TubeBuddy Review [2022]: Secret Strategies To Grow YouTube Channel

Tubebuddy review

Want to get all your YouTube channel insights, opportunity gaps, increase views, and ultimately grow your channel? TubeBuddy can help. Read all about it in this TubeBuddy review.  

YouTube has been growing steadily in the last couple of years. It now has a user base of up to 2.7 billion people. That means there is a huge business potential to tap into here. 

So, if you have been ignoring YouTube for some time, I bet it’s time to give it a lot of thought. But if you are green when it comes to this, TubeBuddy is a great resource.   

Tubebuddy Review


Tubebuddy is a browser extension and an incredible YouTube marketing tool, which allows you to manage your channel more effectively, increase traffic, and grow your business.


  • YouTube certified
  • Tools for video promotions and optimization
  • Time-saving tools, such as Bulk Processing and integrations
  • More affordable paid plans for less than 1000 subscriber 
  • Good Affiliate Program


  • Need to Upgrade to Paid Plan For Full Features
  • Limited A/B testing Abilities regardless of the plan
  • TubeBuddy only works for One YouTube channel 

Tubebuddy Review: What’s TubeBuddy?

It’s a browser extension and an incredible YouTube marketing tool, which allows you to manage your channel more effectively, increase traffic, and grow your business.

If you have ever used VidIQ , then TubeBuddy is no different. But before you make a decision, you need to know TubeBuddy’s key functions.

Here are some of its features:

Tubebuddy Review
TubeBuddy Review [2022]: Secret Strategies To Grow YouTube Channel 4

  • Auto translator for your channel

I bet everyone would want to target a global audience, right? I mean, who would mind customers from all corners of the world while selling digital products?

However, it’s time-consuming to create content in all those different languages. You have to hire expensive copywriters and translators.

How about if you had a tool that does that automatically? Well, TubeBuddy is here for just that. Whenever someone in Russia visits your channel, it automatically translates the written content into Russian.

That ensures your customers will have a better understanding of your content and convert more easily.   

  • Follow YouTube recommendations with ease

To make it big on YouTube, follow some of their best practices. You can’t make it here by video uploads alone.

You have to ensure that there are no broken links in your video description, that you have correctly optimized content for the right keywords, and used the correct tags in your description.

TubeBuddy does all these for you. It ensures you follow all these recommendations to boost exposure and growth.

  • Keyword research

If there is one thing I always observe in YouTube SEO, it is undertaking effective keyword research. That first step is critical.

Guess what?

With the right keywords, you will be found on the first page of search results. The first page means you will have more exposure and traffic. Traffic brings leads and sales to your business.

TubeBuddy does just that. It allows you to research trending keywords based on trends and use them on your title, tags, and description.  

  • Research on opportunities

Once you upload videos into your YouTube channel, it’s not finished. You have to keep optimizing and customizing your videos to perform even better.

TubeBuddy helps you do that. It does this by analyzing your channel and seeing what’s working and what’s not. It allows you to identify opportunity gaps that need to be filled.

By working on aspects that are wasting your marketing resources, you can improve your videos’ performance.   

  • Search Rank Tracking

Your videos will appear on search results depending on how well you have optimized them for the keywords your target audience is using.

That’s the same technique that TubeBuddy uses to determine your search ranking position. After analyzing your video and those of your competitors against the target keywords, it will predict your search position.

Using this technique, you can quickly move up the ladder.     

  • Video A/B tests

Before settling for a video title, tags, or even a thumbnail, it would help if you tested it first, right? With a proper title, you will drive more clicks and conversions. Even a simple alteration of the words in your title can sometimes do wonders.

With TubeBuddy, you can insert different titles, video tags, and thumbnails to see what performs best. So, you will have different choices. 

  • Publish to your Facebook account

Once you begin using TubeBuddy, you can integrate Facebook into your YouTube account and start syndicating content to your Facebook timeline.

If you have noticed, Facebook doesn’t play YouTube videos natively. There will be a link but to YouTube where you can press the play button.

However, with TubeBuddy, you can play YouTube videos right there on your Facebook timeline. That saves time because some people are not willing to leave Facebook to watch the video on YouTube.

  • Competitor scorecard

To succeed on YouTube, you need to know who you are competing with. Those channels that get a share of your target audience.

The fastest way to know your competitors is to search your target keywords and check out the search results. Your video can be in any position of the search results, depending on how well you have optimized it.

Suppose you had a tool that gives you all the competitors’ data, sees what’s working for them and what’s not. TubeBuddy does that; it allows you to compare your channel’s views, engagement rates, and subscribers.

It does this by generating a clear report that you can leverage to beat your competition.

  • Comment filter tool

Commenting is an effective SEO process. The more the viewers engage with your videos, the more YouTube lifts it in the search results.

So, if you are not getting comments on your videos, ask your viewers to do so. Tell them to leave their questions in the comments and reply to them.

TubeBuddy allows you to manage content more efficiently by placing all kinds of comments into different categories.

It can be any of these:

Comment from new subscribers

Comments from Patreons

Comments that need follow-up

Comment you haven’t replied to

Also, you can create canned responses to save time when responding to messages.

  • Do a demonetization audit

Any business YouTube channel’s end goal is to earn revenue from it higher than the investment resources.

Hence, it’s always a great idea to find a tool that lets you amass thousands of views and maximize your earning potential on YouTube.

TubeBuddy helps to identify some words and tags in your video content that can reduce your revenue. If you undertake a demonetization audit, you will be able to fix all the flaws and maximize your earnings.

  • Emoji picker tool

I know you don’t always use emojis in your videos, do you? Well, they are essential when it comes to emotional marketing.

You see, emojis increase your video click-through rate. They are useful to convey emotions in the video. If a video is about food, fashion, love, or money, you always have an emoji to depict those emotions.

TubeBuddy has an emoji picker that allows you to do this by clicking on the emoji right next to the header space. You can even add several of them to stand out.

  • Thumbnails generator for your future videos

You need a great and compelling thumbnail if you want to make it big on YouTube. In fact, most of your viewers will consider the thumbnail before clicking the ‘play’ button. So, if you want to increase the click-through-rate, work on your thumbnails.

You don’t need to create Thumbnails on Photoshop once you begin using TubeBuddy. Once you upload a video, you can create one image template that can be reused in your videos. The end result is you are strengthening your brand and growing your audience.

There is more to experiment with when it comes to TubeBuddy. Check out what it can do.

Tubebuddy Thumbnail Generator
TubeBuddy Review [2022]: Secret Strategies To Grow YouTube Channel 5

Pricing Plans

TubeBuddy doesn’t cost an arm and a leg for all your video marketing efforts. It’s a free browser extension. But if you want more features, purchase some of their premium plans.

Here are some of their pricing plans:

Tubebuddy Pricing
TubeBuddy Review [2022]: Secret Strategies To Grow YouTube Channel 6

The Pro plan

This is the first plan. It costs $9 a month. Once you subscribe to it, you will get access to most but not all of the productivity tools.

So, you will be able to use features such as when to publish features, pick a winner, and the TubeBuddy mobile app. The mobile app is also great.

You will miss out on essential features, though. You won’t use bulk processing tools, video SEO tools, and data and research tools.

The Star plan

The plan costs $19 per month and acts as an improvement to the previous plan. In fact, it’s the recommended plan because it’s affordable and offers almost all that a YouTube content creator needs.

It gives you access to the pro tools, card templates to help in video creation, bulk processing tools, advanced scheduling tools to assist in the ultimate creation and distribution of content, and monetization tools.

You will, however, lack the video A/B testing feature and the competitor analysis feature.

The Legend plan

It’s the last plan and costs $49 a month. And just like any other great SaaS company out there, the ultimate plan always has all limits hefted.

So, this plan gives you access to all the features that TubeBuddy has. It includes all the bulk processing tools, video A/B testing features to find out the best header, tags, and description to use, the retention analyzer, and all SEO features.

All these plans are more affordable when you pay them annually – they will give you a 20% discount.

Their free plan gives you access to some of the promotional and integration tools. You should begin with this if you are new to YouTube marketing.

Does it have money-back guarantee options?

Yes, if you feel you don’t like TubeBuddy, you can always cancel your plan. So, if you begin using the tool and realize after a few days that you don’t really need it, you can contact their support and ask them to cancel your subscription.

How do you get started with TubeBuddy?

Getting started with TubeBuddy is not a daunting task. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Start with a FREE account. Just head over to their site and create one. It should take you less than a minute to input your details and verify them.
  • Install their Chrome or Firefox extension. It’s right there on their site. If you are fond of Microsoft Edge like me, you need to shift over since they don’t seem to have an extension for all browsers.
  • Download the extension and install it. It shouldn’t take you long before it shows up in your extensions section of your browser.
  • TubeBuddy will walk you through the process of linking your channel with TubeBuddy. Once done, you should see the TubeBuddy dropdown anytime you log into your YouTube channel

It’s that simple.

What I like about TubeBuddy

I have been using TubeBuddy for some time now. It’s an excellent tool if you want to grow your channel over time. With the insights here, you will have much better control of your channel. After spying on your competitors, it gives insights on how to outrank them in search results.

In addition, it’s a YouTube certified product. That means it will always be compatible with YouTube. I have had cases when you wake up and find that software is no longer compatible with the leading platforms such as Facebook and YouTube.

TubeBuddy is also easy to use. They have a simple and straightforward dashboard that houses all the essential data about your channel. The simple dashboard favours all users; even complete beginners can decipher the meaning of some of the curves and percentages. 

What I don’t like about it

If you have noted, TubeBuddy seems to favour the Legend plan users more. Even though it recommends the star plan, it doesn’t give you access to all the features.

Thus, to access all the features, you need to purchase the Legend plan, which can be expensive for beginners.

It’s also limited to YouTube alone. Thus, if you want to manage all your social media accounts, you will need to invest in more than one tool, which can be expensive.

Is it better than VidIQ?

To answer this, let’s see what each tool has to offer. I did write an in-depth VidIQ review some time back. Get some time to read it.

So, when it comes to video analysis, they analyze your videos correctly and give enough data regarding every video.

Both tools provide useful insights on how to grow your channel. TubeBuddy, however, shows a live subscriber count.

I can attest that VidIQ is incredible when it comes to spying on competitors and leveraging their strategies. However, TubeBuddy can easily beat it when it comes to Youtube SEO.

Is TubeBuddy worth it?

Yes, it is.

It can really help in growing your YouTube channel. Since it’s completely safe, you shouldn’t have any issue trying it out.

My advice for you is to install the chrome extension first, register for a free account, then upgrade to paid plans. Here is the link to install the free extension.

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