My VidIQ Review 2022 [Secret Strategies To Grow Your YouTube Channel]

Vidiq Review

If you are a YouTube content creator, you could have come across VidIQ. It’s one of the best YouTube marketing tools at the moment. I assume you don’t have a lot of information about it, right? Well, read this VidIQ Review to the bottom.

YouTube has indeed been growing drastically over the years. In fact, it’s now the second-largest search engine in the world, with a user base of about 2 billion users.

Imagine the business potential it harbors.

Yet as marketers, influencers, and brands bustle and jostle for the top position in YouTube search results, some smart YouTubers are taking a seamless course to the top of the file.

It’s true that uploading quality content, fishing for subscribers, and putting in some form of consistency matter when growing your channel. However, those are not the only aspects that determine this fate.

A lot is needed.

That is why you have tools like VidIQ; to hasten the process and help you achieve more in less time.

Lets dive in and take a look at Vidiq review.

Vidiq Review


VidIQ is a powerful tool for growing your YouTube channel. It offers lots of tools for keyword research, competitor research, channel auditing, trends alert, and managing tedious channel management tasks.


  • 30 day free trial
  • Excellent customer support
  • Comprehensive channel audit


  • Limited features on the mobile app

What’s VidIQ Chrome extension?

First of all, VidIQ is a YouTube analytics and marketing tool. Unlike other tools you have come across, VidIQ allows you to undertake channel audits, give actionable insights, and help you grow your YouTube channel in a short time.

It’s not just an SEO tool; it’s all-in-one YouTube software. After analyzing your top competitors, it gives you tips on how to outrank them easily. The tool has a simple and easy to understand scoreboard that houses all your account data.

They have both a web form and browser extensions. It can either be a Chrome extension or Firefox, depending on your favourite browser.

How Do I Use VidIQ Extension On My YouTube Channel?

VidIQ has several features that allow you to increase the number of YouTube views and subscribers.

So, if you are thinking of tips to grow your channel, VidIQ has you covered:

·         Undertake keyword research

SEO goes a long way in increasing the number of views a video receives on YouTube. There is a big difference between videos that are optimized for search and those that are merely uploaded.

If you think about it, SEO is about using keywords that users are using to search for answers to their challenges. By properly optimizing your videos for these keywords, you will see a rise in traffic.

Vidiq Review

VidIQ does the following for you:

Research on keywords: VidIQ allows you to research keywords that your viewers are using to search for content online. You can then decide on the right keywords to use in your title, description, and tags.

Inspect keywords: apart from giving you a whole bunch of keywords to use depending on your niche, the tool provides other information such as the videos ranking for that keyword and that particular topic’s interest over time.

Create keywords templates: if you want to make it easier next time, create a keywords template. You can then insert the tag template in your future videos.

In-line keywords: Video tags are essential in helping you to rank. The tool allows you to spy on tags that your competitors are using and use them in your videos.   

Keyword translator: Your audience is not limited to English speakers alone. There are other international languages. VidIQ allows you to translate all your written YouTube content into multiple languages to attract a global audience.

·         Create eye-catching YouTube thumbnails

SEO is not all about written content. If you want to increase the video click-through-rate (CTR), you need a unique and bold thumbnail.

If you think about it, the first thing a viewer sees before clicking the link to view your video is the thumbnail. Videos with an eye-catching thumbnail always get the highest clicks and hence rank higher.

Vidiq thumbnail editor

It takes time to create a great thumbnail that depicts precisely what your video talks about. But with VidIQ, you have it all in one place. The tool allows you to create thumbnails in just a few clicks. YouTube makes a simple thumbnail for any video you upload, but you shouldn’t use that.

·         Easy to read video analytics

The problem with YouTube analytics is that it’s not easy to make up on what’s working and what’s not. Hence came a simple and easy to read dashboard that analyzes all data and presents it in a way that anybody can understand.

Vidiq Channel Analytics

The goal of VidIQ is to analyze your video data and help you make better and fact-based profitable decisions. The VidIQ scorecard has the following types of analytics:

Channel analytics: different from YouTube analytics, the scoreboard has a unique and straightforward way of showing the number of views per day, total channel views, and subscribers.

Historical data: If you want to optimize your videos for better ranking and boost views, you need past and present data. VidIQ gives you data about the video’s performance from the day it was uploaded to the present.

Video optimization checklist: the tool gives a red score for factors that haven’t been fully optimized. It also gives a green score for factors such as title, tags, and thumbnails that have passed the optimization test.

Critical data points overview: in the scoreboard, you can see the average view time, view per hour, counties where your views are coming from, and the devices people are using. That is similar to Google Analytics, only that it’s much more straightforward and easy to understand.

·         Unearth Competitors’ Tricks And Use Them To Your Favour

You need data about your competitors if you have to beat them. Information is power. The moment you know what’s working for them, you can use it to outrank them in YouTube search results.

VidIQ allows you to do that. With the data, you can craft a winning marketing strategy for your videos. It enables you to do the following.

Analyze competing channels: you can find out competing channels, get their data, sort the data based on a given hour, keyword, or date.

Export performing keywords: once you identify your competitors, you can check out their top-performing keywords and export them into a spreadsheet.

Get the vital stats: you can choose the stats you want to see on your competitors’ videos. VidIQ allows you to study their video trends, subscribers, and the most viewed videos.

·         Track Essential Trends To Stay Ahead Of The Curve

Don’t create outdated videos. You should always have a finger on the pulse to predict future content needs. You will have to visit Google Trends if you have to get this right. That’s not the case with VidIQ.

You can do the following with VidIQ:

Set trend alerts: the tool allows you to set up alerts on specific topics. If they trend, you get a notification about it. You can then identify micro trends and create videos around them. Any trending topic within your niche is an opportunity to get views and subscribers.

Vidiq features

Identify the most viewed video: different from YouTube, the tool allows you to identify top trending videos based on keywords, views per hour, and any other criteria you choose.

·         Facebook Integration With Your YouTube Channel  

The last thing you need to know about VidIQ is the fact that you can syndicate your YouTube videos on Facebook. You need a Facebook page, though. Once you connect the page with your VidIQ account, you can share the video with just a few clicks.

You can even edit the title and the description to suit your Facebook audience before clicking the share button. 

How to Get Started with VidIQ Chrome Extension?

To begin using VidIQ is simple and doesn’t require a complicated procedure. Visit their site, register for a FREE account, and begin the process.

They have both the web form and extension. So, you can use any depending on which you like best. I would always go with the Chrome extension since it gives easy accessibility.   

Once set, create an account and connect the tool with your YouTube account. It will pull up all your YouTube videos into one seamless and interactive dashboard in no time.

You can then sort all the videos based on the number of views, likes, and shares. The tool allows you to suggest optimization tips and change your titles, tags, description, and other ranking factors.

Is VidIQ Good For Your Youtube Channel?


I’m using it. It’s awesome. Here is why you need it as a YouTube video creator:

·         It offers An In-depth Content Audit

VidIQ allows you to unearth hurdles to an effective ranking of your videos on YouTube. If you know what’s not working, you can fix it and get to number one in search results.

It’s that simple.

Vidiq Review

Sometimes, it can be that you haven’t used the right tags, the description isn’t optimized, or you simply didn’t use the right keywords. VidIQ will analyze and give a report of all of these. 

·         Optimize Your YouTube Video Posting

Once you undertake keyword research, what’s left is just to optimize your YouTube written content for those keywords. VidIQ allows you to do this quickly since it has several tags for different optimization levels.

If you haven’t optimized the title well, the factor will give out a red sign. A green color depicts a properly optimized factor.

·         Easy to Use and Boost Your Channel Views

The tool is easy to use. You don’t need to take long studying YouTube analytics graphs and figures that look confusing. The tool has an easy to read and understand scoreboard where all the data is analyzed and presented.

·         Review Competitors In Your Niche And Give A Recommendation

VidIQ allows you to spy on competitors quite easily. With it, you can know their marketing techniques and implement them in your strategy.

You can uncover their top ranking keywords, tags, and all other stats about their channels. With the data, it’s easy to beat the competition and emerge number one in search results.

What are its Cons?

Compared to other YouTube video marketing software such as MorningFame and Tubebuddy, VidIQ is pretty awesome. I agree that most of the keyword research features are in the pro plan, but that’s okay. You get what you pay for, right?

Another thing is someone in a comment somewhere complained of accounts being banned after using VidIQ. That’s not the case because I’m currently using the tool, and it has proved to be excellent.

The thing is, these people don’t set stronger passwords and hence leave their YouTube accounts vulnerable to hackers. The hackers tamper with their YouTube accounts and violate YouTube TOS.     

However, perhaps one thing they would need to improve is their phone app. It’s great, but it could be worked on a little better.

How Much Does VidIQ Cost?

Ready to use VidIQ to grow your YouTube channel? Well, you need to know their plans then.

Here are some of them:

  • The FREE Plan: You don’t get access to a lot of features here. However, it’s free. So, you have nothing to lose. Start off with this before purchasing any of these other plans.    
  • The Pro Plan: it’s better than the free plan but limited in some features, as well. It costs $7.50 per month and allows you to track up to 6 competitors, advanced video analytics, keyword research, and other great features not found in the free plan.
  • The Boost Plan: the plan costs $39 per month. It favours someone who is already established on YouTube. With the plan, you can use the tool on up to 5 channels, an increase in trends alert, and full access to features in the web suite.  
  • The Boost Plus Plan: it’s the final plan and costs $415 per month. It favours agencies and top YouTubers. In addition to getting access to all the features, the plan allows monthly coaching calls, personalized tips, and in-depth analytics.

Vidiq Review: Frequently Asked Questions

Before we conclude this Vidiq review, I know you are asking yourself the following questions:

Is VidIQ Extension Safe?

Yes, it’s completely safe. It’s a YouTube certified SaaS company and uses its API. Hence, you are not violating YouTube terms of service using VidIQ.

How do I Add an Extension to Chrome?

It’s not a nerve-wracking task as you might think. If you visit their site, they will give you a direct link to their extension. You just need to click on it, install the extension, and enjoy using VidIQ.

What is VidIQ SEO Score?

The score shows how well you have optimized your YouTube video content for the keywords your audience is using. A low score implies a hard-to-rank video, while a high score means your videos are highly optimized for search and are more likely to rank fast.

How can I get more YouTube views for free?

Most experts will give you a bunch of techniques to achieve this, but it all comes down to one thing; SEO. If you want to get free and consistent YouTube views, you need to optimize your content for your audience’s keywords. VidIQ can help you do that.

To wind up, I hope this VidIQ Review has helped you understand all the ins and outs of YouTube marketing and how you can use the tool to your advantage.

How about checking out their FREE plan before committing to their premium plans?

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