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Several tools provide a full marketing suite for businesses and Kartra is among the top 3 best marketing tools in the world today. Kartra is a combination of several powerful marketing features that give a business owner everything they need to create a successful business marketing model and implement it without having to break the bank.

What is Kartra?

In a nutshell, Kartra is the tool that will get your product set up, create a proper ‘shelf’ display online, market it, and sell it. In addition, the tool is also great for capturing visitors who visit your online shop front and nurture them into buying customers. Simply put, it’s the tool you use to set up your business online and market your products.

Kartra Review


Kartra is not just a sales funnels builder. It’s a full-suite marketing platform that will help you take your business to the next level. It’s a robust powerhouse that will help you build a thriving business and manage the whole process of marketing your products and managing your customer experience-all at the same time.


  • All in One Platform (Email, Video Hosting etc)
  • Tons of Pre-built Page Templates and Section Templates
  • Fantastic Email Deliverability


  • Sometimes Pages Can Look A Little Off On Mobile.
  • Can’t Sell Physical Products

With Kartra software, you are your own shop attendant, marketer, marketer, and customer relations specialist- all bundled up into one.

For your business to run from start to finish, all you need is to get a Kartra account. You’ll not need to invest in other tools, web developers, marketing interns, designers, system integrators, etc. All you will need is to get this trial account, watch some tutorials, and begin the journey to establishing your business online.

Kartra is the ideal platform for a small business owner or any marketer who wishes to start a business online and has no technical experience or a big budget.

Think about this, you need to have a website and landing pages for your online businesses. Kartra starts here and goes on to helping you create efficient sales funnels that will help you collect leads for your business.

The Kartra software is in the real sense, a bundle of different software bundled together into a seamlessly integrated system. Every part of the software works together and helps you to run your business smoothly and efficiently.

The software was founded in 2018 by Genesis Digital, the very same team that brought Webinar Jam to where it is right now.

Kartra provides you with features such as; Website hosting, email marketing, videos, webinars, split-testing, cart checkouts, funnel builders, etc.

One of the reasons why I love Kartra is because the platform works just perfectly for both beginners and seasoned tech gurus.

You will find pre-made templates if all you just want to plug and play. However, if you are up for a challenge, you will enjoy pushing your creativity to the limit with an open canvas, drag-and-drop landing page, and sales funnels builder.

Except for dragging and dropping pre-designed elements on to an empty canvas, you don’t need to have any coding skills or tech knowledge to use the Kartra platform. 

People with coding experience will also be amazed at how there’s unlimited room for designing complex and advanced sales funnels and marketing campaigns.

Why Use Kartra

Kartra comes with all the bells and whistles that every business owner would want to have hands-on. However, there are some outstanding reasons that make Kartra a must-use software for running your business.

Unlike other sales funnels software, Kartra is impressive in that you get pre-done and proven sales funnels and campaigns that are backed by marketing geniuses such as Frank Kern.

To get a stress-free way of setting up a website, and pre-made high-converting sales funnels ready for use is worth trying Kartra. Think about all the time, money, stress and effort that Kartra sales funnel software will save you. 

Features To Expect While Using Kartra

Kartra has many features that are in-built to help you make use of the software. 

  1. Page Builder

Kartra’s page builder feature gives you the ability to build your website and landing pages with ease even if you know nothing about coding. Kartra offers you a drag-and-drop feature that allows you to create a website from scratch through adding elements to an empty canvas. 

You can also use the pre-designed templates for your web pages and use the drag-and-drop feature to customize them easily for your business needs. You can add your logo, change the fonts, colors and much more. 

Kartra Features
Kartra Review: What Everyone Should Know About Kartra 6

Squeeze pages, video sales pages, thank you pages, coming soon pages, product launch are some of the available kinds of templates. The web builder gives you the flexibility to personalize your website as well as add pop-ups, forms, and much more.

You also get pop-ups, which are a popular attention tool that helps you turn traffic into leads. The webpage builder has landing pop-ups, exit pop-ups, check out pop-ups, information pop-ups and much more.

The web page builder also allows you to add forms to your website and add as many fields to it as you desire. Forms are a great tool when capturing information from your leads and customers. Some of the available kinds of forms are: lead capture forms and check out forms. 

Kartra accommodates those with a domain name and those without. Once you complete populating your website, it gives you the option to host your page on the Kartra servers or your own. If you do not have a domain name, Kartra can host all your web pages free and give you a unique sub-domain. If you already have a domain, you will just need to hook it up and the designated pages will show through your domain.

All Kartra web pages are responsive and are viewable on desktop, tablet and smartphone. No need to worry about unresponsive layouts and penalties on search engines for unresponsive pages.

  1. Leads Management

Kartra allows you to see your customers and understand them better. It allows you to see their basic information such as contact details, when they joined, their lead score, which products they have bought from you and how much they have spent, the exact emails they have received and if they read them. 

Kartra turns all of this information into data that will help you in understanding customer patterns and behaviour. This kind of information is key in the business as it helps you know what is working and what needs to be improved in your marketing channels. You also get feedback on how your leads interact with your webpages and use the information to optimize your sales funnels more for better customer experience.

Kartra Features
Kartra Review: What Everyone Should Know About Kartra 7

The leads feature provides you with two key elements. Lead tagging and lead scoring.

  1. Lead tagging allows you to apply custom labels to your leads to for easier organization and arrangement into subgroups such as VIP paid customers and such.

If you want to email your VIPs only, the tag assigned will enable you to send a customized message to your VIPs. Lead tagging helps you match your message to each specific subgroup. 

  1. Lead scoring allows you to quantify your leads based on their online behavior and their engagement with you. 

For instance, you can assign different scores for different actions. Say, 10 points for purchasing any product, 3 points for reading the weekly newsletter, etc. With such a scoring system, you can qualify your leads based on how many points they have. This will help you understand their level of interaction with your business products and resources to help you in making informed marketing decisions.

  1. Checkouts and Cart Management

Kartra offers a shopping cart, so you won’t have to worry about third party integrations for shopping carts. Add digital and physical products, memberships and much more on the backend of your cart. The shopping cart makes it easy for the client to shop especially with the inclusion of different payment options such as credit card or PayPal.

Kartra features
Kartra Review: What Everyone Should Know About Kartra 8

The checkout feature on Kartra allows you to add trials and initial payments, discount coupons, special promotions, and paid subscriptions. You can also reschedule payment dates or edit payment options depending on your customer needs. 

For physical goods that need delivery, Kartra allows you to define the shipping cost per product for each country. This feature also offers your clients instant translation in several languages and currencies, thus accommodating a vast range of clients.

  1. Funnels and Campaigns

Kartra pages can be interconnected to custom funnels as you need. Kartra offers a sequence builder that allows you to drag-and-drop into the canvas and connect the flow. The sequence can be as simple or complex as your needs desire it. 

Kartra allows you to define the rules that will direct your strategy and be in control of all available situations. It applies the If-Then automation to help ease your work and ensure a good flow. 

Kartra Features
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For instance, you can upload an image of the product you are selling and include the amount. On your sequence builder, you can indicate that once the prospective client clicks on the page, he/she is led to the price of the product. If it is a subscription service, they can be directed to the subscriber link. 

You can also integrate advanced email sequences lead tagging in your funnel to help you convert leads into actual sales.

  1. Email Marketing

Email marketing with Kartra allows you to send individualized emails to your subscribers. It allows you to email the correct target leads based on their actions and draw them in with relevant messages. 

Kartra makes your work easier by sending automated emails based on users’ actions. It also follows up on your customers based on whether they open your emails, or clicks on the links or whether they are on a certain subscription. All you need is to set up the email sequences and Kartra will drip them to your subscribers.

Intelligent split testing is an excellent element in email marketing as it allows you to test and compare subject lines and email copy against each other and select the one that converts best automatically. This will help you create successful email marketing campaigns that convert.

  1. Videos

Using video to market your products can help you capture more clients. Video marketing is one of the most engaging and interactive ways of promoting your products and services. Kartra video feature allows you to upload a video to your page and have full control over how it’s viewed.

With this feature, you can host the video on Kartra, customize its look and feel, embed it on your web page or on a pop-up, and brand it with your logo.

You can also set specific timing for the video to go up and also specify the category of leads you would like to reach. You also have analytics to how your leads interact with the video. This will help you know who has been watched the videos, how many watched the full video and which videos seem to engage more.

  1. Affiliates Management

Aside from memberships, Kartra also allows you to run your affiliate-marketing program.

Kartra helps you to set up commissions, and control how and when the affiliate is paid. As is, the commission can be percentage-based, or a fixed value amount. 

Kartra software will also help in affiliates management. With this features, you can screen, review, approve affiliates, designate custom landing pages for affiliates, set up affiliate portals, and even set up different tiers for your program. For every tier, you will set its commission structure and pay your affiliates through PayPal.

  1. Integrations

For third party integrations, Kartra has the capability of integrating seamlessly with other providers. You can integrate Kartra with

  1. Payment gateways such as Stipe and PayPal
  2. Email gateways such as SendGrid and Elastic mail
  3. SMS gateways such as Twilio and Plivo
  4. Calendar apps such as Google Calendars
  5. Membership Portals where you can host your content such as Kajabi, Wishlist, and Optimize Press

Other Features include:

Helpdesk – Kartra’s helpdesk allows you to manage your customer relations by availing the ticket system and live chat to ensure that your customers’ queries and inquiries are received and filed for responding. With this system, you can organize your tickets by the department and assign different members of your team to different departments.

Calendar – Kartra has an inbuilt calendar app that helps clients view your real-time availability and book their appointments or reschedule them with more ease. You can view your clients’ information as soon as they book an appointment.

Kartra Pricing

To kick off with Kartra, you will need to select a subscription plan, which you can pay for either monthly or annually. Should you pay annually, you receive up to a 25% discount.

Kartra offers four types of Subscription plans, each with its unique features and costs. 

Kartra Pricing
Kartra Review: What Everyone Should Know About Kartra 10

There you have it, folks. Kartra is not just a sales funnels builder. It’s a full-suite marketing platform that will help you take your business to the next level. It’s a robust powerhouse that will help you build a thriving business and manage the whole process of marketing your products and managing your customer experience-all at the same time.

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