ConvertBox Review: 7 Proven Methods To Convert Your Visitors

ConvertBox Review

Welcome to an updated version of ConvertBox review guide.

What do you say if you have a tool that allows you to target your customers with more personalized marketing messages optimized for lots of conversions?

There are other marketing tools already doing this, but ConvertBox knocks it out of the park every time.

Let me tell you how in this ConvertBox review.

Read it to the end.

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What’s ConvertBox?

Founded by Dean Saunders, the main goal was to help small scale online business owners acquire leads, convert those leads into customers, and automate the whole process. It was previously known as ConvertBar in 2018.

To achieve the primary goal of conversion, the software allows you to create opt-in forms to collect leads, forms to collect customer data, pop-ups to launch marketing deals, and squeeze pages.

You don’t have to do all the back-breaking work of creating these from scratch. You just need to choose a pre template and customize them to match your brand messaging and colours.   

ConvertBox Review


ConvertBox is a fantastic tool to leverage for online lead generation and overall business growth. Since it’s conversion-optimized, all the elements in your sales process are geared towards converting leads to customers.


  • It’s an Excellent Segmentation Tool
  • Ease Of Use
  • It Integrates With Numerous Tools


  • Lacks Page By Page Reporting
  • Poor Integration with some CRMs

This is what ConvertBox Can Do

Easy and fast email list building

I’m sure you know the phrase ‘the money is in the list.’ If you have an extensive list, you are more likely to make more money than someone who doesn’t.

This is because you will be sending personalized messages to a lot of people. In such cases, the conversion rates tend to be higher.

It’s easy to make money with an email list of about 10k subscribers. If only about 1% of them convert to purchase your $147 black Friday offer, that’s about $14,700 to your account real quick.

But if you have a small list of about 1k subscribers and a conversion rate of 1%, that will be about $1,470.

So, how do you build an extensive and robust email list?

ConvertBox can help you to do that. The software allows you to create forms, collect customer data such as their first name and email, and send them to your email service provider to create a great email list.

ConvertBox Review
ConvertBox Review: 7 Proven Methods To Convert Your Visitors 12

Lead segmentation

Away from having an extensive and powerful email list, you also need to segment subscribers based on their interest, age, amount of income, and sometimes where they come from.

Not all of them will be interested in what you offer. So, don’t be general and send a spray-and-pray type of email.

For example, someone interested in a Facebook organic lead generation might hop into your email list. Another one interested in copywriting does the same through your opt-in form.

Are you going to send an email talking about Your Profile Lead Machine [link] discount to all of them?


Only the first person will be interested and actually open the link to your offer. The second one might just skip it after reading the first few lines.

Thus, segmentation is a powerful email marketing technique. ConvertBox took this in mind. It allows you to segment subscribers on their interest and searches intent.

You can even create short surveys that can help to narrow down your segments. The end result is that you will be delivering highly personalized offers and boost conversion rates.

It has a drag-and-drop functionality

One of the aspects of a good SaaS is its simplicity. It should be easy to use and enhances a positive user experience. It should allow users to experiment and innovate.

That’s what ConvertBox is all about.

They understood that customers want opt-in or survey forms that match their tone and brand message. 

You can easily customize almost anything in the visual editor –the wordings, the colours, and other elements.

Offers effective real-time tracking

Nothing beats the feeling of watching tons of leads coming in and converting on autopilot, especially when your site is still new and has been growing drastically over the years.

With ConvertBox, you will see all these results in real-time. You will see the number of people opting into your email list, those who click on the CTA buttons, and the number of subscribers opening your emails.

The software gives analytics and insights for all your marketing moves. This comes in handy if you want to optimize your marketing message for higher conversions.

Some of its third-party integrations

1. Mailchimp

This is a powerful marketing software built to help you up the online marketing game. If you are a small business just starting out in the email marketing craze, why not review and try out Mailchimp?

You can later blend Mailchimp’s plug and play marketing features with ConvertBox and create a powerful strategy. 

2. Aweber

If you review Aweber closely, it’s a great email marketing software. It offers an excellent way to build and manage squeeze pages, opt-in forms, and other marketing elements.

The software offers incredible features that simplify email marketing and make lead conversion easy. It’s an excellent companion with ConvertBox. They merge so well.

3. Drip

Drip is a powerful marketing SaaS company. The founders created the product for e-commerce business owners. Once you launch your products, you can rely on Drip to automate all the sales processes.

You can integrate Drip within ConvertBox and launch fantastic marketing campaigns.

4. Demio

Webinars have increasingly become the number 1 top of funnel lead acquisition technique. If you plan to do it right, you might want to leverage the best tool for this –Demio.

It provides a hassle-free way to record and create live non-downloadable webinars to attract leads to your sales funnel.

Connect it with ConvertBox, and you have something incredible.

5. HubSpot

If you want to integrate all marketing, sales, and customer services into one seamless platform, HubSpot is the place to go. It’s a robust CRM software for online businesses.

You can blend HubSpot with ConvertBox. The latter will help in lead acquisition, while HubSpot allows you to manage them.

6. Google analytics

To advertise anything on Google, you will need this account. It offers a simple and easy to read platform, manage your advertising campaigns, and collect customers’ data.

You can also do the integration with Convertbox. You can keep track of all the website visitors’ actions on your pages and optimize your offers for higher conversions. 

7. ConvertKit

Just like Mailchimp and Aweber, it offers an easy way to send bulk emails to subscribers and real-time insights from your marketing campaigns.

If you have a ConverKit account, you can connect it with your ConvertBox and manage your marketing campaigns with ease.

8. Infusionsoft

It’s similar to HubSpot. Their main goal is to help you manage your email marketing services and sales management for small businesses. So, if you are just getting your feet wet in the sales and marketing world, Infusionsoft is worth a trial.

9. Gist

Gist serves as an effective tool for building a thriving online business and a life of freedom. It’s essential for creating forms, chatbots, live chats, and automating your business processes. Great software if you ask me.

So, if you can combine the tools here and those within your ConvertBox dashboard, you will quickly excel in your marketing campaigns.

10. ActiveCampaign

Their primary goal is to help you automate your business. You can save a ton of your time by learning all your business processes and putting systems in place.

If you want automation and conversions at the same time, connect ConvertBox with Activecampaign.

There are more tools that you can connect with ConvertBox. Check out this screenshot

ConvertBox Review: 7 Proven Methods To Convert Your Visitors 1
ConvertBox Review: 7 Proven Methods To Convert Your Visitors 13

What’s the best way to use ConvertBox?

ConvertBox is a fantastic tool for business owners. But how best can you use it to achieve the end goal of business growth?

Well, here are the main ways:

Creating upsells

I wrote about creating a value ladder [link to value ladder post] some a few weeks ago. If you want to upsell, ConvertBox provides a better and more effective way to upsell your customers.

An upsell is essentially a sell higher than the main offer. If your main offer is worth $147, your upsell could be something closer to $497.

With ConvertBox, you can create a timer on your landing page. If a prospect lands on it, the timer will automatically begin; this creates a sense of urgency, triggers the fear of missing out (FOMO), and increases conversion rates.    

Sending related blog posts and videos

If you want to improve your SEO ranking, you need to find a way to make a website visitor stay for a significant time on your site. It can be having a video on your blog post, creating longer, resourceful posts, or even providing a simple quiz.

Another way is to present to him related posts at the end of every blog post. If he is interested in a topic, he might need all the related information about it. That’s where ConvertBox comes in.

Retargeting customers who abandon carts

Cart abandonment rates are increasing. In March this year, the worldwide cart abandonment rate was 88%. That’s a lot, isn’t it?

Some of the reasons are often ranging from higher prices, poorly optimized sites, and hiked prices. However, you can always bring back your customers to your site.

If a customer shops and doesn’t checkout, ConvertBox can help you retarget those customers. You can create a pop up that has a discounted code of the same product.

If the customer abandoned the cart because they couldn’t afford a product or service, he will see the discount code and be compelled to take action.

ConvertBox Alternatives

Here are some alternatives to ConvertBox:

1. OptinMonster

A slight review of OptinMonster shows that it’s slightly more advanced than ConvertBox since it’s further along in its development cycle. So, you might want to check it out before making a move.

ConvertBox, however, integrates well with OptinMonster and other essential sales and marketing automation tools.

This WordPress plugin offers more forms and templates to simplify your marketing journey. It also has a more flexible editor compared to ConvertBox and has a way better WordPress integration.

The problem with OptinMonster, however, is its poor integration with other robust marketing tools. ConvertBox is way better at managing all these tools under one roof. Besides, ConvertBox doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

2. Convertflow

ConvertBox Review: 7 Proven Methods To Convert Your Visitors 2I think ConvertFlow is a really close alternative to ConvertBox. This software might not be the same, but they operate in the same way.

ConvertFlow allows you to view and manage your contacts, control lead flow regarding the stages, and create conversion-optimized full pages and customize each according to user behaviour.

It’s not powerful when it comes to targeting, though. Compared to ConvertFlow, Using ConvertBox provides you with a better and more in-depth segmentation and targeting options.

If you take the time to compare both software, you will most often choose ConvertBox in the end.

3. Thrive leads

ConvertBox Review: 7 Proven Methods To Convert Your Visitors 2

The good thing about Thrive leads is its easy integration with WordPress. WordPress is a popular web publishing software used by over 455 million users worldwide. You can even get Thrive leads as a plugin right in your WordPress dashboard.

The software allows you to create excellent opt-in forms and landing pages. Select from a library of pre-designed forms and customize them instead of creating one from scratch.

ThriveThemes Review
ConvertBox Review: 7 Proven Methods To Convert Your Visitors 14

All these are created using highly responsive, and search engine optimized templates. They are responsive even on mobile devices.

Thrive leads allows you to target specific site visitors with specific opt-in forms. For example, if you land on this ‘ultimate ConvertBox review’ blog page, I can easily create an opt-in form with a lead magnet geared explicitly towards you who is interested in ConvertBox.

Once someone opts in, there is a sequence of emails that can convert them to customers.

4. Leadpages

ConvertBox Review: 7 Proven Methods To Convert Your Visitors 2

Just like ConvertBox, you can create great landing pages, squeeze pages, alert bars, and pop-ups using LeadPages. It’s a conversion-focused SaaS company.

Its simple drag-and-drop functionality allows you to create excellent sales pages and pop-ups with just a few clicks. You just need to change the template’s colours and the copy to match with your brand’s. The end result is you have a copy that talks, walks, and sells your services.

ConvertBox Review: 7 Proven Methods To Convert Your Visitors 15

You can also edit the CTA buttons. Don’t launch your marketing campaigns without editing these. It’s important to align each CTA with your marketing goal. If the goal was to download an eBook, let the CTA be ‘click here to download.’  You can use the ‘learn more’ and ‘get a quote’ type of CTA.    

5. Convert Pro

ConvertBox Review: 7 Proven Methods To Convert Your Visitors 2It’s not different from the rest of the software and offers a guaranteed increase in subscribers and conversions. And just like ThriveLeads, it is one of the best cost-effective WordPress plugins.

To help you achieve the primary goal of conversion, the Convert Pro has numerous predesigned conversion-optimized templates, which you can customize to match your brand’s colours and marketing message.

The plugin is responsive on all devices, as well. Most designers fail to optimize templates, opt-in forms, and pages for mobile users.

You will be leaving lots of money on the table by doing that since most of your customers are using mobile devices.

The tool allows integration with your favourite email marketing software, as well. It’s an excellent alternative to use besides ConvertBox.

Secrets to getting more opt-ins and sales with ConverBox

If you want to increase opt-in rates and conversions from your subscribers, here are some techniques you can use:

1. Trigger Opt-Ins Based On Link Clicks

If someone clicks on your site links, you might want ConvertBox to present a specific form to collect data, analyze, and send personalized offers their way.

If you have a link on your menu that requires users to register, use ConvertBox; it’s easy and fast to do that. Leadpages had the same functionality, but it was a tussle getting a javascript code to activate that functionality.

Thus, when a web visitor reads your blog post and clicks a link to another page, you can present offers to them before the site loads.

2. A/B Testing

ConvertBox allows either a regular split test or cookie-based to determine the best opt-in for specific site visitors.

With regular split testing, users will see different versions of the same opt-in forms. This is because the form keeps rotating with every visit to the site.

Cookie-based testing allows you to show a specific form to a particular user based on the action they took on the site.

ConvertBox Review: 7 Proven Methods To Convert Your Visitors 16

3. Create An Online Quiz

Just recently, before writing this ConvertBox review, they added a new feature. You will always need customer data if you are to make profitable and smart decisions. Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed.

Hence, there has to be a way to collect customer data, analyze it, and create customized offers. ConvertBox allows you to do that. You can create a quiz right in the optin form and segment them accordingly to their inputs.

It has conditional logic rules that will help in faster and easy creation of such quizzes.

ConvertBox Review
ConvertBox Review: 7 Proven Methods To Convert Your Visitors 17

4. Meet the customers where they are in their journey

ThriveLeads can help you do this using SmartLinks, but it will need you to pass your subscribers’ right link. ConvertBox is the best when it comes to smart targeting.

Imagine showing an opt-in form to everybody, including your subscribers. That won’t lead to a good customer experience in lead generation, right?

But suppose you have a software that allows your web visitors to see only what you want them to see depending on their tags in your CRM? That’s what ConvertBox does. It has a powerful two-way integration with your CRM to collect customer data and optimize conversions.

5. Retarget People On Your Site

Suppose you have a subscriber who doesn’t read your emails or maybe reads them but doesn’t take specific actions such as booking calls with you. In that case, you need to do tag targeting.

This is essentially adding a tag to their profile in your CRM dashboard. With that, you can easily create a sticky bar with an offer that targets that specific person whenever he revisits your site. With ConvertBox you can add a tag and remove it when the promotion period comes to an end.

You can even retarget people who visited specific web pages on your site and those that took less time on a web page. There are a whole lot of retargeting options available for you. 

6. Undertake location-based marketing

You can actually segment and target customers based on where they are. This is especially important if you are running a location-based lead generation campaigns.

You can target people with offers customized for that specific location. Personalized and targeted offers help to boost conversions.

Would you also want to bother someone in the UK about an event happening in Canada? I guess no. Well, undertake location-based marketing. ConvertBox is the best tool to do that.

7. Launch bonus or discount codes promotions

This is yet another effective way to use ConvertBox for lead generation. For example, if John lands on your blog posts about Keto diet, you can present him a discounted offer of Keto recipes.

You can do this by creating a simple pop up or sticky bar. It can be something like, ‘would you want a healthy and simple Keto recipe? Here is one that can take you less than 5 minutes to prepare.” You can then include the regular price and the discounted price.

John would want to take advantage of the low-end offer and hence enters his credit card information. You can then upsell and cross-sell him.

ConvertBox Review
ConvertBox Review: 7 Proven Methods To Convert Your Visitors 18

8. Announce membership sites

Membership sites are increasingly becoming popular. They are useful for people learning a particular skill set. Since it’s a private site, only members who have paid can access it.

The Freelance Writers Den, run by Carol Tice, is such site. You will need to keep renewing your membership to access the content here.

If you own such a site, how can you communicate with members more effectively? Using ConvertBox, you to do that. Create a slide-in box or sticky bar on the top menu that announces changes in the program, introduction of new measures, and new premium charges.

You can also create a pop up that sends a message whenever anyone logs into the membership site.

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