Link Whisper Review: Proven Interlinking Techniques That Work

Link Whisper Review

Before I tell you something about my honest Link Whisper Review, let’s talk about internal link building for a moment. It’s a fairly essential aspect of SEO. In fact, when Authority Hacker analyzed 1 million internal links, it found out a strong connection between internal linking and higher page ranking in search engines.

Ever been to some of these popular blogs in your niche? What do you notice from most of them? They have employed effective link building, right? Have you undertaken this on your blog?

Here are some of the benefits of internal links:

A Good User Experience

Think about it; the main reason a person landed on your site was that he had a pressing issue that needed answers. Don’t solve the problem shallowly. Provide as much information as you can. Let the visitor spend as much time on your blog post as possible.

How can you make their experience worthwhile?

The solution is adding an internal link to other resources within your blog. If, for example, John lands on a blog post that talks about YouTube marketing, he would most likely want to know about Facebook marketing, as well. That’s where internal links come in; add internal links to closely related blog posts to ensure the reader gets most of the information.


The ultimate goal of most bloggers is to get traffic. With traffic come leads and sales. If you ask any blogger about the main challenges they face in their blogging career, most of them will say it is traffic. How then can you get more traffic?

Optimizing your blog posts for search engines is one of the best traffic acquisition methods. SEO might take long, but it is FREE and lasts longer than other methods.

Internal links boost the experience of users. If more site visitors spend time on your site, Google will recognize your blog post as an authority and boost its ranking.


SEO is all about organic traffic; it’s different from paid traffic since people searching on Google and other search engines have defined search intent.

So, if you can target evergreen traffic from Google, it will more often have higher conversion rates.   

A blog post is made up of several sub-topics. If you have a long-form blog post about that particular topic, it would be best if Google crawlers can recognize it as pillar content and give it higher rankings.  

The problem, however, is that it is sometimes a daunting task to keep track of all the blog posts on your site. Think about it; it takes time thinking about which posts you can add links with an anchor text in other blog posts.

Link Whisper Review
link whisper review

Product Name: Link Whisper

Product Description: Link Whisper is a WordPress plugin that will find relevant internal link suggestions. It works with the major page builders, doesn't slow down your site and overall helps you rank better for a fair price

Offer price: $77 Annualy

Currency: USD

Availability: OnlineOnly


Enter Link Whisper

Now that you know the benefits of internal linking and the hurdles that come with it, imagine if you can find a tool to automate the whole process. Would that not be awesome? That’s where Link Whisper comes in.

It’s basically a WordPress plugin created by Spencer Haws, which automatically does the link building for you. Once you install it on your blog, it scans your whole blog and gives link suggestions whenever you update a blog post.

AI powers it. Hence, anytime you are in your post editor, the Link Whisper plugin will suggest the anchor text to add links.  

Something About Spencer

Ever come across a blog titled Niche Pursuits or used the Long TailPro keyword tool to research unique long-tail keywords? These are Spencer’s products. You may have also come across him in the Smart Passive Income blog run by Pat Flynn; he was once featured here.

He is a veteran niche blogger. His keyword tool is used by many bloggers to research less competitive long-tail keywords. Link Whisper plugin came along when he realized he was spending a lot of time on internal link building. So, it’s a well-thought-out tool.

Link Whisper Features

Wonder what makes this tool unique?

Here are the features:

1. Broken Links Reporting

Who would like their readers to find error 404 on their screen after clicking some of the links? No one would want to ruin the experience. You would want your site visitors to have a smooth time on your site, get solutions, share your blog posts to their friends, and hop into your email list.

Sometimes, you may have updated the URL of particular blog posts and hence broke all the links. It takes time to go back and fix them, especially if you have more than 1k blog posts.

It could be awesome if you have a tool that scans your site and gives you a list of internal links that could give a 404 error.

Once you install Link Whisper, it quickly checks out for broken internal links and helps you fix them. The end result is improved user experience and higher search engines page ranking.

2. Gives Internal Linking Report

You need a highly optimized site if you have to rise to the top of the file and enjoy evergreen organic traffic. And organic traffic is good. It’s what every blogger yearns for because it comes with boundless opportunities; leads, and higher conversion rates.

Link Whisper Review

How will you optimize your blog post for search if you don’t understand its structure? With Link Whisper, however, you are in control of your site structure. The plugin gives an internal linking report whenever you need it.

This in-depth link report enables you to optimize your site for better search engine visibility. You can know the number of internal links on your whole site, posts that search engine spiders have crawled, broken internal links, and orphaned posts.

This overview gives you control over your blog structure and how you can optimize it for search engines.

3. Automatic Internal Links Suggestions

How would you say if you have a tool that gives you link suggestions as you edit your article in the post editor? I mean, generally, you often have to spend a huge chunk of your time reading through a blog post and noting an anchor text to add inbound internal links.

If you have a tool that can save you the tussle of locating that anchor text and add an internal link to the right blog posts, would you not take it? Link Whisper is a plugin that does just that. It scans your article as you begin to write in the WordPress editor and gives suggestions on keywords to interlink.

Link whisper review

It’s a smart plugin, which leverages the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to work. You see, you only add internal links to blog posts based on relevancy. Since the tool already has most of the data regarding your blog, it will give appropriate link suggestions.  

4. Automatic Outbound Internal Links Building

It’s easy and fast to build links with Link Whisper. It has an auto-link feature, which helps you to build quality and relevant outbound internal links faster on your blog.

To use this plugin, you just need to input your choice of keywords to build internal links. You will then input the URL you want those outbound internal links to point to. Once you complete these steps, Link Whisper will analyze all your blog posts and automatically build internal links.

So, if, for example, your selected keywords are ‘Facebook marketing’ and a unique URL to an authority page that talks about Facebook marketing in detail, the plugin will link all current and future keywords to that blog post.

You can do the same with any other keywords you have in your blog.

Here Are Some Other Important Internal Links Settings:

Don’t go with the default internal link setting on the plugin. Explore some more that give greater control and can allow you to customize and fine-tune your link suggestions.

If you want to eliminate some phrases in your suggested links, there are settings you need to apply.

Here are some more:

Ignore numbers in the text: Link Whisper can choose to ignore texts when giving suggested links. You can choose this setting in the dashboard.

Ignore some posts: If you have blog posts that you don’t want to add inbound internal links, tell Link Whisper to avoid that.

Skip several sentences: To avoid internal link building on all every other sentence in your blog post, set this to 3 sentences such that the tool does not have to link subsequent sentences.

Ignore some categories: If you have several blog posts in one category that you don’t want to link, you can choose to input them in this setting.

There are many more settings you can apply during the installation process. You just need to head over to the WordPress dashboard, select Link Whisper plugin and go to the settings section. 

Link Whisper also has several pros and cons.

Link Whisper: Pros

1. Leads to a better user experience

If a web visitor lands on your site and gets what he wanted, he will be happy. That’s a good user experience. Interlinking does just that. If someone wants to learn about Clickfunnels and lands on this site, he will most likely want to learn about the One funnel away challenge.

If I interlink both of these, the user will have a positive experience on my site.

2. Reduce the bounce rate


By providing value in each blog post and interlinking closely related posts, you will be improving the experience of your site visitors. A positive experience will make them stay longer on your blog.

The bounce rate is the amount of time visitors spend on your blog posts. If they are interlinked, they will spend more time and reduce the bounce rate.

3. Many relevant interlinking suggestions

One of the things you have to juggle with when doing interlinking is the aspect of relevance. You can’t interlink a blog post talking about affiliate marketing with one that talks about health, for example. They need to be relevant to add value to the reader.

Link Whisper does just that; it gives relevant interlinking suggestions as you write an article in the WordPress editor. With just a few clicks, the interlinking is done.

4. Build links fast

Rather than spending a huge chunk of your time thinking about the blog posts to interlink to particular keywords, Link Whisper does the job for you. There is a lot that goes into finding relevant blog posts to interlink. It’s a harder task if you have more than 1k blog posts in different categories.

In addition, instead of going back to your old blog posts and interlining them with your current, you can just input a phrase of keywords to interlink to a certain blog post. Link Whisper will do the linking automatically.

Link Whisper: Cons

1. Doesn’t suggest external links opportunities

You can sometimes opt to link to an external source of information such as an authoritative blog post or e-book. External links helps your readers to gain in-depth insights into the challenges they are facing.

Link Whisper doesn’t do that for you. It would help if the plugin can scan other blogs on the internet and give external link opportunities, but it doesn’t. Spencer has something to think about for future updates.

2. No unlimited websites license

The plugin has only three plans. The most expensive plan can only allow 10 sites. I understand the plans don’t break the bank, but there need to be more customized plans for individual bloggers and agencies.

Otherwise, Link Whisker is a great WordPress plugin to up your SEO game.

Who should use Link Whisper?

Who should use this tool? The tool favors the following:


Spencer was a niche blogger. He created this tool to help you get more relevant links suggestions, gain more control over your blog structure, and boost your organic traffic. You can do a lot with this tool.

Instead of adding links manually, you can save all that time and energy on something else and let Link Whisper do the job.


Are you running a content marketing agency? It’s time to up your client’s SEO game. The end result is you want your clients to be happy, right? They will only be happy if they see the added value. They want to see results.

Since this tool has a strong correlation with increased web page traffic, you can install it on their blogs, as well. It’s a new plugin. So, it’s a great tool to suggest to your clients. The trick is to do what other agencies are not doing and get results that other agencies are not getting.


Link Whisper also favours freelancers with blogs. To effectively promote your freelance services, create a blog around them. If you are a web design guru, establish a blog and talk about how your services will help your clients.

Link Whisper will come in when you want to link your brand keywords and direct your highly defined traffic into your service page.


If you are a coach, you may want to link your blog to boost the user experience and increase conversion rates effectively. Link Whisper also comes in handy if you are a blogging coach. You can review how the plugin can help a great deal in optimizing blog posts for search engines.

Link Whisper Pricing

How much does Link Whisper cost? Well, there are three plans to choose from:

Single site license

This plan costs $77 per year. It’s pretty affordable considering that some WordPress SEO plugins can cost much more. The plan gives you access to all the features for one site. You can get lots of suggested links and smart full internal linking reporting.

3-site license

This plan costs $117 per year. Do you have more than one blog? You can go with this plan. It allows usage in up to 3 sites and gives internal linking reports and smart internal links suggestions. It’s just similar to the first plan only that you can use the plugin on three sites.

10-site license

If you own an agency and want to give the best for your clients, this plan is good for you. It costs $167 billed annually. It gives access to all the features as the previous plan but can be used on up to 10 blogs.

Link Whisper Review

Frequently Ask Questions On Link Whisper

  1. Why Internal Linking Improves Your SEO?

    Most SEO experts agree that internal linking is an SEO power technique. Internal links spread the flow of PageRank around your site – the more internal links a page has, the higher its PageRank

  2. Will Link Whisper Help Me Rank Better in Google?

    There is no guarantee that you will rank better in Google just because you start using Link Whisper.

  3. What Happens If You Remove The Link Whisper Plugin?

    Your links will stay intact. If you uninstall Link Whisper, the links you add will remain as it is. All of the links are permanent, and there’s no way to delete them in bulk, as of now. You can uninstall the plugin anytime without worrying about SEO or breaking the links.


I wrote this Link Whisper review to inform you about what this WordPress plugin can and cannot do. As you have seen, it’s awesome and shouldn’t be missed in any bloggers toolkit.

You now know the benefits of internal linking; the positive user experience and higher page ranking. You can save all the time spent on internal links and focus on other things.

I hope this Link Whisper review has helped you to make a decision. You can even start off with one site to test the waters.

Affiliate Disclaimer: I hope you liked our Link Whisper review. Please note that some of the links inside this article may be affiliate links to Link Whisper. That means that if you click on one of the links and sign up, I may be compensated for it. If you do happen to click, we really appreciate it! Any money we make keeps this site running smoothly and allows us to keep writing these high-quality reviews.

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