed filter allows you to choose whose posts you want to be on your feed. 

You can choose whose posts appear and remain with only posts from people that are potential customers. That means each person your feed engager engages with is an excellent lead to your business. Feed filter is an effective way on how to use Facebook organic marketing, which can target the right audience.