Thrive Themes Review: Is it The Best WordPress Themes to Improve Conservations?

Thrive Theme Review

Imagine having a blog with high conversion rates, engagements, and brings in passive revenue. Sounds great, right? Do you know what’s preventing you from getting these? It’s your site; it loads like molasses in January, not responsive and poorly optimized for conversions. Don’t worry, however, because you can use Thrive Themes and some of its features to create a high-resourceful blog that makes you money.

Thrive Themes Mean More Than A Theme Selling Platform

Shane Melaugh (a marketing expert) and Paul McCarthy developed Thrive Themes from a simple site that sells themes in 2013 to a giant blogging warehouse harbouring top blogging tools. Once you sign up for one of their membership plans, you will get access to top-notch plugins, themes, and other elements poised towards making a conversion-focused blog.

If you scan their site, you will realize that Google and some other major brands have utilized it.

Some Of The Best Thrive Themes Plugins

ThriveThemes Review

Thrive Themes has several great plugins you can install on your blog to boost conversions. Here are some of them:

  •         Thrive Comments

It’s a plugin that allows the reader’s comment on your blog. There are countless benefits you can have from this. Comments show that readers are engaging with your content. It establishes credibility and authority when many people engage and post challenges they would need your help.

Imagine a blog post without comment. Between one with at least five comments and one with no feedback, which company would you trust? In addition, your blog will also get more visibility in search engines. On Nov 22, 2019, when Harsh Aggrawal tried to remove the WordPress comments system, Shoutmeloud traffic reduced sharply by 40%. Quite a significant margin, right? He later added the comment section and traffic reverted to the normal curve.

You can begin using this plugin today to collect comments on your blog posts, gain visibility, credibility, and nurture great customer relationships.

  •         Thrive Headline Optimizer

Thrive themes understands the importance of having an excellent headline. It came up with a plugin – Thrive Headline Optimizer – It aims to present the best performing headline to your blog readers. After testing different versions of the headline to your blog readers, it will understand one that performs best and presents it to them. Who wouldn’t like that?

It’s essential that you perfect in the art of creating great blog post headlines because it determines the success of your blog post. I know that the body of your content is value-packed. However, without flagging your readers down the articles with a compelling headline and introduction, no one will ever find out what you wrote down there.

HubSpot reveals one of the reasons why most bloggers lose traffic is because of not taking time to create a great headline. In fact, by optimizing your headline, you can improve traffic by 500%.

  •         Thrive Ovation

Would you want customer testimonials on your blog? This plugin will help you collect them and present them in a visually attractive manner. You should collect testimonials from your customers. They establish credibility. If a reader goes through your customers’ testimonials, he or she is more likely to be prompted to buy your product or services.

Thrive Ovation aims to change customer buying behaviour and boost lead conversions through customer testimonials. It does attract not only potential customers but also increases the loyalty of those who gave you those testimonials. Any customer who gives you a testimonial gets emotionally attached to your business. They can also refer other customers and increase your customer base.

Thrive ovation collects testimonials automatically and presents them on your sales page or web page. You need to try it out by signing up for a Thrive Themes membership.   

  •         Thrive Ultimatum

If you want to make a kill in sales, you have to introduce the sense of agency or else the prospect’s desire to purchase loses value. Thrive Ultimatum plugin enhances the fear of missing out (FOMO) to boost sales on your site. It does this through a countdown timer that you can set using a series of elements.

Are you running a webinar marketing campaign? Install this plugin on your site and boost lead conversions. When Edible (a company that deals with creating awesome gifts for friends and company family members) introduced a timer on their one-day delivery deals, they noticed an increase in the number of orders by 8%.

It’s not a daunting task to have this plugin on your site. Once you have Thrive Themes membership plan, you can comfortably get your hands on setting it up.

What Are Some of Their Themes?

Here are some of the themes available on Thrive Themes membership. You can view the rest on their site.

  •         Squared theme

Since the primary goal of Thrive Themes is to boost conversions, developers ensured that this theme serves that purpose well. It still achieves high conversion rates and a great user experience despite allowing the creation of compelling and stunning designs. There are blog themes out there that try all means to appear unique. As a result, they lose out on usability. That’s not the case with Squared.

It doesn’t disappoint when it comes to speed, mobile responsiveness, and boosting search engine visibility. It helps you grow your mailing list by enhancing the use of opt-in forms in your web pages to collect leads. If you own a business and want a visually attractive blog that brings forth lots of conversions, Squared is worth a trial.

  •         Pressive Theme

The main aim of developing this theme was to help digital marketers, affiliate marketers, and bloggers make the most of their traffic. It enables you to create top-notch, responsive web pages and sites that bring forth high conversion rates. The theme is streamlined to meet various business needs.  

Your blog needs a flexible and conversion-focused WordPress theme with a functional and impressive design. I know you don’t want a generic website or sales page. Neither do you want a flashy site that can distract the reader from actually understanding what’s you offer? Why not try Pressive on your blog. It attempts to strike a balance between the two and lets you stay in between for maximum conversions.

  •         Rise Theme

The developer’s main target was affiliate marketers. Since it’s a light theme, the rate of conversion is high. Do you have an affiliate niche site? You will need a light theme that loads faster to get organic traffic and higher SEPR. Guess what makes most affiliates find success with this theme? It’s because the developers first consulted Zac Johnson –a successful internet marketer of all times – before honing in on their skills.

Just like any other premium theme, Rise employs a state-of-the-art design. It has extensive admin options that allow you to determine the behaviour and style of your site. The support is fantastic, too. If you have any questions or issues with the theme, you can get real-time feedback from the support team. It’s an excellent theme for online marketers and affiliate marketers.

  •         Storied theme

A blog post without a heartfelt story is not inspirational enough. Storied theme enhances the art of storytelling in its design. You will agree with me that customers connect with stories on a deeper level than mere content. It arouses their emotions because they can relate the story with their daily undertakings.

According to Inc, stories travel far. It’s easy for the readers to recall them. That’s what Thrive Themes developers had in mind when developing this theme; you can present a story to your readers through written and visual media, including images, videos, and GIFs. A blog is the cornerstone of your marketing strategy. Achieve your marketing objectives by installing this theme on your blog.

  •         Performag theme

The theme is built for speed. It suits media companies that want to increase their online blog revenue. All the elements inside are poised towards increasing engagements and social sharing. Do you have a magazine blog? Performag can help to bring all your branding elements into play.

Use this Thrive Theme to make money from your online magazine. You can manage your ads from a built-in ad manager and determine the best position for an ad. In addition, the theme employs infinite scrolling and extensive visual branding elements to make your blog content aesthetic.

Other Thrive Themes Features

Here are other significant products you can have when you register for a Thrive Themes membership plan.

  •         Thrive leads

Have you optimized your opt-in form to maximize conversions? You may not know but a small insignificant change to that opt-in page can go a long way in boosting leads and click-through rate (CTR). Essentially, it’s the goal of every business to build a massive list of potential customers. That’s where Thrive Leads comes in; it’s one of the best WordPress email opt-in plugin.

Since you might not always be focused more on conversions than on user experience, Thrive Leads allows you to create various opt-in forms based on your preference. You can choose a Slide-In opt-in form, which slides in at the bottom when a user scrolls down or a widget in the sidebar. Also, there is a lightbox opt-in form, which overlays content and gains all the attention of the reader.

Purchasing Thrive leads does not break the bank. You can choose to pay a one-time fee of $67 for a single site or $99 for unlimited sites. Most plugins don’t give you access to all features when you pay. That’s not the case with Thrive leads.

  •         Thrive Apprentice

When your expertise grows, you will want to create a course around that. I know many people who are making a kill from selling online courses on Udemy and other sites. It’s all about becoming a pro in your craft. With the help of Thrive Apprentice, which Thrive Themes launched in early 2020, you can create fantastic courses on WordPress.

Once you install the plugin on your blog, managing it becomes easy-peasy. It’s simple to use since it gives you a systematic process of creating stunning modules. The beautiful and elegant design also makes the art of launching and selling courses effective. You needn’t start from scratch nor touch any piece of code.

As people shun traditional learning to e-learning, (TechJury writes that the e-learning market is projected to be worth $325 billion in 2025), you need to have a pulse on the finger of it. One of the elements that can make you reap big from your online courses is the software you use.

Does it support multi-media content?  

How effective and efficient is it in developing and managing your courses?

Since Thrive Themes have always taken the lead in WordPress plugins, themes, and other blogging tools, you can expect Thrive Apprentice to follow suit. You can get the plugin by being a Thrive Themes member.  

  •         Thrive Architect

What this plugin does is it enables you to create visually attractive web pages that incorporate branding colours and makes your content readable and enjoyable. I don’t think you know that visual content increases conversion rates, do you? Well, Nadia Khoja of VENNGAGE did a survey in 2018 and found out that about 69% of the 300 marketers interviewed recommend visuals as essential in content marketing.

So, you should now have understood the importance of a visually stunning blog. Is your blog dull? It might be the reason you have high bounce rates. You can Install Thrive Architect (it was formerly referred to as Thrive Content Builder) and create great looking blog pages in a simple drag-and-drop manner. You don’t have to begin from scratch; you can customize a pre-designed template.

Thrive Themes Pricing

With all the Thrive Themes features, you might be asking, “How much does it cost to acquire Thrive Themes membership?” Well, there are two plans.

Individual Plan

Thrive Membership
$ 19
Monthly ( Paid Annually)

  • Use all of the Plugin and Themes
  • On 25 of your own websites

Click Here

Agency & Website Design

Agency Membership
$ 49
Monthly ( Paid Annually)

  • Use all of the Plugin and Themes
  • On 50 of your & client websites

Click Here

So, you will only choose the plan that serves you well. Off course, if there is an update, you will not have to pay again. You are entitled to lifetime updates as a member.

Is Thrive Themes Membership Worth It?

I know you are asking yourself whether it’s worth being a Thrive Themes member. My answer is it is. If you are a blogger, the main aim of Thrive Themes is to boost your conversion rates. Who wouldn’t want that?

When you are starting out on affiliate marketing, try out the individual plan. With full access to all the products, you should see how essential these elements are for the success of your business. Beginning with plugins such as Thrive Leads, Thrive Architect, the themes, and others, it’s undoubtedly worth it for either $19 a month or $49 for agencies.

Little Known Cons of Thrive Themes

Just like any other software product, Thrive Themes has some limitations. So, here are some of its drawbacks.

  •         Limited to WordPress

Even though WordPress powers 35% of the internet, it would be a great option if Thrive Themes work on other content management systems (CMS) such as Drupal or Joomla. A challenge comes when you are developing a website for a client who uses Drupal, for example, and would want to use one of Thrive Themes plugins.

  •         Focusses on marketing

Any web developer would tell you that a website that enhances excellent user experience is bound to increase sales. The core problem that all Thrive Themes features attempt to solve is low conversions. It’s great to have a highly responsive and fast website. However, you need to take user experience into account, too.

I don’t mean Thrive Themes features are not optimized for good user experience or other critical blogging fundamentals. It’s only that they focus on conversions more.

  •         Support is text-based

If you have a question in regards to Thrive Themes services, you need to ask it in a forum. The reply will often be within 5 hours. Quite late, right? I mean if you had a decision to make within a short time. It could have been great if you can call them.

However, there are video tutorials that walk you through most of the processes involved with plugins, themes and other products. So, you will not feel lost.


Since you need a great looking website that attracts, engages, and converts leads to sales, Thrive Themes gives all the tools you need in one package. It favours affiliate marketers, digital entrepreneurs, and any other business blogs. To access all the Thrive Themes elements, register for one of their membership plans today. 

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