6 Best Email Autoresponder for 2022: My #1 Recommendation

Best Email Autoresponder

Finding the best email autoresponder in 2022 is a rather daunting task. There are many autoresponders in the market today, all with cutting-edge features and integration capabilities you could never imagine.

If you’ve decided to build a mailing list, or are looking to migrate to a better service, this post is for you. Here you’ll find everything you need to know about the 6 best email autoresponder services, their features, price range, and some tips on how to make the most out of your email marketing campaign.

Key Features Each Email Autoresponder Should Have

Below are the features you should be looking for in an email autoresponder.


The Best email autoresponder service should allow you to segment your mailing lists based on a couple of factors such as age, interests, search habits, and even the information they provided when signing up. You can also tag various customers based on their activities on cart interaction and checkout behaviour. With this, you can send targeted emails that aim at increasing conversion rates.


In this digital era, automation is of utmost importance. The best email autoresponder service should enable you to automate various processes such as subscribing and unsubscribing members on your list, notifying a team member, list cleanup of dormant subscribers, among other activities. Some services allow you to create any automation you can think of or import ready-made automation.


Most services come in several packages to accommodate both small businesses and large businesses. You need to check the features offered in each plan, and how much it will cost you, and then compare that from similar or higher plans from other providers. Price should match the value.


Needless to say, but you always want to create partnerships with businesses that have the necessary experience. Companies that have been around for years are likely to have better relationships with Email Service Providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail. If the autoresponder you have in mind has not been in business for long, there are high chances that your emails will end up in your subscribers’ spam folders. 

User Interface

A good service should be easy to use, preferably a drag-and-drop system of creating newsletters, emails, automations. Since most of them offer trial periods, you can sign up and test their functionality before purchasing any plan.

Email marketing is one of the most important aspects of any marketing strategy. When done correctly, it may have the highest ROI for most businesses. One integral part of email marketing campaigns is the autoresponder feature.

It allows you to respond to your customers’ activities, current events automatically and even answers some common queries. Over the years, many email autoresponders have sprung up. Most of them are similar, making it hard to identify which one’s best for your company.

In this regard, here is our list of top 6 best email autoresponders in 2020. 

#1 Email Autoresponder: Omnisend

Omnisend is an email & SMS marketing automation platform that’s made specifically for ecommerce stores. It helps ecommerce stores convert their visitors and turn them into loyal customers, thereby generating consistent sales.

Key Features

Omnisend is one of the top, industry-leading ecommerce-focused email & SMS marketing platforms, with features that help brands easily set up campaigns and workflows that build customer loyalty and get sales.

They cover the entire on-site marketing funnel, from list-building popups all the way to post-purchase flows.

Omnisend has a wide variety of signup forms, including exit-intent popups, landing pages, the gamified Wheel of Fortune, embedded forms, and more.

Their Form Builder is drag and drop, allowing you to customize literally anything. In a similar logic, their updated Email Builder allows you to make granular or global changes with ease. For example, you can change the color and styling on one single letter in a word.

The Email Builder also includes ecommerce elements, like the dynamic Product recommender or Product listing, which allows you to add products directly into your emails without leaving the builder. There’s also the unique discount code block, that gives readers a unique discount code.

You can add universal styling for your branding, as Omnisend will pull your logos, colors and fonts from your store automatically. This can be applied to email and form templates.

You can set your emails to go out on a specific time, or based on a subscriber’s time zone.

One of Omnisend’s most popular and powerful features is the autoresponder, or what it calls the “automation workflow.” This allows you to set up the high-convert, all-important welcome, abandoned cart, and post-purchase flows, that means you win sales at a higher rate, all on automatic.

These include the possibility to add conditional splits so that you can test out different options within the same flow, or offer different things based on customers’ actions.

Workflows go out whenever a customer performs an action, so it’s unique to each customer journey.

To make your messages even more relevant, you can split your audience into various groups using Omnisend’s segmentation. You can create unlimited segments, including dynamic segments like customers that recently bought, those that haven’t bought in a while, or those that have clicked on specific messages.

This allows you to send them specific, personalized emails or SMS that are focused on getting them to buy or engage with your brand.

6 Best Email Autoresponder for 2022: My #1 Recommendation 7

Finally, gain valuable insights with Omnisend’s reporting, which will show you valuable performance metrics that you can use to find your best (or worst) performing campaigns or automations.

You’ll also see your customer journey overview, how many customers are in each step, and how to move them down the funnel.


Omnisend is a great autoresponder for ecommerce brands that want to make more sales while spending less time doing so. The autoresponder features—automation workflows—do a majority of the lifting, with Omnisend research showing it brings in roughly 30% of store revenue, while composing only 2% of emails sent. For the best performing autoresponder workflows, set up welcome, abandoned cart, or post-purchase flows.

Automation — with the simple-to-use drag-and-drop editor, you can easily change the trigger, delay or messages. You can also add in a conditions split to add more options to your workflows.

Customizable, responsive templates — you’ll notice the large library of templates for both signup forms and emails. These are exceptionally easy to use (you can use them, as is, with just one click) or to customize them to your needs. They are all responsible as well, meaning they’ll look great on any device—desktop, mobile or table.

Reports — you can get quick insights into the performance of each signup form, email, SMS, push or workflow, including the unsubscribe rate, open rate, click rate, and sales. However, you can go deeper by exploring each campaign or workflow in the Reports section, helping you get deeper insights into how your campaigns or workflows are performing, and how you can improve them.

Cons — the free plan can be a little restricting in the amount of free emails or SMS it offers.


Omnisend has three easy-to-understand plans. All plans include all features (even the free plan), as well as access to live chat and email support. The pricing is based on your contact list size.

Free — for up to 250 contacts and 500 emails per month. You get all the features in Omnisend, including automation workflows, cart abandonment, segmentation, forms, landing pages, and everything else.

Standard — starting at just $16/month, you get to contact at least 251 people. This is great for people looking to focus mostly on email marketing (and not so much SMS).

Pro — this starts at $59/month and is perfect for customers that want to focus on both email and SMS marketing. With the Pro plan, you get free SMS equal to the size of your plan. So, if you pay $100/month for your Pro plan, you get $100 in free SMS credits every month.

#2 Email Autoresponder: ActiveCampaign

If you’re looking for the latest technology and functionality in marketing, ActiveCampaign is an ideal choice. It’s one of the best when it comes to email automation and tagging segmentation of your mailing list.

Key features

It can easily integrate with other social media platforms.

Creating of Newsletters and Emails is through a drag and drop interface.

It features the automation split testing that allows you to the most effective automation with a section of your mailing list.

ActiveCampaign also enables you to assign scores to your leads to identify the most active subscribers.

It also offers CRM (Customer Relationship Management) that ensures you have better client relationships.

ActiveCampaign enables you to segment and tags your subscribers based on several factors such as age, location, search habits, and the information they provided when registering.

In the Enterprise plan, you can create a custom domain for your mail server, which minimizes the risks of your emails being flagged as spam.

You can easily integrate it with other third-party software such as SendOwl, Google Analytics, among others.

6 Best Email Autoresponder for 2022: My #1 Recommendation 8

Key Benefits

It’s possible to share automations with other users.

ActiveCampaign does offer a 14-days trial.

It has a higher deliverability rate when compared to other providers.

It relies on AI and data to automate, making it a useful email marketing tool.


It takes a lot of time to learn since it has a lot of features.

It’s also not the best for affiliate marketing sites.


ActiveCampaign pricing is list-based. You are charged based on the number of subscribers you have. However, it also comes in four plans

Lite – Starting at $15 per month for 500 subscribers, this plan offers the features mentioned above, but it omits the CRM, lead scoring, sales automation, and it can handle up to 3 users.

Plus – This plan starts at $70 for 500 subscribers and offers all the features in the lite plan, including the CRM, lead scoring, and sales automation. This plan allows you to add up to 25 users. If you run a small to medium eCommerce store, this is the best package for you.

Professional – This plan starts at $159 per month for 500 subscribers, but it offers the same features as the plus plan.

Enterprise – Starting at $279 for 500 subscribers, this plan offers all the features in the other plans, including an unlimited number of users, a custom email, and an option to customize your mail server’s domain.

Read our full review on Activecampaign.

#3 Email Autoresponder: Convertkit

If you run a professional blog with thousands of visitors every month, an author, or a content marketer, Convertkit is an ideal choice. It’s designed to make your email campaign easier and more effective.

Key Features

It offers tagging and segmentation of mailing lists for the sending of targeted emails.

They don’t charge for duplicate subscribers.

You can easily integrate into third-party software such as WordPress.

Excellent customer support.

Convertkit allows you to create forms and land pages as well as a lot of templates to choose from.

It also features great auto-responders that are triggered by subscriber actions, conditions, or events such as birthdays.

There are automated templates for activities such as webinars, product launches, and cart abandonment follow-ups.

6 Best Email Autoresponder for 2022: My #1 Recommendation 9


Convertkit makes emailing very easy. The first time you log in, you’ll come across a lot of resourceful materials, demos, and tips on how to run a good email marketing campaign.

They also have very helpful customer support that’s always available to respond to your queries.

Convertkit offers comprehensive reporting to aid you in making better campaign decisions.

Email designs are responsive to mobile devices.

It also enables you to automate the resending of campaigns to subscribers who didn’t open the emails.

Unlike GetResponse that has delayed its updates, ConvertKit updates its features regularly.


It lacks a convenient email editor that has only three text-based templates, and no option to upload or add visual effects.

The split-testing feature is just for the subject-lines of the email. You can’t test the time for sending the email. GetResponse is the best for time-based testing and emailing.


Free account – Convertkit has a free version for 1000 subscribers. In this plan, you are allowed to send unlimited emails, but autoresponders, automations, and analytic reports are not available. This account allows for one user.

Paid Account – This package is list-based, and all the features, including those omitted in the free version, are included.

SubscribersCost per month

#4 Email Autoresponder: GetResponse

If you’re looking for a basic autoresponder at an affordable rate, you can consider GetResponse. They are quite slow in coming up with advanced features to match their competitors, but they do have some unique features.

Key Features

GetResponse has autoresponders that allow you to automate your email campaigns.

It features a basic CRM capability.

It also features Email web analytics that gives you relevant data on what’s working and what’s not working in your campaign. 

It’s an all-in-one marketing tool that includes landing pages, Webinar hosting, and sales automation.

It has a unique feature known as Perfect Timing that allows you to track the time that your subscriber is likely to open your email based on their habits, your niche, among other considerations. People open their emails at different times, so if you can identify when they do, and send in a newsletter around that time, you increase the rates at which they open your emails and click through the links.

Another unique feature from GetResponse is Time Travel that allows you to send emails based on the different time zones. If you would like every subscriber to receive an email at 9 A.M, whether in Asia, the USA, or Africa, this feature can help you achieve that. 

It also features a drag-and-drop editor for creating automation workflows and flowcharts.

GetResponse also features a 30-days free-trial without a credit card. This allows you to familiarize yourself with the features before deciding to make the purchase.

It also has a split-testing feature.

6 Best Email Autoresponder for 2022: My #1 Recommendation 10


GetResponse works great as an autoresponder since it allows you to alter what message the subscriber will receive, and when. The Perfect Timing and Time Travel increase the conversion rate of your campaign by getting your prospects at a time when they are most likely to interact with your emails. Besides the time-based autoresponses, GetResponse can also send emails based on triggers such as birthdays, clicks, and other subscriber actions.

Automation – With the drag-and-drop editor, you can create automation workflow and automation flowcharts that are activated based on how your subscribers engage with your content.

Responsive templates – If you’ve been following the trends in Email Marketing, you will realize that there’s a need for email designs that can adapt to multiple devices. We can say GetResponse beat the others at this since all their designs seem to be responsive across desktop and mobile devices. You also have the chance to preview your newsletter in a mobile and desktop view before rolling it out.

Analytics – Email analytics such as unsubscription rate, open-rate, and click rate are crucial. But GetResponse offers more analytics, which ensures you come up with a more successful campaign. This includes the comparison of the success of two newsletters, segmentation of those who don’t open your emails, and the ROI of your email campaign.


Their user interface still needs improvements.

Their old templates are not always responsive to mobile devices.


Get Response has four list-based packages. Some advanced features are not available on the lower packages, but all packages include autoresponders;

Email – Starts at $15 for 1000 subscribers. This package lacks automation workflows, CRM, cart abandonment, sales funnels, webinars, automatic segmentation, and it allows for just one user. You can add five more for $20.

Pro – This package starts at $49 per month for 1000 subscribers. It omits automation workflows, automatic segmentation, and leads scoring, but includes all other features. It accommodates up to 3 users.

Max – Starting at $99 for 1000 users, this package has all the features, including those omitted in the Email and Pro packages. It handles up to 5 users, but you can add more at $20 for five users. 

Enterprise – This package includes all the functionality discussed above and consists of an account manager, and monthly campaign consulting. It goes for $1199 per month for 100,000 users.

#5 Email Autoresponder: MailerLite

If you’re a freelancer, a beginner in email marketing, or a blogger, you’ll love this one. MailerLite is a relatively new entry into the email marketing industry, and even the staff behind comprises of very young vibrant guys. This explains the modern designs you won’t find in most of the older autoresponders. It’s also a multilingual site, accommodating people from different regions.

Key features

It offers integration with other email marketing platforms.

It also offers email marketing automation and autoresponders.

It has an easy to use form builder.

It features an RSS campaign that works great for your blog, especially when you want to update your subscribers about a new blog post.

 MailerLite also offers A/B split testing.

6 Best Email Autoresponder for 2022: My #1 Recommendation 11


It’s an excellent subscriber management tool thanks to segmentation that allows you to send personalized emails. It also provides statistics such as click and subscription rates. You can also remove the inactive members, but it’s a manual process, unlike the automatic cleanup in ActiveCampaign.

 It allows you to build forms, popups, and landing pages to engage your subscribers and potential customers.

Despite being a simple email marketing tool, MailerLite does allow you to automate various workflows based on common triggers such as events, actions, and conditions. It’s not as fully-fledged as in ActiveCampaign, but it’s good enough for smaller campaigns.

It’s also easily integrated into third-party platforms from content management systems such as WordPress to business solutions such as PayPal. 

MailerLite places inactive subscribers in a bounce folder where you can decide what action to take.

It also features a comprehensive tracking, it doesn’t track the subscribers’ interaction with your pages, but it does track other subscriber activities, making it ideal for e-commerce sites like Shopify.

It also allows you to assign a custom domain.


Its automation provisions are minimal. It may not be the best for larger campaigns.

They have a strict approval process that takes too long and provides no feedback if you’re not approved.

Read our full review on MailerLite.



MailerLite has a free version that offers up to 1000 subscribers and 12,000 per month. This package omits the following features;

Option for using a custom domain.

Technical support.



Auto-resending of campaigns

Sending emails based on time-zones


This package is a list -based, and all features are available in each package.

Number of SubscribersCost per month

#6 Email Autoresponder: Aweber

Aweber has been around for some time now. They may not be as advanced as some autoresponders. Still, one benefit of using Aweber is the numerous newsletter templates and the fact that all their features are available in all the packages. 

Key features

You get up to 700 newsletter templates.

Aweber offers marketing automation, primarily the sending of targeted messages to prospects in your mailing list.

It can easily be integrated into other software such as WordPress, Drupal, Magento, and Cyfe.

It also features split-testing.

Segmentation of your mailing list based on many factors, for effective targeted messaging.

 Aweber has improved customer care support through live chat and phone calls.

It also offers the integration of email databases.

It features useful autoresponders for improved customer experience.

Creating and editing emails and newsletters is through a drag-and-drop editor. 

Email analytics for better data-driven decisions

It also features HTML newsletters.

6 Best Email Autoresponder for 2022: My #1 Recommendation 12


It features high-level autoresponder making it easy to engage your mailing list.

Aweber easily integrates with third-party software such as business solutions software such as PayPal, Zendesk, Leadpages, among others.

It gives you access to reporting data, enabling you to make data-driven marketing decisions.

It has an easy-to-use interface that enables you to create visually attractive emailing campaigns.

It also offers to the tag of contacts, and email retargeting for an improved click-through and conversion rate.


It’s not as advanced as most as most autoresponders.

They include unsubscribed uses in your monthly charges.


SubscribersCost per month
0 to 500$19
501 to 2500$29
2501 to 5000$49
5001 to 10,000$69
10.001 to 25,000$149


If you’re looking for an all-purpose autoresponder for medium to large campaigns, Omnisend, ActiveCampaign and GetResponse work great. ConvertKit and MailerLite are the best for blogs, freelancers, and authors since their automation and visual effects are lacking. Aweber has one of the highest deliverability rates for general email marketing campaigns.

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