Clickmagick Review: 3 Tips that Guarantee Success


In this Clickmagick Review, we will look at the features, pricing and why this link tracking tool is the best.

Making sales is vital in online marketing. There are a lot of factors that may affect our business, and one of them is the site’s traffic. Traffic can help you build up more sales, and that is why I’m introducing you to a Clickmagick that will help you with it.

ClickMagick And Traffic

Why is traffic essential? Because traffic is crucial as it can maximize your profits and do better business. Software that will go beyond the analytic tool as it accurately tells you every factor that you will need for your business. That is what ClickMagick is all about.

In my ClickMagick review, I will talk about everything you need to know to understand how this software works and how it will help you with your site. I will discuss its features, benefits, pricing, and to prove why ClickMagick is one of the best link tracking tools you can get today. 

What Is ClickMagick?

ClickMagick is a platform that is best known for its affiliate tracking software. It offers a lot of features that will help your site when it comes to creating tracking links, who clicked it, and where it leads to sales.

One of its features is that it is web-based software where users can log-in, and you will be able to monitor every link that you input in the system.

It has all the features that you think you won’t need at all but realized you need! This platform is full of a lot of features that I will talk more about later in this ClickMagick review.

Why Use ClickMagick?

ClickMagick is considered to be the best, and not just because of gossip. It has been proven due to its useful features, and would you believe it there are 120 of them. Of course, I can’t cover them all but I’ll go over the main points here.

ClickMagick features include page design, payment methods, testing price points, and sales. It has robust and efficient features that will be useful in linking management system, but it is specifically designed in selling and buying traffic.

One of ClickMagick unique feature is that it isn’t only for tracking every visitor and for conversion. It also controls your site’s traffic flow hindering clicks from bots and other users like VPN. Also, it can maintain the quality of your website when it comes to traffic, due to placing geographical restrictions and the use of extra tools like pop-up and banners so they can invite more users to their pages.

Who Needs ClickMagick?

There are a lot of people and business who will benefit the usage of ClickMagick.

Affiliate Marketers

Clickmagick provides Affiliate marketers with insight from buying traffic from different solo ad provider. They can also cloak an affiliate link for their marketing campaign. Besides that, it can help them with split testing of affiliate funnels or pages and adding timers as well as CTAs to pages.


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Clickmagick Review: 3 Tips that Guarantee Success 2

ClickMagick can also help bloggers by serving a smart link tracking tool that can be used in very different ways. It can lock content on your blog and can only give access if a particular action is completed, and it can append a lot of subids to a link. ClickMagick can retarget your visitors with the Ads based on link clicks and can cloak the affiliate links with the use of its custom tracking domains.

Solo Ad 

Solo ad sellers and buyers will be helped as well because its click tracking services is one of the core tools when it comes to single ad business. You will be able to get updated and accurate information in an instant. By making use of their multi-mode rotators that can split traffic in just one offer for several affiliates and it could send traffic to a specific location. 


For any e-commerce owners, it will be great in helping them with tracking things. An example, if they use Shopify, it will quickly tell its visitors clicks, locations and a lot more that will be useful.

Coaches And Consultants

Clickmagick could be used by coaches and consultants. There are a lot of digital entrepreneurs out there that could make use of the features of ClickMagick. It allows for tracking the overall marketing funnels of your business easily. Everything, from opt-in to your upsell, downsell, and thank you pages. Also, it can follow up emails, but it would be best if you integrate it into a single platform. 

Who Doesn’t Need ClickMagick?

Yes, there are a lot of people that will benefit the usage of ClickMagick. However, it doesn’t mean that it will be perfect for all. 

Newbies in the business that is just starting their online marketing business. Everything will look new, and it will be harder for you to learn it quickly as it will take some expertise to know everything about it. You can have other alternatives that are newbie-friendly and cost-efficient such as 

If your site doesn’t create a lot of traffic, then I think using this isn’t advisable. Your traffic must be reasonable, or else it won’t be much of use to your business.

The traffic must come up with the right calculation so you can understand or estimate the marketing efforts. It will just be a waste of your energy and money if you are not getting enough traffic to support your online business. You better work on first on increasing your traffic and make it boom so you can get this platform to help you.

ClickMagick Features

ClickMagick has a lot of features. It could be challenging to understand all of it, so I will give you the most highlighted features of this platform. These are the features that internet marketers will need the most.

Tracking Links

ClickMagick main feature is to single tracking link that can append one or more subids that you can get after backlashes. Don’t worry if the affiliate program you want to link doesn’t allow subids. It will still be useful as it is still can be seen in your ClickMagick stats.

Track Traffic

Its features deeply emphasize in the creation of tracking IDs that will track and see all your clicks are coming from. This will help you know where you need to concentrate your targets and be proactive in doing it.

Link Cloaking

One of ClickMagicks’ features is the ability to shorten the URLs. It will help your site look professional and will be a good marketing strategy as it will tell people your site is legitime. It will be more comfortable to type for the user without typing a lot of letters and numbers to go to your site.

Track Conversion

Real-time metrics is the feature that can track conversion, and you’ll be assigned costs for traffic and can add values for conversions.

Track Quality of Traffic

When it comes to dealing with traffic, the thing that we are worried about is that the traffic that we are getting is from bots and VPN users. This kind of traffic is wrong for your business as it is preferred that you deal with real users for you to create money. The ability to know what’s real or not is an excellent deal through ClickMagick; you will see the IP addresses who clicked on your site or links. You will be able to find their location too.

Countdowns and Call to Action

This is a unique feature of ClickMagick that you can add things to other pages. This will be an advantage for their content because it will look like a part of the site.

Split Tests

It split test feature will help you in using one link that can be sent to users of different pages. It will help balance what you send and can create different combinations from it.

Monitoring for Links 

With the monitoring links of ClickMagick, you will be alerted when your links are down or offline. By having this feature, you can be able to save a lot of money because once you didn’t look into it and found you are offline for quite some time, you will lose money.

Import And Export Data

This feature will make your life easier as you can quickly upload links, especially if you have a lot. You can export any data you desire and be able to share it with everyone i.e., your friends, clients, and workmates. This will be so much easier to use instead of giving them your username and password.

This will allow you to quickly upload links, which is a great help if you have a lot of them. You will be able to export any data and share it with your coworkers and clients, which is easier instead of allowing them to use your username and password.

What I like About ClickMagick

There is a lot to like about ClickMagick and one of them that it has an easy to use interface. If you are not much into techie stuff, you can be able to navigate it, and when it comes to the downlinks, this platform can send you alerts for you to be notified.

Its geotargeting makes it more efficient to track things and websites, and to make it more robust, it has real-time tracking. These features make it the best link tracking software.

Also, it can measure the quality of traffic, and every notification goes straight to your inbox.

One more thing that I like about it is its ability for split testing. We know that in making sure the quality of pages is right by doing tests to check if everything is going right. It will help us to make the necessary changes. 

What I don’t like About ClickMagick

ClickMagick is an excellent platform when it comes to link tracking, but it doesn’t mean it is beyond perfect. It still has some flaws.

Some of its features are quite complicated. Yes, it is user-friendly, but some of its features needed some effort so you can use it. It also could be one of the best when it comes to link cloaking, but it needs improvement when it comes to its coding for making pop-ups. The ClickPops and ClickBars are ugly looking and need some design overhaul to make it more enticing.

Lastly, ClickMagick doesn’t have live chat support, and I think software like this should have one to make it more accessible to users, especially if they need help. 

ClickMagick Pricing

As of today, there are 3 ClickMagick pricing plans where you can subscribe. They offer a 14-day free trial, so you can experience how it works before purchasing it entirely. If you also avail now, you can get discounts as the slashed off their prices.

Starter Paln

$ 27

  • Upto 10,000 clicks per month
  • Funnel Tracking – 1 Funnel
  • 2 custom tracking domains
  • 6-month data retention

Click Plan

Standard Plan

$ 67

  • Upto 100,000 clicks per month
  • Funnel Tracking – 5 Funnel
  • 10 custom tracking domains
  • 1-year data retention

Click Here

Pro Plan

$ 97

  • Up to 1,000,000 clicks per month
  • Funnel Tracking – Unlimited
  • Unlimited custom domains
  • 2-year data retention

Click Here

Final Verdict: ClickMagick Review

ClickMagick is a fantastic platform that solves your problems when it comes to your site’s traffic. It has excellent and unique features that will be of help in traffic issues and can even track if your campaigns are working or not.

This platform will be a lot of help to anyone who needs it. ClickMagick is best recommended for online marketers as it will help them a lot with the use of its tracking tools. It will be a good investment because you will know where your links are coming from, and it will prepare you to make plans on how to make it right by optimizing the marketing campaigns that will get you more sales

My ClickMagick Review will be essential when it comes to deciding if this platform will be perfect for your business. Once you experience it, you will find out that ClickMagick is the best link software that you can have.

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