Groovefunnels vs Kartra: Which One is Better For Your Business?

Groovefunnels vs Kartra

When you’re a marketer, it can be hard to choose which platform is best for your business. However, there are plenty of options out there that will help you get started and grow your online presence! In this blog post, we’re going to compare Groovefunnels vs Kartra and see which one is better suited for your needs.

Groovefunnels is the newest entry to the funnel builder area since they launched and have helped thousands of companies launch their businesses successfully with their automated marketing software. Kartra takes a different approach by focusing on providing tools for entrepreneurs who want more control over how they run their business, allowing them to create customized workflows within the system.

So what’s the verdict?

It really depends on your unique goals, as well as priorities. Groovefunnels would be more suitable for setting up a marketing funnel and then launching it. Kartra would make more sense for those who wish to build an actual website/store.

It all boils down to your preference as a marketer when deciding which tool works best for you. Let’s see what each tool has to offer.

Groovefunnel Overview

Groovefunnels is a software suite, which harbors various features designed to help you build funnels, sales pages, membership sites, integrations with platforms such as .com or .net domains. It has been built for marketers who understand the nuances of online marketing but want an all-in-one platform that serves as a one-stop-shop.

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This can further expand the software itself by using add-ons/plugins, giving you even more advanced features to play around with. However, these are optional and don’t matter a lot for your growth.

The big difference between Groovefunnels and other similar systems is that it’s based on a low-risk/high reward model, which means you have everything at your fingertips to create an online brand WITHOUT having to invest in additional domains or hosting packages.

Karta Overview

It is a cloud-based software package for digital marketers looking to build highly converting modern websites. It allows people to customize their website using a drag and drop editing tool while providing layouts, modules, themes, etc.

A unique feature of Kartra is its visual editor, which enables even complete beginners to quickly get started without any prior knowledge of programming or design language.

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It is a much more advanced system than Groovefunnels because it offers complete control over your website design and the type of online company you want to create.

You can choose from various pre-built templates or start from scratch utilizing its WYSIWYG interface with extensive drag and drop features. Kartra also supports more languages, currencies, etc., than Groovefunnels, making it more suitable for international audiences.

Groovefunnels vs. Kartra: Features

Let’s see the features that each tool has:

1. Landing Page Builder

It allows you to create professional-looking pages with the click of a button quickly. These tools typically include hundreds of themes that you can use to personalize your website rather than the simple one.


GrooveFunnels can help you build a perfect sales page for your offer. It’s one of the most under-hyped tools to come out in a long time, and it’s not getting nearly enough love for its ability to be used as a landing page builder. GrooveFunnel pages are funnels; however, they can also be stand-alone landing pages.

In fact, because GrooveFunnels is built on a drag-and-drop interface, it takes seconds literally to make a page that converts beautifully. The key to creating high converting funnels is the combination of design and copywriting used in each step. With GrooveFunnels, this process is easy because you can build the pages intuitively and add/customize copy later.

​With the landing page editor, you can easily create fully functional and responsive pages. You can also choose to make the page display on a dedicated domain or your WordPress blog using their built-in SEO effects such as metadata management.

While doing this, you will have complete control over the traffic flow because you can decide whether or not to hide the opt-in form from search engines.


Kartra makes creating pages for anybody a walk in the park. The Kartra plugin is mainly used as a membership site creator, but the possibilities are endless. You can use it to build a sales page, thank-you pages, sales pages, squeeze pages, and more without any technical knowledge for any purpose you need.

The landing page tool includes a theme specifically designed for pages by default, and you can create unlimited, customizable templates in just a few clicks. When you first sign up with Kartra, they suggest using the pre-made template or starting from scratch.

Kartra Pages
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You have different options when creating a new page and can choose to use an existing theme or start from scratch. When building a membership site, you have access to all the same building tools, which will be simple if you are already familiar with that process. There is also an excellent screencast if you need more instruction.

If you do not have a page saved off yet, a button in the top left to create your first one. Fill out each field with whatever content is appropriate for what that will use that particular page for.

For example, when creating a membership platform with thousands of customers, you’ll want to give people a reason to join your site; use that page to explain what they’ll get out of it.

How to create a landing page using Kartra

The first step is for you to go to Kartra’s website and register for its landing page builder tool. The one-page guide will then help you build your page by providing some tips. You can also go through some tutorials on page design.

It would be best to have a domain name and hosting account and knowledge of creating simple web pages. This is because Kartra’s landing page builder tool does not help you create the basic structure of a web page.

Kartra is a page builder divided into two parts, the graphic editor and a simple text editor where you write your content for the company’s homepage or blog, etc. It allows you to create pages with pictures, contact information, and other information types commonly found on the company’s homepage.

2. Integration With Other Apps


Kartra allows several integrations, as well. It has an API that gives you the ability to export your data into other CRMs. If you’re using an external CRM tool such as Salesforce or SugarCRM, you can easily pull in Kartra data and feed it directly into your existing system.

Kartra Integrations
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In addition, it allows Zapier integration. That means no matter what setup works for your company, Kartra is ready to support you. Since many people work with multiple tools simultaneously, it has built Zapier integration right into their platform.

The integration allows you to connect other apps and services such as Mailchimp, Google Drive, Dropbox, Gmail, and dozens of others to Kartra without any coding whatsoever. With zaps (which is short for “zaplets”–an online tool to create an automated action), you can seamlessly integrate their data from one app directly into their account.


It offers the option of using several third-party tools and email platforms to make your funnels work for you even better.

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These integrations include:

Zapier – Social media sharing and management tools

GoToWebinar – For webinars

MailChimp – Managing your email lists



Social media integrations (Free)

Email integrations (Paid/optional)

You can use all of these services at no additional cost, which is excellent if you want to grow your audience as quickly and efficiently as possible.

3. E-commerce Checkout Features


When you turn on the Groovefunnels e-commerce feature, it comes with a typical cart interface that has everything needed for a complete campaign.

It consists of the following additional features:

Groovefunnels search bar

Search filters 

Cart checkouts feature

PayPal checkout 

eBay branded link to make their payment gateway more trustworthy

It comes with a product view 

Product category view (sort by name, price)

And the ability to save products that you’re interested in. You can’t move these items into your cart from this screen as you need to go back to the app and browse again.

Groovefunnels kart
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Kartra has the tools you need to push your online brand forward. As a merchant, one of the most important things you can do is ensure that payment processing and checkouts are as smooth and secure as possible.

Kartra understands how important that is – that’s why they offer numerous advanced features to ensure shoppers can complete their order as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

  • Select Checkout

The process begins by selecting “Checkout” from within a product page or directly on the Store Menu. To begin with, select which shipping method you want to use; choosing your preferred shipping options will let you or your shopper know what will need information at checkout.

Kartra Checkout