10 Mistakes Companies Make in Their Sales Funnel Approach

Sales Funnel Approach

Sales or ad funnels are an essential tool to boost your lead generation no matter the industry you serve. You may have tried it in the past without much avail. However, your results depend on implementing the best sales funnel approach to mature your leads.

Simple tweaks to your strategy can fix your funnel in no time. While it may take time to create the perfect seven-figure funnel, you can do it yourself if you figure out where you’re going wrong.

Not sure where you’re missing the mark? We’ve got you covered. Here are the 10 most common mistakes businesses make when designing their sales funnel.

10 Sales Funnel Approach Mistakes That Companies Make

1. Only Focusing on Paid Traffic

Years back, generating a sale was as easy as creating a funnel and running ad. However, these days are long gone. Today, customers need to connect with your brand.

You may think designing your sales funnel stages is the biggest challenge, but that’s far from the truth. It’s important to focus on search engine optimization and connecting with your customers through valuable content instead of only generating leads from paid traffic.

2. Not Encouraging People to Share Each Step

You may be focusing on creating ads, landing pages, and thank you pages to convert your leads. However, you should also make these lead magnets “share-friendly”.

Your funnel steps should motivate your leads to share it with their audience. It all comes down to how much value you provide your lead.

3. You Aren’t Focusing on Nurturing Your Lead

While designing your funnel, it’s important to keep the sales funnel fundamentals in mind. Remember the main purpose behind the process is nurturing your lead through the developing awareness, interest, desire, and action phases.

4. Your Funnel Has Too Many Steps

Every step in a funnel requires leads to make a decision. If your funnel has too many steps, it will be difficult to convert a lead into a customer. Successful sales funnels make it a no-brainer for the lead to make the purchase.

5. Going for the Hard Sell From the Get-Go

While we all want to get that sale as soon as we can, the best sales funnels don’t start with a sales pitch. They focus on building rapport with the lead and removing any customer inhibitions.

Harness the power sales funnel stages to get your lead to trust you. Your content and landing pages should provide solutions not highlight product features.

6. Underestimating the Value of Non-Buying Leads

Some companies tend to underestimate the value of a non-buying lead. The science of designing seven-figure funnels strives on nurturing any lead.

It doesn’t matter if a lead doesn’t buy right away, you should always look for ways to optimize your lead nurture strategy to boost your sales. Consider tweaking your lead nurturing process by using methods such as automating your nurture emails and adopting a multi-channel strategy.

7. You Offer a Limited Array of Options

Let’s face it, not everyone can buy your top of the line product or package. If a lead gets stunned by your pricing, they may not consider you their solution in the long run.

Are you offering several buying options? If not, you should consider starting with low-end pricing of your products to move on to high price offerings.

However, you should always be mindful of the value of the solution you offer. It’s vital to keep this in mind during your product development process.

How can you improve your product? Would you buy it? Companies often forget to put themselves in the customer shoes before launching a product which causes them to miss the mark.

8. Not Taking Advantage of Upsells or Cross-sells

Believe it or not, seven-figure funnels depend on taking advantage of upsells and cross-sells. When a lead buys a product, they’re more likely to purchase more items. Are you featuring upsells and cross-sells on your Thank You pages?

If you answered no, you should get on it right away. Consider adding products more and less expensive than the product the customer bought. Don’t hesitate in using discounts to your advantage to sway your customer and make the sale.

9. You Don’t Split Test Enough

While your audience may have the same interests, it doesn’t mean they’ll bite the same bait. The best funnel builders split test everything from their ad copy to the landing pages in their funnel. It’s important to run many split tests to figure out what your customers prefer.

10. Not Tracking Your Results

Getting the most out of sales funnels depends on tracking your results. While you may be tracking page views, conversion rates, and bounce rates, these metrics tell half the story. It’s vital to also track data such as return visitors, exit pages, among others.

Tracking other metrics will allow you to find the specific areas you should focus on to fix your funnel. An example is how you may be focusing on your conversion rates when it comes to emails.

However, you should consider your email open rate to get the whole picture. You may be getting a good conversion rate on your email campaigns, but a low open rate. If that’s the case, you should work on boosting your open rate, therefore, skyrocketing your sales in the long run.

Can You Develop the Right Sales Funnel Approach?

You can develop the best sales funnel approach to boost your lead generation and nurturing. It all comes down to thinking outside the box without relying on paid traffic. When you design your sales funnel stages, you should be mindful of your customer persona and their needs.

Focus on providing value to your audience through your content. Don’t go for the hard sell from the start. Aim to solve your customer’s everyday problems.

Remember setting the building blocks isn’t enough. It’s vital to track your results and conduct A/B testing to understand your customers better. We’re confident that if you keep in mind the most common mistakes and our recommendations, you’ll fix your funnel in no time.

Want to learn more tips to build your next sales funnel? Read our blog post to choose the right funnel building software today.

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