How much does Optinmonster cost? The Best Ways To Grow Your Email List In 2022

How much does optinmonster cost

OptinMonster is a powerful tool to help you grow your email list and turn website visitors into buyers.

But how much does Optinmonster cost? And do I need it? Is there another option for me?

Here are some things you should know about OptinMonster before deciding whether or not it’s worth trying out on your site–and tips on how to get started with their free trial.

So, read the review to the end to discover the best pricing package for you.

How Much Does Optinmonster Cost:The Company Overview

If you think Optinmonster is just an opt-in tool, you are wrong. It’s a conversion-focused online marketing resource. It ensures that every person who lands on your blog or store converts to a subscriber.

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Find out how much does optinmonster cost? Learn whether or not this tool is right for your business. Check the latest prices & features here!

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It’s one of the software you need as a marketer to grow your online company. It’s also affordable. So, with a few marketing campaigns, you should get a bang on your buck pretty fast. Based on a ton of positive customer reviews, it seems many people are opting for the software. 

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Let’s see how much it costs.

Optinmonster Pricing Plans

So you want to find out how much does optinmonster cost?

OptinMonster has four pricing plans to cater to your needs. You can choose any of these depending on the number of sites you have and the features you need. Always go for the annual plan to save a few bucks.

1. Basic plan: $9/month

Start with the basic package if you don’t want expensive plans. Use it to leverage existing traffic to generate leads and grow your business. Suitable for beginners who are merely testing the waters.

You can use it on one site to launch unlimited marketing campaigns, unlimited subscribers and get up to 3,500 page views.  

How much does optinmonster cost

Basic Features

This allows you to launch all campaign types, manage your subscribers with ease, and get success messages. You will have a drag-and-drop builder to ease your list building and segmentation processes.

Plus, there are over 100 campaign templates and beautiful opt-in forms to choose from. And if you want to segment your list, you can do so with ease and access basic subscriber analytics.

Personalization Feature

If you want to personalize the page-level targeting option, you can do so with ease. You can also personalize time on the site and scroll distance.

Integration With Other Apps

The package allows you to integrate OptinMoster with other apps such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, and Sendinblue for SMS marketing.

There are also other apps such as iContact, Mailerlite, Total send, and custom HTML forms. You don’t require any coding to get all these done.

Form And Other Features

You can also create floating bars form, popup, sidebar forms, inline forms, lightbox pop-ups, and other additional features depending on your option.

2. Plus: $19/Month

It’s the second package and suits businesses already in operation and just want to scale up.

Basic Features For Users 

Apart from all the features in the basic package, you can also use Optinmonster on up to two sites, set unlimited campaigns, manage unlimited subscribers, and receive up to 15,000 page views.

It also comes with advanced features, ranging from attention activation, content locking, connecting with Google Analytics to access detailed analytics, full analytics reporting, and undertaking A/B testing to optimize for higher sales.


You can personalize your account to target engaged visitors, monster sounds, monster effects, and an inactivity sensor. If you want, you can also introduce anchor tag targeting.  

Integrations and Email List  

You can undertake seamless integration with your favourite apps such as ConvertKit, Aweber, GetResponse, Conversio, Sendloop, and others. There is no coding required to integrate with these apps.

Optinmonster Integrations

Optinmonster is geared towards converting your traffic into subscribers. So, if you want to do it effectively, go with your favourite email marketing software like MailChimp** [link]. I use the same in all my marketing efforts.

Other Tools

The package also has a couple of other additional features and form types, which are an extension of the basic features. Plus, they offer essential support to you.

3. Pro: $29/month

It comes third and favours businesses that want to get fast results. With it, you will have a variety of options to use Optinmonster in up to three sites, set and manage unlimited campaigns, receive unlimited subscribers, and get up to 50,000 page views.

Pro Features

The package allows you to create intelligent tags, countdown timers, yes/no forms, multi-step campaigns and removes the Optinmonster branding. You will also be able to run mobile-specific campaigns to target your mobile audience.

The countdown timers help a great deal to initiate FOMO and help to boost positive results in your web pages.

Personalization And Customer Experience 

With it, you can target different devices to enhance the experience of your subscribers, create shareable monster links, cart and form abandonment, exit-intent technology, cookie-based targeting, access actionable insights, and scheduling your campaigns to run when you deem fit.

Integration With Other Apps

You can undertake advanced integrations with apps such as Hubspot for customer relationship management (CRM), ActiveCampaign or any of your favourite email marketing services, Klavio, webhook, and a wide range of other apps that can help you to boost your opt-in rates. 

Other Features And Popup

There are also other features such as lead verification popup, social proof widget, and custom domains. You will be able to manage a team of up to two and get priority support from the team at Optinmonster.

4. Growth: $49/month

It’s the final option and contains all the features you need to boost your conversions rates. You can use it on up to 5 sites, set countless campaigns, get unlimited subscribers, and receive up to 250,000 page views.  

Pro Features

You can also undertake custom branding, success scripts, launch coupon wheel campaigns, and smart success. You will also use all features in the pro package.


The application has customizable options to suit your needs. Begin by targeting your audience based on their location or device, onsite targeting, and set up follow-up campaigns for your subscribers. You can even set ad-block detection features and e-commerce targeting.

How much does Optinmonster cost? The Best Ways To Grow Your Email List In 2022 3

And if you want, you can also personalize your WooCommerce, Shopify, and BigCommerce stores. 

Integration With Other Apps

You can also integrate Optinmonster with all the applications in the basic, plus, and pro plans.

Other Features

In addition, you will get other add-ons services such as lead verification, custom domains, and social media widgets. You can also create unlimited sub-accounts, activity logging, access control, and get priority support.

The growth package is the best when you are running multiple niche sites.

Why Go For Optinmonster?

There are several Optinmonster alternatives such as Thrive Leads, Unbounce, ConvertBox and WP Subscribe, but I choose it because for the following reasons:

It’s Easy To Use In Lead Generation

You will love Optinmonster. It’s user friendly. After the sign-up process and getting to your dashboard, the rest of the leads generation solution process is seamless. And if it is easy to use, you can innovate and do more with it since it doesn’t require you to have tech skills.

To install it on your site, add a small snippet of code to the header in HTML. That’s if you don’t use WordPress on your site. But with WordPress, installation is easier. Just download the plugin, and you are set to go.

Optinmonster features
How much does Optinmonster cost? The Best Ways To Grow Your Email List In 2022 10

Your first campaign is easy, just go to your dashboard and access a wide range of pre-designed customizable email templates for your campaign scheduling needs. You can set the goals, objectives, and undertake device targeting to enhance the customer journey.

You will also have greater control of your audience data, display campaign types, and personalize your experience depending on your chosen pricing plan.

You Can Launch Different Types Of Campaigns

Optinmonster has many marketing campaigns based on the type of audience and products you are selling to them. It’s good that you launch several campaigns since every segment of your audience has varied interests and needs.

You can launch the following marketing campaigns on traffic websites:

  • Floating bars
  • Sidebar widgets
  • Lightbox pop-ups
  • Slide-in scroll boxes
  • Inline campaigns

Combining these marketing campaigns will help reduce pop-up fatigue, which happens when web visitors see the same pop-up every time they land on your website. You can incorporate various triggers and targets to minimize pop-up fatigue.

Optinmonster Campaign

Present different lead magnets of various pages and coupon codes if you have an e-commerce store, promotional message, or free shipping. Ensure every opt-in is geared towards a positive user experience and improving sales rates.

Advanced Analytics And A/B Testing 

With Optinmonster, you can undertake A/B testing for most of the elements in your marketing campaigns. The whole point of running these tests is to determine the element that will give you ultimate results.


You can launch these tests in your dashboard by split testing the already existing campaign, creating a copy, and tweaking the campaign elements a little. It can be the copy, call to action, colour, or the design of the pop-up.

Even a single tweak, such as changing the headline, can significantly impact overall results. Don’t ignore the A/B tests.

Display Rules On Websites 

Optinmonster has two display rules meant to boost lead generation: targets and triggers. Targets will rely on the audience information such as devices they are using, physical location, pages of interest, and other essential information.

When you target a mobile audience, the display campaign will only appear to them. You can also target customers in a specific country if your product or service is geared towards the local audience.

The triggers are merely used to target user behaviour when interacting with your site. For example, exit intents make it easier to retarget strayed customers. You can also trigger a pop-up feature whenever someone scrolls down the page.

If you combine triggers and targets, you will ensure that most of the traffic landing on your site will opt into your list and later convert into customers.

Solution For High Cart Abandonment Rates

The biggest challenge to e-commerce stores is to reduce cart abandonment rates. At the moment, the average rate is about 68% worldwide. These are people who place the products in a cart, fill out their details, and end up abandoning the product because of one reason or another. These stats will vary depending on company size. 

How much does Optinmonster cost? The Best Ways To Grow Your Email List In 2022 4

Optinmonster has an exit-intent advanced technology feature. OptinMonster will pop in a form that will either give them a discount or a free trial if someone exits without making a sale. That encourages traffic to convert into leads.

Some FAQs

Let’s answer some questions relating to Optinmonster.

Does Optinmonster Work With Shopify Platform?

Yes, you can connect Optinmonster with Shopify and boost your e-commerce conversions. They even have a native Shopify app, which allows you to connect your store with OptinMoster easily. With just a few clicks, you are in.

What is the difference between Optinmonster and MailChimp?

Optinmonster is geared towards converting traffic that lands on your site, landing pages, or e-com store. It allows you to create popups, slide-ins, and a ton of other campaigns to maximize the conversion rates.  MailChimp is a marketing tool. It will enable you to create sequences and convert leads to sales.

How do I Get Rid of The Optinmonster Logo?

I understand how it feels having the logo popping up on your forms, welcome emails, and other marketing elements. You can get rid of it by purchasing either the pro or growth pricing plan. One of the features of either of these plans is to get rid of the logo.

Does Optinmonster have a Free Trial?

Yes, it has a 14-day free trial. If you feel that you don’t like it before the 14th day, just cancel the package you selected and abandon it completely. But I’m sure you will like it. If you have a ton of traffic on your site already, OptinMoster can help to turn that traffic into sales.

Begin today. If you have a WordPress site, install the plugin on your site. You should have it set up and ready to convert that traffic to leads and conversions with a few clicks.

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