Review: Discovered Amazing Way To Write Better Copy review is a great platform that can help many business owners, writers, freelancers and others who want to save time and have high-quality content for their purposes. 

The users are very satisfied with it, and after a studious review, we can say we love it too.

Let’s see what is it all about.

One of the new programs that are taking over the digital marketing world is or also known as Jarvis so that is why we decided to do a review.

This is an AI-powered writing program that is a great tool for entrepreneurs, marketers, and agencies.

It generates content for ads, emails, websites, listings, blogs, etc.

This is just a glimpse into the numerous tools that is offering.

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Summary and other similar platforms have great potential for a very useful digital marketing tool. With the rise of e-commerce and the expansion of digital marketing tools variety, this seems like a logical novelty and useful service. From the business owner’s point of view, it can really be a profitable tool. If the content can be generated within such a short time period and less money than hiring a human to do it, then it’s a big plus for the business.


  •  It saves time and money that you would use to create the content yourself or hire someone to do it
  • It creates original content from your input, without copy-pasting other content found online
  • It’s working on the expert level of digital marketing since it’s been trained by professionals from this field
  • The users are pretty satisfied with this platform, judging by the feedback so far
  • It is a useful tool for writer’s block or for those who have ideas but are not so good at translating them into engaging marketing content
  • Many users agree that the content which is generated is mostly high-quality and sounds very natural like humans have written it
  • The customer service of this platform is very quick and well-handled, judging by the user’s reviews


  •  It can be expensive for many, and the price is growing with the growth of the demand
  • It has a limited number of characters within the features, and many users see it as a downside, judging from the reviews
  • It has a limited number of characters within the features, and many users see it as a downside, judging from the reviews
  • It’s not creating perfect and logically consistent content every time, so it requires checking and editing
  • It’s not so simple to use and it takes some time researching and learning how to use it in the most efficient way
  • There is a very limited number of languages that this platform is supporting
  • It doesn’t have many industry-specific templates

Let’s dig deeper into all the possibilities of this program and what it can mean for the future of digital marketing.

First of all, who is Jarvis?

Jarvis is a name for the Artificial Intelligence bot trained by skilled copywriters and marketing experts.

It’s a service that can help you write blog articles, social media posts, sales letters, and even books.

It can be a useful tool for digital marketing purposes, and it can be used in various ways.

What you have to do is to choose the template which suits your needs.

There are various templates and features which you can use for your business.

We will discuss it in more detail in the next paragraphs.

After choosing the feature, you need to give the input.

This program will work with the information about your business that you provide.

The result will be the new content created to have all the info needed for your purpose.

It will be written in the way which gives the best marketing results. is currently supporting eleven languages: English, French German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Russian, and Japanese.

Let us start the review and introduce you to the most popular features of this service and what they can offer.

Attention, Interest, Desire, Action (AIDA Framework)

AIDA is considered an old-school marketing framework.

It is one of the most popular templates at service.

In just a few clicks you can generate content for your company or product and gain the interest of potential customers.

How does it work?

You need to type the name of your company and a brief description.

Also, you need to choose the tone of the voice or the style in which the text will be.

After that, the AI will produce a catchy article for your company within seconds.

Most importantly, this article will have the main elements for success: attention, interest, desire, action.

This means it’s designed with a headline that will catch potential customer’s attention and make them interested in what you have to offer.

The purpose is to wake up the desire in customers to buy what you are offering.

In the end, there is a call to action,  which is the purchase of your product or service.

This is a well-known and tried marketing technique, with a big potential of success in reaching new customers. 

Problem – Agitate – Solution ( PAS Framework)

This framework can help you to find some new marketing copy ideas.

It’s also one of the oldest and most popular copywriting weapons, with high persuasive power.

Within this framework, firstly the problem is being presented.

It’s a problem that will most likely be common for your customers and solved with your product.

The second step is insisting on the magnitude of this problem, to make sure that customers feel a big desire to solve it.

And in the end, you are offering the magical solution – your product.

Yeah, it’s an old trick but it’s working! has included this framework and it will generate a nice PAS article for your business in no time. features

Product Description

One of the features which you can find useful on is making the descriptions for your products or services.

You can use this description for various purposes when you need an pursuative and informative product information that will attract potential buyers.

With this service, you will have effective and brief text for your product’s description, with minimum input.

This feature is perfect if you know that your product is worth it but you don’t know how to put it in words.

The AI will create an appealing description in a short time.

It will give the customers all the info that they need in the language that will encourage them to make a purchase.

Content Improver

You already know how to write well, but you cannot catch up with all the important marketing strategies that you should implement?

This tool is perfect for content writers that want to polish their texts a bit.

It will give a new dimension to an existing text, adding a few SEO tricks and packing it in an engaging and creative way. features

It can save you time but keep the originality of your idea.

You can use it for any content that you want if you want to give it a retouch of marketing expertise.

Imagine it like a mastering of a music track. 

The artist is the creator of the content, but mastering by a professional studio will make it sound better and higher quality, and more interesting for listeners.

It’s the same with AI content improver.

Without endangering your creative idea, it will help your text to be adjusted for the best quality marketing product.

Also, you can choose the tone of voice and language of the output.

Additionally, it will provide a couple of versions, so you can choose what suits you the best.

Blog Content

Blogs are very important for the business.

It gives a more personal approach to the audience.

It can be informative, but at the same time interesting to read and give your business and products wider context. 

It is an important marketing tool and it’s being used by many companies, big and small.

We saw that can be useful for brief articles, product descriptions, and improving the existing texts. 

But, can it help to make an interesting and original blog post that is also long and creative?

Yes, it can.

First of all, this service can provide you a blog headline.

It will be based on your business name, description, and targeted public, and a few headline examples.

The blog post doesn’t necessarily need to be directly about the product or business. 

In the input of the product description, you can put any topic that you want to make the blog post about.

After creating the headline, you will find several other options for creating your blog post:

  • Blog Post Topic Ideas
  • Blog Post Outline
  • Blog Post Intro Paragraph

And of course, you can use the Content Improvement feature discussed before.

Let’s check out this blog post features.

Blog Post Topic Ideas

The AI will generate new blog post ideas which are successful by SEO standards and which will engage the public.

Maybe you are not sure what is blog content you should have, except directly promoting your products and services?

Jarvis will provide you various ideas for your blog posts, based on your business description, targeted audience, and the desired tone.

To get a wider set of ideas, you will also need general topics as input, instead of the product description.

 Of course, these topics are directly or indirectly connected with your business and can help to reach more customers.

Blog Post Outline

Do you want a plan for your blog post?

You have a vision of the topic, but no clear idea of what could be the content?

With a simple input of your blog’s topic, you will get a few different versions of the outline for your blog post.

It will contain a plan or questions that will cover some basics, like the what, who, and why of the topic.

This outline is not going into details, but it can give you the first glimpse of your content idea.

It is perfect if you need an overview or introduction to the topic.

Blog Post Intro Paragraph

The most important part of the blog post, besides the catchy headline, is the first paragraph.

The intro should contain all the important info, explain briefly what is the topic about, and attract people to continue reading.

Therefore, it’s super important to have all the must-have elements of successful digital marketing strategies.

Again, Jarvis has all the best qualities of a marketing expert. review

He will help you get your first paragraph in no time, and it will come in different versions so you can choose the best one for you.

After a few inputs like the name of the company, targeted audience, tone, and blog post title, you will get a brief introduction born to attract the public.

But after all this, I don’t have the whole blog post, right? 

Yes, correct. will give you the headline, outline, and first paragraph.

For the rest, you will have to figure out yourself or use the other features which can give you longer text.

Plus, you can use content improvement for your blog post. 

But, there is an interesting feature that can help you if you want your post to be a creative story.

Let’s continue.

Creative Story

They say is an amazing new medicine for writer’s block.

Ok, we understand how it can create engaging marketing content for the business.

But, how can it help with creative writing?

We came across a claim that Jarvis can even write a book for you.

How is it possible?

Anyway, you will find this feature on the platform.

The input needed is a story plot in a maximum of 400 words and tone of voice.

 That’s it!

 You will get an output that is longer, creative, in correspondence with your plot idea but goes far beyond.

Even if you don’t necessarily use it word by word, it can give you an inspiration for the actual story, or even a book.

The only downside is that you need to do it little by little, because the output, as the input, is limited.

But, except if you want that AI writes the whole story for you, you can still use only a small part of the idea from it and upgrade the story on your own.

Social Media Content

We all know that social media is one of the strongest marketing mediums nowadays.

Accordingly, is offering many tools for creating high-quality social media content.

The desirable feature of social media content is that it should be short but very engaging. 

Besides the visual effect of the photos and videos, the brief and explosive text that is following is almost equally important.

Let’s talk about Facebook.

The content creating tools for Facebook that is offering are:

  • Facebook Ad Headline
  • Facebook Ad Primary Text

Not much, right?

But, you can still find the other tools that we talked about earlier useful for any social media.

Nevertheless, The main weapon of Facebook is ads.

It is important that the ad text is engaging, short, and special enough to attract customers. features

With these tools, you will create headlines for your Facebook ads that make your readers click on your ad and purchase the product/service you are advertising.

The same stands for Instagram photo post captions. 

You will be able to generate short catchy texts which will have good feedback on Instagram.

Even though it’s not strictly social media, YouTube is not forgotten.

Since you can monetize your videos on YouTube channels, and actually earn from it, many people are investing in their video content improvements.

Even if the YouTube channel is not your primary business but rather an additional marketing tool, it can still be useful to use its full potential.

There are various tools for YouTube content creation like Video Topic Ideas, Video Script Outline, Video Titles, Video Script Hook and Introduction, and of course Video Description.

So, not only can give text for video descriptions, but it can also give you new ideas for the video content itself.

SEO – Title and Meta Description

There are four Search Engine Optimization tools that you will find on the platform.

SEO optimized content will rank well on Google and therefore it can attract more visitors to your websites and potentially new customers.

One is made for blog posts. It will provide SEO-optimized title tags and meta descriptions for your blog posts. 

The other ones are SEO for product pages, SEO for the homepage, and SEO for service pages.

So, instead of spending time in detailed research of how it is all functioning, Jarvis will do it all for you because he is the SEO expert.

Review Response

Public opinion is important. 

Good reviews can be very helpful, we would say crucial, for your business.

But, bad reviews can even destroy it.

There are many review websites out there where people can speak freely about their experience with your products and services. Pricing

It can be useful to reply even to good ones, not to mention the bad ones.

With the tool, you can generate professional and engaging reviews which will save your time.

But, for more specific problems of your customers, you will probably need to reply yourself.

Nevertheless, it can be a useful and time-saving tool for your business.

The Other Useful Features

Besides the tools that we discussed above, there are some other things that Jarvis can do for you.

Sentence Expander 

This tool is creating long and engaging sentences from only a few words.

Feature to Benefit

It will turn the characteristics of the products into the form which shows their biggest benefits.

Personal/Company Bio 

You can create your personal or company biography which can be used for various purposes.