5 Best WordPress Lead Generation Plugins to Grow Your Business

Wordpress lead generation plugin

WordPress lead generation plugins are popular in blogging, but they’re not all created equal. These WordPress lead generation plugins are simple enough to install and meant for people who don’t want to mess with code but still crave stunning email opt-in forms.

Others can be buggy or crash your site. Consider several factors when choosing the right WordPress lead generation plugin for you. You need to follow compatibility rules, make sure that the WordPress lead generation plugin you select will work with all the other components on your website.

In this article, we’ll share with you the 5 best WordPress lead generation plugins for your WordPress site.

What Is A WordPress Lead Generation Plugin?

WordPress lead generation plugin
5 Best WordPress Lead Generation Plugins to Grow Your Business 6

Lead generation is a term used in marketing. It’s the process of turning website visitors into potential customers. WordPress lead generation plugin gives you all the tools you need to grow your email list fast.

A WordPress lead-generation plugin will allow you to collect the following information:

●       Name

●       Email address

●       Phone number

This data can be beneficial for marketing because it allows you to analyze your website’s user behavior.

In short, a WordPress lead-generation plugin will develop a relationship with the person who visited your site because you can now follow up with them easily.

What Are The Advantages Of Using WordPress Lead Generation Plugins?

There are many benefits of using a WordPress lead generation plugin:

Easy To Generate Leads

A WordPress lead generation plugin helps you to discover ways to connect with your future customers. They are designed to help you create landing pages, pop-ups, slide-ins, and other WordPress forms that you can embed into your site.

These forms are usually integrated into the Website to help you generate leads by promoting your products or services.

Capture Site Visitor Information

WordPress lead generation plugins will allow you to gather basic information such as the name, email address, and phone number.

Along with this data, some of them can capture user behavior, such as what page they were on when contacting you or how long they spent on your site for analysis purposes, which marketers use in their future strategies.  

Develop Relationships With Potential Customers

The use of WordPress lead-generation plugins is critical to your overall marketing plan. They may help you build relationships with consumers who would otherwise be lost forever and turn them into perspective leads.

That makes it simple for them to convert into income streams or even dedicated lifetime followers. Automated email follow-ups with WordPress’s lead management plugin make our lives easier so that the time spent organizing events is not wasted as contacts quickly turn from just opportunities into sales deals.

Follow Up Easily

The WordPress lead generation plugin allows you to follow up efficiently and frequently by sending out emails on a set schedule.

You may also pick the time of day or night that is most convenient for your busy schedule to ensure it’s ideal for those constantly on the go.

Increase Functionality

These WordPress lead generation plugins can provide a blogger with the tools they need to work more efficiently. WordPress offers an extensive list of available third-party extensions ranging from social media integration and email management to simple blog post formats or contact form builders – whatever your blogging needs.

How To Choose The Best WordPress Lead Generation Plugin For Your Site

5 Best WordPress Lead Generation Plugins to Grow Your Business 1
5 Best WordPress Lead Generation Plugins to Grow Your Business 7

You have a new WordPress website for your business; congratulations. Take the next step and start capturing leads. Before choosing which WordPress lead generation plugin to use, some important features will help ensure that it will work for your website.

A Lead Capture Form

A WordPress lead generation plugin needs to have a lead capture form. It’s where customers first come into contact with your sales funnel process.

The WordPress lead generation plugin should allow you to design compelling opt-in forms that send them straight to your sales funnel. It may be frustrating if your lead-capture plugin breaks, preventing customers from subscribing to your posts.

In addition, it should allow form customization. Several templates don’t allow you to customize anything, leaving fields displayed randomly on the screen with no regard for appearance – and can even appear unorganized.

Because of this, think about whether to use a WordPress lead generation plugin that allows you to align text fields left-right or center them. You may also adjust the width (tall – wide – medium) of text fields using CSS.

Landing Page Builder

A WordPress lead capture plugin should provide a user-friendly drag and drop landing page builder to its customers.

You don’t have to purchase third-party tools to design a landing page. A landing page is essential in the overall sales funnel process since it’s where your leads land after opting into your funnel.

If a WordPress lead generation plugin doesn’t have this functionality, then you can pass it over. Most of the WordPress lead generation plugins in this guide have a landing page feature.

A “Lead Magnet” Feature

A lead magnet is an excellent way to get people’s contact information. You could offer free e-books about how not to suck at your job or a beginner’s guide to the English style.

When someone gives their email, they are rewarded with something valuable for their time. A WordPress lead generation plugin should have “lead magnets” features so online visitors can sign up and receive valuable content without any strings attached.

A/B Testing Features

A/B testing compares versions of the same page to see which one is superior. You may use it to reach a variety of messages, colors, headers, photos, and videos.

A WordPress plugin should have A/B testing capabilities. With this approach, you may test any modifications you want to make to your site before going live.

A WordPress lead capture plugin includes a variety of A/B split tests for comparing content and a call to action on landing pages.

Does It Have An Auto-responder?

Before anything else, make sure your lead capture plugin has an auto-responder feature. If it doesn’t, then your efforts will be pointless.

That’s because most signups expect their information immediately after submitting it and will eventually become annoyed by the constant unresponsiveness, leading to them unsubscribing.

With an auto-responder, you may automate sending anything to them, such as a welcome email with information on how they can anticipate contacting your firm or even an email sequence to introduce them to your business.

The Top Five WordPress Plugins – And Why They’re Good For You

1. ConvertBox

ConvertBox is an on-site email gathering tool that is entirely automated. Its objective is to help you generate leads and sales by engaging your visitors in a targeted manner.

It’s a one-stop opt-in solution, list-building tool, and behavior-based on-site retargeting technology. Because it’s adaptable and has a high conversion rate, it may be used to re several pieces of software in your arsenal.

You’ll also need the tool to target and retarget your existing visitors with personalized offers and keep your business running.

Here are some key features offered by Convertbox:

Email Marketing

This ConvertBox feature allows users to create dynamic opt-in forms, which are embedded on their website. ConvertBox provides a choice of signup form layouts to personalize the appearance of the form.

The email marketing tool supports multiple custom fields that allow subscribers to provide detailed information about them.

Key features include:

A welcome email is designed to guide new subscribers through signing up and turning them into loyal customers.

Nurturing emails: Also known as drip campaigns. These emails reappear after a set interval (e.g., daily, weekly, monthly) and are tailored to the user’s previous input.

Re-engagement campaign: This automated email series aims to get back users who haven’t performed any activity within a specific timeframe; this could be after 30 days, 60 days – or longer.

Lead generation tools

ConvertBox is a WordPress lead generation tool that allows companies to build subscription forms and embed them on their websites/ blogs for free.

This feature helps companies improve their subscription rate. ConvertBox supports 10+ different payment gateways to help companies accept payments from customers/ subscribers.

Social Media Marketing

ConvertBox social media marketing features include branded Facebook cover photos, Twitter profile design, Instagram integration, and more.

These features allow users to customize their profiles for specific campaigns or promotions. Furthermore, ConvertBox offers detailed analytics that will enable marketers to analyze leads generated across social media platforms.

This WordPress lead generation plugin has an intuitive interface that enables novice users to set up campaigns/promotions with a few clicks. ConvertBox provides detailed customer reports for better campaign performance analysis over time.

Measurement Tools

This feature enables users to track metrics related to website traffic, lead conversion rates, and marketing efforts.

It supports various analytics tools to help users analyze visitor traffic, lead generation metrics, and conversions in real-time. Some of the tools include Google Analytics so that you can measure your business goals across multiple platforms.

SEO Optimization Tools

This feature allows website administrators to create custom XML sitemaps. It also helps optimize site structure through canonical URLs, meta tags, custom titles, etc. It helps search engines understand site content better and improve overall visibility.

The tool provides a choice of themes for website administrators to personalize the appearance of their websites/ blogs. They are currently working on adding features like chatbots for Facebook Messenger etc., which will further boost the ConvertBox marketing platform.

What is the cost of ConvertBox?

Price: $99 per month and a Lifetime Deal $495

ConvertBox Pros

●       Easy to use Super-advanced display and targeting rules-

●       Range of pop-up types

●       Automatic lead scoring

●       Intuitive drag-and-drop editor

●       Scheduled ConvertBoxes for time-sensitive offers

●       WordPress users automatically gain access to blogs and free WordPress themes after signing up

●       Perfect integration with email marketing tools

ConvertBox Cons

●       Page-by-page analytics aren’t available but could be added

●       The WordPress mobile app is not compatible with ConvertBox forms.

 2. WpForm WordPress Plugin

WPForms is a WordPress plugin that specializes in creating custom forms and landing pages. It contains powerful features like file uploads, conditional logic, survey tools, and conditional branching.

WPForms comes with a “Drag & Drop” form builder, allowing users to create forms without coding knowledge or experience.

Here are some of its features:

WPForms Custom Forms And Landing Pages

The plugin comes with a WordPress Drag & Drop form builder that allows users to create WordPress forms without coding knowledge.

It also helps you create mobile-friendly forms. Most of the time, if your website loads slowly on a mobile device, you will get poor user experiences which will hurt your conversions.

That’s not the case with WPForms. All forms are responsive and look great on any device or platform. You can even develop custom forms without any coding knowledge.

Form Analytics

The plugin allows WordPress lead generation users to see how much WordPress time a WordPress form is viewed.

It offers form analytics of which forms are getting the most attention from your website visitors. The plugin has a fantastic reporting functionality that allows you to see where your users are coming from, what page they’re looking at on your website, how many submissions you’ve received by the month.

Use it to track all the data tables automatically for you with their email integration. It is a trusted WordPress form-building tool for WordPress users and businesses.

File Upload And Surveys

WPForms forms allow users to upload files through the “Drag & Drop” form building interface.

This feature is not included in WPEngineer. You can also upload files via WPForms shortcodes. And if you want to send surveys to your subscribers, you can do so with ease. The plugin has a fantastic survey tool that allows users to create surveys for WPForms.

The survey functionality includes conditional logic, “Drag & Drop” form building, WPForms interface; WPForms email integration, WPForms user reports, and WPForms data label.

A/B Testing

WPForms provides an incredible A/B testing functionality that allows you to test and measure different WordPress form designs and layouts against each other.

WordPress users can also run “A/B tests” within their WordPress forms to deploy the best-performing form.


WPForms Lite is one of the best free contact form plugins, and it’s completely free. A subscription to the premium version costs $79 per year.

WPForms Pros

●       All major email providers, including AWeber, MailChimp, GetResponse, Constant Contact, and Campaign Monitor, can be easily integrated.

●       From your WordPress dashboard, you can create lead-generating forms. Logging into your email marketing service is not necessary.

●       It makes it simple for visitors to subscribe by including a signup checkbox in your contact forms.

●       Form mode and conversational forms help to lessen form abandonment.

●       Enable the collection of incomplete form submissions

●       You may add signup forms to blog posts, pages, sidebars, and footers by just clicking a button

Cons of WPForm

●       The lack of WordPress multisite compatibility is a downside

●       No form-specific WordPress analytics is available


3. OptinMonster

This tool works with WordPress and is highly effective in helping you convert more of your website visitors into subscribers or buyers.

If you haven’t heard it yet, then this might be the perfect time to learn a little more about how it works and why it is popular among internet marketers.

OptinMonster allows you to create customized forms that increase subscriber conversions on any page or post of your site. You can also add social buttons on top of your pop-ups and user experience on your opt-in form. Some of the standard features that you can find on OptinMonster include:

Lead Generation Forms

The first and most powerful feature is included with all plans. You can use this tool to generate leads by creating custom lead pages, lead boxes, scroll boxes, countdown timers, or pop-up forms.

You can then put this WordPress lead generation plugin anywhere you want on your site, including the sidebar, header/footer area, or even below post contents to achieve higher conversions rates.

A/B Split Test Tool

This WordPress lead generation plugin allows you to test different design variations of your opt-in forms to maximize conversions based on subscriber behavior patterns.

For example, you could easily set up an experiment for your opt-in form’s design, layout, and text positions. However, understand that this feature is only available for the OptinMonster developer version.

Social Media Integration

With this tool, you can add social media buttons to your opt-in forms easily without having to touch any code.

Just drag and drop the social icons you want on top of your boxes or pop-ups so that visitors can share them with their friends or followers via email, sites like Facebook or Twitter.

Custom CSS Capabilities

This helpful tool allows you to fully customize your forms by changing colors, fonts, sizes, etc., with just a few clicks. You don’t have to write even one line of code to create great-looking forms.


It’s a fantastic feature, which allows you to see exactly how visitors interact with your opt-in forms and what they do when they come in contact with them.

The heatmap reports give you information regarding click-through, form submissions, exit rates, etc., all of which help you optimize your online marketing efforts even further.

OptinMonster Pros

●       Uses templates and easy button clicks to create high-converting campaigns.

●       Incorporate strict rules and triggers for campaign targeting

●       Recover abandoned visitors by utilizing exit-intent technologies.

●       Send remarketing messages to those who have previously interacted with your site.

●       You can view campaign views, conversion rates, and more with built-in statistics.

●       Connecting to Google Analytics will provide you with additional information.

●       Integrated spam prevention and a high-quality lead verification tool are included

●       With the ability to modify, follow up, and add a remark, subscriptions can be tracked and managed centrally.

OptinMonster Cons

●       The plugin setup process is a bit complex and might take some time.

●       Some reports can be confusing to users that have no design or copywriting experience.


The pricing starts at $9/month. An affordable price to most marketers who want to maximize the value of the traffic that lands on their site.

5 Best WordPress Lead Generation Plugins to Grow Your Business 2

4. ThriveLeads

Have you ever wondered what Thrive Leads plugin does? Thrive Leads can be integrated with Thrive Content Builder to create lead boxes, pop-ups, slide-ins, Sticky ribbon, Inline forms, Full-screen overlays, Content lock, Scroll mat, Yes/No multiple-choice, and bars that trigger when someone reaches your site.

When someone subscribes, they can get access to downloadable or content upgrades offered at different points on the website.

You can also add Thrive Leads to Thrive, Content Builder, when you’re creating Thrive landing pages. Thrive Leads has a full suite of lead generation tools that make it easy for any marketer to create and manage multiple forms and campaigns to get more lea