NitroPack Vs WP Rocket: Which Is Better For Your Website?

nitropack vs wprocket

NitroPack and WP Rocket are plugin platforms to optimize WordPress Page Speed and Core web vital optimizations. NitroPack is a valuable and necessary plugin that delivers numerous helpful features.


This article will analyze the pros and cons of nitropack vs wp rocket. We will look at the main functions and benefits of both Plugins.

We will also compare their prices and features to determine which plugin is suited to which customers.

WP Rocket Vs Nitropack
tl;dr Summary

•NitroPack and WP Rocket are plugins that help optimize WordPress website performance.
• NitroPack is an all-in-one web performance optimization tool, while WP Rocket is a premium caching plugin.
• WP Rocket is more popular, with more than 1.9 million active websites using it, while NitroPack serves an average of 80k websites.
• While both plugins offer image optimization, WP Rocket provides additional features like RocketCDN and imagify addons.

NitroPack Vs WP rocket – Overview

Nitropack and WP rocket are premium plugins that help optimize your website for performance. The critical difference is that WP Rocket is a premium caching plugin while NitroPack is an all-in-one web performance optimization tool.

WP Rocket is more popular, with more than 1.9 million active websites using it, while NitroPack serves an average of 80k websites.

nitropack vs wprocket

In addition, WP Rocket is better suited to agencies and freelancers as it allows up to 3 different kinds of licensing, with NitroPack only offering a single standard licensing.

While both plugins offer image optimization, WP Rocket provides RocketCDN and imagify as addons to your premium plugin. On the other hand, Nitropack offers CDN optimization without requiring additional add-ons.

WP Rocket - WordPress Caching Plugin

NitroPack Vs. WP Rocket – Features

WP Rocket and NitroPack share different characteristics. WP Rocket is a specialized cache plugin that offers several other features for improving your site speeds.

NitroPack provides a complete speed optimization service for developing web pages with high-performer data.

This system is designed to provide the data needed to perform a web Vitality test on the Internet without interference.

NitroPack works as an independent WordPress web host. NitroPack supports web developers who have built their WordPress sites in OPENcart and Magento. WP Rocket gives a great starting place for your WPS-themed site.

To better understand what you get from each of these tools, you will need to understand the full suite of features available when you choose each.

NitroPack Features

Nitropack is a cloud-based performance optimization tool that is lightweight and easy to use. With Nitropack, users can manage and improve their on-page speeds using a single all-in-one solution, making it easier and faster to use.

Caching Plugin

Nitropack offers advanced caching mechanism functionality, ensuring a high cache hit ratio. Some of the advanced caching features available on Nitropack include smart cache invalidation, all cache warm-up is automated, and it also offers device and cookie-aware caching functionality.

caching mechanism

In addition to that, Nitropack also features session-aware as well as device-aware caching. These advanced caching features benefit that your website becomes more energy-efficient, significantly improving user experience.

Image Optimization

This is necessary and highly advised if your primary goal is to optimize your site for better speed and improved user experience.

Nitropack ensures that the lossy and lossless image files are compressed and further offers advanced lazy loading such as background images and a complete image optimization stack.

image optimization complete image optimization stack

Furthermore, Nitropack offers preemptive image resizing, making your site look better and load faster. This plugin also allows WebP conversions when the browser supports this action and features adaptive image sizing, perfect for optimizing devices.

Web Efficiency Tools

Nitropack offers more features to make your website run more efficiently. First, as mentioned above, you get access to a built-in global CDN. Additionally, you get a world-class speed algorithm that improves site speed in a matter of seconds.

image optimization lazy loading complete image optimization stack

HTML, Javascript, and CSS can take up a lot of space and take forever to load if a site is not optimized for speed. With Nitropack, you can easily compress and minify your code to a quicker, more user-friendly experience.

WP Rocket Features

WP Rocket is famous, and when applied, it affects up to 80% of any website’s performance. Once installed, your website performance should improve right away. The features that you should expect to see include;

complete image optimization stack  automatic google pagespeed optimization wp rocket creates

Page Caching

How your cache functions do not just improve your speed, it is beneficial to your search engine optimization, and better yet, it helps increase conversions. Activating this plugin will instantly get your WP site cached.

WP Rocket ensures automatic cache preloading. This means your site updates your cache every time you make changes.

In addition, browser caching ensures your frequently accessed resources are stored in the device’s local memory. This technique works for both desktop and mobile versions when using the WP Rocket plugin on your site.

WP Rocket - WordPress Caching Plugin

Compression to Prevent Lazy Loading

WP Rocket gives users access to GZIP compression. This allows you to compress web pages on the server side and decompress them on your browser.

automatic google pagespeed optimization
automatic cache warmup
advanced features
caching mechanism
cached versions
lazy loading
image optimization

The benefit of this is that your website visitors get quicker access to your content, which significantly reduces any downtime that you would expect from extensive file loading.


Optimizing your purchasing process on an e-commerce site can make a big difference in your overall revenue.

When your website is well optimized for easier purchasing, buyers do not meet hurdles that affect how they shop in your store. WP Rocket optimizes the entire purchasing process making it smoother and much faster.

This is all done with sensitive pages being excluded from the caching process to ensure your buyers have a safe purchasing process.


Many developers and website owners run the risk of incompatible themes and plugins. This is not a problem for WP Rocket users.

You can add this plugin to any WordPress theme, and you will still get the total utility. It also works well with all the top managed WP hosting.

WP Rocket - WordPress Caching Plugin

NitroPack vs. WP Rocket: User Experience

User experience is at the core of using the NitroPack and WP Rocket plugins. While the plugins improve your customers’ experience when they visit your website, their respective ease of use also matters. This section will compare how these two compete when it comes to the user experience.

automatic google pagespeed optimization
automatic cache warmup
advanced features
caching mechanism
cached versions
lazy loading
image optimization

Nitropack is generally an easy-to-install and easy-to-manage plugin. There is no need to be a guru at coding to install and activate this plugin on your website.

Nitropack manages all the technical aspects in the background, allowing users to easily and quickly install and configure the plugin.

You generally don’t need third-party plugins to enjoy the total capacity of the plugin, and users quickly have access to management tools.

The UX on WP Rocket is equally friendly. You also do not require coding skills to set up your plugin or configure it to your website. The user dashboard is well designed and easy to manage, even for beginners in WordPress.

Additionally, WP Rocket offers pop-up panels that assist users on the dashboard to access and figure out the different features and how to use them.

They went a step further to provide tutorial videos to guide new users to install and manage their plugins more effectively.

The one thing that varies between NitroPack and WP Rocket is that users may require additional plugins to get the total utility of the WP Rocket plugin.

Unlike NitroPack, WP Rocket is not an all-in-one plugin that comes fitted with everything in the same suite.

WP Rocket - WordPress Caching Plugin

NitroPack vs. WP Rocket – Performance Comparison

Comparing these plugins’ performance can be tricky as the two offer different yet equally powerful features to improve your website speed.

Nitropack focuses on using aggressive settings to bump your site speed and improve your page speed score. On the other hand, WP Rocket is geared towards your entire site’s performance instead of single-page scores.

automatic google pagespeed optimization automatic cache warmup advanced features caching mechanism cached versions lazy loading image optimization

In addition, WP Rocket is focused on your core web vitals, meaning it manages your Google page speed recommendations.

WP Rocket focuses on the technical details regarding your speed and caching needs without affecting how your users interact with the content on your website.


Support is critical for the plugins we choose to add to your site. After all, users are not always familiar with every aspect of products they need to improve the functionality of their sites.

WP Rocket offers several different ways to access information. They offer documentation on their site to get information regarding the most common technical issues that users may face.

If that does not address your issue, there are several video tutorials that users can check out to solve hitches.

WP Rocket also has a Facebook group that users can use to ask other WP Rocket experts and community moderators any questions.

It is an excellent way to get help quickly and solve problems without waiting for support to get back to you by email.

The site also features several articles and reports to help users troubleshoot and manage issues during installation and optimization.

Nitropack also offers a help center for its users. They have a search icon that allows you to ask questions easily and get an answer from their already published guides.

In addition, the Nitropack knowledge base features articles and tutorials to help users solve several possible issues.

The knowledgebase is organized to ensure users can easily access the different data sets they may need. Some sections include getting started, compatibility information, features, and frequently asked questions.

WP Rocket - WordPress Caching Plugin


Nitropack is suited to processing images for an integrated optimization solution. For example, changing enlarged pictures allows users to adjust image size according to ViewPort dimensions.

As a result, Nitropack ensures your site achieves fast load time, improved core web vitals, and improved UX.

automatic google pagespeed optimization
automatic cache warmup
advanced features
caching mechanism
cached versions
lazy loading
image optimization

WP Rocket compresses pages for viewing utilizing web browsers, allowing less bandwidth and making them accessible to users in an even faster way.

In addition, WP Rocket enables optimizing HTML, CSS, and web code in an automated way through compression and optimization.

Pros and Cons of Both Tools

A one-second wait could be effective in reducing the 3% conversion. NitroPack is ideal for a high-volume online retailer because it is created especially for this purpose. WP Rocket provides an exciting platform to explore.

NitroPack helps eliminate server overhead, which helps save money. SEO alone will bring out the value, along with the additional revenue generated.

Depending on your site design, the best idea for you might not be the best one for someone else.

WP Rocket - WordPress Caching Plugin

NitroPack Vs. WP Rocket – Pricing

With Nitropack, users can choose between monthly or annual pricing. In addition, Nitropack offers a free version best suited to new websites and websites with low monthly traffic.

It is also ideal for test sites and comes with NitroPack branding.

The first price point is the business suite perfect for growing businesses. It costs $17.50 monthly, and users get an annual discount when they pay annually.

NitroPack Vs WP Rocket: Which Is Better For Your Website? 1

The second level that Nitropack recommends is the growth package. This package costs $42.50 monthly and can only be applied to a single site.

However, it is an excellent package for sites with more than 100,000 monthly visitors and 100GB per month CDN bandwidth.

The Scale package is $146.67 monthly and is best for large websites getting more than a million monthly users. It also works well for sites with 500GB per month in CDN bandwidth.

WP Rocket Pricing

It is also set on a monthly or annual basis. You can pay for the single package ($49) and get access to 1 year of support and updates for a single website.

NitroPack Vs WP Rocket: Which Is Better For Your Website? 2

The next plan is called the plus plan and costs $99 monthly. This plan allows users to add WP Rocket to up to three websites and comes with 1-year of support.

The final plan is the infinite plan that costs 249 USD monthly. This plan allows users to use the plugin on an unlimited number of websites and offers 1-year support.

Each WP Rocket plan comes with a 100% money-back guarantee if the refund request is made within 14 days of the purchase.

Which is The Best Plugin for Your WordPress Website?

Each of these plugins is differently suited to its user. However, since each plugin offers a different set of features, they are great plugins to use on your site. So what is the bottom line?

NitroPack vs. WP Rocket: The Bottom Line

Nitropack is best for individuals looking for an all-in-one service that is generally easy to maintain. It was built with high-traffic e-commerce stores in mind, making it perfect for people running and managing eCommerce stores.

NitroPack Vs WP Rocket: Which Is Better For Your Website? 3

It is also relatively more costly than WP Rocket, but it might be worth it for different users considering the other features.

WP Rocket is great if you are an agency or a freelancer and deal with many websites. It is the perfect plugin if you need great features and configurations and doesn’t mind using third-party plugins to maximize utility.

While it does not come with a free version, this plugin is still trusted by top professionals across the planet.

Is NitroPack Better Than WP Rocket?

Nitropack primarily focuses on improving the speed of site pages, while WP Rocket improves the overall web performance by providing additional features.

They’re both great plugins for different users. NitroPack is better if you are looking for a free version, while WP Rocket is preferable if you have multiple sites.

WP Rocket - WordPress Caching Plugin

Is NitroPack Any Good?

NitroPack is an effective Cloud Optimize software tool for increasing traffic on your site. Unlike many websites and applications and e-commerce providers, web speed is vital for websites and apps.

Many websites already have the tools and features needed for caching and CDN.

Should I Use WP Rocket?

This website speed tool makes WP Rocket an efficient solution. Of course, you need access to a free caching plugin for WordPress, but you will still need help in cases like this.

So, I’d recommend the WPCorp for the website you use.

Is WP Rocket Safe?

Older versions of the WP Rocket have been recorded to have several vulnerabilities. However, the current updates have significantly improved the safety rating of this plugin.

Jetpack rates this plugin as good on its safety scale, meaning it is a perfectly safe plugin as long as you stick to the latest version.

Is Nitopack Safe?

Nitropack is a safe plugin for your WordPress site. It is not vulnerable to attacks, and activating it does not risk your web servers.

Even when disabled, the plugin does not affect the site and returns to its state before activation.

Final Word

Managing your website’s speed is vital to improving people’s experience who land on your pages. The use of Nitropack and WP Rocket is essentially to ensure your site loads faster and is better optimized for performance.

These plugins are great depending on your individual needs, and both come highly recommended. If you need cheaper software, WP Rocket may be better suited to you, but NitroPack comes with a free version which is perfect for new and small.

WP Rocket - WordPress Caching Plugin
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